Potato Leek Pizza and A Giveaway

Potato - Leek Pizza

When I ask my father what vegetables he wants with dinner, his response is often “potatoes” to which I reply “Dad! We already have a starch. What vegetable would you like?” He then looks me with an obvious smirk and repeats “potatoes”. I am very much my father’s daughter in that regard. Love them. And noodles. I hope I never have to chose between the two. As much as I am a potato gal, I never thought of putting them on pizza, until last week that is. This Potato-Leek Pizza from The Pioneer Woman has surely changed my mind. “More!” I say!

I remember very distincly the first post I read on Ree’s site. I was on the phone with a friend back home who wanted to know how to make cinnamon rolls. We may have many a delicious pastry back home but I think we sorely miss out in the cinnamon rolls department. As a very occasional baker, she needed visuals. I searched step-by-steps online and stumbled on Ree’s site. Bingo! My friend had an official teacher, willing to take her by the hand through the whole process. I had found a treasure trove of All American classics that my husband grew up on. He never says so but it’s good to split my cooking between my French and his American. Makes for a fun relationship. Much like potatoes and pizza actually.

Ree lives on a ranch in the middle of vast great lands. I live in a house on stilts in the middle of marsh land. She has four 2-legged offsprings, I have two 4-legged companions. She married a cowboy who herds cows for a living. I married a man of the last frontier, history teaching. In her cooking, Ree makes do of what is available in her neck of the woods. I had to learn quickly what is Lowcountry cooking. Her cookbook is #1 in the New York Times Best Sellers list. Mine is still being edited (more on that later, promise) See…completely the same. Ahah!

Pizza Ingredients

Don’t these fancy baby leeks look like glorified green onions?

I don’t know Ree. Sure I have met her at BlogHer Food in San Francisco and exchanged a few words but that’s about it. Yet, and I don’t know how she does it, she is one of the most kind hearted ladies, taking time in her incredibly busy schedule and many roles to make you feel like what you say did not get lost in the big emptiness of the internet. I can guess it has got to be mind boggling for her how life has changed for her family in the last few years. It would make people feel uneasy, others would get the big head. Yet, Ree remains her natural, super nice, dorky self. I do need to say that she made me blush bright red when she put me in the same sentence a Matt Armendariz at BlogHer. Ugh!

Ree’s cookbook reads like a novel. There is food and there is life on the ranch, life with the kids, daily thoughts and aspirations. The one most excited about getting the book was my husband however. He can relate to the recipes, they were part of his mom’s stapples. He thought that whereas I fought the generation gap with his mother and the can of Ro-Tel, I would relate to Ree’s fresh approach to life and cooking as she was trying to adapt to her new territory. He was right. Copies of my mother-in-law’s Little League cookbooks are collecting dust but The Pioneer Woman Cooks is being earmarked by the both of us. He seldoms cooks so he loves the step by step pictures while I skip those for the stories. I like stories.

Ree’s book does not need another review, yet I can tell you that B. is extremely excited to eat “Pioneer Woman” this weekend while I am away. I have been invited by the great folks of The Grove Park Inn in Asheville to be a judge in their annual National Gingerbread House Competition. I am not only extremely honored but thrilled to be in a group comprising Colette Peters and Chef Lodge to name a couple. I thought that B. would be able to accompany me but he’s stuck with gigs this weekend. Instead, gal pal Tami from Running With Tweezers is coming up from Atlanta to share some of the fun and mountain air. In preparation of the trip, I made a few things that Bill loved and that he could easily reheat at night. One of them was this potato-leek pizza except it was devoured the moment it came out of the oven (well, after a few pictures).

