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Two Chocolates, Some Salted Butter Caramel Mousse And A Smile On My Face!

Two Chocolates and Salted Butter Caramel Mousse

As you know from my last post, Monday was a pretty rough day, ups and downs, high and lows, laughing at the most ridiculous things and crying over the simplest ones, but I have to thank you for cheering me up and on throughout the day with your words both here and privately. This little giant group of bloggers sure knows how to laugh, cry, send hugs and cheer up and cheer on. Thank you. I wish I could say that to each of you individually but I can’t. Instead I am bringing you a little dessert that is sure to heal a bad case of the blues or just make you feel better after a bad day. Problem is….I could not come up with a name for it and I am hoping that you can. What’s in it for you? Well, I have two copies of Tartine and only one being read so it is up for grabs…skip to the end of the post for details.

It was about 4 o’clock when I finally sat down on the front steps of C’s house, after a day filled with tons of little errands. You know, the ones you keep putting off but suddenly on a bad day they are the perfect thing to do to keep your mind busy and thought free. We started chatting about the kids going back to school, philosophising about the summer and that it had been a pretty rough one for everybody around us for different reasons. Just to think that a couple of months ago they were thinking about moving…I don’t think the neighborhood would be the same kindred one without them and the twins. We did not notice our husbands were doing the same thing but on our front steps until the wind started to carry their voices closer to us. We leaned over and asked what the heck they could be complaining about that we did not already know…"women, kids, pms, mortgages…what about you?", we pushed a united "same here, different gender!" and we all busted out laughing!!

I stood up and exclaimed "Well, I think the situation calls for chocolate and caramel…and a little grill-out with a good bottle of wine!" I asked the gentlemen to please tend to the grilling part that us women are so clueless about and that we would be back with dessert. I had an idea of what I wanted the final taste to be and a vague idea about the process and elements. That’s kind of the way I work with pastry I have noticed. I think of tastes I like together, close my eyes and try to imagine the texture, what flavor comes through first, which one is the last I want to keep. Then I think of the building process, kind of like playing Tetris with ingredients and ratio…sometimes it all fits together, sometimes the Tetris-like pieces catch up with me before I get right and I have got to start over. If you play Tetris, do you still see the pieces go down when you close your eyes after a game? I do…makes me laugh….

I had rearranged the pantry a couple of days prior to this story and had found an unexpected bar of dark chocolate, one of milk chocolate and a bag of salted butter caramel from Normandy…I had a square of chocolate followed by salted butter caramel (I did drop the pms word earlier, remember?!) and thought to myself that these three fellas needed to end up together in a dessert somehow. By Monday evening I had a plan: a dark chocolate and walnut fudgy brownie, a milk chocolate and salted butter caramel mousse, topped with chocolate ganache. Yes, I know there is one more element in the pictures, the little cut out triangles and squares are actually coffee jelly pieces but they did not turn like I wanted so it will be re-worked and blogged another time. I could not resist making some hot chocolate to go with it and it turned out to be very fitting to the windy and rainy evening we ended up having.

Two Chocolates and Salted Butter Caramel Mousse

And this is where I need you, I turned this in my head in every which way possible and I can’t come up with one name that makes me say "that’s it! I want it!"…and I really hope you can. All you have to do is leave a comment between Thursday August 21st and Saturday August 23rd at midnight eastern time and I will submit each title to the group who shared those with me and let them pick the one they like best. Think about it as playing Tetris with the chance to add a fantastic cookbook to your collection!

Something chocolate and caramel:

Makes 16 servings (you can even cut the bars tinier if you want)

Dark Chocolate Walnut Brownie base:

6 tablespoons unsalted butter
6 ounces bittersweet chocolate
3/4 cup all-purpose flour
1/4 teaspoon baking powder
1/8 teaspoon salt
2 large eggs
3/4 cup sugar
2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract
1/2 cup chopped walnuts

Preheat oven to 350°. Line an 9×13 inch baking dish with parchment paper or foil, leaving a 2 inch overhang on to sides (you pick). Coat with cooking spray or a dab of butter.
Melt together butter and chocolate in a heatproof bowl set over a pot of simmering water. Remove the bowl from heat and stir until smooth. Let the chocolate mixture cool slightly.
Whisk together the flour, baking powder, and salt in a medium bowl and set aside.
In the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, beat the eggs with the sugar and vanilla until pale and thick, about 3 minutes. Beat in the chocolate mixture. Add the flour mix and beat until just incorporated, scraping down the sides of the bowl as needed. Fold in the walnuts with a spatula.
Transfer the batter to the prepared pan, and smooth top with an spatula. Bake until a cake tester inserted into brownie between edge and center comes out with a few crumbs, 30 to 35 minutes, depending on your oven (Do not overbake.) Let cool 15 minutes; lift out of pan, and transfer to a wire rack. Let cool completely. Line a 9×9 inch square pan with parchment paper or plastic wrap. Cut your brownie base to fit inside the square pan, and set it down as your first layering component. Munch on the leftover or cut in little bites and cover with ganache for instant petits fours. Proceed to the rest of the recipe.

