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Time To Make The Doughnuts – First Batch

Wow! Wow! May I add Wow?! I had no idea that my innocent email to Peabody reading "Hey! I want to host a doughnut/beignets event and was wondering if you would like to co-host with me?" would be met by so many of you. Last time we counted we had 94 of you wonderful people who made us all kinds of doughy-oily-baked-filled-dipped doughnuts/fritters/beignets…. I want to thank her immensely for being such a great co-host while busy with things of her own. Cheers to you!

I am thrilled to see entries from all over the world showcasing traditional doughnuts (say that 3 times fast) as well as so many of you braving your fear of yeast, oil and other kitchen adventures. Thank you! Thank you! May I add Thank You?!! You made my day, my week, my month…really I am not evil, I just wanted to make sure ya’ll had the opportunity to justify making fried sugar dough in the middle of winter. You all were very giving in your posts, emails and stories and there are so many people, places and things I discovered. Not to mention almost 100 recipes!

Without further ado, here is the first installment of the roundup, in no particular order. Peabody and I split the entries so you might have to go back and forth a little between our blogs. I tried to get it all done in one post but with mom being here, her departing adventures (she is sound and safe in France, finally) and life and work…I have to stop tonight (hmm 3am actually) and I will post the second batch tomorrow today in the afternoon.

Michelle from Culinography makes lovely traditional German jelly filled doughnuts, Berliner Pfannkuchen. Aside from the history tidbits about their origin, I love how the jam oozes from the doughnuts. Thanks for sharing such beautiful treats with us!

You have no idea how happy I am to have Brilynn from Jumbo Empanadas participate in our event. Not only is she a fellow Daring Baker and all over awesome blogger friend but I thought I would have to fly to Canada to make her brave her "no donut" mantra! Her Baked Donuts look wonderful in my eyes, and her post was as hilarious as their odd shapes. Thanks for being here!

Chez Denise Et Laudalino made a traditional doughnut, Malasadas. From the looks of these, I sure could inhale half a dozen of these! Thanks for sharing your story with us!

Theresa at Food Hunter’s Guide To Cuisine takes the event as the perfect excuse to make some fried desserts. These Lemon Ricotta Fritters are full of flavor with rum, chocolate chip, ricotta and lemon. Hmmhmmhmmm!!

Gretchen Noelle from Canela & Comino made these delicious Peruvian Squash Fritters, Picarones. They may not be exactly like the ones found on the street stalls in Peru but I am sure her rendition is just as good. Thanks for sharing a bit of your culture with us!

Caitlin from Engineer Baker makes Baked Doughnuts for the first time for the event… all 3 dozens plus 4 dozen doughnut holes! They look wonderful in their cinnamon sugar blanket and I know a few takers in my neighorhood if you still have some!

Cakelaw from Laws Of the Kitchen makes some scrumptious Apple Cider Donuts that taste as close as the one we can get in the green polka dot shot…Yippee! I love her addition of rhubarb to the batter. Thanks for taking part!

( McCreamy) Ivonne from Cream Puffs In Venice, the "Other Woman" as B. likes to call her (just because one year she made me a cake to seduce me…really…and it looked awesome!), is making my heart skip a beat with these beautiful Crullers all covered with melted chocolate. Thank you my dear friend for satisfying my cravings!

Tanna from My Kitchen In Half Cups is known in our house as the "Bread Elf"…always sneaking up on us with the most delectable bread creations. Now, if she says "brioche" I am there…if she adds "doughnut" I am coming back!! Go check these Brioche Doughnuts!

Ricki from Diet, Dessert and Dogs comes up with the brilliant idea to create Dogels, a cross between a bagel and a doughnut after a couple of failed attempts at baked doughnuts. Thanks for persevering Ricki!

Sabra from Cookbook Catchall makes another one of my favorites, Italian Zeppole. Her beloved version made me think o fried cream puff dough with a little extra: vanilla bean. The dough can e made in 10 minutes, refrigerated and the doughnuts fried fresh. Thanks for revisiting this recipewith us!

Stef from Cupcake Project tries her hand at Doughnut Cupcakes for the first time. They look mighty good all dressed up and glazed! Thank you for participating and I hope you try your hands at more yeasted baked goods!

Allison from Cinnamon Love tempts our tastebuds with Thai Doughnuts dunked in sweetened condensed milk…Sugar, Sugar, tadadadadada…Or is it an excuse to eat more of her favorite food?!! If you decide to make them again with yeast, please let me know, they sound delicious!

