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Meyer Lemon Curd and Chamomille Vanilla Mousse Verrines

Meyer Lemon Curd and Chamomille Vanilla Bean Mousse

Discombobulated…New favorite word. It’s always a bit of a struggle getting things organized with long term guests but there has been a lot of good work getting done. A lot of good meals and good times too. My parents are happily relaxing, talking walks in town, going to the beach, reading,.. with no particular agenda or schedule. Even the pupps are learning "discombulated". There is no telling who is going to walk them, feed them, play with them. All they know is that there are 4 more hands to pet them. Bliss…

Even here it is bit "sans queue ni tete", posting the raspberry mousse tarts with pink macarons before posting about the macarons first. Indeed, a couple days after my parents arrived I made a small batch of pink macarons to go along with a verrine of Meyer lemon curd and chamomille – vanilla bean mousse. Then with the leftover macarons, I made the tarts. I think the mud cake cookie sandwiches were in their right place though. Imagine that!! See…discombobulated again.

Meyer Lemon Curd And Chamomille Violet Mousse

With one celiac at home right now, there have been a lot of cremes brulee, cremes caramel, macarons and mousses for desserts. Gluten does sneak everywhere but so far I have been able to keep everybody’s sweet tooth happy and healthy. We love citrus. We love colors. We love Spring. I especially love yellow if it is in the form of lemon curd. I am not sure Meyer lemons will be around here much longer so I have been juicing, zesting and freezing away!

Meyer lemons always have a slight cardamom note to me and the curd was very aromatic on its own, but took on a whole other dimension when layered with silky smooth mousse. The mousse itself starts with a pate a bombe which is lightly infused with chamomille leaves and vanilla bean seeds and lighten with some whipped cream. My lovely sister in law sent over a bottle of violet sugar pearls that I sprinkled on top of the verrines. It added a wonderful light flowery Spring note to the verrine and I am looking forward to using it again.

Meyer Lemon Curd And Chamomille Violet Verrine

Meyer Lemon Curd and Chamomille Vanilla Mousse Verrine Recipe:

For the Meyer Lemon Curd:
½ cup (125 ml) lemon juice
1 tablespoon (4gr) lemon zest
1/2 cup (100gr) sugar
3 eggs
2 tablespoon (28gr) butter

In a saucepan set over medium heat, combine the lemon juice, zest and sugar and bring to a simmer. Stir occasionally to make sure the sugar is dissolved. In the meantime, whisk the eggs in a medium bowl just until combined. Once the lemon mixture is hot, slowly pour it over the eggs to temper, continuously whisking to prevent the eggs from scrambling. Return the mixture to the pan set over medium low heat and cook until thick. Do not let it come to a full boil or it might separate. Remove from the heat, stir in the butter and whisk until it is fully melted. Cover the surface with plastic wrap to prevent a skin from forming and let cool to room temperature.

For the chamomille-vanilla bean mousse:

3 egg yolks
pinch of salt
1 1/2 teaspoons powdered gelatin
1/4 cup (60ml) cold water, divided
1/2 cup (100gr)sugar
1/4 cup chamomille buds (flowers), chopped
1/2 vanilla bean, split open and seeded
1 cup (250ml) heavy cream

In the bowl of a stand mixer, whisk the egg yolks and the salt. In a small bowl, sprinkle the gelatin over 2 tablespoons of water, and let it sit while you make the syrup base of the mousse.
Combine the sugar, chamomille leaves and the remaining 2 tablespoons of water in a heavy saucepan. Cover and bring to a rapid boil over medium high heat (prevents crystallization of the sugar on the side of the pan). Once the syrup comes to a boil, uncover and cook until the mixture reaches 238F.
Strain the leaves over a container with a spout, it will be easier to add to the yolks. Pour the syrup slowly and into a steady stream into the egg yolks with the machine running on medium high. Melt the gelatin in the microwave for 10 seconds or until dissolved. Add it to the yolk mixture along with the seeds from the vanilla bean and continue to whisk on medium high until it triples in volume and cools to room temperature.
In a separate bowl, whip the heavy cream to soft peaks. Add it to the mousse base and fold the two gently together. Pour the mousse in a pastry bag fitted with a plain tip (I use Ateco #807).
Layer the Meyer lemon curd and the mousse in jars or ramekins and refrigerate if not eaten right away.


