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  • Gluten Free Strawberry Jelly Roll Cake – Share Our Strength Contribution

    As a child, I can’t say that I ever knew hunger. I got hungry for sure. But I never knew the deep feeling of being hungry and knowing I would not be able to satisfy my growling stomach. My parents did not always have it easy and I can see there were times when budgets […]

  • French Word A Week – Confiture de Peche

    I realized too late last week that I had forgotten about the “French Word A Week”…again. You’ll have to excuse me, it’s a full, packed and pretty awesome summer. One busy making good use of all the produce around me too. Peach jam especially. Let’s remedy my short term memory lately with this week’s French […]

  • Ollalieberry Financiers & Toasted Coconut Ice Cream

    It only took twelve years to admit this but I must say that in spite of the heat and humidity I really love summers here in the South. Yes. I’ve said it. Love them. You might wonder what else is to summer here that would make me forgive the mosquitoes, head bashing heat and stick-to-your-clothes-like-frosting-on-a-cupcake […]

  • Jasmine Tea Ice Cream In Roasted Plum Cups With Sables Cookies

    Eat me quick….I am melting…. Thank you all for your concern with the storm. We did get a good bit of rain, enough to make the water come up the hill from the river during the night at high tide but it was all gone by 9am with blue skies, bright sun and scorching heat […]