Isabel from Isas’s Cooking in Santiago, Chile takes friendship to a new level by making these doughnuts in honor of her friend Igna. Chocolate glazed with dulce de leche and plain ones with raspberry jam to be precise. Thanks for sharing your story with us!

Vegan Superstar, Hannah from Bittersweet found her donut "vertically challenged" and decided to put the to good use in donut sandwiches. How clever! Thanks for finding the time in your busy schedule to participate.

Steph from A Whisk and A Spoon (love that name), tried her hand at a Viennese treat, Spritzkrapfen, also known as Crullers. Moist, tender and glazed with rum. Yum! Thank you, but what are you going to eat after I am done with those three?!!

Lynn from Cookie Baker Lynn makes an old family favorite with these Spudnuts (love that name!) When you realize that the original recipe made 4 dozen doughnuts, I understand her desire to halve the recipe…looks like nothing in lost in reduction however. Thanks Lynn for such beautiful rings of fried dough!

Michelle from Life In The Pink Kitchen, also braves her fear of yeast by producing these gorgeous Dough-Nots…along with a very fun post to read. Thanks Michelle for your adventurous spirit. Your mom can be proud!!

Natalie, fellow sheltie lover and Daring Baker partner, at Gluten A Go Go, always amazes me with her gluten free renditions of baked items and these Chocolate Chestnut Doughnuts are downright a success! Thanks for taking part in our little fry fest!

Dear to my heart Jasmine, from Confessions of a Cardamom Addict made those lovely Dutchies, "the quintessential Canadian doughnut". Better have the fresh from the fryer I am told…She also threatened me with a day old Dutchie bread pudding…I am waiting *tap*tap*tap*(foot stomping). Thanks for spreading the donut love, they are scrumptious!

Coco from Coco Cooks makes a traditional South African favorite, Koesisters, to help us celebrate the fact that there is ne-ver enough donuts in this world! Thanks Courtney for not listening to the little voices inside your head!

Nemmie from Cast Sugar appeals to the historian in me by making these jelly filled doughnuts, Berliner Pfannkuchen. Thank you for those perfect bites of sweetness!!

Karolina at For The Body And Soul keeps true to her New Year’s resolution to cook more Polish food with these gorgeous Paczki enhanced with one of my favorites, rosehip jam. Thanks for sharing a traditional pastry with us!

Arfi from Homemades in New Zealand made one of my favorites, Baked Donuts. Thanks Arfi for watching over our waistlines!

Stephanie from Cupcake My Love sends these original Maple-Glazed Sour Cream Doughnut with Sugared Walnut Streusel. Thanks for braving your fear of yeast, they turned out wonderfully!

SuperMom and blogger Kristen from Dine and Dish, almost forgot to make her donuts but put her bread machine to good use! Seriously folks, how can we say no to such tempting fried rounds? You’re right, we can’t! Thanks Kristen for rushing a few to my house!!

Ulrike from Kuchenlatein in Germany makes a traditional donut called Quark Balls or Quarkbällchen on stormy day! Thanks for warming us up with such a comforting entry!

Laura Rebecca takes pizza dough to another level by frying it and making little donut holes and beautiful glazed donuts. Simple and statisfying Italian donuts! I am thinking those double crust pizza dough recipes have an ulterior motive: frying!

Elly from Elly Says Opa! in Chicago made a traditional Greek fritters, Loukoumades, going past her fear of yeast and frying. Thank you for braving your doughnut demons…the fritters are mouth watering!

Allen from Eating Out Loud is trying to correct my evil ways by making his mom’s baked doughnuts. Sugar, nutmeg, cinnamon and good for my waist line? He might make a believer out of me!

Cheryl at Gruel Omelet got a little behind with a bad case of stomach flu, but how could we refuse a basket full of these wonderful Baked Donuts. The toppings are un-healthy enough to make me happy…ahahah!!!

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Rosa's Yummy Yums February 15, 2008 um 9:47 am

A gorgeous roundup! Great job, wow!!!



Cannelle Et Vanille February 15, 2008 um 9:50 am

Thanks for hosting this event. All entries look beautiful. I can’t wait to see more. I already checked out most blogs. This is such a great way to share. Thanks again Helen, you are awesome!

michelle February 15, 2008 um 10:36 am

Such a fun event! I’m going to be dreaming about all these wonderful doughnuts for a week! 🙂

Sara, Ms Adventures in Italy February 15, 2008 um 10:57 am

Yum! Friday is such a doughnut day, too! Send some quick.