I almost forgot…My mom agreed to be a guest blogger here. Yeah! She is however hesitating on what to make. So, which recipe would you like her to make: her famous "ratatouille" or a tart?

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Botacook March 16, 2009 um 6:27 am

Ça c’est un joli dessert aux couleurs du printemps!
Super pour ta maman, ça c’est une super "guest star" 🙂 Pour ma part, ce qu’elle souhaitera présenter sera parfait!

Carina March 16, 2009 um 6:41 am

Oh, please! A wonderful ratatouille recipe that I can trust and treasure.

Rosa's Yummy Yums March 16, 2009 um 6:54 am

These verrines look so pretty and delicious! That vanilla and chamomille layer is intriguing…



Nina Timm March 16, 2009 um 7:00 am

As always, an absolute joy to look at!!!

di_ani March 16, 2009 um 7:11 am

Wonderful blog.
Great recipes and tempting pictures.

Ivana March 16, 2009 um 7:17 am

Loolks fantastic!!! i’ll do this mousse!!

Adi March 16, 2009 um 7:27 am

A tart would be lovely!

Dominique March 16, 2009 um 7:38 am

La visite de ce blog est toujours si agréable, surtout avec ces photos. Mais c’est quoi le citron "meyer"?

Bea March 16, 2009 um 7:46 am

Superbe dessert! comme d’habitude 🙂 j’ai la même question que Dominique… puis-je remplacer les 'mexer' par les citrons verts tout simplement?

Meilleures salutations!

Simones Kitchen March 16, 2009 um 7:58 am

So great that your mom is going to be a guestblogger here! I’d love to hear her ratatouille recipe!

Anonymous March 16, 2009 um 8:02 am

i totally adore your fantastic blog. you inspire me to bake.
hope you enjoy your time with your parents.

best wishes,

Anonymous March 16, 2009 um 8:09 am

Wow!! Beautiful photos, so spring looking… And a imposible word for my bad english, ha ha ha.

Those violet sugar pearls look amazing, I love their color.

Jen March 16, 2009 um 8:25 am

Your blog is one of my favorites! I have always wanted to make ratatouille, so my vote is for that!

jokergirl@wererabbits March 16, 2009 um 8:35 am

Ooh, please post the Ratatouille! I love to make Ratatouille and it’s always interesting to see how someone else makes it!


Deeba PAB March 16, 2009 um 8:51 am

Discombobulated…what an interesting word Helen! It's expresses so much all at once LOL! That dessert is all Spring, colour, citrus…& PRETTY! What fun to have mum as a guest blogger…ratatouille,tart,ratatouille,tart,ratatouille,tart…both? xoxo

Mercotte March 16, 2009 um 9:18 am

Aie aie aie c’est trop beau et en plus printanier !! Bon séjour à tes parents, ils doivent de régaler !!

Anonymous March 16, 2009 um 9:28 am

i want to see both!! hehehe

Graphic Foodie March 16, 2009 um 9:39 am

There is something wonderfully "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" about the swirls and colours of this. Beautiful.

As for Mama Tartelette, I would love to hear her Ratatouille recipe!

Sophie Sportende Foodie March 16, 2009 um 10:15 am

MMMMMM….Wow! excellent!!! every time I come here, I think that you could open your own patisserie!!!
Why? because you can bake & you are very creative!!!

Culinary Wannabe March 16, 2009 um 10:52 am

Pretty! And I’m in love with the yellow pookadot fork!

• friX • March 16, 2009 um 11:07 am

Hmmm, I love ratatouille. I’d like to see how your mother makes it 🙂

Lovely pictures, as always !

Marija March 16, 2009 um 11:10 am

Actually, and I believe everybody will agree, I’d love to see both recipes! Maybe your mom could guest blog on two posts?

Cindy March 16, 2009 um 11:17 am

everything looks to bright and delicious. i would love the ratatouille!