Milk Chocolate and Salted Butter Caramel Mousse Layer:

1/2 cup granulated sugar
2 Tb water
2 Tb salted butter, room temperature
1 cup heavy cream, divided
6 oz (3/4 cup) milk chocolate

Measure 3/4 cup of cream and refrigerate, this portion will be used to make whipped cream so keep it well chilled. In a microwave or small saucepan, heat the 1/4 cup remaining until it is fairly hot. It will be added to the caramel and by being hot it will prevent the caramel from seizing on you and clumping up.
Melt the chocolate in the microwave or in an heatproof bowl set over a pot of simmering water (make sure the bottom of the bowl does not touch the water). Set aside.
In a heavy bottomed saucepan, add the sugar to the water over medium high heat and cook, without stirring until you get a dark brown caramel. Take the pan off the heat and add the butter and 1/4 cream. It will bubble like mad but it will not run over….if the butter and cream are not cold the bubbling will be minimal and short lived. Stir with a wooden spoon to smooth the caramel if necessary. Let it cool to lukewarm. Add the caramel to the chocolate and stir until smooth.
Whip the remaining heavy cream to soft peaks in the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the whisk attachment. Fold 1/3 of the whipped cream to the chocolate/caramel to loosen it up and then add the remaining whipped cream. Spread over the brownie base and refrigerate until completely set.

Dark Chocolate Ganache:
1/2 cup heavy cream
3/4 cup dark chocolate

In a medium saucepan, bring the cream to a simmer, remove from the heat. Add the chocolate to the cream and let sit for 5 minutes. Slowly stir the heavy cream and chocolate until they come together and form a shiny ganache. Let cool. You want the ganache to still be pourable but not too warm that it will melt the mousse.
Spread it over the caramel mousse and refrigerate until set.

To serve: lift the dessert out of the pan and trim the sides with a sharp knife (heated under hot water and wiped dry works great too), cut into the desired number of servings and enjoy.

Hot Chocolate And Some Caramels

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Kitt August 21, 2008 um 7:50 am

Well, if that isn’t a cure for a bad day, I don’t know what it.

I saw the photo first and thought "nom nom nom!"

How about Chocolate PheNoms?

Geo August 21, 2008 um 8:00 am

Oh, what a prize!

How about:

caramelita’s companions
companionably cacaoed caramels
(caramel) ganache with (chocolate) panache
panache ganache
(cacao or chocolate) caramba caramels
caramel brownie panache


I’m determined . . . . : )

Rosa's Yummy Yums August 21, 2008 um 8:17 am

Those bars are fantastic and look ever so perfect! They’d heal my soul in half a second! Wow!



esther August 21, 2008 um 8:34 am

Depending on how serious you want to be:

Thousand flavor brownie
Nutty Martian.

They look great, really yummy!

DDgirl August 21, 2008 um 8:37 am

mmm, looks delicious!!

How about "Dream of a chocolaholic"?

Oh, and Helen, knowing you’re French.. I live in Lyon and I’m looking for some liquid glucose (in order to make some "fondant" for a birthday cake), do you have a clue about where I could find it? (oh, and I don’t even know the French namle for it… I’m a bit at loss…)

Thank-you for your faboulous posts!!!


Manggy August 21, 2008 um 8:46 am

That sounds like a wonderful evening, Helen! It’s nice to share it with close friends 🙂 I already have Tartine so it’s kind of good that I’m at a loss for a name for something that looks so decadent and divine!

Christy August 21, 2008 um 8:51 am

This cake is a dapper!! I just got that impression when I look at your photos…they look like something dark, dangerous (calories and sugar in one) but wildly attractive!!

Love your photos of them, and I have to say I have a bit of a thing for the triangular tiles of coffee jelly..i know you said you’re going to rework them, but they remind me so much of jewels!! Or maybe cuff links on a dapper’s sleeves!!

Jared August 21, 2008 um 10:18 am

How about Korobushka Caramel Chocolate Brownies.

(Korobushka is the infectious song from tetris that you continue to hear in your head even though you haven’t played the game in like 15 years.)

Bria August 21, 2008 um 11:57 am

I just wanted to say that I absolutely love the way you write.

On topic… salted butter caramel mousse?? *drool*

Botacook August 21, 2008 um 12:16 pm

Superbe! J’adore ce dessert! Un parfait remontant pour la saison froide à venir. Je vais essayer de trouver un nom original. En français ça irait aussi?

Anonymous August 21, 2008 um 12:17 pm

Helen, I adore caramels and hopefully I can find some like yours to buy on-line. I am so not good with names, but always up for a fun game; Caramel Mousse Beurre Sale.
Oh, how I wish I were your neighbor! Y’all have so much fun.

Anonymous August 21, 2008 um 12:35 pm

Wow… That is MY kind of dessert. Sounds and looks lovely!

