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Guest Blogging : Bliss In The Kitchen

Yes, I am taking an extra day off but have no fear I am putting it to good use, working like mad, making plenty of ice cream and cakes (!). I am so happy and thrilled of the warm welcome you gave JenYu when she guest posted that I am thrilled to have you getting acquainted with today’s guest. A friend of mine is a painter, her business cards read "I can live without a lot of things but beauty is not one of them". That is exactly how I feel about my guest blogger today, Mrs French.

As it happens to a lot of us when we blog hop, I found Bliss, her blog, one night and could not unglue myself from the screen. I wanted to put a sticker on every thing she posted. She has a knack for finding the beautiful, the rare, the soulful, the talent. She has the talent of passing her finds on to her reader and gives, gives, gives. She is talent herself, an amazing photographer, a risk taker and a super cool mom. Look at what she compiled for us here today, beauty and soul…all around what touches us the most: the kitchen! Thank you Mrs. French!

P.S: I need to thank the readers who took the time out of their day to go an nominate Tartelette in the Chef category and the Overall category in the Food Blog Awards 2009. Thank you, I am very touched.
My name is Mrs. French and I don’t bake and rarely cook. I thought it only fair that I get that off my chest. I figure since I have been asked to guest post today that I should be completely honest. However, I do love food. I love photographs of food and am absolutely transfixed reading how it is prepared. Hence my addiction to lovely Tartelette.

I have a blog…bliss. I believe I am a specialist in lovely things (at least things I find lovely). I find things and share them with my readers, hoping they find them beautiful too. I have a folder for everything…I collect images and words throughout my days and save them like treasures on my computer. One of these collections happens to be plum full of kitchens. I may not be much of a chef, but the kitchen is, to me the most important room in the house. The heart if you will…it is where my family spends most of it’s time and where so many of our memories are created. I currently do not have a love affair with my kitchen but am quite smitten with the ones in my collection…one day I hope to feel the same about my own.

I could never compare to Helen…but I love sharing a bit of myself here today. If you like what you see please stop by and see a few more kitchens that just may coax out the inner chef in me….thank you so much…xo mrs. french



skona hem


Paul Massey

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Anonymous January 22, 2009 um 5:47 am

aaahh. Nice Post! Very inspiring! Thanks, great job. I love elements of each one and would combine them to make my dreeeam kitchen. 🙂 Spacious, CLEAN, white and warm..mmm…all so inviting.

Finla January 22, 2009 um 8:07 am

Oh I would be very happy with any of these beautiful kitchen.

Rachel@fairycakeheaven January 22, 2009 um 9:07 am

oooooooooo they’re all so pretty and make me think my kitchen is even crappier than before!!!

Loving the one with the blue tiles!!!

Navita (Gupta) Hakim January 22, 2009 um 9:31 am

i am going to do my home decor…once in india…n these pics most certainly inspire…great job!

Florence A. January 22, 2009 um 10:11 am

Oh Wow!!! I love those pictures, those kitchens, thanks for sharing Mrs French and Tartelette! You made my day 🙂

Amanda at Little Foodies January 22, 2009 um 10:11 am

I love this post. Such beautiful kitchens, I don’t think you can beat crisp clean white with natural wood.

Cannelle Et Vanille January 22, 2009 um 10:36 am

omg… my heart stopped when i saw you had mrs french here and when i saw those photos. i love, love, love her (i want to see like her) and i love, love, love those kitchens. one day!
those skona hem kitchens have my name written all over them. if i could only have that kind of light… AMAZING! thank you thank you thank you.

LizNoVeggieGirl January 22, 2009 um 1:10 pm

BEYOND fantastic guest post and photos!!

amy turn sharp January 22, 2009 um 1:11 pm

cool Beans! love Bliss!

paula January 22, 2009 um 1:26 pm

could these possibly get any more lovely?