Aimée March 16, 2009 um 11:30 am

Spring has arrived, at least on your blog, even if it is gray and cold outside here.
That spoon is too cute and you know I love citrus!
Please tell your mother that I would love to see a tart from her.

LizNoVeggieGirl March 16, 2009 um 12:05 pm

Haha I love that word too 😀

Yes, I too would love to see both recipes, please!!

Dominique March 16, 2009 um 12:42 pm

Merci pour ces explications. J’essaierai d’en trouver pour découvrir leur saveur. Peut-être lors d’un de mes voyages!

indosungod March 16, 2009 um 12:49 pm

Both, two posts perhaps?

Anonymous March 16, 2009 um 12:57 pm

I was thinking exactly the same ..maybe both? =)

Anonymous March 16, 2009 um 1:27 pm

Wonderful work!
Violet Sugar pearls – can y ou give me the source from your sister?
The little jars you often use for your desserts – source?
Thank you, thank you, Thank you! for the daily inspiration.

A Canadian Foodie March 16, 2009 um 1:30 pm

PS – the ratatouille! definitely

Helene March 16, 2009 um 1:31 pm

Valerie: I wish I could help more but my sister in law purchased the sugar at a grocery store in Toulouse and the jars are yogurt jars (La Laitiere) that my dad ate, washed and brought over…

Anonymous March 16, 2009 um 1:49 pm

So jealous of your violet sugar pearls! I love sugared violets. They are a gorgeous contrast to the white and yellow.

Bea March 16, 2009 um 1:49 pm

Merci 🙂

Sarah March 16, 2009 um 2:12 pm


Miette March 16, 2009 um 2:13 pm

Your pictures are so stunning, as usual ! Even zucchini would be gorgeous and sweet as candy with your personal touch ! I love your blog !



Bridget March 16, 2009 um 2:23 pm

Discombobulated is one of the favorite words around our house, too! 🙂

Those violet sugar pearls are beautiful…well, they are beautiful combined with your creations!

Anything from your mom would be wonderful, I’m sure!

Jescel March 16, 2009 um 2:47 pm

i love chammomile tea so I must love that vanilla and chamomile verrine.. they look so delicate and delicious… and those sugar pearls are the perfect touch! wonderful.. and hope your mom could do a tart!

Jen Yu March 16, 2009 um 2:54 pm

That violet sugar is the perfect touch! Beautiful spring colors you have here – and flavors too. Glad that the puppies are not neglected 🙂 Now I’m stumped… I want to see your mom make both recipes, but if I had to choose one it would be the ratatouille – especially if it is famous!

Teri March 16, 2009 um 3:06 pm

I am new to your blog… but am now hooked! You’re photos are so amazing and you’re food looks so amazing! I also cannot have gluten, so I appreciate your recipes!

Amy March 16, 2009 um 3:30 pm

Oh, ratatouille, please!

meg March 16, 2009 um 3:31 pm

My grandmother’s lemon pie is a work of culinary brilliance, and this reminds me so much of that–without the crust, of course. As always, beautiful photos and amazing recipes. I can hardly wait to get back to the states to try them out!

Char March 16, 2009 um 4:16 pm

I adore anything lemon – these shots are to die for.

I vote TART!

Jen March 16, 2009 um 4:52 pm

Your verrrines look delicious– it isn’t quite springtime here yet but I always feel like it is when I look at your blog.

I would love for you mum to post her ratatouille recipe.

Sihan March 16, 2009 um 4:58 pm

i shudder upon thinking of the ingenius combination. chamomile vanilla and lemon. WOW>.

Lisa is Bossy March 16, 2009 um 5:54 pm

Ratatouille!! Ratatouille s’il vous plait!! 🙂

Lucy March 16, 2009 um 6:09 pm

The verrines look absolutely gorgeous – I love the pictures. I vote tart for your Mum’s guest post – I am intrigued to hear what flavour!

Anonymous March 16, 2009 um 6:36 pm

Oh I adore lemon curd- I must try this! I would love to hear your mother’s famous ratatouille recipe…

Anonymous March 16, 2009 um 6:50 pm

These are really lovely. We’ve had Meyer lemons in the stores for a while now but our small Meyer lemon tree is holding out for warmer weather — there are lots of wee green lemons on it. I’m looking forward to weeks of lemony goodness!