Isabelle Lambert August 21, 2008 um 12:38 pm

C’est superbe ! caramel au beurre salé et chocolat…c’est toujours un excellent mariage 🙂

Helene August 21, 2008 um 12:55 pm

DDGirl; it’s been a while but you’ll probably find glucose (glue-coze) at the pharmacy.

NKP August 21, 2008 um 1:06 pm

They look positively sinful!
How ’bout
Gentlemen’s Brownies
(for some reason they remind me of crisp suits and cuff links)

Cooking Confections August 21, 2008 um 1:09 pm

These are positively sinful.
C/3 {Chocolate, Caramel, Cheer}
Hope these cheered you up, they certainly did the same for me!

Naho @ Scrumptious Foods August 21, 2008 um 1:38 pm

Wow those are quite lovely. They remind me of Nanaimo Bars :). You are very talented and your combination’s are fabulous. How about calling this dessert Chocolate Comfort.

Maria August 21, 2008 um 2:10 pm

Glad you are smiling again and since this dessert is going to make everyone smile how about: Chocolate and Caramel-the Key to Happiness Dessert!

Mary August 21, 2008 um 2:14 pm

How about Chocolate Carmel Bliss? I wish I were more creative. I think it’s amazing how you can just whip something like these up. You’re very talented.

The Short (dis)Order Cook August 21, 2008 um 2:15 pm

These look incredible. I was thinking as I read the recipe whether or not I could even aspire to make these for my next Sweet Treat of the Week. I thought, "If I did, it would be quite a triumph."

So I came up with the name Triumphant Chocolate Tier Bars.

Since the inspired me to possibly take my simple weekly sweets a new level I also came up with Sweet Inspiration.

Patricia Scarpin August 21, 2008 um 2:21 pm

I’m a video game aficionado, Helen (I love playing with my little sister) and Tetris is one of my top favorites!

As for a name… That is a tough one!

I think I have to think it over.

Michelle Beissel August 21, 2008 um 2:25 pm

I submit Boldacious Brownie.

LizNoVeggieGirl August 21, 2008 um 2:33 pm

Oh man, those brownies are GENIUS!!! So gorgeous. Here are my lame attempts at a title for the treat, haha (but don’t laugh!):

– Chocolate-Caramel Seduction

– Brilliantly Breathtaking Brownies

– Dark Beauties

Parisbreakfasts August 21, 2008 um 2:38 pm

Chocolat Geometrie au Caramel
no…that’s it!
Heavenly looking Helene
Will you tell the chocolat chaud recipe though?

violet August 21, 2008 um 3:22 pm

when i saw them i thought sweet, and rich – but playful and happy – there were lots so of course sharing would be involved!
add that to your lovely story, and i have come up with..

(add 'the' 'a' or whatever to the front of the name, and 'bar' slice' etc to the back, is wanted 🙂 )

Friend in Need
Group Hug
…for What Ails You
Neighbourhood Spirit
Edible Love

Just a few ideas! that dessert looks delicious…

Homekeeping Heart August 21, 2008 um 3:54 pm

Cloud Nine Chocolate Bliss Bars

CM August 21, 2008 um 4:04 pm

Oh man, I’ve hit the jackpot with delicious blogs today- seriously everything I’ve looked at during my morning tea has practically had me licking the screen- no exceptions here.
I’d call this dessert The True Destiny Of Chocolate because I imagine it’s what chocolate hopes and dreams of becoming.

Anita August 21, 2008 um 4:42 pm

Helen, you aren’t going to believe this but I was going to do a brownie post – and you beat me to it! How you manage to work on your book and turn out these glorious posts is totally beyond me. Well, I was going to call my dessert A Brownie with Aspirations, but I think it might fit yours better because it’s definitely gone above and beyond the basic brownie! Bravo!

Redblur63 August 21, 2008 um 4:57 pm

I want to roll in this dessert. Well, actually I’d prefer to eat it. I love reading your blog! I feel the same way about food.

Cannelle Et Vanille August 21, 2008 um 5:12 pm

Oh my goodness helen… call this dessert whatever you want because it doesn’t really matter… it’s just stunning and even mentioning the ingredient list is enough to make me melt!

Unknown August 21, 2008 um 5:29 pm

Sinful caramel brownie squares

Chocolate Divinity

Divine 3 Layer Bars

some ideas…
they look so fabulous!

Anonymous August 21, 2008 um 5:47 pm

How about…Nuts about Caramel Mousse & Brownies Bars?

Good luck!

grace August 21, 2008 um 5:54 pm

i’m not very creative, but i know decadence when i see it! frankly, i’d call these lethal layers and i would gladly overdose on richness just to taste them. 🙂

Anonymous August 21, 2008 um 5:58 pm


I love the idea of making hot chocolate right now and anything you make with chocolate has my vote:

I think you should call this creation

Chocolate Caramel Strata

Strata from stratum meaning is a layer of rock or soil with internally consistent characteristics that distinguishes it from contiguous layers (from Wikipedia).

Each layer is common but distinctive, just like this lovely dessert!