MyKitchenInHalfCups February 15, 2008 um 11:33 am

Did you say Wow, Oh Wow, Oh Wow!
What a phenomenal batch of doughnuts!! I think I’d best take a very long walk before the second batch sinks me.
Really this is a wonderful round up and doughnuts.
Great to hear you mom is now enjoying the flowers and your dad!
Thanks for such kind words.

Finla February 15, 2008 um 12:22 pm

Drolie roundup

Chris February 15, 2008 um 12:47 pm

Yum! This has been a great event to participate in, especially since I have never made donuts before. Thanks for hosting such a fabulous event! Diet? What diet? Putting it on hold!

Anonymous February 15, 2008 um 1:10 pm

Good lord! That is a LOT of doughnuts! Reading all of the posts will take hours, but I can’t wait to try! Thanks so much for hosting.

Anonymous February 15, 2008 um 1:34 pm

These all look wonderful. Thanks for holding the event- I had a lot of fun making beignets.

Gretchen Noelle February 15, 2008 um 1:51 pm

What a great event! So glad I could participate and I am enjoying reading these different entries. What an eclectic bunch of donuts – Wonderful!

Nemmie February 15, 2008 um 2:13 pm

Thank you so much Helen, for hosting such a FUN event! And my apologies for not emailing you – I am a terrible person indeed.

Off to check out every one of the doughnut posts in all their glory…

Lis February 15, 2008 um 2:58 pm

Awesome job everyone! Wow.. so many doughnuts.. so little time! 🙂

You and Gracie did an excellent job rounding it all up!


Deborah February 15, 2008 um 3:45 pm

What a great event!! You should hold it more often so that I am inspired to make doughnuts!! 🙂

Elly February 15, 2008 um 4:11 pm

These all look so good! I shouldn’t be checking this at work…when I work really close to places with lots of doughnuts…

glamah16 February 15, 2008 um 4:21 pm

A lovely virtual breakfast. Great event!

Allison February 15, 2008 um 7:16 pm

What a fabulous event; all those doughnuts look amazing!
This event reminded me that I love love love doughnuts! I’m going to go try some of these recipes right now!
Thanks for hosting this amazingness!

Anonymous February 15, 2008 um 7:37 pm

Wow..I don’t know which blog to hit first.

Anonymous February 15, 2008 um 8:31 pm

For sweethearts like you and Peabody, I’ll always find time. 😉 Thanks for hosting this event, it was a blast!

Anonymous February 15, 2008 um 8:34 pm

Oh my thighs!! What a gorgeous bunch of doughnuts!

Cheryl February 15, 2008 um 9:03 pm

Thanks for having this event. I had a blast.

Emily February 15, 2008 um 9:50 pm

What bountiful doughnuts you have!
Great roundup! Thanks for hosting this.

steph- whisk/spoon February 15, 2008 um 10:45 pm

great round-up. i almost can’t believe how many kinds of doughnuts are out there! thanks for this event!

Anonymous February 15, 2008 um 11:23 pm

My doughnuts look terrible compared to the other ones… but still it was super fun to participate in this event!

Thank you a lot! =)

SteamyKitchen February 17, 2008 um 3:14 am

i just gained 5 lbs just reading this!

Cookie baker Lynn February 17, 2008 um 7:50 pm

What a great roundup! Thanks for co-hosting this fun event, an excuse to make more doughnuts.

Sheltie Girl February 18, 2008 um 3:52 pm

Helen – What a collection of doughnuts and fried confections. So many recipes to try and new blogs to visit. Thank you for hosting this event and posting a gorgeous roundup.

Sheltie Girl @ Gluten A Go Go

Andrea February 19, 2008 um 3:33 pm

My word, this is a feast for the eyes! So sorry I couldn’t participate this time, but I have plenty of inspiration from the roundup! Lovely job.

Anonymous May 30, 2008 um 7:42 pm

This was my first blogging event ever and it was so much fun i can’t wait to do it again! everybody’s enteries look so darn good!! you guys are awesome !

Stephanie August 29, 2010 um 1:41 pm

Guess what I'm about to make now? Doughnuts! Thanks for all the great ideas.

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