Pomegranate Hibiscus Tea & Honey Ginger Yogurt Verrines - A Virtual Hug

December 5, 2008

Pomegranate Hibiscus Tea & Ginger Yogurt Verrine

I play well with food. We get along nicely.
I can twirl it around, bake it, cut it, stretch it, play it up, play it down.
We spend many hours together everyday. Swishing sounds of the whisk play with the silence of my thoughts.
We do get along well. Sometimes though I wish I weren't alone in the kitchen.
Peeling fruit, brewing tea. Impatiently waiting for that drop of honey to fall from the spoon. Sometimes I wish I had Barbara with me in the kitchen.
I know she would sit on the vintage stool by the counter. For about 5 minutes before heading in there with me.
I know she would pour us a glass of wine while helping me pick the buttercream from my cheek
Like she virtually wiped the tears from my heart last year when I lost someone I had never met but already loved.
She would remind me to dance even if only in my head.
In fact I believe she'd turn the radio louder and we'd dance right in the middle of spun sugar and flour clouds.
Then we would fall loudly on the sofa and laugh...and hug.

Barbara needs and deserves all the hugs she can get right now as she is undergoing yet another round of chemo and being the Lady that she is, she remains quiet and private about it. However Bron and Ilva started thinking that it was about time we got vocal about this wonderful woman and tell her how much we care, love and want to be there, right next to her fighthing that nasty disease. A secret email for a special person and you know me....when there is some cancer butt kicking...I am there!

I don't have to touch to know. I don't have to see to understand. Barbara is around. She has worked her magic in so many of us. Time to say "thank you" and "we love you".....

Pomegranate Jewelry

You can imagine that if I am calling her attention here while she is on chemo, it would be difficult to stomach seeing buttercream ladden cakes (nothing wrong with that usually) or sticky sweet creations (nothing wrong with that usually either). Keeping that in mind I decided to concentrate "good for you" flavors in a glass, also called verrine and have a little fun with the presentation. Since recreating Pierre Herme's Sensation Satine last year, I admit that I have a fondness of geometrically challenged mousses or jelly set in glass. Seriously, doesn't that look like fun?

I know that Barbara loves pink and has a fondness for travels and exotic locales so I wanted to make her travel a bit without much effort right now. I made some hibiscus tea that B. had brought back from Egypt and mixed it with some pomegranate juice, turned the mixture into a jelly and once set I topped it off with some Greek yogurt flavored with some honey and ginger. The yogurt mixture is turned into a jelly also for the sole purpose of consistency continuity. I tried it just spooned on top of the jelly and also as made here and it worked much better as a jelly for spooning and eating with the tea part but feel free to experiment to your own liking.

Did you see those macarons sneaking up next to that dessert? Couldn't help it! The pomegranate seeds look like little jewel gems to me and I couldn't help pairing them with macaron (eye) candy so I when I was making some to take as a hostess gift, I also colored some of the batter and filled them with buttercream and added a seed in the middle and a seed on top. Macarons are indeed perfect little hugs of sweetness.

Love you Barbara!

Tea Jelly Verrines & Macarons

Pomegranate Hibiscus Tea and Honey Ginger Yogurt Verrines:

Makes 6 servings

For the tea jelly:
1 1/2 cups brewed hibiscus tea
1/2 cup pomegranate juice
2 tablespoons sugar
1 tablespoon powdered gelatin
1/4 cup cold water
1 tablespoon lemon zest

Pour the water into a small container, sprinkle the gelatin over it and set aside. In small saucepan set over medium high, heat together the tea and juice, and the sugar until the sugar is dissolved. Add the lemon zest and remove from the stove Add the gelatin and stir until it is completely melted. Let cool to room temperature. Divide evenly among glasses and position them at an angle in an empty egg carton. Let set a couple of hours in the fridge.

Honey Ginger Yogurt Gelee:
1 1/2 tsp gelatin
2 Tb water
2 cups Greek yogurt
1/4 cup honey
2 teaspoons freshly grated ginger

Pour the water into a small container, sprinkle the gelatin over it and set aside. In a small bowl, heat half the yogurt in the microwave for one minute. Microwave the gelatin for 12 seconds. Quickly mix the two together, add the rest of the yogurt, ginger and the honey. No need to let it cool, layer it on top of the tea layer and position it at the opposite angle in the egg carton. Refrigerate for a couple of hours.


Lauren said...


This is an amazingly caring post!! I hope that Barbara is feeling better soon and enjoying this tasty pomegranate concoction.

Unknown said...