If you want to get REALLY nerdy and have fun with a play on words, call it a Chocolate Caramel Stratlette and by re-arranging a few letters you can have Tartlettes and a play on your blogname. (I’m a word nerd aren’t I??!!)


Anonymous August 21, 2008 um 6:11 pm

How about…
Caramel Chocolate Symphonies

Allie August 21, 2008 um 6:18 pm

How about "Chocolate and Caramel: Cure for What Ails You"? Looks delicious!

Topher August 21, 2008 um 6:19 pm

Chocolate Banded Bars
Chocolate Mousse Banded Caramel Bars
Brownie Caramel banded Mousse bars
Chocolate delight tier bars
Tiers of chocolate delight
multi-chocolate mousse banded bars
Chocobrownie mousse bars
Mousse brownie fancies

Mallory Elise August 21, 2008 um 6:21 pm

they look like dominos. but not really. tu sais? i would call them, wait what city are you in? South Carolina….somewhere? let’s say Columbia (capital right? oops) so like, Columbian Dominos, then everyone will think you’re talking about the country Columbia, and be really confused, but that’s the best part, because it only makes sense to you, because that’s when you say, well, it’s my cake! anyways-

i love the fork ghost in the cocoa powder, that’s brilliant! i must remember that someday. You had rainy day talking about blues—I HAD rainy days talking about blues and jazz in my last post. c’est la coïncidence. Hey, and there was a blues jazz pianist in the 30’s named Antoine Domino. destiny. hehe.


Blair August 21, 2008 um 6:31 pm

How about referencing the night you made them? Summer Storm Brownies or August Night Bars . . .

Cookie baker Lynn August 21, 2008 um 7:14 pm

Chocolate Caramel Bliss Bars, because it looks like eating one would put me in a state of bliss.

Too funny about the Tetris. I can tell I’ve been playing too much when I start trying to make Tetris patterns with people and things around me.

Mike of Mike's Table August 21, 2008 um 7:29 pm

lol, I liked hearing your thought process/tetris analogy. As usual, your presentation is stunning. These look beautiful and sound absolutely delicious.

Anonymous August 21, 2008 um 7:44 pm

helen, beautiful and one of my favorite combinations- but never saw it or craved it like i do now…

so for these are bittersweet with grain of salt bars!

EFG August 21, 2008 um 7:47 pm

The Choco-mel Divine

Sweet Treats by Dani August 21, 2008 um 7:55 pm

your pics are amazing! i am jealous…

Alexa August 21, 2008 um 8:05 pm

First, this looks like a divine treat. Second, the naming thing is so hard because the name must do justice to your creation… But here goes:

Chocolate Caramel Tango Bars
Chocolate Caramel Clouds
Amitie de chocolat et caramel

Well, I am all out for now… and I need to make coffee to go with this beautiful visual treat.
Merci Helene!

Cakebrain August 21, 2008 um 8:06 pm

How about:
"Chocolate Tetris Bars" or
"Triple Chocolate Caramel Mousse Brownie Bars"!

MissLilas August 21, 2008 um 8:13 pm

Bonjour Helen,

TRANSATLANTIC : Salted butter caramel from Normandy, American chocolate brownie. An elegant and greedy dessert, bringing together our 2 continents. What a combination !

I discovered your blog a few weeks ago and it’s a real delight to read your sensitive prose and admire both your pictures and your cooking. Vos souvenirs d’enfance sur "Faisselle" ont réveillé les miens ;o).
Merci et Félicitations !

Anonymous August 21, 2008 um 8:21 pm

I’m just starting to see some weight loss in my post vacation diet and I’m feeling pretty proud of myself but I had to look at your post with my head turned almost sideways. The glory of chcoolate and caramel are just too tempting to look on with a full view!

That said your post reminded me of one of the things that contributed to my vacation fat acquisition: MInk Chocolates in Vancouver makes the most delicious chcoolate, caramel, rosemary and fleur de sel bar. So good!

Chu This August 21, 2008 um 8:30 pm

Looks amazing…

Chocolate Therapy?

Anne August 21, 2008 um 9:37 pm

Salty Sweet Chocolate Caramel Bars

Sweetly Salty Chocomel Bars

Anonymous August 21, 2008 um 9:44 pm

Whoa… simply chocolate beauty…you have zillions suggestions already… am gonna give it try anyway 🙂

How about… Carachosse 😉

sweet delight August 21, 2008 um 10:08 pm

How about divine chocolate and caramel elegance?

Clumbsy Cookie August 21, 2008 um 11:14 pm

I bet you’re gonna have so much fun reading all of these names! I think I would love that mousse! My name for you is PMS Aproved Caralate pieces!

My Sweet & Saucy August 21, 2008 um 11:15 pm

I can’t think of a name for the life of me, but I had to comment and say that this recipe is calling out to me…it looks like pure heaven! Wish I could taste a bite without having to put any effort into making it…I know…I’m pathetic!

