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Thin Crust Pear Tart – Tarte Fine Aux Poires For Gluten Free Thanksgiving & A Giveaway

Pear Tarte Fine

As I was making this tart for Shauna’s Gluten Free Thanksgiving Baking Round Up, I started reflecting on how much I enjoyed being an expat in America around the holidays. I now have an entire second family, a tight group of friends and handful of added occasions to celebrate new traditions and holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc… Even Christmas in B’s family is light years away from mine. Starting with the food of course.

I did not grow up around pumpkin pie, pecan pie or double crusted apple pie but like anyone entering another family, expat or not, there are new traditions I have come to love. Some I have been privileged to make my in-laws discover as they let me bring my own creations to their tables. One of these dishes was my grandmother’s Tarte Fine Aux Pommes. She was famous for it. And for good reason. One of the simplest and yet most aromatic and satisfying thin crusted pie I have ever had.

Forelle Pears

She’d start by making a very basic applesauce with heirloom and very tart apples, a bit of cardamom, and lemon. She’d then layer it at the bottom of a very thin pate brisee crust and top the tart with thin slices of fresh apples. It was thin on all counts, rustic and absolutely amazing. The textures, fragrances. That bit of crunch from the crust, the oozing applesauce underneath and the pretty slices of apples on top. A feast for all senses.

When Shauna sent out an email to put together a massive round up of gluten free baking recipes for Thanksgiving, my head started spinning. Wow! Thanksgiving was indeed so close and I felt like I was already one train wagon behind! But it is indeed necessary to start such a big round up filled with so many options for baked treats for the holidays. Whether you are gluten free or need to bake gluten free for someone coming to break bread at your table, that round up provides you with so many delectable options.

Go check it out on Shauna’s blog. It’s awesome. And tempting. And delicious.


I first thought about making pumpkin pie but it’s not our true favorite to celebrate. We tend to like apple pie and tarte tatin, tarte fines and the like. Instead of using apples like my grandmother, I chose one of my favorite Autumn fruit, Forelle pears. They are juicy and fragrant. Cute as can be and one fits in my pocket quite perfectly…

I was going to go with Shauna and Danny’s recipe for Asian Pear Tart in their book but the Asian pears were literally the size of mini watermelons so I substituted Forelle pears and instead of making applesauce like Grandma would have, I followed Shauna’s directions to use apricot jam. I knew there was a reason I was holding on to that last of homemade apricot jam from this summer! You don’t have to go that extent but don’t skip on the quality is all I’m sayin’…

Pear Tarte Fine

Did you see the giveaway going there on her blog? Pretty cool, non?! Guess what?…Shauna is graciously giving one copy of their book to one of you guys! Whether you like stories, recipes, tips, challenges, there is something for everyone. There is love to share. Beautiful words, delicious recipes and inspired photography by Lara Ferrroni. A feast for the senses!

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post between now and Sunday November 21st at midnight Easter time, when my better half will draw a winner at random. No anonymous comment, sign an initial, X or a name so I know you are not a robot! One entry per person. Good luck!

Pear Tarte Fine

Forelle Pear Tart – Tarte Fine Aux Poires – Adapted from "Asian Pear Tart" in Gluten Free Girl & The Chef.

Notes: I am writing down the recipe as Shauna and Danny wrote it for their book and adding my changes as I go along. The only reason behind my substituting flours was due to our personal preferences and what I have on hand in the pantry.

For the crust:
1/2 cup sorghum flour – I used millet flour
1/2 cup tapioca four – I used corn flour
1/2 cup potato starch
1/2 cup sweet rice flour
2 tablespoon sugar
1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon – I left it out
pinch of salt
8 tablespoons (1 stick) frozen butter
1 large egg
1/4 cup ice cold water

6-7 medium Asian pears – I used 10 Forelle pears
1/3 cup sugar – I used 1/4 cup honey
1/2 vanilla bean, split and scraped – I used 1/2 teaspoon ground cardamom
1/3 cup apricot jam

Prepare the tart shell:
Sift together the millet flour, corn flour, potato starch and sweet rice flour into a large bowl. Add the sugar, cinnamon if using and salt. Sift into another bowl (I admit I skipped that part).
Grate the frozen butter directly into the dry ingredients with a medium cheese grater. Work with your fingertips until the dough feels like cornmeal or large pieces of sand.
In a small bowl, whisk the egg and the water together with a fork. Make a well in the center of the flour mixture. Add the liquid, and start gathering the dough together with your hands or a fork. Gather the dough into a ball and refrigerate for at least one hour or overnight.

Butter and flour an 11-inch tart shell (I used 2 rectangular pie shells). Pull the dough from the refrigerator and let it come to room temperature a little. Roll the dough between 2 pieces of parchment paper to the approximate size of your tart pan. If the dough tears a little, just piece it back together with your fingertips.
Freeze the tart dough for about 30 minutes.

While the dough is freezing, preheat the oven to 375F. Place a piece of parchment paper on top of the dough, fill with dry beans and blind bake for 15 minutes. Let cool.

Prepare the filling:
Core and peel the pears and toss them with the honey and cardamom (or vanilla bean and sugar if using).
Spread the apricot jam evenly at the bottom of the pie shell and layer the pear slices on top. Bake for 30 to 40 minutes or until golden brown. Let cool and serve with whipped cream if desired.

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The Healthy Apple November 15, 2010 um 9:16 pm

What a fabulous giveaway; I would love to win Shauna's book…she is amazing! Thank you for your great giveaway and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Sarah November 15, 2010 um 9:25 pm

That pear tart looks delicious!