Jo January 22, 2009 um 1:31 pm

Oh my god Mrs French, you are making me drool with every picture. How I wish I had a kitchen like this .. any one would do me fine!

Anonymous January 22, 2009 um 2:02 pm

So beautiful, my heart skipped a beat. One thing I crave most in a new home is a lovely kitchen. Thank you for the inspiration!


Anonymous January 22, 2009 um 2:23 pm

Nice kitchens – I am not a huge fan of open shelving so I’d choose one of the ones that have less display and more cupboards.

Jen Yu January 22, 2009 um 3:12 pm


*waving hands about wildly*

I feel like I just ran through a candy store. I don’t think I could bear to go back to my own kitchen now. Thanks Helen, for introducing us to Mrs. French and Bliss and KITCHEN PORN. Bliss is most appropriately named, I must say! Lovely lovely work, Mrs. French.

La cuisine des 3 soeurs January 22, 2009 um 3:19 pm

Le rêve, ces grandes cuisines ! Le carlin a l’air de bouder quelque peu.

Sunshinemom January 22, 2009 um 3:26 pm

I too visit bliss regularly and find Mrs.French’s collection very beautiful! I also look forward to her I heart Monday posts!! Such a nice surprise to see her here!

Abby January 22, 2009 um 3:28 pm

I’m bookmarking photos of kitchens I like before I embark on my own remodel … someday. Black and white is what I want so this post is the jackpot for me!

Thanks for sharing!

Deeba PAB January 22, 2009 um 3:41 pm

I bookmarked these the minute I began. It's my dream kitchen in each one of these…*SIGH* one day indeed. BLIS…what a beautiful & peaceful name, & you are so right about the heart Mrs. French. My kitchen feels so sad…:0(…but as always, HOPE is the name of the game! Have a wonderful day!!

Unknown January 22, 2009 um 3:48 pm

These are some of my favorite images that I have saved! Love white and of course, glad I found this delicious site through you–great job, Mrs. French!

xo Mary Jo

Char January 22, 2009 um 4:23 pm

ok – I changed my mind – I also love the bright green walls and the aqua blue tile. :*sigh*

please sir January 22, 2009 um 4:23 pm

Yay Mrs. French! I love all your ideas here – must save to the inspiration folder!

Vana January 22, 2009 um 4:34 pm

Look at those images…I am once again speechless. I love images of kitchens, i love love cooking.

Anonymous January 22, 2009 um 4:48 pm

We went from super modern to super rural by moving and these kitchens are dreamy! Lots of inspiration while I am unpacking….!

Rita January 22, 2009 um 5:23 pm

What great kitchens. Mine is not a magazine kitchen, but I still love it… Maybe someday I can have those lovey white tiles on the walls…

Anonymous January 22, 2009 um 5:28 pm

Ah! Tu pouvais pas mettre ca l’annee derniere quand on etait en plein dedans?!!!


Maria January 22, 2009 um 5:33 pm

Gorgeous kitchens…I will keep dreaming! Someday I will get what I want..ha!

Helene January 22, 2009 um 5:34 pm

I am so tickled you guys are enjoying this post!
Head on over to Bliss, Mrs. French has got plenty more to lust over!

Hi Bliss readers…it’s nice to meet you:)

cindy* January 22, 2009 um 6:11 pm

i love this guest post helen and mrs. french! bliss photos are simply dreamy.

Cindy January 22, 2009 um 6:45 pm

those are a lot of amazing kitchens! i don’t know how you find them all. they make me want to turn my entire apartment into one big kitchen! wonderful.

Anonymous January 22, 2009 um 6:54 pm

Great choice of guest blogger and great choices of kitchen images!

Going to vote in blog awards! You should be in the photography category also. Just my opinion!


Anonymous January 22, 2009 um 6:54 pm

Great choice of guest blogger and great choices of kitchen images!

Going to vote in blog awards! You should be in the photography category also. Just my opinion!