Arlene Delloro August 21, 2008 um 11:17 pm

These look incredible! I’d name the

Joi du chocolat

Arlene Delloro August 21, 2008 um 11:17 pm

These look incredible! I’d name the

Joi du chocolat

Anonymous August 21, 2008 um 11:21 pm

I really think that you need me as a neighbor 🙂 These look fantastic, Helen!
Heavenly chocolate caramel bars?

aandara August 21, 2008 um 11:52 pm

I will love to be your neighbor, but i also will need a to do a lot of excersise,to loose all the wait i will gain eating your desserts. for the name how does CARAMEL CHOCOLATE DECADENCE BARS sounds

Anonymous August 22, 2008 um 12:35 am

Oh goodness these look delish.. I found your blog via "macaron"- I just tried my very first- Raspberry and Matcha– Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us and the world!

chouxqueen August 22, 2008 um 12:45 am

how about Dreamy Chocolatey Caramel Bars?

Anonymous August 22, 2008 um 12:58 am

Hmm, that is a tough one to name! How about… Salted Caramel Fudge Bars?

Anonymous August 22, 2008 um 1:02 am

Ganache de Walnut–

Chocolate Walnut Ganache Sticks

Ganache Stix

dlyn August 22, 2008 um 1:04 am

wow – seriously wonderful!

Mia August 22, 2008 um 1:22 am

how ’bout

Chocolate Bliss Brownies
Chocolate and caramel hug bars

and boy do i wish i had one right about now!

Anonymous August 22, 2008 um 2:03 am

Well I don’t think you can spell the gargly / drooling noise I made when I saw this picture. (think homer simpson when he starts drooling for the noise!)
The only thing that came to mind was Luscious Layered Chocolate Caramel Mousse Bars.

Dawn August 22, 2008 um 2:04 am

A wonderful looking dessert I can’t wait to try. The look like Caramel Brownie Dream Bars. Or just Dream Bars for short.

Anonymous August 22, 2008 um 2:08 am

Bonjour Helene, je suis votre voisine au nord (Montreal, Quebec)des Etats. Love your blog, and adore your foods. I would name this " Decadent French Chocolate Slice" because it is decadent, you are French,it’s chocolate, and I don’t think you can have more than a slice for reasons of health and waistline!Merci et bon appetit.

Zoe Francois August 22, 2008 um 2:33 am

I am addicted to the salted caramels at our co-op. What a fantastic idea to make a mousse out of them.

pietra August 22, 2008 um 2:46 am

Sweet and salty, perfection!
How about calling them"Feeling the curve of the earth"?

Anonymous August 22, 2008 um 2:59 am

Wow…that looks incredible. How about Chocolate and Caramel Delirium Bars?

Kristen August 22, 2008 um 4:12 am


I am not very good at naming things but how about Chocolate and Salted Caramel Torte. Very original, no? I know that it’s not a traditional torte but it has the the rich fudgy brownie layer and the ganache, mmm, I am drooling just thinking about it!!!

thanh7580 August 22, 2008 um 4:22 am

Great looking dessert Helen. I also love Tetris and can’t stop thinking of how each piece will fit afterwareds, thinking, I could have done that better.

So to go with the Tetris theme, and the fact that I think they look like dominoes when I first saw them, I think the name should be

Chocolate Tetrominoes

Meryl August 22, 2008 um 4:49 am

Those brownies look incredible! I’ll have to try them. Thanks!

Anonymous August 22, 2008 um 5:15 am

these look pretty darn good from the photos alone!! first title that hit me was

Triple Decadence

i mean, a fudgy walnut brownie, milk choc salted butter caramel mousse, then chocolate ganache…each wonderfully sinful and decadent in its own right. combined together they’d be swell! 🙂

cindy* August 22, 2008 um 5:54 am

pretty! i was thinking 'crave brownie bars' with a nod toward that pms thing.

Anonymous August 22, 2008 um 6:38 am

habia echo similar things but in cake .. I love the presentation in petir fours as we say here with nuts and spectacular ..xoxo

Meeta K. Wolff August 22, 2008 um 6:54 am

a lovely lovely delicate dessert. i’ve missed the deadline but still if i saw this i’d just say ecstasy and for me this would be the name for your dessert

Anonymous August 22, 2008 um 7:04 am

How about "l’enigma di cioccolata?"

Peabody August 22, 2008 um 8:10 am

Oh dear God, this is speaking to me on soooo many levels it is not even funny. Swoon.

Anonymous August 22, 2008 um 9:51 am

Que d’inspiration ! It looks so good !
I was thinking about 'trinity'
for the 3 layers and because it must taste divine !

Anonymous August 22, 2008 um 12:23 pm

These look divine!
How about
-Chocolate Salted Elysium
-Empyrean Chocolate Caramel Mousse
-Chocolate Caramel Respite

Angry Asian August 22, 2008 um 1:48 pm

what an imaginative dessert!

and it highlights all the things that you love.

Love, Chocolate

Anonymous August 22, 2008 um 2:45 pm

I truly love your blog, Helen.