Danae November 15, 2010 um 9:27 pm

OOo what a beautiful tart! And I also would love to win Shauna's Book.. love her blog as well.. keep up the good work! Thanks!

kay* November 15, 2010 um 9:34 pm

i discovered your blog this weekend and was immediately smitten with the beautiful images – so bright and fresh (if a picture can be described as 'fresh' πŸ™‚

but i think i'll also be doing some baking soon…because everything looks delicious!

lindamaree November 15, 2010 um 9:48 pm

I'm so inspired by your beautiful tart! Can't wait for the weekend so I can get baking!

Laura B. November 15, 2010 um 9:49 pm

I love Thanksgiving! I think I have more pies than people coming over. Oh well, that just means leftovers!

Blandine November 15, 2010 um 9:51 pm

Your tart looks beautiful. I can imagine the crusty pastry and the juicy pears melting in my mouth πŸ™‚

alice2 November 15, 2010 um 9:58 pm

i love that more bloggers are experimenting w. gluten-free recipes, baking especially. thanks for the inspiration.

terri November 15, 2010 um 10:07 pm

our thanksgiving tradition calls for apple and pumpkin pie, but this tart looks good enough to tempt me to start a new tradition!

Joyce November 15, 2010 um 10:13 pm

This recipe seems so easy I think I can even do it. What a wonderful give away. A big Thank you to Shauna for her book and to you, Helen for hosting the give away and the wonderful recipe. Yum… xo

Salt Lake Sugar November 15, 2010 um 10:18 pm

That tart looks scrumptious! And the book does too!

Anonymous November 15, 2010 um 10:23 pm

That tart looks so yummy!!

Stephanie Quilao November 15, 2010 um 10:24 pm

Coming to your blog always feels like stepping into sugary heaven πŸ˜€

Now see this is what I'm talking! When people with allergies. intolerances, or whatever like myself see delicious foods like this we no longer start to feel without. Food just looks delicious!

Siri November 15, 2010 um 10:29 pm

The tart looks beautiful. Thanks for such lovely idea for a gluten-free recipe. πŸ™‚


Dominique November 15, 2010 um 10:30 pm

Superbe tarte! et tes photos mettent toujours autant en appΓ©tit…

Rosa's Yummy Yums November 15, 2010 um 10:37 pm

That tart looks awesome! So delightful.



Beverly Lynn November 15, 2010 um 10:40 pm

I love your recipes and photography! Thanks for sharing, between this and the crepe recipe I am going to be busy in the kitchen this week! Not sure I can find persimmons around here though.

Sallie November 15, 2010 um 10:43 pm

As always, gorgeous post. I have the cookbook and love it. Still working hard at gluten free cooking and baking. Helen, you are the best photographer and cook. I want to be like you and Shauna.

Laura November 15, 2010 um 10:46 pm

I will have to try this crust, I am trying to reduce gluten from my diet.

It looks delicious!

Anonymous November 15, 2010 um 11:03 pm

A stunning tart and tribute to Shauna's work. Always a sucker for pie-type things that include fruit and jams.



Tia November 15, 2010 um 11:04 pm

sounds like a great giveaway. and your post and pictures are gorgeous as always. I would expect no less πŸ™‚

Magda November 15, 2010 um 11:07 pm

Such a beautiful tart! Love the thin crust.

Eat the Love November 15, 2010 um 11:14 pm

Your tart looks amazing, but then your photos always look so stunning.

I love that you published Shauna and Danny's original recipe and then added your own substitutions next to it. Like reading inheriting a relative's old worn cookbook, and opening it up and see how that relative had crossed out things and marked up the pages with their own ingredients. It shows how a recipe is a living document.

The Gluten Free Thanksgiving roundup has just been amazing. So many beautiful posts! I'm pleased to have been a part of it.

Kimiko November 15, 2010 um 11:46 pm

Wow, that tart is making my mouth water! While I do like pies, I LOVE tarts. I've been thinking of making a tart for Thanksgiving this year, rather than the traditional pumpkin, pecan, or apple pie. Or maybe I can just make both! I may just have to save this recipe for next week..

sydney85 November 15, 2010 um 11:48 pm

I will make the pear tart this weekend. It looks wonderful.

The giveaway is fabulous.

[email protected]

Mandy November 15, 2010 um 11:51 pm

What a yummy sounding tart!

Maria November 16, 2010 um 12:02 am

Gorgeous tart! Pear desserts are always so delicious!

Cherry Blossoms November 16, 2010 um 12:03 am

Yum! That Tart looks AMAZING….I am dealing with gestational diabetes…yeah, Holidays…Sweets? Not happening this year…but I would love the cookbook because once this baby is here I will be cooking/baking up a storm again! Thanks!


CherryBlossomsDesign AT hotmail

Cheryl R November 16, 2010 um 12:06 am

I always enjoy your blog.

~ Chef Louise November 16, 2010 um 12:08 am

gorgeous photos, i really like that tart pan- so unique

Ellen November 16, 2010 um 12:15 am

This GF thanksgiving series makes me so teary. It's my first Thanksgiving gluten free and it is definitely a challenge in not feeling left out. Thanks for this beautiful recipe and the giveaway!

HanniB. November 16, 2010 um 12:16 am

this is gorgeous! can't wait to try~~

The Glutenless Glutton November 16, 2010 um 12:17 am

Ooooh! Pick me! Pick me! I would so love this book and it's not in any of the stores in Canada that I have looked….this would be wonderful!

Linda November 16, 2010 um 12:27 am

goodness, that tart is lovely!

The Whimsical Wife November 16, 2010 um 12:33 am

What a beautiful tart for autumn…. and the pictures are very refreshing and gorgeous as always…. i have loved following each and everyone of your posts!

christine November 16, 2010 um 12:38 am

The tart looks delicious! I'm in the midst of planning my own gluten-free Thanksgiving, and appreciate GF recipes that are simple and tasty. Thanks!

The Duo Dishes November 16, 2010 um 12:50 am

Pears are a great sub for apples. Sometimes apples get a little too much love, and pears deserve some too. πŸ™‚ Loving the jam in there as well.

