Jasmine Tea Ice Cream In Roasted Plum Cups With Sables Cookies

Jasmine Tea Ice Cream In Roasted Plum Cup

Eat me quick….I am melting….

Thank you all for your concern with the storm. We did get a good bit of rain, enough to make the water come up the hill from the river during the night at high tide but it was all gone by 9am with blue skies, bright sun and scorching heat once more. I woke up at 3am to check the river and the backyard and took Bailey out so he’d let us sleep a little in the morning. Bad mistake…he loves adores water and started doing a little “Dancing In The Rain” number… lovely. Good thing he loves rolling in a towel too, makes our job easier!! Anyway, Hanna turned out to be windy and rainy but nothing compared to the threat that Ike seems to be. Anybody in Ike’s path, be safe.

Didn’t I say a couple of weeks ago with the redcurrant sorbet dessert that it was the last time I was trying to shoot ice cream during summer? Yes, well…either I am a sucker for punishment or I am a sucker for ice cream. Hmm…yes, apparently my love for anything ice cream-ish made me churn a batch of ice cream and sing aloud “que sera sera” when I attempted to take a few decent shots in 5 minutes in the heat and humidity (yes, even with the AC cranked up…I swear it seeps through the windows!). It did not help that cutie-patootie Bailey was pulling on the tablecloth every 10 seconds…that nose could smell that jasmine tea ice cream, or maybe the sables breton. There are days we call him “The Nose” but today he was “Mr. Pull-it-all”…anything hanging came down, all day long.

I loaded up on fresh red plums at the store the other day as I could not resist their beautiful color and perfect roundness, not to mention they were a great bargain. I wasn’t quite sure what to do with them yet but the more I was looking at them in the fruit bowl the more I thought they would be a great vessel for something. During the afternoon I made myself a large mug of jasmine tea, sat down at the computer with a fresh cut plum and started writing, sipping my tea and munching on the plum. That’s when it hit me, a soft vanilla ice cream flavored with jasmine tea and paired with roasted plums. I like some crunch with my ice creams and when my father in law called to ask if I could make some sables bretons for him, I thought I’d keep some for us to get that little crunch while eating the ice cream. I made some cut out cookies and sandwich them with some leftover quick berry jam from the other day and its tartness provided the perfect contrast to the smooth taste of the ice cream. I use one of those Linzer cookie cutters but plain ones will be fine too to sandwich the jam.

Fresh Red Plums

For a take on the roasted plums, I sliced them rather thin, sprinkled them with sugar and popped them in a 300F oven for a few minutes. After they were cooled, I line cups with plastic wrap and laid the slices in, overlapping each other, filled the cup with ice cream and froze them until completely set. I did some in glass cups and some in half sphere silicone molds and both came out fine, so feel free to use either options. You can prepare the ice cream the day before, as well as the plums, assemble the cups the next morning, take care of the cookies while the plum cups set in the freezer and have everything ready for dinner. You can even do the ice cream part a week before if you want to spread your baking time ever more. That’s the beauty of ice cream….it keeps!! I did try to take step by step pictures but I only have one small window in the kitchen and the sun coming through French doors behind me. Some people like my buddy Jen are experts at step by step, I obviously don’t have the proper set up for quality pics and I will keep practicing for the time being.

Jasmine Tea Ice Cream In Roasted Plum Cups With Sable Bretons Cookies:

Serves 6

For the jasmine tea ice cream

4 egg yolks
2 cups (500ml) half and half
4 oz (120gr) sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 bag jasmine white tea, broke open to get the leaves

In a large bowl, whisk the egg yolks and sugar until pale and thick, add the vanilla. In a saucepan, on medium heat, bring the half and half and jasmine tea to boiling point but do not let it boil. Slowly pour the hot cream onto the egg yolks mixture and stir to combine (tempering). Pour the whole mixture back into the saucepan and cook over low heat, stirring constantly, until the cream coats the back of spoon. At this point you have made a custard sauce, also known as “creme anglaise”. Let cool completely, strain the tea leaves and refrigerate until cold. Process the custard according to your ice cream maker manufacturer’s instructions.