My submission is "Helen of Chocolate"


Deborah August 22, 2008 um 2:54 pm

I’m horrible at naming food – good thing I already own that cookbook! But they do look wonderful. And how I wish I lived in a neighborhood like yours! What great neighbors you have!

Unknown August 22, 2008 um 3:04 pm

Your photos and recipes are beautiful; you’re inspiring this newbie to try to make some of your magical creations! Thank-you for this blog!!!

How about the names:

Karamel kindreds

Don’t move mousse

Better than brownies

Rachael Hutchings August 22, 2008 um 3:07 pm

Mmmm…I think this may have to be the inaugural dessert for my new kitchen when we finally start living in the new house this weekend!

How about Chocolate Tantra? When I read your description of how you came up with this dish it also made me think of the description of tantra, a doctrine of enlightenment. I find your end product very enlightened!

I’m in agreement with Paris Breakfasts…how about the recipe for chocolat chaud? I’ve been looking for a good one as I find American hot chocolate to be too sweet (unlike it’s French counterpart that I miss so much!).

Unknown August 22, 2008 um 3:09 pm

…I forgot this one:

Caramel inspirations:)

Rachael Hutchings August 22, 2008 um 3:57 pm

Ok, you’ve even got my mother brainstorming…here are her ideas:

Charm-el Mousse Bars
Chocomel Mousse Bars
I Think I’m in Heaven ‘Cause These Are So Good Bars

glamah16 August 22, 2008 um 4:01 pm

Caramel Choco Balms
( a tasty balm for what ailes you and sooths the soul)

montague August 22, 2008 um 4:17 pm

you are, officially, a chocolate genius. seriously. and i love how it all sounds sooo easy to you – talented one!

Marce August 22, 2008 um 5:16 pm

How about "chocolate salty squares"? haha couldn´t resist it, big South Park fan, can´t forget Chef´s chocolate salty balls.
For a more serious and descriptive title, maybe layered chocolate-caramel bites.
Alright, maybe not my most inspired afternoon, but I´d love to get the book, so I had to give it a try.

Alejandra Ramos August 22, 2008 um 6:39 pm

Oh wow! What a gorgeous dessert, and yes, perfect way to brighten up a day. I love the idea of having wonderful neighbors like that. Doesn’t happen so much here in the city, but maybe one day!

Shannon August 22, 2008 um 6:45 pm

I absolutely adore your blog. I look forward to reading your entries so much. Your photos are amazing.
I have come up with the name "Chocanomaly" taking anomaly as meaning unique because you built them yourself. My first thought was to call them "Like Chocolate Decadence, Memories are Forever", but I’m not sure if that is a cheesy name or just me being too sentimental for the moment?
Thanks again for inspiring me with your posts.

Anonymous August 22, 2008 um 8:24 pm

These look and sound like heaven to me. How about calling them Tetris Ecstasy Bars??? 🙂

Anonymous August 22, 2008 um 9:10 pm

Sigh…Drool…Sigh. I don’t even know how to respond to the beauty anymore.

Unknown August 22, 2008 um 9:41 pm

Helen I have a question that I’m hoping you can help me with. I’m making a Coffee Pie and the Maida Heatter recipe I have, for the crust, calls for using half a pouch of pie crust mix and then adding other things to it (nuts chocolate, egg, etc) to make the crust. I’m wondering if you may know a proportion of flour/butter I might be able to use in place of? I’m pretty against using a box pie crust but the recipe sounds so good otherwise. Thought you’d be a good person to ask!

Manger La Ville August 22, 2008 um 9:42 pm

I love the outline of the fork. Extremely Creative….Looks Amazing.

Anonymous August 22, 2008 um 11:04 pm

You have so many titles to choose from now- it is wonderful to see so many, so helpful out in cyberspace!

Each time I visit France to see my family- I try and savor every scent, bite and almost always get my sweet fix on something Ganache- I really like geo’s Caramel Brownie Panache "Ganache"

Lis August 22, 2008 um 11:21 pm

I had to look something up on another blog and realized that I hadn’t ready any of her posts in weeks.. and then I realized, holy crap I haven’t read ANYONE’S blog in weeks.. so this was my first stop!

How the heck do you post so much?? My God I am envious! And everything looks amazing! You always make ANYTHING look beautiful. 🙂

And I enjoyed the read below.. I know how much you love him and that was an outstanding tribute to him. He’s bursting with pride for you – regardless if he’s physically here with us or not.


Mrs.French August 22, 2008 um 11:33 pm

I need to think on it…be back soon.

Mrs.French August 22, 2008 um 11:40 pm

got it!


ames August 22, 2008 um 11:55 pm

I just have to say, I *love* what you did with the ghost image of the fork in the top photo. I totally did a double take, very clever!

I’d probably call those Pure Bliss, or maybe Euphoria. Or even Utopia, a perfect union!

PheMom August 23, 2008 um 12:08 am

I would love to say that I can come up with something great to call these, but every time I look at them my mind just shuts off and my eyes just glaze over. I want them. That is all I can think.