Claire November 16, 2010 um 1:09 am

Wow, how lovely! I really need to get one of those rectangular tart pans…

Great giveaway!

M @ Betty Crapper November 16, 2010 um 1:13 am

Beautiful! You've made someone who doesn't enjoy pears want to try this.

CH November 16, 2010 um 1:32 am

I've never celebrated Thanksgiving until I come to America. Now I have something to make for potluck! Thanks for the beautiful post.

Caroline November 16, 2010 um 1:36 am

Great giveaway! Love the tart, looks beautiful!

Amanda November 16, 2010 um 2:16 am

The pear tart looks beautiful and delicious. Happy Thanksgiving!

Laura November 16, 2010 um 2:17 am

Mmmm. I'll have to try this tart this Holiday season for my grandma, who has recently discovered she can't eat anything with wheat (and probably gluten). I've also looked at Forelle pears lately and not yet tried them!

kathryn November 16, 2010 um 2:33 am

I love pears! Thank you!

Karen from Globetrotter Diaries November 16, 2010 um 2:43 am

Beautiful! That tarte tin is so gorgeous.. i love the long rectangular shape…

Danika November 16, 2010 um 2:45 am

I love pears, what a great substitute for apples!


chroniclesofasingleton November 16, 2010 um 2:53 am

That tart looks delicious….I wonder what other great recipes she has in the book…Happy Thanksgiving to you.. πŸ™‚

Pilarh November 16, 2010 um 3:03 am

Another nice recipe. Since we are talking about Thanksgiving I want to thank you for the awesome macarons tutorial, my family goes crazy anytime I made those.
Thanks Helene!

Bonnie November 16, 2010 um 3:08 am

I love pears. This looks delicious. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

Melissa November 16, 2010 um 3:10 am

WOW! That looks amazing! I cannot wait to try making it πŸ™‚

Ravenous Rowie November 16, 2010 um 3:13 am

Your tart is just beautiful! I bet it was delicious too! Thanks for the fun chance to win the giveaway!

Caroline November 16, 2010 um 3:28 am

This is wonderful! And I'll have to give this recipe a try.

Stephanie November 16, 2010 um 3:30 am

Beautiful (as always) Happy Thanksgiving!

gfs November 16, 2010 um 4:14 am

oh this looks simply divine and I agree about the traditions of different families and welcoming others into your own traditions – sharing is all that this time of year is about! Love the giveaway and am definitely going to make this tart!

Linda J-H November 16, 2010 um 4:31 am

This may need a spot on our Thanksgiving dessert table. It looks scrumptious.

LadyWild November 16, 2010 um 4:34 am

This looks so good. Your photos make everything look extra delicious. I'll have to try this one. I'm sure it's as yummy as it looks.

barrentree November 16, 2010 um 4:54 am

Awesome giveaway! πŸ™‚

Kelly November 16, 2010 um 5:38 am

This tart looks fantastic! We have already celebrated Thanksgiving here in Canada, but I'll be sure to add it to our Christmas shortlist as I bring new traditions to my new home and family πŸ™‚

Daisy November 16, 2010 um 5:43 am


Foodie Ann November 16, 2010 um 5:50 am

exciting giveaway…:)


Chutzpah November 16, 2010 um 6:01 am

It looks delicious.

Sophie November 16, 2010 um 6:17 am

looks amazing!

Unknown November 16, 2010 um 7:26 am

Oh, my – I have not been a big baker since going GF, but this may tempt me to try …

As always, thank you!

β™₯peachkinsβ™₯ November 16, 2010 um 7:33 am

The pear tart looks lovely!

queencake and titangirl November 16, 2010 um 7:42 am

this tarte reminds me so much of france, it`s just lovely. and the book looks great, please pick me:)

Amy November 16, 2010 um 8:54 am

This tart looks amazing! Now I know what to make for Thanksgiving to share with my in-laws! Thank you for the recipe and the giveaway! πŸ™‚

Lani November 16, 2010 um 11:05 am

I love your blog…the photos are absolutely stunning and the array of items is amazing. Thanks

Gilberta November 16, 2010 um 11:08 am

What a beautiful tart ! I'm taking the recipe to make one later πŸ™‚
And also, what a beautiful book ! Hope to be lucky today πŸ˜‰ (for the tart AND the book maybe ???)

Edwina November 16, 2010 um 11:31 am

I am still loving your blog and recipes! Thanks for the lovely and delicious inspiration!

Molly November 16, 2010 um 12:14 pm

Thank you for reminding us that Thanksgiving need not follow the formula — why not pear tart instead of pumpkin pie? I'm in charge of vegetarian dishes for the Thanksgiving table, and this was just the reminder I needed πŸ™‚

Alison November 16, 2010 um 12:19 pm

I can't wait to try this recipe. My mom recently developed a gluten intolerance. We're both pretty picky about our baked goods and it's been especially hard to find pies and tarts that don't feel like a poor cousin of the full-gluten thing. I think we have a winner here!

The Bontekoes November 16, 2010 um 12:23 pm

Love pears and this tart looks so lovely – the book sounds FAB!

365 sonrisas November 16, 2010 um 12:42 pm

I like how you cook gluten free and show others how to do it with love, passion and cute photos. I try to do it to!!! Kind regards,


Ashley November 16, 2010 um 1:28 pm

Lovely photos as ever. I have been meaning to try out some gluten free cooking and would love that cookbook.

Sriprae November 16, 2010 um 1:31 pm

Looks absolutely delightful!

Anonymous November 16, 2010 um 1:33 pm

I would love a copy of this book to give to my friend who is gluten free for health reasons. Thanks.

Eva November 16, 2010 um 1:34 pm

Happy early Thanksgiving!

jennifer November 16, 2010 um 1:40 pm

While I don't have to eat gluten-free your recipes are enticing and look scrumptious.

mellowmellowmarshmellow November 16, 2010 um 1:43 pm

Just the right kinda food for this kinda season! πŸ™‚

adriprints November 16, 2010 um 1:44 pm

Thanks for doing this latest giveaway! With now 2 good friends having to go gluten free… it will definitely come in handy.

