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9 Best 21st Birthday Cakes in 3 Categories & Top Gifts

Turning 21 is a big step in every young adult’s life. It marks a defined leap out of childhood and into becoming a grown up. Whether you’re planning a 21st birthday fit for royalty or something a little more low key, our fun and unique cake ideas below offer something for everyone.

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6 Best 1st Birthday Cakes & 3 Great Alternatives

First birthdays are always particularly special. They mark a milestone where your precious little one stops being a tiny baby and starts their journey into toddlerhood. A first birthday is also usually an occasion the parents especially enjoy. Are you ready for the most memorable 1st birthday cakes ever? Then read on.

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Easy Birthday Cake: 9 Simple Ideas in 3 Categories (+ Recipes)

Nearly everyone who’s ever had a birthday loves birthday cake. Don’t despair if you’re not a baker. You don’t have to make the latest Pinterst-style special effects cake to really make someone’s day. Below we’re covering the best birthday cakes you can make, all with one easy to follow basic recipe.

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