Anonymous March 16, 2009 um 7:00 pm

ratatouille! Of course, no question about that:-) Great that your mum is doing this.
I have to say, wonderful pics as usual. Thanks for sharing.

Snooky doodle March 16, 2009 um 7:06 pm

wonderful pics as always. I like the lemon curd with this vanilla mousse. I bet it was delicious! How long can i keep curd in the fridge? I always have some leftover.

breadchick March 16, 2009 um 7:38 pm

How funny that tonight I will be going home to make lemon curd with Meyer lemons as part of a birthday dessert I’m bringing into work tomorrow.

I vote for your mother’s ratatouille!

anadelicias March 16, 2009 um 8:03 pm

Both!!!! Ratatouille and a tart!!!
I would like to read to your lovely mom…


Anita (Married… with dinner) March 16, 2009 um 8:13 pm

oh, that verrine looks gorgeous — I love lemon curd in desserts. In fact, I would always order a lemon dessert over anything else, although maybe butterscotch is a close second.

How exciting to hear that we’ll be reading a post from Maman Tartelette! I would be happy with either a tarte or the ratatouille.

Ash March 16, 2009 um 8:24 pm

This looks amazing! I’m such a huge fan of all things lemon and well yellow! The pics are wonderful!
i vote tart too. I wonder how she makes them!

Anonymous March 16, 2009 um 8:24 pm

Tes photos sont magnifiques. Rein de plus difficile que de rendre un yaourt très appétissant. Tu as réussi, bravo!

Y March 16, 2009 um 8:38 pm

These verrines look so bright and refreshing! And violet pearls! How pretty! I can’t wait for your mom’s post. Couldn’t we have both ratatouille and tart? Pretty please? 🙂

Cannelle Et Vanille March 16, 2009 um 8:53 pm

i love that word. that’s how i am feeling today as a matter of fact. i want to sit at your dinner table helen… so many deliciousness going on in your house! these are making me happy happy!

Clare March 16, 2009 um 9:11 pm

I would love to see BOTH!!! Merci.

Crystal March 16, 2009 um 9:14 pm

Absolutely beautiful, captures that relaxing-yet-exciting turn-of-spring feeling 🙂 I love chamomile, but after stepping on the grocery scale last night, I think no more dessert-making for me!

Very much looking forward to "meeting" your mother! Please ask her to make her ratatouille — I don’t think I’d attempt it otherwise 🙂

Anonymous March 16, 2009 um 9:20 pm

I wonder if you ever get tired of hearing how beautiful your photos are. Well, just in case you dont..They are gorgeous! 🙂

Mike of Mike's Table March 16, 2009 um 9:36 pm

I love the flavor combo–it sounds elegant and looks beautiful. And as always, I am in awe of your presentation–the photos look stunning.

Faith March 16, 2009 um 9:55 pm

Both! Recipes of both of them would be wonderful. 🙂

I am always awestruck by your photography. Incredible.

Thanks for sharing little details about your family and your life. It makes me miss my family back in the States.

Jenny Tan March 16, 2009 um 10:02 pm

Everything looks wonderful, as usual! 🙂 I hope your mom would make her famous Ratatouille, though, I’m sure no one would mind if she had the time to make both!! 😛 Ever since we watch Disney’s Ratatouille, my kids have asked if I could some day make that for them! 😉

Anonymous March 16, 2009 um 10:16 pm

Ratatouille, please. And thanks–I have another shopping bag full of Meyer lemons from our neighbors!

Rico March 16, 2009 um 11:53 pm

that is one of the "purdiest" deserts I have seen, and looks so delicious and nice…I will aspire to get as good as that on my blog…cheers!!