Jade November 16, 2010 um 2:23 pm

That tart looks amazing!

I'd definitely love to win the book! I keep hearing so much about it- it sounds lovely.

Unknown November 16, 2010 um 2:26 pm

It is funny how posts like this don't make me hungry, but make me anxious to go and work, cook, bake.
thanks for being inspiration…

Jessica November 16, 2010 um 2:31 pm

I try to bake gluten free for my friend with celiacs as often as I can. Having a cookbook for it would be awesome.

Mary November 16, 2010 um 2:35 pm

Yum… i recently made an apple tart that was delicious!


Heather November 16, 2010 um 2:41 pm

Ooh now I know what to do with the tiny Forelle pears my mom brought home from Costco πŸ™‚ Thanks!

Tricia November 16, 2010 um 3:16 pm

Your pictures are so amazing as well as your recipes.the book would be great surprise. -tricia

Jeanne November 16, 2010 um 3:24 pm

Those pears are just gorgeous! And the tart is mouthwatering.

Scarletta @ Scarletta Bakes November 16, 2010 um 3:31 pm

Gorgeous tart – I love how you sliced the pears!

I must confess that I have never heard of Forelle pears, but I will look for them now.

Thank you for the opportunity to win this book – it looks lovely!!

Anonymous November 16, 2010 um 3:32 pm

it looks wonderful. i can't wait to make it for tea!

ela:::ela:::ela November 16, 2010 um 3:43 pm

This recipe looks scrumptious! I love your photography as well!

tbos November 16, 2010 um 4:23 pm

I just made a fab ginger pear tart, alas, not gluten free, but it easily could be made into one….

Nanasniftynitch November 16, 2010 um 4:28 pm

Oh I love pears! This recipe is truly a gift in itself. Thank you XOXO.
AS a person new to GF baking and being a diabetic I would adore having a book that can help me get my health in better control. Thank you for a chance at wining this too.

Cheryl November 16, 2010 um 4:36 pm

This tart is absolutely stunning, I love the cross-sectional cut of the pears to show off the pattern in the middle. I find your blog so inspiring, so thanks! What a fun giveaway, too πŸ™‚

Palila November 16, 2010 um 4:44 pm

Mmm… pear tart. Fabulous!

Nuna November 16, 2010 um 5:00 pm

I have spent last saturday doing your Cinnamons. First of all I had to convert all the measures in gramms and I donΒ΄t know what happen but the dry yeast was not that efficient as I though. Maybe a incorrect translation!
Anyway, I think IΒ΄m giving a new try. Wish me luck.
I follow your Blog since few months and I find your photos and recipes really good. Thank you.

hannepa November 16, 2010 um 5:15 pm

What a beautiful tart!

joanna November 16, 2010 um 5:21 pm

that tart looks incredible and absolutely Id love this book

Saee Koranne-Khandekar November 16, 2010 um 5:32 pm

I don't know what I'm more excited about–the giveaway, the tart, or the photography–you've left me open-jawed, as always!

Helene November 16, 2010 um 5:48 pm

Nuna: maybe it's not the conversion: what was the expiration date on the yeast? Was your liquid at the right temperature? Being too hot or too cold could really do harm in the end.

Maritxikis November 16, 2010 um 5:52 pm

I am glad I am going grocery shopping after checking your post. It looks delicious. Thanks for another gluten free recipe.


Lane 'n Lynn Losing Together November 16, 2010 um 6:10 pm

I am not a robot… or i sure hope i am not. I am simply just another admirer/follower of your wonderful blog that absolutely envy's your lighting in each of your photos, as well as the way you frame your compositions. I'd also have no objection to winning that wonderful book!

Charity L. S.

ANDREA A November 16, 2010 um 6:35 pm


Madeleine November 16, 2010 um 6:37 pm

Oh yes, please!

Lindsay November 16, 2010 um 6:50 pm

That pear tart looks delicious!

Kelly November 16, 2010 um 7:07 pm

I am so making this for Thanksgiving this year! Oh, and applesauce under the apples is just brilliant. That will be my next project. Thanks for posting…

Juliana November 16, 2010 um 8:05 pm

Apple cakes, pies, tarts etc. have to be a favorite in my family. Lovely pictures as always!

jessicasjacket November 16, 2010 um 8:18 pm

What a deliciously sounding and beautifully presented dessert! I think it might just replace the traditional pumpkin pie on my table this Thanksgiving!!

Mrs. G November 16, 2010 um 8:41 pm

Deliscious looking tart!

miniNigella November 16, 2010 um 9:40 pm

Autumn is my favourite part of the year….all these apple pies I can finally eat in season….your recipe looks delicious !!

Rachel November 16, 2010 um 10:19 pm

C'est magnifique! This tarte-aux-pommes is so lovely. I definitely plan to follow suit…


Phong November 16, 2010 um 10:19 pm

The tart and the pictures all look so amazing!

Margaret M. November 16, 2010 um 10:58 pm

Your grandma's tart looks fantastic. I'm glad you included instructions for her original version as well as the apricot and pear variation.
I did a little gluten free baking about a year ago when I thought I had celiac's disease. My blood tests came back negative and I took a break from being strictly gluten free.
I also have Crohn's disease and have been really sick for the past couple of years.
I think now would be a good time to start eating gluten free again and see if I can cut out some of my nasty symptoms.
– Margaret

Erin November 16, 2010 um 11:02 pm

This tart looks wonderful…can't wait to try! This will be my second recipe since I made the lemon goat cheese cakes (they were gone in a day!)

Lan November 16, 2010 um 11:18 pm

I like the way you cut the pears into slices. It's very pretty. I've been craving for a 'tarte fine' aux pommes so I'll be trying your recipe. thank you!