: ) Again and as always, thanks for sharing!!

Anonymous August 23, 2008 um 1:03 am

Here are my suggestions for a great looking dessert:

Chocolate Caramel Madness or if my French is correct: Folie de Caramel et de Chocolat

Chocolate Caramel Delight

'Gotta Have Another' Bars

French Delight

French-Canadian Delight

Canadian Chocolate Delight

Anonymous August 23, 2008 um 1:26 am

Je crois bien que je les appellerais des "fées caramelles" : Carabosse et son cortège de maux, tracas et mauvais sorts sont bien forcés de s’évanouir devant de telles merveilles ! (le fondant du brownie, le croquant-mais-pas-trop des noix, la légèreté de la mousse et l’onctuosité de la ganache : je dois dire que les textures me laissent rêveuse).
The Whipped Witch: simply the perfect antidote against a rough day!

Anonymous August 23, 2008 um 4:06 am

Layers of Heaven!

Anonymous August 23, 2008 um 5:05 am

Wow . . . so many of the potential names sound so lyrical! I guess I’m just a practical soul — I’d simply call them:

Caramel Mousse Brownies

or maybe:

Chocolate Caramel Mousse Brownies

Anyway, thanks for the beautiful blog, and thanks for the opportunity to win another of your wonderful books!


Snooky doodle August 23, 2008 um 5:54 am

woww these look super super delicious. I ll sure try them although i know they won t be as nice as yours. My boyfriend will go made for them. What a nice combination. You never cheese to amaze me. How do you cut them so perfect? I always end up with a mess.
For the name I thought Caramelchoc blocks 🙂

Anonymous August 23, 2008 um 6:13 am

Helen- ever had a nanaimo? Most people think that there is a brownie crust to it, and it occassionally uses walnuts in the crust(though I leave them out as I’m allergic!) These remind me of them! So, my vote is for

~Carmel mousse nanaimos

If you haven’t had a classic nanaimo- they are AMAZING… send me your address and in the winter time, when its not so damned hot out, I’ll mail you some. YUM. Its a canadian thing.

Pea and Pear August 23, 2008 um 9:09 am

109 comments was not even enough to deter me from commenting!! These are so delicious looking they should have a real name like…like Ernest for a boy and Eleanor for a girl. I think this slice is a male though. 🙂
Other wise "got choc block"…..either way just let me know when you need someone to taste test 🙂

Ginny August 23, 2008 um 12:41 pm

My creativity has been halted by the desire to eat the photo! you put everything i love into a dessert…yummy!

Anonymous August 23, 2008 um 3:03 pm

Okay, so that’s the most luscious mouthful I’ve ever seen. But I’ve had SO much fun reading the comments on this one — totally entertaining with my coffee this morning. I can’t resist. How about:
*Salted Caramel Chocolattas? Or,
*Chocolattas. No? Okay, then,
*Brownie Caramelattas?
I’ll be thinking of this as I fall asleep tonight.

Sweet Treats by Dani August 23, 2008 um 5:08 pm

this would put a smile on anyone’s face :):):)

Jenny August 23, 2008 um 5:12 pm

When I die, bury me in milk chocolate and salted butter caramel? 🙂

I’m clueless about a name.

And for a good laugh, yes, actually, I do still see the pieces falling from tetris long after I play the game. Used to happen to me in university and I was glad I wasn’t required to drive since all I could see were falling blocks!

Deeba PAB August 23, 2008 um 5:13 pm

The mind goes blank just looking at these beauties…Tartlettes Ultimate Chocolate?

Anonymous August 23, 2008 um 9:13 pm

oh, this just gets people going, huh? 🙂
i’m bad at naming something, but maybe triple chocolate with salted caramel mousse?

Lori August 24, 2008 um 12:57 am

How many suggestions can we make?

Chocolate Caramel Fudge Bites

Caramel Chocolate Bites

Chocolate Bite, Caramel Delight

Caramel Fudge Bars

Always love your blog, pictures, writing and personality behind this wonderful blog!

Jen Yu August 24, 2008 um 12:57 am

oh, i really want one. not so much a chocolate fan as i am a caramel whore 🙂 that looks so beautiful. how about chocolate caramel delicieux? I don’t know if I’ve just mangled your first tongue, but nothing else seems to come to mind. i’m glad you are feeling better. xxoo

Orchid August 24, 2008 um 3:09 am

Chocolate caramel paradise bars

Orchid August 24, 2008 um 3:10 am

chocolate caramel paradise bars

Camille August 24, 2008 um 3:26 am

First, I am a tetris maniac! (Honestly its the only video game I can play.)

Photos are fabulous and the bars are…well, they make me speechless…gorgeous.