Potato - Leek Pizza

I felt a bit pioneer-ish shopping for the ingredients when the only leeks I could find were fancy baby ones (did not have time to get to another store). Despite the double price tag, they looked a lot like green onions to me and I think I even aggravated the store clerck when I said so. I hate to aggravate them because they do order fancy stuff for me when I ask them. They are indeed green onions and they did taste like leeks however so all’s well. The combination of potatoes, leeks, bacon ang goat cheese made me think of Frenchified loaded American baked potatoes meeting their Italian cousin on a bed of mozarella and tender pizza crust. Awesome…and I am packing two slices for the road.

I hate to tell you I’m going to frolic in gingerbread goodness in a paradise like retreat while some of you have to work, play hard or are stuck sick at home. That’s why I am psyched that Ree generously offered to giveaway THREE copies of her book to three readers. If you want a chance to win, here is what to do:
– leave a comment on this post
– ONE entry per person – if you don’t see your comment right away, give me a few hours before re-posting as I have the moderator on.
– Enter until Wednesday November 18th at midnight, US eastern time.

Have a great weekend!

Potato - Leek Pizza

Potato Leek Pizza, with permission of Ree Drummond:

6 slices thick bacon, cut into 1-in pieces
3 leeks, sliced thinly
Extra virgin olive oil
5 small red or Yukon Gold potatoes, sliced paper thin
16 ounces fresh mozzarella cheese, sliced thinly
4 oz crumbled goat cheese (I used twice that much:))
Parmesan cheese, grated
Kosher salt
Freshly ground black pepper
Unbaked pizza crust

Preheat oven to 500 degrees
Begin by frying bacon pieces in a skillet over medium heat until cooked but not crisp. Remove bacon from pan and pour off most of the grease. Set bacon aside.
Return skillet to stove and turn heat to medium-low.
Slice leeks very thinly. A sharp knife helps.
Add leeks to the same pan and sauté over medium-low heat until soft, about 3 minutes. Remove from heat and set aside.
Using a sharp knife or mandoline, slice potatoes very thin.
Prepare pizza crust according to directions, and drizzle lightly with olive oil. Sprinkle lightly with salt. Arrange potatoes in a single layer all over crust, slightly overlapping edges. Sprinkle potatoes lightly with salt, then lay mozzarella slices in a single layer over the top of the potatoes.
Place sautéed leeks over the top of the cheese.
Next, sprinkle the fried bacon pieces over the top, followed by a generous addition of crumbled goat cheese.
Finally, sprinkle with freshly ground black pepper.
Bake pizza for 8 to 11 minutes, or until edges of crust are golden brown and cheese is melted and bubbly. Cut into wedges or squares and serve immediately.

Pizza Crust
Makes two pizza crusts
1 ½ cups warm water
1 teaspoon active dry yeast
4 cups all-purpose flour
1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil
1 teaspoon kosher salt
Extra olive oil for drizzling

Pour warm water into a mixing bowl. Sprinkle yeast over the water.
Stir together flour, olive oil, and salt in a large mixing bowl. Add water/yeast mixture and stir together until just combined. Dough will be very sticky.
Drizzle a little olive oil into a clean mixing bowl. Toss the ball of dough in the bowl and turn over to coat in oil. Cover bowl and place in a warm place for 1 to 2 hours, or cover in plastic wrap and store in the fridge for up to 2 days.





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    I hope I win one of Ree's cookbooks, I am a great fan of hers!

  144. Katie (The Life of a Firefigher's Wife) Avatar
    Katie (The Life of a Firefigher's Wife)

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    Kate Fortune

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    I am glad Ree had a link to your site so I can enter. Also, I will bookmark your site, as I find it wonderful. The weather couldn't be more beautiful for you to be in the mountains. We went last weekend from Atlanta, and it was glorious. Thanks for this give-away !! mawcee

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    Post Grad Hair Cut

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    Second, I just made Ree's skillet cornbread the other day and it was great, so I greatly appreciate her willingness to give away three copies of her book! Fingers crossed 😉

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    TS of eatingclub vancouver

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    I also use Ree to please my husband. Career Army, raised on a farm in Alabama, he finds such joy in dinner when I make anything "Ree".
    I'll be trying this recipe this week thanks to you & I've added your blog to my bookmarks! Great to "meet" you!