Britney November 16, 2010 um 11:22 pm

this looks so tasty I can almost smell it…

Sarah November 16, 2010 um 11:27 pm

Beautiful post as always! Love the second to last shot with the pears on top of the tart in full glory. Thanks for posting!

Eva November 16, 2010 um 11:35 pm

I am thinking of baking a pie for thanksgiving! this would be a great recipe to use since i love thin crust and oozing applessauce! thanks( :

and btw, you have a pretty blog!

Lorna November 16, 2010 um 11:35 pm

Your tart looks delicious, I will have to try it.

Indigo November 16, 2010 um 11:41 pm

This looks incredible. My mother is allergic to gluten and lactose and people sometimes ask what on earth she can eat. I feel like showing them this post and saying 'swap the butter for a dairy free alternative and she could eat that'.

Skye November 16, 2010 um 11:51 pm

someday i'll get to be in charge of thanksgiving. as it is we still go to my mom's where she and grandma preside. But when that day comes i'm so excited to try beautiful creations like this to see if they become traditions. thanks for a blog full of beutiful possibilities =)

Amy at TheSceneFromMe November 17, 2010 um 12:22 am

Crispy, crunchy, sweet and delicious! Powerful pears, looks good!

Kat November 17, 2010 um 12:48 am

That looks delicious, I can't believe its gluten free

Ms. Lollipop November 17, 2010 um 1:01 am


catharine.ellie [at] gmail [dot] com

Molly Ann Cartwright November 17, 2010 um 1:18 am

That tarte looks so good!

Zusiqu November 17, 2010 um 2:52 am

I recently bought that tart pan and used it for the first time the other day. It works better than a standard pie tin for gluten free baking. I'll have to try this recipe for sure!

baby cat November 17, 2010 um 3:37 am

Yea!!! Thanks for the chance to win!! The cookbook sounds great!

Ginger November 17, 2010 um 4:04 am

With so many recipes for pumpkin, as well as apples, at this time of the year, this is a light refreshing dessert to serve – with tea or as dessert – thank you!

Vancity_Girl November 17, 2010 um 5:21 am

That looks so yummy and as a wheat-intolerant girl, I love when things are delicious and ok for me to eat at the same time!

Laurie Jesch-Kulseth November 17, 2010 um 5:28 am

The tart looks amazing! Thanks for doing a giveaway πŸ™‚

Lisa November 17, 2010 um 7:05 am

This looks like an elegant dessert. Pears make ideal tarts.

Lynn November 17, 2010 um 7:06 am

yum! your tart looks delicious!

Mariko November 17, 2010 um 7:19 am

Those pears have the most amazing skin. They almost look like avocados.
I'm a big fan of hers (even though I am not gluten free) and I know her book must be wonderful.

The InTolerant Chef β„’ November 17, 2010 um 9:11 am

This tart has a dainty prettiness to it. Thanks for the inspiration.

Maria Vladimiru November 17, 2010 um 9:44 am

Simply wonderful πŸ™‚ It will be my Sunday giveaway, as we don't celebrate Thanksgiving πŸ™‚ Thank you for the inspiration, Helene

Fragolina November 17, 2010 um 10:45 am

The photos are amazing, so beautiful. And the recipe looks very delicious.

Tina November 17, 2010 um 11:41 am

Great giveaway Helene!
The pear tart looks fabulous.

Jenn November 17, 2010 um 12:25 pm

That tart looks amazing! And congrats on the book. Come to Ireland on a book tour please! πŸ™‚

AnneSo Ohmiroir November 17, 2010 um 1:39 pm

That tart looks yummy!! Nice pics again!
Thank you for your giveaway! x

Terri. November 17, 2010 um 1:46 pm

Great giveaway! The tart looks soooo good!!
[email protected]

Andrea from NC November 17, 2010 um 2:30 pm

Hi Helen! I'm sooo glad you went GF because I love your recipes. Put me in the drawing please. Huge props to you on the new book deal too- can't wait for your giveaway next year!!

Jeannette November 17, 2010 um 2:51 pm

I bet this is an amazing book!!

[email protected]

Marika November 17, 2010 um 3:00 pm

Absolutely beautiful – food, story, photos, everything. –M

Helene November 17, 2010 um 3:03 pm

Andrea from NC: thanks! It's been a while though!

What Happens After Five November 17, 2010 um 3:09 pm

This tart is so gorgeous I can't get over it!!! And I'm sure it's delicious as well!

Eve Harvey November 17, 2010 um 3:16 pm

Beautiful photos and recipes as always! And great contest. I would love to win Shauna's book as I'm learning to bake GF for a family member.

Anonymous November 17, 2010 um 3:44 pm

Thanks for a chance to win the cookbook! I love your blog and although I have only tried a handful of the recipes, I always love looking at the photos and handy tips!

Maritta November 17, 2010 um 3:48 pm

Another fantastic recipe!

(Note: if this is for US residents only you can exclude me because I am not in the US.)

Lizzabell November 17, 2010 um 3:58 pm

lovely photos as always! πŸ™‚ i would looove to win the book!

meg November 17, 2010 um 4:36 pm

put my name in the hat–it looks like a lovely book!

Mariya November 17, 2010 um 4:56 pm

so beautiful and original ideas ! Thank you !

Sheryl D November 17, 2010 um 5:19 pm

I have also been playing with many different approaches to GF pie crust and this recipe is very close to what I found works best – complete with the changes you made! So fun to see everyone's experiments.

Sarah November 17, 2010 um 6:31 pm

Wow, that tart looks incredible! Great idea to use the pears for it too!