Oh dear I wish Barbara good luck. What nice way u have presented and absolutely lovely post. The colour combination are stunning.

I love the pomegranate seeds scattered around, looks like polka dots.

Cannelle Et Vanille said...

What a great virtual dessert to go along with the get well wishes. I send my best her way also. Hugs!

K and S said...

What a wonderful way to send a hug! I hope Barbara feels better soon!

Finla said...

Barbars is so lucky to have you.
Goodluck to her.
This is having such a beautiful colour.

Sunshinemom said...

I love this natural goodness about you - never lose it! No one puts it better in words than you do - I hope Barbara isn't hurting much. Chemo can be really bad! Best wishes, and if you see her give her a hug from me too! I too do not have to know people especially to send good wishes:)

Lovely dessert and ravishing colors!

Mercotte said...

c'est la belle saison des grenades pour nous aussi, bel assortiment coloré et délicat, bravo pour tout ce talent et pour les macarons bien sûr !!!!

Anonymous said...

oh my god!! this is so pretty i dont think i would be able to eat it!! this is fabulous....i must try this...for my peace of mind...

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm. Beautiful pictures and great dessert (I love pomegranates).

Tones of good and healing energy for Barbara, with all my best and my heart. Barbara, YOU'LL WIN.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Stunningly beautiful! Your creations and pictures are truly soul-uplifting!

So thoughtful of you! May Barbara get better soon!



Shelby said...

Your post put tears in my eyes. It is wonderful to know there are people as caring as you out there and Barbara is lucky to have such a wonderful friend!

The dish you made for her is absolutely beautiful!

Ilva said...

Thank you for participating, a lovely post! hugs!

Bron said...

Oh my! How gorgeous are they?!!
Thank you so much for joining us with such a beautiful thoughtful "hug" .... xxx

Y said...

What a lovely thing you have done! I love Barbara's blog, and was very sad to read one of her recent posts. I wish her all the best!

Barbara said...

This is truly beautiful Helene. Thank you. The colours are so pretty, so pink, so perfect. I'm currently living on jelly and custard as it is about all I can face just now. I would love to be sneaking out to my fridge when I wake up at 2AM feeling nauseas and needing to eat something and finding your verrines looking back at me. Thank you for your kind words and loving friendship. Perhaps one day I 'll be in the kitchen with you drinking that glass of wine.....and learning to make your wonderful macarons.

Christy said...

This is what we all love about Helen...caring and kindness and thoughtful treats and hugs to go with. A really moving post, Barbara is very lucky indeed to have a friend like you!

Sweet Treats by Dani said...

these are hands down my fave pics on your blog!!! they are beautiful... and what a good friend you are :)

Parisbreakfasts said...

Just exquisite Tarty!!!
And I adore pomies...

Joanna Schmidt said...

I think my husband's going to get jealous - I almost have an orgasm when I see a new photograph hit my screen from your blog. MY GOD WOMAN! You ARE amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This dessert looks sooooo nice... I love the touch of the pomegranates on top... and the colour! As a fan of pomegranate... I am sure this is for me :)

Fee ist mein Name said...

so touching and senseful! thank you!

Anonymous said...

Lovely post, as I really did imagine Barbara in the kitchen with you! Wishing her the best, and and these desserts would brighten anyone's day. Do you want to believe I have never eaten a pomegranate. This looks lovely and refreshing!

Cindy said...

this is such a loving tribute to your friend, barbara. i wish her the very best. the yogurt verrines look incredible. i love the pomegranate jewels. i really want to make those macaroons. i can't take it anymore ;)!

sefa firdaus said...

Lovely post Helen. I hope Barbara will get better soon and stay healthy afterward, amen..

Btw, I once made a presentation of dessert similar like this one, only mine didn't use gelatin.

LizNoVeggieGirl said...

Such a beautiful, delicious, "huggable" treat :-)

Bridget said...

What a sweet post! I hope the chemo does it's job and Barbara makes a speedy recovery!

I love the way your tilted the jelly & yogurt. They are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog...What a warm gesture from your side....


Anonymous said...

I love your blog...What a warm gesture from your side....


Anonymous said...

We would be a great tag team against cancer. I could trip it down the stairs and then you could kick it's butt, how's that?! ;)
(You would get the kicking butt part because I'm getting to be an old gal.)
My best wishes for your friend, Tartlette.

Melita said...

What a heartfelt post Helen! I wish Barbara a full recovery, and will keep her in my thoughts, and prayers!
Amazing dessert; captivating photos, as always, love every pixel of it!

Suzana said...