    Dona F.

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    the enticing rustic feel of your photos really highlights the beauty of the pizza!

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    Am going to Nashville in Dec. for PW's book signing. Looking forward to it.

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    Ree was right, your pictures are beautiful. Will you be posting some of your weekend? It sounds like it will be a great time! We used to make gingerbread houses every year, but it's been awhile…

  208. Unknown Avatar

    Looks delicious! I have potatoes and leeks fresh from the garden, and some goat cheese sitting in the fridge… maybe I can find another substitute for the bacon, so I won't have to go to the store! (chicken? chicken sausage?)

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    Deb Pullen

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    Cocoa Mango

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    – Sabrina

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    I'm a former northerner turned southerner and now mountain-mama (I hate that name) I lived in the Carolinas for many years and know the Grove Park Inn, Biltmore House and Asheville well. I miss the beach (okay, I really really miss fresh fish and don't even go on about shrimp!) and ocean but love living at 8500 feet above sea level in the beautiful rocky mountains of Colorado. Cooking and baking at this altitude can be a challenge but as my passion is cooking (and eating it too) I vow to never give up trying!

    I hope you have a fabulous time this weekend. Ginger break — yum!

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    Beth Wise

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    I enjoy your blog so so much! In fact, I made the chocolate cake from your Chocolate Espresso Mouse cakes this past week. I don't have espresso powder, so I made some fresh espresso and substituted it for most of the water. Don't know if it's the same as your result, but it tasted wonderful and my family and guests love it! Thank you for the recipe. 🙂

    This pizza looks wonderful too. I make a lot of Ree's recipes and am stuck in the same quandary of having limited access to some ingredients, as I live on a very small ranch in the middle of an island that caters mostly to tourists, so our grocer doesn't care a wide array of ingredients. You're very right about Ree's recipes being straightforward and delicious!

  220. lilmissfoodie Avatar

    i love it when people we respect and admire are humble, funny, and dorky — just like their fans. 🙂 btw, the colors on your pizza shots are incredible!

  221. Jean Badgley Avatar
    Jean Badgley

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    angelilee91@gmail dot com

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    I discovered The Pioneer Woman through the cinnamon rolls too. I'd lost my mom's recipe and it did the job perfectly!

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    Xiaolu @ 6 Bittersweets

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    Michelle {lovely little things}

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    kelli ann & lorie

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    I can't begin to say how delicious that leek-potato-bacon confection looks. *salivate.* Bet the kitchen smells just HEAVENLY while it's baking up, too. mmmmmmmmmm…… (have just made a Tupp cake, it's still warm, so, so, so delicious!)

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    Love the deep richness of your photo's!!

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    The only thing almost as good as the spa is a copy of Ree's book 🙂

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  265. Kati W Avatar
    Kati W

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    It's interesting that you are such a gifted visual artist yet prefer the stories. But the personal stories, insights, and anecdotes are what make cooking blogs so much more compelling than recipe and photo collections. I'm guessing that food blog writers, as a result, make the most engaging cookbook authors. I imagine (hope) that your cookbook will also include stories!
    By the way, I read your post on Jaden Hair's cookbook. You must try the refreshing Vietnamese Summer Rolls!

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    Mary Beth

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    thanks for including me in this great book giveaway!

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    Good luck with judging the gingerbread houses sounds like a fun competition.

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    Nichole B

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    Your artful food is such a pleasure for the eyes! Great inspiration to see someone produce such consistently beautiful work. Best of luck with your cookbook-to-come.

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    Ashley Hales

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    Ashley (from Salt Lake City)

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    Veggie Belly

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    Anyhow, I would be delighted to win a copy of PW's cookbook. I was going to go to her Denver book signing but ended up spending the weekend with my in-laws.