RamblingTart November 17, 2010 um 7:44 pm

I've been experimenting with gluten-free tart crusts and am delighted to have this one to add to my repertoire. πŸ™‚ You've made it so pretty and rustic. πŸ™‚

Gen November 17, 2010 um 8:12 pm

Quels belles atmosphère d'automne!
Des fruits de saison, des couleurs, c'est magnifique

Nick & Erica November 17, 2010 um 8:28 pm

Well, I know what I'm doing with our extra pears now πŸ™‚ Yum!

Topher November 17, 2010 um 9:15 pm

Thanks! Can't wait to try the recipe


zekks at yahoo dot com

dena November 17, 2010 um 9:50 pm

As usual, gorgeous photos!

Frances November 17, 2010 um 9:57 pm

oh this is lovely! it would be so great to be able to bake for my gluten sensitive friends and family:) currently all i make for them are jellies! hahah:)

thanks helene!


Ms. Glaeser November 17, 2010 um 10:00 pm

That looks wonderful πŸ™‚ I have never been able to figure out a thin crust for my tarts. Will have to give this one a try!

Cherloo November 17, 2010 um 10:46 pm

PICK ME!!!!!! I love this and want this. Thank you for the giveaway!! Cheryl C
[email protected]

Unknown November 18, 2010 um 12:46 am

I came to look at your images (which are lovely) but will be leaving with this delicious looking tart recipe! thank you on both counts πŸ™‚

Hanna November 18, 2010 um 1:25 am

This would be so good for my sister!

fotograf lublin November 18, 2010 um 1:31 am

That looks amazing πŸ™‚

Lisa H. November 18, 2010 um 1:52 am

I am trying my luck for the book πŸ™‚

SheilaM November 18, 2010 um 1:56 am

Your tart looks amazing!!! As usual, your photos are beautiful!!!Would love to win Shauna's book. Thanks for the giveaway!!!

Annsley November 18, 2010 um 2:01 am

love the look of the thin pastry! the photos are drool-worthy. now i've just got to make that tart.

Marina November 18, 2010 um 2:09 am

A beautiful tart and I'm sure delicious too. – Marina

Monica M. November 18, 2010 um 3:27 am

I love your photography….everything always looks soooo delicious!!

Unknown November 18, 2010 um 4:36 am

Your blog is always so inspiring. I just made an extra thin apple galette using a combo of your grandma's apple sauce and thin apples as inspiration. Thank you for sharing.

Cindy Ruth November 18, 2010 um 5:43 am

The pear tart sounds and looks delicious. Would love to win the book!

Artful Gourmet November 18, 2010 um 6:11 am

Gorgeous food photography! I need to make that Apple Tart.. Looks delish!

Helene November 18, 2010 um 6:22 am

Artful Gourmet: except it's pear… πŸ™‚

Anonymous November 18, 2010 um 7:22 am

I love your pictures, they make everything look so good!

Shelby November 18, 2010 um 7:39 am

Wow! Shauna's book looks like a true, culinary treat! My family, who is gluten free would love to gather round, and give thanks for the knowledge and creativity put into a book of gluten free recipes that keep on giving!

Sarah November 18, 2010 um 7:46 am

Your entries are so inspiring. I want to start documenting the food I invent and eat, just for my own sake if not others. Thanks for giving such wonderful ideas.

Β΅ November 18, 2010 um 8:20 am

Maybe I should finally give those pears a try…after 27 years…
I really enjoy your blog, the recipes, the photography, but especially the way you tie it all up with a personal story…
Greetins from good old Europe πŸ™‚

anusca November 18, 2010 um 9:12 am

Wow! It looks amazing!!!

tracyannc November 18, 2010 um 11:02 am

I cannot wait to try your pear tart!!!!

Vincent November 18, 2010 um 12:39 pm

wow πŸ™‚ thank you for this opportunity.

[email protected]

HP November 18, 2010 um 1:14 pm

Great recipe! Please count me in for the competition!

rachelolio November 18, 2010 um 2:45 pm

YUM. That is all.

Can I win the giveaway from the UK? If not then just ignore this comment! πŸ˜‰

Unknown November 18, 2010 um 4:32 pm

I would love to get my hands on this cookbook!

anna dorothy November 18, 2010 um 5:10 pm

the book looks very nice :)thanks for a giveaway!

Emma November 18, 2010 um 6:28 pm

Mmm…. this tart sounds delicious, as does the book.

Me? πŸ™‚

Sonya November 18, 2010 um 6:42 pm

that looks amazing!!

Irina M November 18, 2010 um 7:51 pm

I am a huge fan of your blog. You inspire me to be more creative in my own baking and photography. Thank you!

Sarah Pilgrim November 18, 2010 um 8:16 pm

I'd love to be entered to win the book! And your photos are always gorgeous πŸ™‚
[email protected]

Danielle November 18, 2010 um 8:37 pm

Your work is amazing! I hope I win :)!

Unknown November 18, 2010 um 8:43 pm

I think I just might make that gorgeous tart for Thanksgiving!

Unknown November 18, 2010 um 9:40 pm

This looks fabulous!!

Meghan November 18, 2010 um 9:41 pm

I've always wanted to try out some gluten free recipes!!! I'd love to win πŸ™‚

Lauren November 18, 2010 um 9:50 pm

This is absolutely gorgeous Helene! The tart looks simply divine. Yum!

Liela November 18, 2010 um 10:31 pm

Cela semble si dΓ©licieuse! J'adore vos recettes!

Juliane November 18, 2010 um 10:52 pm

I only just found this site and totally love it. i feel so inspired i want to start baking right now – in the middle of the night…

Caroline November 18, 2010 um 11:31 pm

I would love to experiment in gluten free cooking!


In the Land of Sheep November 19, 2010 um 12:07 am

Thank you for the gluten free Thanksgiving ideas and for promoting "Gluten Free Girl & The Chef." I am new to gluten free cooking(out of necessity) and would love to win a copy of the cookbook.

