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Green Tea: 8 Health Benefits + 5 Possible Side Effects

Green tea is a variety of tea that has a centuries-old tradition in Asia, especially in Japan and China. There are many myths surrounding this healthy hot beverage in these countries . It is said to help you lose weight, detoxify the body, and fight cancer. Now let us enlighten you about this popular type of tea.

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Matcha Tea: 8 Health Benefits & 4 Possible Side Effects

Matcha has been popular for centuries in Japan and is widely appreciated for its benefical effects: Matcha tea. In the United States, it has been hyped as a true superfood. But what’s all the excitement about green matcha tea? We get to the bottom of this question.

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Alternatives to Coffee: 8 Best Healthy Substitutes + 6 Coffee Types

With 491 million cups of coffee consumed on a daily basis in the United States alone, coffee is the most consumed beverage for Americans. Sometimes, however, you may find that coffee isn’t exactly what you’re looking for to start your morning. Find here the best alternatives to coffee and healthy coffee substitutes.

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Coconut Milk: 6 Health Benefits & 6 Tips for Using

In Asian cuisine, coconut milk is part of numerous recipes. In the USA the delicious cow’s milk alternative can be found in many kitchen cupboards, too. A pumpkin soup in winter or a red lentil soup with coconut milk in spring can bring an Asian vacation feeling to your home.

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Green Coffee: 5 Benefits + 3 Uses of Unroasted Coffee Beans

While unroasted coffee sounds strange at first, it refers to the purest form of coffee: green coffee. This is because it is completely untreated coffee beans that have not been roasted or otherwise processed. Basically: raw coffee. Our article will explain the effects and health benefits it has and in what form you can use green coffee.

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Black Coffee: 10 Health Benefits & 6 Side Effects

Black coffee is a true all-rounder in terms of physical health. In addition to the diverse and healthy effects, the hot drink can also have some side effects. We’ll tell you why black coffee is good for you and on what conditions the beverage could be bad for you.

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