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7 Best Vanilla Syrups + 4 Tips on How to Make It Yourself

The sweet, delicious flavor that vanilla syrup brings can really take your drink to the next level. But what are the best syrups out there? Better yet, how can you make your own one at home to ensure you are never caught short? Here you will find the answers.

Flavored syrups have always been a popular addition to drinks, and the classic taste of vanilla never goes out of style. That means you’ll never be hard-pressed to find somewhere to get a fix of vanilla-flavored goodness.

However, with so many establishments providing delicious vanilla syrup options, it can be difficult to find the best one. That’s where we come in.

Ingredients of Vanilla Syrup

Ingredients of Vanilla Syrup

If you’re a fan of vanilla syrup, you might be curious as to what exactly it is that you’re adding to your drinks. The good news is that the ingredients are very simple, so you don’t have to worry about any nasty surprises in your drink. Let’s dive in and take a look at the ingredients of a typical vanilla syrup.

  • Sugar: As you might expect, sugar is a large component of vanilla syrup. It’s what gives it that delicious sweetness.
  • Water: The base of the syrup is simply plain water. Once this has been boiled down with the sugar dissolved into it, it develops a syrupy consistency.
  • Vanilla Extract or Vanilla Bean: The most important part of the vanilla syrup is of course the vanilla. Depending on the recipe, either liquid vanilla extract or whole vanilla beans are used to give the syrup its flavor.

The Best Vanilla Syrup

The Best Vanilla Syrup

With so many different options for vanilla syrup out there, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to this iconic drink flavoring. But how are you supposed to find the perfect one when there are just so many to choose from?

Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. We’ve listed some of the best syrups right here, so you can find the perfect one for you.

Best Vanilla Syrup for Coffee

Vanilla syrup is extremely versatile, and there are so many different varieties out there that are excellent for adding to your next cup of joe.

Adding the syrup can enhance the flavors and textures of the grind and leave you wanting more. So, what are the best vanilla syrups for coffee that are currently out there? We’ve rounded up four of the best below.

Torani Vanilla Syrup

The Torani Vanilla Syrup has a traditionally rich and sweet flavor, with absolutely no GMOs, artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. This syrup has creamy notes of custard that give it a full-bodied taste. Torani Syrup is available in either a 750 milliliters glass bottle or a 375 milliliters plastic bottle.

Monin French Vanilla Syrup

Monin French Vanilla Syrup

The Monin French Vanilla Syrup is a real treat, made from genuine Madagascar vanilla beans. This syrup is perfect for iced lattes and coffees, being created especially to flavor these types of cold beverages. The subtle sweetness and smooth taste of this syrup make it the perfect addition to any drink.

Starbucks Vanilla Syrup

When it comes to vanilla syrup, nobody does it like Starbucks. This rich and sweet syrup gives a creamy and full flavor to any drink.

If you’re craving that iconic Starbucks Vanilla Syrup taste and aren’t willing to compromise, the good news is that you can buy the syrup in bulk. Never again will a craving for Starbucks Syrup go unsatisfied.

DaVinci Gourmet Vanilla Syrup

For a shot of pure vanilla flavor, the DaVinci Gourmet Vanilla Syrup is a delicious hit of sweetness that can be added to any of your favorite beverages.

The flavoring in this syrup comes from premium-grade vanilla pods which are high in natural vanillin content. You can even check out the DaVince Gourmet website for ideas and recipes to use your vanilla syrup.

Best Sugar-Free Vanilla Syrup

Best Sugar-Free Vanilla Syrup

Sometimes you want the sweetness, but could do without the sugar. In those moments, it’s best to reach for the sugar-free vanilla syrups that are sitting on the supermarket shelves. We’ve uncovered three of the best sugar-free syrups that you should try.

Here you will find sugar-free drinks at starbucks.