Brilliant text, brilliant photos, brilliant everything! I'm sure it will cheer Barbara up. :-)

Dewi said...

Those are beautiful, sweet and caring words, Helen!
I wish her doing well with her treatment, and stay strong. She is very lucky to have such a wonderful friend like you. I send her my best wishes!

Beautiful dessert, I do too love pomegranate, and hibiscus tea is one of my favorite as well.

Elizabeth said...

What a warm and caring post for Barbara. It truly is a virtual hug. We're thinking of you Barbara.

glamah16 said...

All of these posts are so thoughtful. Your verrine is perfect in thats healthy and nurturing.Not to mention a work of art to look at.You guys keep sending the love.

Manggy said...

I've only "bumped" into Barbara once in my blogging lifetime but it's enough to know she is such a dear. I hope this round of chemo is most of all successful. This is such a perfect dessert-- deep colors, imaginative forms, a sweet pairing-- they all just say "love!" :) *hugs*

pastry studio said...

Absolutely gorgeous and impossibly stunning in every way! These flavors sing out to me. I love every element. Your photos are beyond seduction. Thank you for such tremendous inspiration.

Very best wishes to your dear friend. This is the loveliest gift for her and all who love your work.

Hilda said...

C'est tres joliment exprime de tout point de vue. Et exactement le genre de choses que je peux manger en ce moment plutot que de la creme au beurre, alors je vais essayer d'en faire. Je n'aurais pas pense a incliner le pot dans un carton a oeufs mais heureusement que tu es la pour nous livrer tes astuces. Mais ou est passe ton post about your food photography? I thought it was delightful.

Anonymous said...

Best wishes to Barbara. Hope she gets well soon. I love it when you do verrines. I just want to take my spoon to it and gobble it up!

heidi said...

That's just such a beautiful post in every possible way!

Irene said...

It looks perfect, Helen. My prayers to Barbara and her family.

montague said...

the colors are so lush and ... fragrant! i adore pomegranate, it's one of the highlights of winter for me.

Anonymous said...

Oh my... what a combination that comes from your heart. This recipe has the essence of love, friendship and respect incorporated!

Pink and Beautiful
Gentle yet strong!
Precious like Rubies
Rare and Vivacious!

To Barbara, my hugs and my prayers to you and family.

Dear Helen, as always, your blog is full of inspirations and down to earth. Let's embrace those whom we love.

limonana said...

what a beautiful post! you are such a kind & loving friend...& this desert looks heavenly! our thoughts & prayers are with you Barbara!

My Castle in Spain said...

c'est vraiment un très beau geste d'amitié virtuelle...
J'ai visité quelquefois le blog gourmet et gourmand de Barbara et j'espère que le traitement n'est pas trop dur pour elle.

Merci pour ces superbes verrines qui font vraiment rougir de plaisir

ps : je me demande pourquoi à Grenande, les glaciers ne font toujours pas de glace ou de sorbet à la grenade. ce serait chouette

Anonymous said...

Your virtual hugs are great but your "real" hugs are the best.
Thank you for being there during my own rounds of chemo. The packages, the notes, the drop-ins and the gorgeous goodies and flowers.
You are the best!

Peabody said...

So vibrant and beautiful.

Patricia Scarpin said...

Barbara does deserve all the love in this world, and the beautiful and fresh dessert you made show that, my friend. Gorgeous and kind, like you and Barb.

tara said...

I love the cascade of pomegranate confetti; the seeds looks like little jewels. Something about this strikes me as terribly enthusiastic and hopeful. Love.

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Nothing can beat pomegranate for kicking butt!!
Really wonderfully caring!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous and I bet delicious!
Hugs to Barbara too!

Unknown said...

Helen, those are just such amazing hugs!

Anonymous said...

So simple and so beautiful!
Regards from Lisbon - Portugal

Helene said...

Elisabeth: I moved the photography post to the sidebar so it would not get lost.

cindy* said...

how thoughtful helen. and lovely dessert, i love greek yogurt in any form!

Ash said...

Wow, I love these!! The colours are awesome! I may need to try these out!

Rita said...

Loved the post and the dessert. Thank you for introducing me to Barbara, and let me say, it takes someone special to write such nice words too.

Anonymous said...

I love all the virtual hugs going out to Barbara. She deserves it so much as she has done so much for our community. I hope all of these hugs transfer into healing.
Beautiful post, Helene!

Chrissy said...

Best wishes to Barbara. What a fantastic shot, I wished I could reach across and get a taste, it looks delicious.

Chris said...

