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Salade De Fruits…Jolie Jolie Jolie

No, no, this Fruit Salad with Blood Orange Syrup is not an ode to Mrs. Brad Pitt but rather a glimpse into my daily breakfast fare…in music. When Elly from Elly Says Opa! announced her "Eat To The Beat" event I knew right off the bat what I would make. Hugh…what so special about Fruit Salad you might ask?! Well yes, said like that, nothing really. Except that fruit salads always make me sing this song , and this one made me sing it even louder. It is just a simple mix of fresh cut kiwis, strawberries and pineapple but set on a bed of Greek yogurt and sweetened with freshly made blood orange syrup….hmmmm!

Every relationship comes with a great song. I like to think that I share this one with my grandfather, Papi Rene, now 97. The gentleman in the video is nothing like him and has long passed away but he was one of France’s genuine comedians and actors. My grandfather used to sing me this song all the time when I was a kid and although I was not paying much attention to the lyrics, it stuck to me like glue up to this day. I was always mesmerized by my Papi’s singing, his physique commanding respect (still does) and silence, and it kind of became "my" song. I realized the other day that it could be my wake up song because it always puts me in a great mood.

With this song and beat, I also thought it was about time to answer the questions I receive the most in the emails that readers send me "Do you eat everything you make all the time?" and "What do you really eat?". Yes, I eat the desserts I make and post about here, unless they are for special orders and then I just make a couple extra cupcakes or pastries for B. and me. Yes, I eat cake, cheesecakes and yes, I have chocolate everyday….but in a reasonable portion and we often share a dessert after dinner. No, I don’t polish a whole bowl of chocolate mousse on my own although I could totally see myself do that since I seem to have an expandable stomach, especially past 4pm, which brings me to this fruit salad.

I have a very difficult time eating in the morning and fruit and yogurt are usually the only thing I have time to fix and eat since I like to stay in my bed until the very last minute possible. It’s usually cut up seasonal fruits, yogurt and a drizzle of honey, sometimes a sprinkle of granola or toasted coconut (like here). Every winter I cannot wait to see blood oranges pop up at the store and I stock up big time last week and made a batch of syrup with a few. We pour it on almost everything: waffles, ice cream, yogurt, and even pork roast (trust me it rocks!). I get a good dose of vitamins and plenty of nutrients right from the start…it’s in the afternoon that things get a little different! When you bake for others you are often not hungry enough afterwards to want something big (or anything at all) and it is the case for me until a couple of hours later. Thus, I make sure there is dessert around so I can have a few spoonfuls of chocolate mousse or cake. Starting the day with this invigorates me, makes me feel good inside and out, and I know I have gotten one thing right ….especially if I somehow happen to lose my spoon to Ben&Jerry later on.

Feel Good All Around Fruit Salad With Blood Orange Syrup:

1 cup peeled and diced kiwis
1 cup diced strawberries
1 cup diced pineapple
toasted coconut
Blood Orange Syrup
Yogurt (Greek or any thick variety)

Make the orange syrup first and let cool completely. In a bowl, combined all the fruits. Layer the yogurt, fruits in glasses or cups and top with the cooled syrup. Top with toated coconut.

This more a method than a recipe and you can change the fruits at will depending what is available in your area (I am in a relatively tropical area so these are always to get).I have to add that my fruit salads are now even prettier in a cool polka dot bowl that Chris from Mele Cotte sent me (originally filled with chocolates, but these are long gone, ahahah!!) along with funky paper napkins that I love. Thanks Peaches, but helping you with your big event was a treat for me and I hope I could do it in person one day!!

I need to end this post on an even sweeter note. My favorite French student, great friend, pastry confident and all around amazing blogger Veronica, from Veronica’s Test Kitchen launched her very own baking business in Richmond VA, aptly called Petites Bouchees . To help her test taste the viability of shipping she asked a few of us if we agreed to be her guinea pigs….like I was going to refuse me a macaron?!!! I get to sit down for once!! I emailed her as soon as I got home and snatched the box from B’s hands "Is your name on the box?" I asked. "Hugh…I knew what is was and I figured I’d refrigerate them…you help" he said…."Minus 4 already!" As you can probably guess, the box is almost empty, and I am keeping guard tonight…these babies will be mine!! The boxing and packaging is exquisite but the macarons themselves are divine! The vanilla buttercream is absolutely wonderful and the scent makes you want to lay in a field of vanilla beans! The caramel is soft and deep golden, leaving that salty little touch on your tongue. If I were you people living in Richmond, I would run to my computer and get her info because I suspect Veronica is going to be busy filling orders they are so good.

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Deborah February 27, 2008 um 9:33 pm

Now that’s what I call breakfast!!

Suganya February 27, 2008 um 10:14 pm

But how I make blood orange syrup? Yeah, I know, I am ignorant ๐Ÿ˜€

JEP February 27, 2008 um 10:55 pm

Lovely even for lunch! I’ll swap out the pineapple with blueberries! Gorgeous photos & presentation. Thanks for sharing.

Allison February 27, 2008 um 11:14 pm

That sounds like the most awesome breakfast ever! I must run off now to go buy some fruit!

Peabody February 27, 2008 um 11:25 pm

I am very jealous of your polka dot bowl..very cute.
Looks nice and refreshing.

Anonymous February 27, 2008 um 11:42 pm

It’s really wonderful as all you cook, please don’t change. We follow you.
Cris, Barcelona.

glamah16 February 27, 2008 um 11:58 pm

Lovely breakfast. I am thinking of making my own yogurt again. Now I have to try the syrup to add to it!