  299. Barb T. Avatar
    Barb T.

    That looks so.freaking.good….the PW cookbook is on my Xmas list but it'd sure be fantastic to win it!

  300. Rebecca Avatar

    When I was 12, I stayed for a few days at the home of family friends. On the evening of the 2nd day, the mother called my mother and said, "Please tell me what I can cook that she'll eat. So far, all that she's eaten since she's been here is potatoes."

    Also, the first time I moved away from home, I proudly called my mother and told her of the bargain I'd gotten on a 20 pound bag of potatoes. She was appalled. TWENTY pounds? She laughed. "You'll never be able to eat 20 lbs of potatoes before they go bad." Well, there were 2 of us, although my roomie wasn't a real big eater either. But we did it.

    And yet…I never thought of them on pizza.

    And if I had, I'd never have pictured such a dish looking so gorgeous.

    Wow. Great job, both the cooking and the camera work.

  301. annie Avatar

    I just want to let you know how much I am in awe of your masterpieces and creations. I may never aspire to put out finished products like you do, but I learn through your blog, and absolutely love your stories and photos. Merci beaucoup pour vos inspirations. D'une admiratrice de Montreal, Quebec.

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    Mary Martha

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    Lisa | Authentic Suburban Gourmet

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    I like to win Ree's book.


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    two red heads and two brunettes

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    Cheryl R

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    This pizza looks too good to be true. And your photographs are beautiful. Thanks for all the lovely posts.

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    Shannon Roberts

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    That pizza looks delicious.

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    This potato leek pizza looks so good, I think it will be our supper tomorrow night. I would love to be included in your draw, I have been looking at this book, in my local bookshop, and have been hoping Santa might leave under the tree.

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    Brad D.

    Oooh, sounds good!

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    My mom is visiting for the holidays and I want to blow her away w some new gourmet yet homemade eats 🙂

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    Jackie Blue

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    Marilyn Miller

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    Ciao Chow Linda

    I am a big fan of pizza with potatoes and am glad to see it finally becoming more available here in the states.

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    Great Giveaway!!! How generous of Ree.

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    My family gets so excited when I make Ree's recipes as they are true family and crowd pleasers. I make her cinnamon rolls now every New Years Day and many of her other recipes throughout the year. This potato leek pizza looks fantastic, thanks for sharing! and thanks for all of your lovely recipes as well–looking forward to news about your cookbook!

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    I would love to win one of Ree's cookbooks – it's on my Christmas wish list, but Hubby is notorious for ignoring my Christmas wish list and buying me a gun or a kitchen appliance – whatever suits his fancy that day 🙂 It's ok though – he always buys me MUCH nicer stuff than I would ever buy myself! (or ask for on my Christmas list…)

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    Stacy Trimble

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    Can't wait to see PW's book.
    Thanks for the give away.

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    Susie C.

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    Carolyn G

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  362. oneordinaryday Avatar

    It's funny, but when I was looking at your photos I was thinking… "Huh, maybe I don't know what a leek looks like after all, since I've never actually cooked with them." : ) Glad to hear you thought they steered you towards green onions too. LOL
    This looks positively delicious. Wish I had a couple slices right now.

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    Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo

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    Must. Make. Tonight.

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    Simply Mother

    That pizza looks YUMMY.

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    i love the images with this post! your images are always lovely, and always bring joy to my eyes. but there is something deep and thoughtful about these photos, with the dark background, beautiful contrasts, and savory ingredients. a perfect combination for this time of year.

    thank you!!