Heidi – Apples Under My Bed November 19, 2010 um 3:35 am

What a lovely tart. I adore pears. Your grandmother's pie sounds superb.
Heidi xo

Kristin H. November 19, 2010 um 5:56 am

I admire your food photography immensely. <3
I have several friends who have gluten free diets and I would love to cook for them.
Thank you,

Unknown November 19, 2010 um 6:21 am

What a lovely tart! Thank you for sharing it and an opportunity to win a book!

audrey November 19, 2010 um 6:39 am

beautiful and elegant as always. i would love a copy of this book!

ηΎ½ηΏΌ November 19, 2010 um 8:49 am

Beautiful tart~!

MΓ³nica LΓ³pez November 19, 2010 um 12:24 pm

It's a lovely tart. It looks amazing. Thanks.

MΓ³nica LΓ³pez November 19, 2010 um 12:24 pm

It's a lovely tart. It looks amazing. Thanks.

Sophie Johnson November 19, 2010 um 12:51 pm

I am so inspired by both you and Shauna, and I love checking both of your pages for recipes. Would love that book.

Ruja November 19, 2010 um 1:56 pm

πŸ™‚ very useful book !

[email protected]

Anonymous November 19, 2010 um 2:14 pm

Oh so beautiful! One of my good friends has recently had to go gluten free and I directed her to Gluten Free Girl and to your baking. This book would be such a help to cooking for her, I think I'll have to get it either way!

Anonymous November 19, 2010 um 3:29 pm

Beautiful! Love everything. πŸ™‚

Art-Broken. November 19, 2010 um 3:31 pm

love pears! this looks so good!

Sileny November 19, 2010 um 3:44 pm

The gluten-free book sounds great! I'm always on the search for new recipes so this book would be a great win for me.

Julita November 19, 2010 um 4:53 pm

Everything looks so amazing. Awesome pictures πŸ™‚

Anonymous November 19, 2010 um 5:39 pm

Your photography is so inspiring! It gives me new ideas to try out! As well, the food looks absolutely amazing and the fact that this is gluten free, well I can serve it to my mom!

LoveandConfections November 19, 2010 um 6:47 pm

The tart looks amazingly delicious. I personally do not need to cook gf, but still try anyway. I think it is good for any baker/cook to be versatile and able to accommodate if needed. This is definitely a recipe I would like to try and would love to have more gf recipes from the "Gluten Free Girl & The Chef" cookbook.

Hope you have a great day
Terri πŸ™‚

emily November 19, 2010 um 7:09 pm

i would LOVE to win! my daughter had wheat allergies, but has since grown out of them, but gluten free girl helped us develop her little taste buds!

Leah November 19, 2010 um 7:18 pm

Your tart is absolutely gorgeous! And I LOVE that it is gluten-free – makes life so much easier for so many of us! Absolutely beautiful!

emma-rose November 19, 2010 um 8:12 pm

I think your site is beautiful. Keep up the awesome gorgeous inspiring work.
Toronto, ON

Unknown November 19, 2010 um 9:02 pm

That looks yummy!!

June November 19, 2010 um 9:04 pm

My oldest girl just got married to a GF guy and they are coming home at Christmas!

First time I have ever cooked GF!

Meadow November 19, 2010 um 9:05 pm

My new brother-in-law is GF, and is coming to our house this Christmas!!

I will be trying new recipes!

Anonymous November 19, 2010 um 10:32 pm

Just signing… K :)))

SarahRx November 19, 2010 um 10:49 pm

I had my first experience with gluten free this year – one of the guests at my wedding has celiac's so I wanted to make sure that she could enjoy herself. My friend made a fantastic gluten free wedding cake for us – wonderful!

I can't wait to try some of your recipes as well!

Cailin M. November 20, 2010 um 12:21 am

looks yummy! (:

Simone November 20, 2010 um 12:59 am

Just found your blog. Absolutely beautiful and very inspiring! Thank you!

chocolatecup November 20, 2010 um 1:50 am

i have asian pears here! loads and loads of them! hope to make that tart as soon as i finish my darn exams:) thanks for the giveaway

Human Potpourri November 20, 2010 um 1:57 am

ME? Please?

Susan @ SJ Designs November 20, 2010 um 3:12 am

The description of your grandmother's apple pie reminds me of an inherited recipe for apple "slab pie" which I haven't made in years– must dig out the recipe! Your presentation is so lovely, it makes me want to be ever-so-much-more precise in my baking.

Miranda Valentine November 20, 2010 um 4:01 am

How delicious! I'd adore to win a copy of the cookbook; thank you for offering the giveaway!

XO Miranda

Stacy Ericson November 20, 2010 um 4:49 am

I envy the cook, those eating this, AND the fantastic photographer…. natural light on a tart is so lovely

Pam R November 20, 2010 um 2:32 pm

Yum! Looks amazing πŸ™‚

Ago November 20, 2010 um 4:16 pm

Delicious this tart, i came to try it! i'm an allergic girl and so me too, need to eat gluten free as possible, so I'm learning…I hope to win this book! πŸ˜€

Ella, The Flour Princess November 20, 2010 um 6:29 pm

WOW! these goodies looks absolutely delicious. But the best part is, its gluten free! Amazing. Can't wait to try it soon. yum.

ellen November 20, 2010 um 7:16 pm

That tart looks delicious!

Punto Reves November 20, 2010 um 8:06 pm

Thank you for the gluten-free crust recipe!!! My family is newly gluten-free and I have a crazy sweet tooth, so your blog is a great big help.

Thanks again,

martina November 20, 2010 um 9:07 pm

I've just bought brand new single tart shells… I would try them very very soon. This one looks really delicious. Thanks to you and Shauna πŸ™‚

Unknown November 20, 2010 um 9:41 pm

Always look forward to the recipes and photographs. My son has celiac so I pass on the recipes to my daughter in law.