Lovely post and tribute my friend. Equally beautiful dessert. :)

Mrs.French said...

you are really just too lovely...barbara is so lucky to have a friend like you..I will be sending positive vibes her way...such a heartfelt post...xo

natasha said...

Hi Helen,

Just wanted to leave a short note and say that you have a beautiful blog! I am a disaster in the kitchen but your posts are inspirational and your photography is just stunning. So, thank you for a lovely read!

And best wishes to Barbara, hope all goes well with her treatment :)

P i R a D a said...

Look gorgeous and yummy!

Valentina said...

what a wonderful post. gentle, caring, touching. This is a very difficult time for Barbara indeed, but this lovely post and selected recipe will most certainly cheer her up and lift her spirits big time.

Camille said...

My prayers and thoughts for your Barbara. My hope is that she will heal and you will one day find her on that stool asking you to make this wonderful dessert.

I just found out that my son's violin teacher has cancer. Her husband set up on Carepages.
It is a great site that allows us to follow her progress and leave kind words.

With the internet I am always amazed at the amount of good will that can be spread between people who have never met.

MC said...

First visit to your blog ever and I love it. You are very talented. I especially love the salute to Barbara. Bravo et merci!

veggie belly said...

oh my god! this looks so amazing and beautiful! i love your presentation and pictures, this looks like something from a fancy restaurant. you defenitely play with your food well :)

Deborah said...

Hugs to Barbara, and what a great post for her!

Mallory Elise said...

how the bloody hell do you get a line that straight? perfectly clean, is it really just laying it at an angle? ....you say you play with food...i think you're more of a surgeon!

all the best wishes to your friend--yet one more amazing attribute to having a blog, they are a canvas we can dedicate to our friends, being mentioned in a blog always brings a smile to my face, and i see the same on the faces of my friends when i mention them. ah how wonderful blogs are!

Anonymous said...

Lovely post. We DO love Barbara.


Brilynn said...

Beautiful colours! I have 2 pomegranates sitting on my counter that I need to do something with...

Anonymous said...

Where did you get those jars from? They are wonderful (as is your blog!) :)

Unknown said...

OMG yum

ChichaJo said...

What a lovely post and virtual hug for Barbara! That looks like hug perfection! :) I used pomegranates too...it was my first time to use them and I was enchanted by how they really look like jewels!

Deeba PAB said...

Amazing post Helen...& so PERFECT for dear Barbara. Love the virtual hugs going out to her!

Fifi Flowers said...

I want to taste these treats! THey are so pretty too!
ENJOY your day!

Helene said...

Anonymous: the jars are yogurt jars from France. Sorry if this does not help.

Joe said...

Those are so beautiful and colorful. Wow!

MªJose-Dit i Fet said...

Que más puedo añadir? perfecta!! como tus recetas. Un abrazo desde Ibiza.

Philo aux fourneaux - Blog culinaire said...

Ca fait un moment que je souhaite faire aussi des verrines inclinées, je trouve que ça a une jolie classe !

Susan from Food Blogga said...

These photos are stunning beyond words, Helen. And as always your love for others shines through.

dessert girl said...

The photographs are beautiful! I can't stop looking at them! :-)

Anonymous said...

I love pomegranates. As a matter of fact, yesterday I had a fresh one and it was fantastic. Anything with pomegranates has to be good.

Anonymous said...

Helen, very sweet post and nicely said! I could almost see the two of you in your kitchen working together on this wonderfully sweet creation. As always you have out done yourself!

La Cuisine d'Helene said...

So nice of you to do this for Barbara. What a beautiful verrine.

karey m. said...

oh dear. i went to visit after drooling over this post...

absolutely shattered by her wish list from november. had to kirtsy.

thank you for changing my day. xoxo.

AngloIndianCook said...

What a truly amazing and wonderful friend you are.

This is the first time I have come across your blog and Barbara's. Both have moved me deeply.

I pray you get better Barbara and are able to eat more than just Jelly.
Truly amazing blog :)

Jaime said...

wow, talk about a wonderful combination of flavors!

dee said...

This is such a sweet post. So very touching. I am not a cook (I try to be, but posts like this put me right to shame!) so I'm just going to drool over your post:) I am always a sucker for something with pomegranates in the recipe.

Anonymous said...

Wow that is amazing. Wonderful! You have wonderful baking and making skills...Superb!

Anonymous said...

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These are beautiful and I have some chilling in my fridge right now. I can't wait to try them and will post my attempt on my blog when I'm done. You are such a great inspiration for flavor combinations and platting!

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Thank you for the inspirational post. I've made my verrines too here:


And definitely did link you back!


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