Melissa de la Fuente January 22, 2009 um 7:04 pm

Just gorgeous sweet Mrs. French! I love the whites, the soaring ceilings, the farmhouse tables…..just beautiful. But, my favorite is the domino one with the little spots of blue. Thank you for this wonderful collection!

Aimée January 22, 2009 um 7:44 pm

That first kitchen….ohh, my heart skipped a beat.
Lots of items on shelves, though. I hate dusting with a passion, especially kitchen dusting which always has a layer of grease involved. How could one combat that?

Anonymous January 22, 2009 um 8:08 pm

Mrs. French, your blog and spirit are blissful indeed!

Tartelette: you have always such great taste for everything, it is no wonder you chose Bliss as a guest blogger. Great choice!

Anonymous January 22, 2009 um 8:11 pm

I dream of having a kitchen like one of these some day. What a gorgeous collection. I’m fascinated with other people’s kitchens!

madame M. January 22, 2009 um 8:50 pm

Je trouve toujours super esthétique de laisser la vaisselle à l'air libre (pas de buffet, d'armoire..) mais en réalité (si on n'a pas de femme de ménage au quotidien) c'est un nid à poussière & graisse !? :((

Anonymous January 22, 2009 um 8:55 pm

Welcome, Mrs. French, and, "Thank you", Helen; this is a wonderful treat to share with us.

I’ll take any one of those kitchens. And, I can so understand why you drool over them. Such beauty and grace, each nestled within the confines of a work area that is to be enjoyed.

Thanks for sharing.

La Cuisine d'Helene January 22, 2009 um 9:16 pm

This is so nice of you to talk about this beautiful blog. I want one of those beautiful kitchen.

Hayley January 23, 2009 um 12:39 am

What beautiful kitchens, and a lovely choice for a guest blogger. My family spends most of our time in our kitchen as well, the food and laughs we share there are so special.

Anonymous January 23, 2009 um 1:25 am

Great choice of guest blogger sister! I am particularly loving this as we are about to start on the kitchen. I can’t let the girls see this or the plans will change everyday.
It was good talking to you earlier.
Attrape pas froid dans ces temperatures, ahahah!!

lynda January 23, 2009 um 1:41 am

What lovely spaces!All just waiting for the cook to appear! There is something so inviting about white and natural woods…and a little doggy in the corner doesn’t hurt either. I hope someday….Thanks for the introduction to Bliss! I’ll be sure to stop by!

Anonymous January 23, 2009 um 2:50 am

Dreamy kitchens and beautiful photographs. How I would love to call any of them my own!

Anonymous January 23, 2009 um 3:03 am

Oh these are dreamy indeed! Wouldn’t be wonderful to just step into one of these?!
I agree that the open shelves are prone to dust and grease but I think that people with those kinds of kitchen probably have folks to do the cleaning for them!!

Helene January 23, 2009 um 4:32 am

Thank you all for stopping by! Yes, open shelves are not perfect but these are "dream" kitchens were magical and invisible hands wash our dirty dishes and put away our plates!!

Kitchen M January 23, 2009 um 5:46 am

I wish any of them could be my kitchen! – That’s how I feel whenever I go to IKEA too.. LOL

Miss Honey January 23, 2009 um 7:25 am

Fantastic post! I would be happy with any of them in my house lol. Love the clean lines, not to mention the adequate storage!

Sam Hoffer / My Carolina Kitchen January 23, 2009 um 1:48 pm

What a beautiful post. My favorite was the table with the antique Hitchcock chairs.

montague January 23, 2009 um 3:04 pm

oh mrs. french! i sure do love your finds, and i could very happily move in to any of these kitchens!

Anonymous January 23, 2009 um 3:07 pm

Wow! These are just so…pretty! Well, it’s far from being the right word but I am loving this post!

Anonymous January 23, 2009 um 3:12 pm

I have been a long time reader but I have never left a comment. I am not even sure I am doing this right!
I just wanted to give you my support in the Food Awards. I really hope that people would recognize your talent and amazing personality. I realize they are just awards and not the real measure of one’s achievements in this life but it would be nice to see you win.