Name? Utopian Decadence

Liz August 24, 2008 um 4:04 am

Chocolate Caramel Decadence

Heavenly Chocolate Caramel Bars

Fudgy Chocolate Caramel Bars

Chocolate Caramel Mousse Bars

Rich Chocolate Caramel Mousse Brownies

Elizabeth August 24, 2008 um 5:20 am

Chocolate and salted butter caramel together? Does it get any better? I am past the deadline I know, but I’d call this one A Match Made in Heaven.

adli August 24, 2008 um 7:17 am

how about Chocolate Dream Bars? keep on writing, I love you blog!! (and the recipes)

Anonymous August 24, 2008 um 10:08 am

WOW!! This is gorgeous…

Dalybeth August 25, 2008 um 2:20 am

Thanks for the encouragement. 167 to Go!

Sarah M August 25, 2008 um 3:51 pm

I made these on saturday. YUMMMM!!! I have a few suggestions. I made the brownie and checked it at 25 minutes and it was overdone. It was also too thick for my liking. I would have liked a thinner base and a thicker mousse.
It was difficult to fold the cream into the chocolate/caramel. I ended up with almost crunchy caramel bits in it. The mousse didn’t set up how I wanted it to. The ganache was perfect.

I loved all the flavors. I know I am late but i would call it Double chocolate and salted caramel brownies. (or tarts, or bars, or something fancier!)

Antonio Tahhan August 25, 2008 um 7:43 pm

even though I’ve missed the deadline, I just wanted to say that these look like works of art… which is why MoMA Chocolate Trio came to mind 🙂

MyKitchenInHalfCups August 26, 2008 um 9:06 am

I am so glad I’m late on this one and there’s already a name because I’d be like: please just can I have some with double coffee jelly! (whimpper, sigh)

Anonymous August 27, 2008 um 12:43 am

Sorry to hijack the post but MyKitchenHalfcups.. coffee jelly is my favorite…

Ingrid_3Bs August 27, 2008 um 2:02 am

Wow! I’m sure you’ve been told but your desserts are more art than food! I’ve been reading your blog for several months though have yet to leave a comment.

I’m looking forward to your cookbook and all the wonderful photos and recipes!

Ann August 27, 2008 um 3:26 pm

Okay, this must be proof that I sometimes have a brilliant thought, because I sprinkled a fork exactly like this, way back in March. Of course, it wasn’t next to anything remotely cool like your chocolate confection here! 😉

Anonymous August 28, 2008 um 3:07 am

Darn..I missed it! I would have named them Triple Heaven Chocolate Bars or Triple Heaven Chocolate Brownies.

Nevertheless my little one wanted me to fix dessert, so I made the brownie base from this recipe tonight and OH MY it alone was fantastic. Even my husband was complimenting on how great they were!I am going to make the full recipe soon! THANKS SO MUCH for being a culinary inspiration!

#1SAHM August 28, 2008 um 5:23 pm

I love chocolate! It’s my fav so I’ll definitely have to give this recipe a try : )

honeysunshine August 30, 2008 um 4:33 pm

I attempted to make these last night for a dinner party today (biiiig mistake, new recipes the night before a party, I know :P) and everything came out great except for the brownie base, which I must have overcooked because they went suuuper dry 🙁 So to anyone else making them, DO NOT OVERBAKE!! Also mine turned out much thicker than the picture so there must have been some discrepancy between your ingredients and mine. (I ended up just throwing together a thin brownie base using an old recipe) Anyway, the salted butter caramel mousse layer was AMAZING. It tastes EXACTLY like those caramels my Oma used to give me and my brothers and sisters, except lighter and subtler. A+++ recipe!! Yours look far better than mine though, haha.

Helene August 30, 2008 um 4:49 pm

Wendy77: yes, the recipe says not to overbake because it is critical.
Thanks for the feeback!

The P & A Food Chronicles September 1, 2008 um 11:44 pm

they just seem so precios to eat!!!

Venus ~ Vi September 4, 2008 um 6:57 pm

What a decadent treat!! I’ll die for this!

Yvonne Randall September 5, 2008 um 9:12 am

I’m not ssurpried that there are so many comments about these as they look fantastic and I’m going to give them a go too.

Mary September 22, 2008 um 7:53 pm

I finally made these this weekend. They are heavenly and rival my four-hour brownies for the title of best dessert. My brownie base was a little burnt on the bottom due to a wonky oven that is hard to control, so I’ll keep and eye on that next time. And my first attempt at making the caramel was a flop because the pot I used was too big. A smaller pot worked just fine!

sefa firdaus October 6, 2008 um 12:43 pm

Helen, congratulation on winning DMBLGIT Sept 2008.
I admire your photography skill.

Anonymous December 4, 2008 um 12:43 pm

This recipe looks great! How much caramel should be used? I read the post twice but couldnt manage to find the answer…thanks!

Helene December 4, 2008 um 2:05 pm

Alli: the caramel is made as part of the caramel chocolate mousse so it is its own recipe. You make the caramel, then add the chocolate and cream.

Anonymous December 17, 2008 um 8:26 pm

I just tried some of these Normandy caramels while in Honfleur and I have to say they are some of the best caramels I’ve ever tried. WOW – so damn amazing!

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