Torani Sugar-Free Vanilla Syrup

Another classic and delicious syrup from Torani, their Sugar-Free Vanilla Syrup means you can enjoy all of the sweetness with none of the sugar. This guilt-free syrup has a pure, creamy vanilla taste with zero sugar and zero calories.

Jordan’s Skinny Syrups Vanilla Caramel Crème

With a rich, sweet taste, Jordan’s Skinny Syrups Vanilla Caramel Crème has notes of caramel and cream for a decadent flavor. Sweetened with sucralose, this syrup has zero sugar, calories, carbs, or fat. Simply add a spoonful of this syrup to your beverage and enjoy.

Monin Sugar-Free Vanilla Syrup

Monin has got you covered once again with their Sugar-Free Vanilla Syrup. This deliciously sweet syrup has all of the rich flavor of the original syrup with none of the sugar. Best of all, this syrup is free from artificial sweeteners and preservatives, meaning it is the healthier choice across the board.

Vanilla Syrup You Can Get at Starbucks (+ Amount of Calories)

Vanilla Syrup You Can Get at Starbucks (+ Amount of Calories)

The Starbucks Vanilla Syrup is an iconic splash of vanilla flavor that can be added into any of your Starbucks drinks. But did you know that there are multiple different types of the syrup at Starbucks? Let’s take a look at three mouth-watering syrups that they offer.

Sugar-Free Starbucks Vanilla Syrup

For a healthier, sugar-free alternative to the regular Starbucks Vanilla Syrups, be sure to try out the Sugar-Free Syrup.

This syrup has the same great taste as regular Syrup, with no sugar to speak of. With as little as five calories in a pump of this syrup, this is a great guilt-free addition to any Starbucks drink.

Toasted Vanilla Syrup

Toasted Vanilla Syrup

The Starbucks Toasted Vanilla Syrup is a delicious mix of vanilla and caramel, that adds a great splash of flavor to your drink.

The toasted vanilla makes for a creamy taste, and the hint of caramel boosts the syrup to the perfect level of natural sweetness. This syrup is a great way to take your drink to the next level, at just 20 calories per pump.

Starbucks Vanilla Syrup

One of the most popular syrup choices at Starbucks, the classic Vanilla Syrup is great because it can be paired with so many different drinks and flavors. Add a pump to your iced coffee, hot tea, or macchiato for a sweet and creamy flavor. The best part? This syrup is also just 20 calories per pump.

Recipe: How to Make Simple Vanilla Syrup Yourself

Recipe: How to Make Simple Vanilla Syrup Yourself

Are you a flavored syrup addict? Why not try making a simple vanilla syrup at home? It’s dead simple, uses minimal ingredients, and tastes absolutely delicious. Let’s take a look at a recipe for a simple at-home vanilla syrup.

Combine Granulated Sugar and Water in a Saucepan

Measurements of these ingredients are dependent on how much syrup you want to make. Just be sure to use equal parts water and sugar. So, if you use one cup of water, make sure you also use one cup of sugar.

Heat Over Medium-High Heat, Stirring Occasionally and Bring to Boil

To ensure the sugar entirely dissolves, keep occasionally stirring the mixture as it heats. Heat the mixture until bubbles rapidly form on the surface.

  • Reduce Heat and Let Simmer for 5 Minutes: Turn the heat down and let the syrup bubble away. Make sure that it is simmering; the bubbles on the surface should be smaller and more sporadic compared to when it was boiling.
  • Remove from Heat and Stir in Vanilla Extract or Vanilla Bean Paste: Either vanilla extract of vanilla bean paste works fine for this part. The bean paste will give it a stronger flavor, but be sure you stir it in and dissolve it all.
  • Let Cool to Room Temperature Before Transferring to a Storage Container: An air-tight storage container will keep the syrup fresh.
  • Store in the Refrigerator for up to 2 Weeks: Enjoy your delicious, homemade syrup for up to two weeks.