Cannelle Et Vanille February 28, 2008 um 12:16 am

Looks so refreshing! The photos really transmit that, so bright and colorful… I love yogurt and fruit in the morning too, it must be a European thing… Great job!

LizNoVeggieGirl February 28, 2008 um 1:34 am

Haha, oh Helen, you made me laugh out loud with the opening of your post (about it not being an ode to Mrs. Pitt) – too funny!! :0D

Even though I’m VeggieGirl (and obsessed with vegetables), I’m equally keen on fruits – that fruit salad is so elegant, refreshing, and gorgeous!

Veron February 28, 2008 um 1:34 am

this is the hubby’s standard breakfast. Fruit, yoghurt ,granola. He sprinkles some crushed flax seed and wheat germ on it too.

LyB February 28, 2008 um 1:37 am

I love that you matched your post to that song; it’s true you can’t help but smile when you hear it! I bet you can’t help but smile eating such a gorgeous fruit salad!

Jenny February 28, 2008 um 1:41 am

Don’t know if I’ve seen any blood oranges at our local produce place lately – have to look tomorrow when I go for onions. ๐Ÿ™‚

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict….You Decide February 28, 2008 um 3:30 am

I totally agree…life is too short not to eat everything. We ALWAYS have dessert. We share. We exercise our butts off so we CAN eat these things. People always ask why we don’t look obese (my hubby and I)….because we eat everything in moderation and we exercise. Jenny Craig can kiss my pa’tooty. I will exercise 5 hours a day before I give up dessert. Your fruit and yogurt look fab.

Elly February 28, 2008 um 3:58 am

Mmmm. This is definitely the breakfast of champions. I love this post and the song/story you connected with the dish. Thanks so much for participating! (Oh, and I am jealous of your polka dot bowl, too).

Manggy February 28, 2008 um 6:35 am

This just warms my heart! I can’t understand much French when it’s spoken so I had to look up the lyrics (thanks, Lisa Ono) but my French vocabulary has cannonball-sized holes in it, so I had to translate it. It’s so funny! Got a little racy in the middle but I thought the end was so sweet, "C’est toi le fruit de nos amours, bonjour petit." Made me miss my grandfather (although he didn’t sing to us).

Now to the food– pretty, pretty, pretty! You always seem to find the perfect glass to put it in, too ๐Ÿ™‚ I love it when it looks so good and so wholesome at the same time.

(PS Jolie and Pitt are not married!)

Vida February 28, 2008 um 6:43 am

Those glasses are to die for!!! Can I ask the brand??? Vida x

Big Boys Oven February 28, 2008 um 7:31 am

I love the way you present this yogurt. Great colour combination. so white and so pure yet top with blood orange syrup and mixed fruit, who doesnt want to finger into this dessert of yours!
YOu are so lucky to have tasted Veronica’s Macarons! Wish I could had one! ๐Ÿ™‚

Anonymous February 28, 2008 um 10:45 am

I’m such a fan of blood oranges, and preserving some of goodness in a syrup to enjoy outside of short season, is a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

Ben February 28, 2008 um 11:16 am

I can’t start my day without a bowl of fruit with cottage cheese or yogurt, but I have never had blood orange syrup. That is something I need to try. It looks delicious ๐Ÿ˜€


Anonymous February 28, 2008 um 1:00 pm


Patricia Scarpin February 28, 2008 um 2:13 pm

That is a delicious breakfast, Helen! What a nice twist on the yogurt + fruit combo.

Cheryl February 28, 2008 um 2:41 pm

Only you could make fruit salad look so amazing. I still have never tried a blood orange.

Another lovely delivery of maccaroons. How lucky you are.

Veron February 28, 2008 um 3:06 pm

Thanks Helen for such wonderful words! I love the field of vanilla beans reference!

Anonymous February 28, 2008 um 8:11 pm

The blood orange syrup looks so dramatic, beautiful!

Unknown February 28, 2008 um 8:18 pm

That looks awesome, I love fresh fruit. It reminds me of spring!

Cookie baker Lynn February 28, 2008 um 9:21 pm

I loved the song. Thanks for the link and sharing such a fun memory.

Gretchen Noelle February 28, 2008 um 9:36 pm

My goodness, aren’t these beautiful. I will take one for tomorrow’s breakfast, please!

Unknown February 28, 2008 um 9:40 pm

very good thanks for your recipe

Katy February 28, 2008 um 10:11 pm

that looks wonderful — i wounder if rhubarb could be added too, for something a little different! the color is just gorgeous.

Annemarie February 28, 2008 um 10:18 pm

I love those glasses – the red splodge is beautiful against the white, and perfect for the notion of blood oranges. I love my blood oranges, but eat them too quickly to do anything else with them!

Dana February 29, 2008 um 2:53 am

I *love* fruit and yogurt for breakfast. And I love blood oranges. I guess I know what one of my next cooking projects will be :).

Anonymous February 29, 2008 um 4:01 am

i love visiting ur site! how great…
everything always looks so delicious!

nice job.

Jaime February 29, 2008 um 10:51 pm

yum! i love fruit salads!

Chris March 2, 2008 um 12:57 am

Deelish! Love the bowl! You’ve made it look beautiful!

Anonymous March 2, 2008 um 6:40 am

This sounds wonderful and something I could actually make.

Chez Us March 4, 2008 um 1:26 am

Great Blood Orange recipe, I used it this past weekend for a waffle breakfast!

Thip April 3, 2008 um 7:34 pm

Congratulations for the first place of DMBLGIT, Helene. ๐Ÿ™‚
p.s. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Unknown April 3, 2008 um 9:58 pm

Helen, congrats for the DMBLGIT March. That’s surely a winning photo!

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