Anonymous March 17, 2009 um 12:44 am

Lovely photos and what a beautiful combination of flavours too! How lovely to have your mum as a guest blogger, I like the sound of both the ratatouille and tart… I’ll wait patiently to see what is chosen 🙂

Hilda March 17, 2009 um 1:59 am

yum yum. Elle ne peut pas faire les deux? la fameuse ratatouille et une tarte? Quand aux verrines, plus que 2 semaines et je peux manger ce que je veux de nouveau, youpi!!! Of course I’ll also have the best homemade thing ever as well, but I don’t know if she’ll leave me any time to make any of your delicious recipes…

Carrie March 17, 2009 um 2:20 am

ratatouille, please!

Hayley March 17, 2009 um 3:02 am

These are perfect for the upcoming spring-like weather we’ll be having. I hope it lasts. Thanks for sharing!

Laurie March 17, 2009 um 3:26 am

This looks so lovely and refreshing!

Cakebrain March 17, 2009 um 5:19 am

What a gorgeous dessert! love your pics! I’m looking forward to seeing your mom’s post!

Helene March 17, 2009 um 5:35 am

Allright, Mom said yes to both but not the same we are planning a little escapade. Stay tuned for the first installment!

Thank you everyone!

Kari. March 17, 2009 um 7:36 am

Tart, s’il vous plait!

I love your blog!!!!

Anonymous March 17, 2009 um 9:19 am

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Philo aux fourneaux – Blog culinaire March 17, 2009 um 11:59 am

Tes verrines sont superbes !
Si ta maman est aussi douée que toi, je vote pour une tarte.

Maria March 17, 2009 um 2:51 pm

So pretty!! I could look at your photos all day!

Bonbon Oiseau March 17, 2009 um 3:40 pm

me too me too! the flavor combos sound amazing–i may even attempt to make this! (after i work the paris off my butt)!

Lori March 17, 2009 um 3:53 pm

Yeah! I would love the ratatouille but either is fine. How fun.

I am so jealous of you meyer Lemons. I really need to ask my grocer if they can get some.

That purple is such a nice contrast.

Anonymous March 17, 2009 um 9:01 pm

Oh, a tart, for sure. I am sick of ratatouille (of course, last month was vegetable month at school – I’m a culinary school student – so I’ve had my fill of ratatouille for some time).


Anonymous March 17, 2009 um 11:46 pm

Both!! There’s a lot of room here! Please! LOVED the chamomille mousse!

Rachael March 18, 2009 um 4:34 am

First, I love your blog! The photos and recipes are both so beautifully done. Thank you! Second, I would have to vote for your Mom’s ratatouille recipe!

Anonymous March 18, 2009 um 6:05 am

I can’t wait for mama Tartelette to guest post!
As a tester of her ratatouille the last time she was here, I can’t wait for her to post it!!
Well, a tart would be great too!
Kiss your mom from us!

Elyse March 18, 2009 um 6:25 am

Curd and mousse?! What a fabulous and beautiful combination. Seems like you have everything under control, no discombobulation here!

paula March 18, 2009 um 1:16 pm

how tasty. Just perfect for spring. It’s mid 70’s this week and these would be lovely.

MyKitchenInHalfCups March 18, 2009 um 1:53 pm

Ahhh, doesn’t she have time for both . . . oh how rude can you be Tanna?
Either would be lovely Helen and will send many hugs. . .
Discombobulated is a very expressive word and one that fits my house to a T right now.
Love these lemon yellow and violets!!

Patricia Scarpin March 18, 2009 um 2:48 pm

Well, I have just learned a new word. 😀

What a great way of making something delicious for a celiac, Helen. And that looks so fresh! I would love it here, it’s been so hot in Sao Paulo lately.

Love the daisies and can’t wait to see you mom around here!

The Duo Dishes March 18, 2009 um 5:11 pm

We vote for your mother’s ratatouille!

Sarah March 18, 2009 um 6:14 pm

La Ratatouille SVP!!!!

PheMom March 18, 2009 um 6:37 pm

Those certainly do look like they just whisper Spring in the very best of ways!

Anonymous March 18, 2009 um 11:44 pm

A ratatouille recipe for sure.

Helene March 19, 2009 um 2:46 am

Thank you Caprice for the link! I am already eyeing the candied mimosa!
What I used was a bit different though. It was pearl sugar, infused in violet extract and died purple. My sister in law said she finds it at Leclerc in France.

raining sheep March 19, 2009 um 2:53 am

That just looks so fabulous. I saw the picks on Flickr and they made me salivate.