Brabarella Lingerie November 20, 2010 um 10:00 pm

yum! i've been enjoying so many blogger's cookbooks lately and playing around with vegan and gluten free…

Hettar7 November 20, 2010 um 11:19 pm

The tart looks so lovely! Thanks for reminding me I need to add their book to my Christmas Wishlist. I'm sure everything in it rocks.

Rose /Magpie November 20, 2010 um 11:49 pm

Oh Pick me please! I love Gluten free Girl! And you Helen! Thanks for the awesome blog and inspirations πŸ™‚

Anonymous November 21, 2010 um 3:16 am

I will be spending Thanksgiving with my gluten-free in-laws, and this tart sounds perfect… light and flavorful–perfect to eat after a rich holiday meal!

Diana K. November 21, 2010 um 3:52 am

The pear tart looks beautiful! I love the pan you baked it in!

Annie November 21, 2010 um 4:46 am

I've always enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for posting!

sara @ CaffeIna November 21, 2010 um 6:18 am

I love this giveaway! I love Shauna's work so I would be delighted to have her book!

Marius Zota November 21, 2010 um 1:47 pm

Discovered your blog a couple of weeks ago. Pretty nice. Wondering where you get all those nice kitchen accessories from… πŸ™‚

Anonymous November 21, 2010 um 2:54 pm

Beautiful tart!

Ganny November 21, 2010 um 3:05 pm

Yum. Forelle Pears!

Unknown November 21, 2010 um 4:58 pm

Thank you so much for all your posting. Your photos are inspiring and as a novice baker, I've garnered compliments that I've often given credit to you and other bloggers I frequent. thanks for all the tips and great ideas! -Suzy

Amy November 21, 2010 um 8:01 pm

I've been looking for tart recipes lately in order to use a glut of apples. This one looks fab!

Amy November 21, 2010 um 8:02 pm

I've been looking for tart recipes in order to use a glut of apples – this one looks fab!

Daniel Joseph Anderson November 21, 2010 um 8:04 pm

What a beautiful tart! I hope I win! I am always on the lookout for a good gluten free dessert for my friends.

Lulu"s Sweet Secrets November 21, 2010 um 8:33 pm

I'm Brazilian and this will be my first Thanksgiving. I will prepare roasted turkey and pumpkin cheese cake.
I love your blog! Your photos and recipes are amazing!

Have a wonderful holiday!

Anonymous November 21, 2010 um 9:22 pm

Thank you for such a beautiful site! and book!

[email protected]

Esther November 21, 2010 um 10:08 pm

Apricot and pear sound like a delicious combination!

Unknown November 22, 2010 um 1:13 am

Your tarts always look so effortlessly beautiful… not to mention mouthwatering. Mmm!

Kat November 22, 2010 um 2:26 am

Wow, that tart looks divine! The lighting in the photos makes it appear even more heavenly.

Ann November 22, 2010 um 3:51 am

I love your blog, and your lovely desserts. Thank you!

Esme November 22, 2010 um 6:15 am

What a wonderful giveaway-thank you.

chocolate and croissants at yahoo . com

natwhat November 22, 2010 um 9:21 pm

Awesome giveaway! πŸ™‚ Thanks!!

betty November 23, 2010 um 2:20 am

this tart looks amazing xo

Anne-Marie November 23, 2010 um 6:07 am

Looks so delicious!

Emily Nelson November 23, 2010 um 3:07 pm

beautiful pictures! I can't wait to try this recipe!

julie November 23, 2010 um 7:38 pm

I've enjoyed several recipes from your blog. Thanks for sharing all this with us.

Julie Vinogradsky

Jennifer November 24, 2010 um 12:18 pm

Je n'aime pas les poires, mais tes photos sont tellement magnifiques qu'elle me donnent presque envie d'en manger.
Thank you for your wonderful blog πŸ™‚

Holly Dart November 24, 2010 um 8:44 pm

stunning! Would love to win your book!

vineela November 24, 2010 um 11:56 pm

Love the tart.My toddler loves pears.Thanks for sharing.

Cory November 26, 2010 um 3:29 am

Looks yummy! Can't wait to dig out my tart pans:)

Amparo November 26, 2010 um 9:03 am

love this tart… it looks delicious!!! πŸ˜‰

Chris Riker November 27, 2010 um 1:35 am

Thank you for delving into the world of gluten free and highlighting the fabulous work that Shauna has done to make a "Free" life enjoyable. Happy Holidays!

Alyson November 27, 2010 um 7:10 pm

My best friend doesn't do the gluten. I'd love to win this and give it to her as a Christmas present!

Perfect Bride makeup and hair November 27, 2010 um 8:11 pm

Thinking of going gluten free, thanks for the supportive info!

Unknown November 27, 2010 um 8:42 pm

I love your blog and all of the yummy recipes. I've already tried a handful of them, and I'm anxious to try a macaron recipe, which is what originally brought me here. Keep up the lovely work!

karin November 28, 2010 um 3:19 am

I am starting to bake and cook gluten free for my husband and would love to have this cookbook.

Lucia B. November 28, 2010 um 12:39 pm

This looks and sounds great!
Thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚

Michelle November 28, 2010 um 8:53 pm

Gorgeous tart! And oh, how I would *LOVE* a copy of that book. Thanks for such a generous giveaway!! =)

Miriam Leigh November 29, 2010 um 7:50 pm

I love the horizontally-sliced pears in this tart — they are so pretty and round and perfect.

LJ November 19, 2013 um 1:41 pm

Thank you for the beautiful inspiration!

Unknown November 19, 2013 um 3:33 pm

Can't wait to copy this lovely tart. Just gorgeous. My mouth is watering.

Foodie Girl

Unknown April 19, 2014 um 10:03 pm

Thank you so much for this fabulous recipe! I am an inexperienced baker but made it for my family for Easter and it received great raves! Served it with frozen vanilla yogurt. Delish.
Lisa D.
Riverdale, NY

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