Tips for Homemade Sugar-Free Vanilla Syrup

Tips for Homemade Sugar-Free Vanilla Syrup

If you love the idea of a homemade vanilla syrup but are wanting a sugar-free option, then don’t worry. We’ve got you covered when it comes to making the sugar-free alternative at home. So grab your saucepan, and let’s go over some tips for your venture into making a sugar-free vanilla syrup.

Use Sugar Substitutes

There are many sugar substitutes on the market that you can use to make your sugar-free syrup. However, it is very important to pay attention to which sugar substitutes you can use for a recipe like this.

Erythritol-based sweeteners crystallize when they cool, and your syrup will be hard and grainy. You want to use a sweetener such as Xylitol for your syrup. Make sure to do your research before adding a sugar substitute to your syrup.

Use Whole Vanilla Beans

Use Whole Vanilla Beans

Most bottled vanilla essences contain sugar, so when making a sugar-free syrup, you’re going to want to use an alternative.

Using whole vanilla beans will give your syrup a strong vanilla flavor without the added sugar. You’ll want to use the whole bean, but be sure to split and open the pod and scrape the seeds out to release the flavors and allow the vanilla to really permeate your syrup.

Use High-Quality Vanilla

Many high-quality vanilla extracts are sugar-free, but be sure to consult the label first. If you’re investing in a high-quality vanilla source, chances are it will be pure vanilla with no additives.

Not only will this allow you to make a sugar-free vanilla syrup at home, but it also means your syrup is going to have a rich, strong vanilla flavor that most store-brand syrups don’t.

Experiment With Other Natural Flavoring

There are many other natural vanilla sources that you can use to make your sugar-free vanilla syrup. Many companies have organic vanilla-flavored powders and oils that can be used in a vanilla syrup recipe.

Have a browse of some natural vanilla flavorings – or any other flavor you desire – and have a go making a delicious at-home syrup.

Best Alternatives to Vanilla Syrup

Best Alternatives to Vanilla Syrup

If you’re wanting that rich vanilla flavor but aren’t too keen on the syrup consistency, there are countless other options out there. With vanilla being so popular, the flavor comes in almost any form you can imagine. Let’s take a look at some of the best (and most delicious) alternatives to vanilla syrup.

Vanilla Powder

Vanilla powder is a very fine powder that is made by grinding up dried vanilla beans. This powder is an excellent substitute for vanilla syrups, extracts, or essences – especially if you’re wanting a dry formula. This vanilla flavoring is also alcohol-free, unlike most liquid vanilla extracts or essences.


Honey is a classic way to sweeten up your drinks naturally. This works particularly well in hot teas and coffees and gives the drink a rich and sweet taste.

Whether it’s a drizzle of honey from a squeeze bottle or a spoonful of thick honey from a jar, this is a great way to sweeten up a hot drink and add a bit more flavor. If you’re wanting a cold drink, try stirring the honey into it while the drink is hot until it dissolves, then chilling it afterward.

Vanilla Creamer

Vanilla Creamer

Most people use a creamer in their coffee every morning anyway – so why not try out a vanilla creamer for a touch of flavor? This will add a creamy, sweet taste to your drink, while also bringing a subtle vanilla flavor. Use it in either a hot or cold drink for an easy boost of sweetness to your drink of choice.

Vanilla-Flavored Almond Milk

Almond milk tastes amazing on its own, but vanilla-flavored almond milk is next-level delicious. Use this as a substitute for your regular milk in your tea or coffee to get that sweet vanilla taste. Or, just drink it straight – we won’t judge.

Vanilla Cream

Vanilla Cream

For a really decadent treat, try out vanilla cream. While this is often used in baking projects as an alternative to a standard plain cream, it is an incredible addition to a drink as well.

You can whip it and use it as a topping for your drink or baking, or stir it into a hot tea or coffee as a substitute for milk or creamer. Whatever you use it for, vanilla cream is a rich, luxurious way to add a bit of vanilla flavor.

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