For the roasted plums:
6 plums
1/4 cup (50gr) sugar

Preheat your oven to 300F.
Cut the plums in half and thinly slice each half, skin on. Lay then down on a silicone mat or a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Sprinkle them evenly with the sugar and bake for 20 minutes or until the plums become to take color. Watch carefully so that you don’t burn the edges. Remove from the oven and let cool completely.

For the plum cups:
If you use glass cups: line them with a sheet of plastic wrap and lay the plum slices slightly overlapping each other.
If using silicone molds: skip the plastic sheet step and overlap the plum slices directly in the molds.
In both cases, fill each cup with about 3/4 cup to 1 cup ice cream, depending on your mold capacity.

For the Sables Bretons:

Makes about 2 1/2 dozens

1 stick (115 gr) unsalted butter, at room temperature
1/2 cup (100 grams) sugar
1 large egg
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract or 1 tsp vanilla bean paste
1 3/4 cups (245 gr) all purpose flour
1/8 tsp salt
3/4 cup to 1/2 cup raspberry jam

In the bowl of your electric mixer fitted with the paddle attachment (or with a hand mixer), beat the butter and sugar until creamy. Add the egg and vanilla extract (or paste) and beat until blended. Add the flour and salt and beat until just incorporated.
Transfer the dough to a lightly floured surface, and knead the dough just to bring it together. Divide the dough in half and wrap each half in plastic wrap. Refrigerate until firm for at least an hour.
Preheat oven to 350F and line two baking sheets with parchment paper.
Remove one portion of the dough from the refrigerator and place on a well floured surface so it won’t stick as you roll. Roll out the dough to about 1/4 inch thick. If you have a Linzer cookie cutter (3 inch diameter) with little cut out inserts, use it without the insert to get full circles and start cutting out. Place them on the baking sheet and refrigerate at least 30 minutes. In the meantime roll out the other half of the dough the same way but place the cut out insert in the cutter and cut away the cookies. I keep the little cut out scraps to munch on…my little bakers treat!!
Once cooled filled one cookie with jam and sandwich with another cookie.

Sables Bretons Cookies

A little news flash before my brain melts too:
The 3rd issue of Desserts Magazine is online!! All vegan, all the way! I am pyched to have contributed once more to the magazine (cover picture and pages 4 and 5). Thank you Chris for the lovely polka dots napkins and the pitcher !





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  1. Mercotte Avatar

    trop trop mignons ces petits sablés…

  2. Christy Avatar

    Hang on a sec, gotta wipe my drool off the keyboard.

    Ok, we’re back. That ice cream looks so so divine…I can so taste the roasted plums and the jasmine tea ice cream’s harmonious combination of flavours. You should consider yourself lucky to live in a hot (tish) climate. That way you get to eat ice cream all year round, no?

    PS. I’m glad you guys are all right and the storm didn’t do too much damage.

  3. Esra Avatar

    Oh, I can imagine these flavors melting together, very yummy….I have to eat something sweet..now!

    (Thank you so much for your lovely comment 🙂 )

  4. Maryam in Marrakesh Avatar
    Maryam in Marrakesh

    Note to self: find ice cream maker in Marrakech ASAP. sigh.

  5. sooishi Avatar

    i really love the jasmine ice cream it’s so refined….
    your dessert looks delicious!

  6. Manggy Avatar

    Even the little scraps are cute! That roasted plum cup is just inspired! 🙂 (I’m glad you guys are fine after the hurricane!)

  7. Breadpitt Avatar

    you are making people scream for ice cream, the peach were nicely layout, wonderful…………………

  8. Botacook Avatar

    Super jolie recette aux accents frais de l’été… J’aime beaucoup l’histoire qui t’a inspirée cette recette! 🙂

  9. Anonymous Avatar

    Sounds delicious! i love the sables they are perfect!