Christy March 19, 2009 um 9:31 am

Oh, Helen, what about both??!! I love sweets but a woman can only stand to that much temptation after seeing Pixar’s Ratatouille, and witnessing that amazing vegetable dish in its animated glory, I’ve been wanting to make one, but couldn’t trust just any recipe out there. I want to see them both!

And sugared violet pearls, how exotic! Beautiful dessert, and such lovely subtle, creamy yellow!

Unknown March 19, 2009 um 10:46 am

Love your blog:-)

Cakespy March 19, 2009 um 5:16 pm

OH yeah! We all want to hear from Mamatartelette!! As for the meyer lemon curd and mousse verrines…they look so fresh, sweet and slightly tart–perfect.

Kasey March 19, 2009 um 5:32 pm


Dewi March 19, 2009 um 6:28 pm

Camomile leaves? that’s intriguing. Another must try recipe.

lynda March 19, 2009 um 7:32 pm

beautiful dessert. The chammomile with vanilla is so interesting sounding…so exotic. You are soooooo creative. Can’t wait for that book!I vote for both recipes from your mom, too! Yeah!

Shalum March 20, 2009 um 1:33 am

the colors are so inspiring. perfect for a wedding 🙂

Anonymous March 20, 2009 um 12:01 pm

Joli tourbillon de couleurs !
Bon, je pense que je ne choisi pas, je dis ratatouille ET tarte (SVP!!!)

Unknown March 20, 2009 um 10:56 pm

your delights look too good to eat. they are so pretty I feel like I would ruin them. and btw, I’ve NEVER seen macaroons looks like that! mmmmm! I can’t wait to read your mom and see the photos:)

Sunshinemom March 21, 2009 um 7:17 pm

I am so jealous!!!! Such beautiful images make me want to put my hand right through the screen and feel them!!

Lucy Vaserfirer March 22, 2009 um 3:18 am

You had me at Meyer lemon curd. I can never get enough Meyer lemons. And what is it about verrines that absolutely makes me swoon? I just posted some Citrus & Caramel Verrines!

Allison Jones March 22, 2009 um 3:25 am

So precious!

La Cuisine d'Helene March 24, 2009 um 1:34 am

Délicieuses verines. Tout ce que tu fais est très professionel.

Erica March 25, 2009 um 7:27 pm

Mmm looks delicious! Do you know about how long these would last in the refrigerator?

K March 25, 2009 um 10:42 pm

Any idea how long before an event I can assemble this? I am going to do these for a baby shower in baby food jars and was curius how far ahead i can assemble…..

Helene March 26, 2009 um 2:52 am

Erica: they will keep well refrigerated up to 4 days wrapped with plastic wrap.

Sugary Chic: You can assemble them up to 4 days ahead of time.

Paula Maack March 29, 2009 um 9:15 pm

It’s as though you harnessed sunshine and lovingly placed it in a precious little verrine.

How perfect!!

Thank you for your devotion to beauty and excellence. Your site warms my heart – always, Helen.

Brightest Blessings,

~ Paula

Unknown April 7, 2009 um 10:21 pm

Beautiful and delicious-looking as always. Where on earth did you get those adorable jars? You make me want to have some of my own! I love small desserts and I can think of so many things they’d be perfect for.


Caesar November 24, 2009 um 3:32 pm

hi Helen~
i have tried this product, but i get some question..
1. the lemon juice is direct heat it? i tried it but it didn't become thick. thn i try double boil it, finally it become thick.
2. the chamomille leaves is 1/4 cup right..?i think the taste is quite strong..i try to decrease it to 2 tbsp, is better^^

just a few comments~thk a lot for your recipe~

Helene November 24, 2009 um 4:13 pm

Caesar: the lemon curd is not supposed to be thick like pastry cream but thick like soft whipped cream so direct heat on the stove is plenty enough to thicken it up.

As far as the chamomille and the quantity to use, it is just a question of taste. Bear in mind too that chamomille buds or flowers aren't as strong as chamomille leaves.


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