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Kammie @ Sensual Appeal December 25, 2012 um 4:55 pm

Merry Christmas!!

Conna December 25, 2012 um 5:21 pm

Happy Holidays.

Enjoy your time with the beloved ones.

Kisses from Greece

Fragolina December 25, 2012 um 9:26 pm

Merry Christmas to you too!

Unknown December 26, 2012 um 1:20 am

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Unknown December 26, 2012 um 1:20 am

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Y December 26, 2012 um 5:38 am

Merry Christmas to you and your family! xx

dervla @ The Curator December 26, 2012 um 6:20 am

Merry Christmas!! Can't wait to see what 2013 brings.

Iren December 26, 2012 um 1:14 pm

Merry Christmas! I wish to you from the kitchen ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anonymous December 26, 2012 um 6:09 pm

Merry Christmas to you and yours.
May He give you enough of what you want and need to keep you reaching.
love and hugs

Marika December 26, 2012 um 6:41 pm

Happy Holidays to you and yours!

Marika December 26, 2012 um 6:42 pm

Happy Holidays to you and yours!

Jagoda December 26, 2012 um 8:34 pm

And Merry Christmas to you! Santa gave me your book for Christmas, what a nice guy ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hugs from Poland ๐Ÿ™‚

Maja Skorupska December 26, 2012 um 10:21 pm

Merry Christmas to You and Your Family! :))

Vickie December 27, 2012 um 10:45 am

Merry Christmas ๐Ÿ™‚

Unknown December 27, 2012 um 6:48 pm

Same to you, love!

Erica B. December 30, 2012 um 5:48 pm

Merry Christmas Helene! Thank you for continuing to inspire me in the kitchen ๐Ÿ™‚

Asha @ FSK January 2, 2013 um 10:34 pm

Aw Helene! That's utterly adorable!! :)) Happy New Year to you and Bill too!! May this year be filled with happy surprises and dreams made true!

Junita Siregar January 8, 2013 um 7:49 am

Happy New Year…
I am glad to find your work here… very inspirational…

Big hug from Bandung, Indonesia

AmyRuth January 9, 2013 um 7:57 pm

Thank you for sharing on so many levels. Yours is a tale of inspiration. Most probably you will never know how all the ripples in the water touch a life. Thanks for touching mine. I am inspired and little by little pieces for me are aligning. It's a process. I love your voice. Thanks again Helene. Peace and Joy to you and all your family.
Amy Schleider

mimi January 17, 2013 um 9:44 pm

You are one of the first food bloggers I discovered and I realized I hadn't visited for awhile. Your pictures inspire, your writing invites and I hope to actually take a workshop with you one day.

This was a wonderful post summing up an incredible journey of creativity and growth. Thank you for sharing all this with your readers.

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