  10. Cannelle Et Vanille Avatar
    Cannelle Et Vanille

    congratulations on that cover helen! and you can let the ice cream melt… i love it that way. almost soft serve-like. lovely!

  11. Clumbsy Cookie Avatar
    Clumbsy Cookie

    Helen I’m in love with those cute sable bretons! I don’t mind the ice cream melting, keep them coming! Good to know that Hanna didn’t bother you that much!

  12. Chris Avatar

    You’re very welcome! Glad they were useful. 🙂 Looks wonderful! Sable Bretons….yum!

  13. Anonymous Avatar

    The food, as usual, looks great! But, what I need to know right now is where did you get that spoon? I have similar spoons (both bamboo and birch) but they are plain. Those little fleurs are cute!

  14. Debbie Avatar

    Your Sable Bretons look delicious. Cookies are my absolute weakness and those look fantastic. I have to try your recipe…..

  15. Philo aux fourneaux - Blog culinaire Avatar
    Philo aux fourneaux – Blog culinaire

    Sympa comme tout !

  16. LizNoVeggieGirl Avatar

    Sooo relieved to read that the storm didn’t cause damage for you!! And hooray for gorgeous sweets, as always :0)

  17. Anonymous Avatar

    The flavors combo sounds wonderful, and those little sables are really just too cute!

  18. Anonymous Avatar

    Bailey is no fool…a romp in the rain and a tug at the tablecloth to topple the spoils from above…I would do the same!!!
    Jasmine ice cream and plums sound absolutely Zen!!!!

  19. Susan from Food Blogga Avatar
    Susan from Food Blogga

    Your flavor combinations are always so inspired, Helen. And the idea of roasted plums in intriguing. I’m already imaging various sweet and savory uses for them.

  20. Anita Avatar

    I know your pain about photographing ice cream – I feel like you do all this setup and pray you get that one good shot before it all melts into a mess! I think you got that shot though – beautiful!

  21. Aimée Avatar

    Can’t wait to check out Dessert! I love how this dish came to you, and anything with tea in it is lovely. I think I will be adding those sables to my holiday repertoire, too!

  22. Mallory Elise Avatar
    Mallory Elise

    cuuuuuuuuute apple cookie cutters! i want! they are fall cookies, yeah back to school apples. even though they are raspberry. pas grave.

  23. Dewi Avatar

    I love anything and everything from Britany, this sable is one of them. I made Galette Charentaise yesterday, and planning to post the recipe, hopefully tomorrow or thursday. It was really good. My other favorite is Kouign Amann, that I’ve made it successfully.

  24. Maria Avatar

    I am a sucker for ice cream too…and pretty much all sweets! Love everything about this dessert! Fabulous!

  25. Nate @ House of Annie Avatar
    Nate @ House of Annie

    For all the popularity of green tea, I think that jasmine tea makes for a more pleasant ice cream. You have great presentation with the roasted plums. I could imagine just eating them out of the cups.

    BTW: plastic rap / plastic wrap and
    so the ice cream / do the ice cream.

    minor nits for a majorly delicious post!

  26. Amber Avatar

    Just thought I would let you know who won the next “Paying It Forward” gift since you were also one. At midnight of the 7/8th I selected Leslie of “The Hungry Housewife”. I do not know how to link in my posts on a Mac so if you do please let me know. She is in my Tasty Links though so you can click there and say hi and congratulations. I think it is fun to follow where this leads.

  27. Anonymous Avatar

    Great, great baking, and awesome photos as usual. Talk about the perfect bowl for those plums. Brilliant presentation, delicious looking food.

  28. Deeba PAB Avatar
    Deeba PAB

    Last blog before I sleep tonight…you’ve assured me of really sweet dreams Helen. GORGEOUS post…truly droolworthy; a visual treat!

