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Five Things

What a cool project! Melissa at The Traveler’s Lunch Box found this list published by the BBC of 50 things one should/must eat before they die.
It was fun to pick out the things I had not tried yet: Moreton Bay bugs, kangaroo, reindeer, guinea pigs, barramundi, haggis. 44 out of 50. I don’t know about you but I don’t feel bad about the bugs.
Anyway, here is my list of five foods to try:

Morrocan Couscous: I am not talking about the pasta itself but about the whole stew, filled with lamb, merguez, chciken, turnips, chickpeas and enhanced with harissa. My grandparents were stationned in Morroco during WWII and my grandmother learned how to make a mean one!

Vacherin: I remember quite many parties around this cheese! Kinda like having a fondue but way much better when you get to sit and eat the original. Vacherin is rare and out of this world!

Cassoulet: This specialty of the south west fo France is to die for. Dive into pure buttery meats bite after bite. You can find many great cassoulet around the Toulouse area but I have to tell that the one they make around Carcassone rocks!

Flamekuche: not quite a pizza, not quite a tart, it is definetely a pie of its own. The best I have had were in Belgium and Belgian cafes in France. Creme fraiche, bacon (lardons), onions, rich, buttery, crusty all washed down with a good beer and it is heaven.

Calissons d' Aix: I used to find them allright when I was a kid, (it was more about the sugar high than anything else) but as I grew older my mouth finally discovered and understood all the intricate flavors of this almond confection. I remember sneaking into my parents' bedroom to find the box and eating a couple on their balcony looking right at Cezanne’s Mont Sainte Victoire. I hold them dear to my heart because they remind me of my childhood but also because they make excellent components for ice cream and other desserts.

So here is my list. What are your 5 things ?

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Scherneel August 25, 2006 um 2:49 am

T’as raison, le cassoulet, ça déchire!! Celui de Castelnaudary pour moi!! 🙂

Helene August 25, 2006 um 12:37 pm

Tuyaux: pourquoi ne pas participer? Je suis curieuse de connaitre tes 5 choses.

Bea: nos listes refletent bien nos racines. Il y a toujours un petit point de nostalgie dans le choix de mes plats ou desserts. Le blogging c’est therapeutique aussi!

Scherneel August 25, 2006 um 3:37 pm

Ok Hélène, je me le note qqpart et j’essaie d’y penser…je suis devenue faignante en questionnaire 😉 !!

Elle August 26, 2006 um 12:42 am

Aww, you might feel a bit badly about the bugs once you find out what they are 😉 When I first heard the name years ago, I went slightly green ('WHY are there BUGS on the menu???)

I soon found out that they are a relative to the lobster (another name for them is the 'slipper lobster') and they are caught around Australia. They are delicious and have a tender and sweet flesh that you’ll find yourself craving 😉

Helene August 26, 2006 um 2:00 pm

Thanks for the highlights in the bugs. I knew what they were, it’s just the thought of the name that always stuck with me. I dont think I could stop thinking about it when eating them!

Helene August 26, 2006 um 10:54 pm

ellie: what I meant was I don’t like lobster, or at least not the one I hae tried…I know weirdo me!

Anonymous April 3, 2008 um 1:22 am

they are called bugs because they are a similar shape to a cockroach (just bigger, flatter and wider)
V. Yummy though…

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