Andrea R.

Anonymous January 23, 2009 um 6:33 pm

every photo is perfect,kitchens are so pretty….

Anonymous January 24, 2009 um 12:47 am

Living in a tiny shoebox apartment in Manhattan I can only dream of having such a beautiful kitchen… someday….

Anonymous January 24, 2009 um 2:31 am

Your choices for guest bloggers have been so fun so far!
Hope you are doing ok 🙂

Laura Paine Carr January 24, 2009 um 4:38 am

Well, much has been said about these beautiful kitchens. HOW does one keep them looking like this? With big dogs and busy granddaughters, the kitchen aide spattering the wall, the sink full of dishes, the floor licked clean by the dogs, not to mention washing the paint brushes in the sink and sweeping leaves and debris out several times a day… I get a little tired just gazing at these pristine environments… and I found Mrs. French one evening bloghopping too! We are so blessed!!!

Leacayoungart January 24, 2009 um 10:17 am

beautiful kitchens. fun posts.

Anonymous January 24, 2009 um 10:57 am

wow, i love how all of them are sooo beautiful and make use of space so well. i love it all and i want it all!! x

Lori January 25, 2009 um 12:44 am

Love the blue tile in that one pic. I am off to go check out your blog, Bliss. Great name.

Pearl January 25, 2009 um 9:42 am

how beaauuuutiful!

Jenny January 25, 2009 um 12:47 pm

It is hard to believe that people are not afraid to work in those kitchens, they are so lovely.

Breadpitt January 25, 2009 um 3:06 pm

o gosh…;look at those kitchen…. i have my own "dream kitchen" as well….but hopefully it will be reality some day….till then im chinese so ,greed you a happy chinese new year

Breadpitt January 25, 2009 um 3:06 pm

o gosh…;look at those kitchen…. i have my own "dream kitchen" as well….but hopefully it will be reality some day….till then im chinese so ,greed you a happy chinese new year

Anonymous January 25, 2009 um 4:52 pm

Oh Helen! These are wonderful! I agree with the previous commenter: the appeal of a big farmhouse dining room table cannot be denied! It’s nice to be inspired by other images than the ones in the "usual" catalogues we get in the mail.
Thanks for sharing Mrs.French with us!

Anonymous January 25, 2009 um 6:27 pm

Love the mix of metal and wood! Keeping this in the file folder!

Babycakes January 25, 2009 um 8:42 pm


Camille January 26, 2009 um 2:15 am

As I looked through these I was trying to pick my favorite. That is impossible! Put me in any one of them and I may never be heard from again. Gorgeous!

Fifi Flowers January 26, 2009 um 4:54 am

NICE collection of kitchens by Mrs. French! I love Mrs. French’s blog as well! She has dreamy photos… and items.

Tania January 26, 2009 um 9:55 pm

Beautiful! Thank you for changing my opinion about white kitchens! Heading over to Bliss right now…

Unknown January 27, 2009 um 4:08 pm

That’s what heaven must look like!

Mrs.French January 28, 2009 um 4:50 am

ok…I think I may have told you once or twice…but yet again, I had the best time…I am so honored to be apart of what you do here at tartelette…xo t

Anonymous January 28, 2009 um 5:09 am

I’d be grateful if I have any of these kitchen.

Maris February 5, 2009 um 12:08 am

I would love just about ANY ONE of these kitchens! I can’t wait to have a house so that I can custom design a kitchen!

Maris February 5, 2009 um 12:08 am

I would love just about ANY ONE of these kitchens! I can’t wait to have a house so that I can custom design a kitchen!

Botany's Desire February 11, 2009 um 4:32 am

Wow, and now you expect me to go cook dinner in my own (need to be renovated) kitchen after seeing these images? Are you kidding?
I am taking the week off from any cooking just to get over my depression.

Love them all!!

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