  29. Nina Timm Avatar
    Nina Timm

    Oh what I would not give to have that dessert all to myself…..mine all mine!!!!
    BTW I mentioned you in my Blogiversary post today!

  30. montague Avatar

    love the tiny cookie made from the cut out! and yes, i hear you. i am a sucker for ANYTHING ice cream!

  31. Patricia Scarpin Avatar
    Patricia Scarpin

    I can completely understand why you can’t help it, darling – I would never be able to wait for colder climates to make such delicious treats!
    And those cookies are adorable, too. Just cute!

    I’m glad to hear you are all right, Helen. Very glad and relieved.

  32. Josephine Avatar

    i love jasmine tea, especially for its fragrance. i wish i had an ice cream maker so i could test this recipe out.

  33. Helene Avatar

    Dana: I took plain bamboo shoot and painted them 🙂

    Nat and Annie: I have a keyboard without a w or an h and the d and the s have been glued back on backwards and the spell checker function was non operative. I just can’t change the laptop right now so sorry for the inconvenience.

  34. Susan Voisin Avatar
    Susan Voisin

    Thanks for your note on my blog! I didn’t know the vegan issue of Desserts Magazine was out, so I rushed over to check it out. Your photos are beautiful–that cover is absolutely lovely! And its so much fun to see so many vegan desserts in one spot. Thanks again!

  35. Anonymous Avatar

    oooooooh…lovely. I would be like bailey too with my nose on the ice cream.

  36. MyKitchenInHalfCups Avatar

    That's the beauty of ice cream….it keeps!!
    That's it Bailey you pull it down, I'll catch it. Bailey & I'll be a team. That ice cream won't keep girl.

  37. The Short (dis)Order Cook Avatar
    The Short (dis)Order Cook

    I love those cookies! That cutout is too cute. I’m a sucker for jam-filled cookies.

  38. Mallory Elise Avatar
    Mallory Elise

    hey i didn’t notice the egg shells, i love eggs!

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    congrats on the article, and i love sables but i really love that cute cutout in yours!

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    love the jasmine tea ice cream idea!

    And the little apple shapes cut out on the cookies-how super adorable!

    How many times can I say-you are brilliant. I have to stop visiting your site-haha

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    Puppies are such rascals! It all looks lovely but I do have to say that those are the most darling little cookies I have seen well, probably ever! I am headed to read that article now – congrats!

  42. Alexa Avatar

    I am so glad to hear that you are all doing well and that Bailey enjoyed the aftermath playing in the puddles…
    I have never had jasmine ice cream. It sounds delightful. This dessert looks lovely and so wonderfully fragrant.

  43. Zoe Francois Avatar
    Zoe Francois

    This is lovely, I just adore the cut outs on the Sables. Glad you made it through the storm and your magazine cover is fantastic.

  44. Anonymous Avatar

    I’m speechless… I usually always have something to say but today i’m speechless. 🙂

  45. Irene Avatar

    The little apple cutouts are really too adorable. They make me want to be a little girl again and have a doll house and tea parties with Barbies. I love tea parties! 🙂 The plums look gorgeous also. I always poach my plums with a bit of brandy and thus can never get them to look this perfect. I have to try your method next time by putting them in the oven. Thank you for sharing something this lovely with us, I was looking at this all day from work and it cheered me up immensely!

  46. Susan @ SGCC Avatar
    Susan @ SGCC

    Thank goodness Hanna wasn’t as bad as it could have been. You certainly kept yourself occupied. It all is so beautiful! I adore those lovely sables. You may have had a lot of rain, but there is always sunshine in your kitchen!

  47. That Girl Avatar
    That Girl

    Those sables are adorable!

  48. My Sweet & Saucy Avatar
    My Sweet & Saucy

    That plum cup is simply amazing looking! Your desserts always look like a piece of art work!

  49. Anonymous Avatar

    Soooo cuuttteeee ^^! Amazing as usual.

  50. Y Avatar

    Glad to hear the storm wasn’t too bad afterall. I love your little apple cutter! Now I want one too! 😀

  51. Anonymous Avatar

    i’m totally intrigued with the flavour of this ice cream..it sounds fantastic and must be rather mild and refreshing. beautiful pictures! and thank goodness u’re well and safe 🙂

  52. Bonbon Oiseau Avatar
    Bonbon Oiseau

    congrats on Desserts magazine Helen!!! And may I say: beautiful across the board from t helittle apple cut outs to jasmine tea ice cream–you are so fantastic at flavor profiles—i have such a food crush on you right now!! 🙂

  53. Michelle {lovely little things} Avatar
    Michelle {lovely little things}

    Perfect treat for the teacher! 🙂

  54. Eileen Avatar

    Lovely post. I’ve been tempted by the plums I’ve found in the stores this week, buying bags and bags of them.

  55. Anonymous Avatar

    I just had a “Wow!” moment, that lasted a lot longer than usual.


  56. Camille Avatar

    Wonderful photos in Desserts Magazine. Congrats! I love the cookies and I like the idea of making fruit the cups for the ice cream.

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    I cant even imagine you not creating a quality print. I guess if you dont have the right light. Everything you do is amazing. I love Linzer Tart Cookies! Yum.

  58. Fifi Flowers Avatar
    Fifi Flowers

    YUM… that looks very interesting… cute cookies… congrats in a magazine… the famous Tarlette! FUN to know you!

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    I am so glad you and yours are safe…Oh and I love everything in this post…but you already knew that didin’t you?

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    raining sheep

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    You top yourself everytime Tarty.
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    Cookie baker Lynn

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  70. My Castle in Spain Avatar
    My Castle in Spain

    Bonsoir et mille mercis pour ces adorables commentaires. En fait c’est moi qui me régale en dévorant votre blog !

    que dire ? trop beau !
    naturellement, je vois que Pierre Hermé est une de vos idoles…mon Dieu, cet éclair Ispahan, quelques pages plus bas me donne envie de pleurer de bonheur !

    je reviendrai vous voir..c’est sûr et certain !

    (ps: je suis raide dingue de pâtisseries – et ça manque un peu à Grenade – c’est ça qui est triste)

  71. Mike of Mike's Table Avatar
    Mike of Mike's Table

    I always find your presentations inspirational. All of the elements in this dessert sound like a perfect pairing. And lol about the dogs in the rain…one of mine loves it and the other hates it…so I get the best (worst?) of both worlds, haha

  72. Gloria Baker Avatar
    Gloria Baker

    This is amazing and so lovelY! Love jasmine Tea and plums, so nice.
    Thanks to stopping by at my Blog, thanks, Gloria

  73. Anonymous Avatar

    Lovely Helene,

    We just moved to house that has a mature plum tree in the backyard. We’re not sure what to with all of them – now I know.


  74. Sara Avatar

    Beautiful as usual! I had a great crop of green gage plums this year, I mostly made sorbet with them, but this looks very interesting.

  75. Thip Avatar

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  76. Jen Yu Avatar
    Jen Yu

    I wonder what your electric (or gas?) bill is like? 🙂 Mmmm, jasmine tea ice cream sounds amazing. I rather like “tea” flavored ice creams – a sweet version of milk teas! As for step by step photos… I think you need only be a moron like me to shoot while making something. It is a pain in the butt and I usually curse myself halfway through (but then must finish the job b/c of the OCD in me). Be glad you aren’t like that. You will love yourself more for it! xxoo

  77. Anonymous Avatar

    Even dieters cannot resist that deliciously presented mouth watering recipe.

  78. Toujours Dimanche Avatar
    Toujours Dimanche

    C’est très joli, les photos sont si belles! Je croquerais bien un de ces petits biscuits… Je passe un beau moment sur ce blog! Inpirant!

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