  370. Danger Kitten Avatar
    Danger Kitten

    Looks like a homemade pizza and beer night! My husband and I have started doing this every Friday, and it's a great tradition. I also love potatoes on pizza. I first had potatoes on pizza in Italy and thought it was going to be so strange, but it's actually remarkably good! Hoping to get a chance at one of those Pioneer Woman books…

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    chocolate and croissants at yahoo dot com

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    Your photography is simply amazing. So beautiful. And, the Pioneer Woman's cookbook looks awesome. 🙂

  379. Suburban prep Avatar
    Suburban prep

    That pizza looks so delicious. I like potato leek other things so I never thought of it on pizza. I will have to give it a try.

    msgb245 at gmail dot com

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    noëlle {simmer down!}

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  382. Messy Kitchen, Frazzled Cook Avatar
    Messy Kitchen, Frazzled Cook

    I too love all things starchy; pasta, bread, potatoes…num num. This looks like a real winner, and yet satisfying.

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  386. Slacker Mom Avatar
    Slacker Mom

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  388. Rachael, Pistachio Press Avatar
    Rachael, Pistachio Press

    Yum, yum, yum! I've been making lots of pizza lately and this looks delicious. I'll skip the bacon since we don't eat meat, but I'm most certainly going to be making this recipe for dinner this week.

    And the step-by-step photos are genius! Thank you.

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    Great recipe… I love leeks, and love pizza! Thanks for the giveaway, I hope I win it!

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    Thanks for inspiring with your cooking!

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  393. Marketing Mama Avatar
    Marketing Mama

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    All That's Left Are The Crumbs

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    Yumi Payne

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    Tracy R

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    Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife

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  407. The Park Wife Avatar
    The Park Wife

    I just wanted to concur with you about Ree's down to earth, kind heartedness. She is an amazing woman and her cookbook is fantastic. Have a great time, don't eat too many raisens, jelly beans, or peppermint sticks.

  408. Anonymous Avatar

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    Summerlight Photography

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  411. Caitlin Avatar

    Ooooh- potatoes on pizza!! I would never have thought of it, but now it sounds delicious, and I'm doing to have to try it the next time we make pizza. The same thing happened to me with onion preserves on pizza- which, by the way, are really amazing!!!
    And I can see why Ree's cookbook is #1- what a lovely recipe!

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  422. Anonymous Avatar

    p.s. from nancy…a typo in pp starting with "I felt a bit pioneerish…" ang instead of and in the sentence "…potatoes, leeks, bacon ang goat cheese.

    I'm going to use some of your recipes as I'm having 4 French citizens over for Thanksgiving… they are bringing the wine, of course! Wish me luck!!

  423. Jess Avatar

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  425. Anonymous Avatar

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  427. dizzylizzy Avatar

    Thanks for sharing the potato-leek pizza. Can't wait to make it. thanks for sharing your musings on your family life and your beautiful photography and great recipes that entice one to want to cook and have fun doing so!

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  429. Donna Steinhorn Avatar
    Donna Steinhorn

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  430. Baked Alaska Avatar
    Baked Alaska

    ooh, I'd love to win a copy of that cookbook. I just made pizza for dinner last night and lunch today-leeks, zucchini and goat cheese. Last time I made it I put potatoes on it. The addition of bacon would be wonderful.

  431. Tracey Avatar

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    Have a great time in Asheville!

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  433. Maddie Avatar

    Thanks for the recipe! It looks delicious. Your pictures make me want to lick the computer, as usual. You have a wonderful blog.

  434. Unknown Avatar

    Hi Helen, your blog rocks ! You and Ree are adorable, I am sure your book will be a great success too !
    Have fun at the National Gingerbread House Competition !

  435. Unknown Avatar

    Mmm…that pizza sounds and looks fantastic! I'd make it but no one else at my house would eat it – they are boring old cheese pizza eaters. 🙁

  436. looseleaves Avatar

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    Megan A. @ Megan Homemade

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    C'est mon annie-versaire 😉

    And I love stories too.

    PS. Ton blog m'enchante

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    Jade d'Alpoim Guedes

    Great recipe! it's wonderful with just potatoes and rosemary and lots of olive oil and no cheese as well.

  445. Unknown Avatar

    I would love to win this book! If I dont it is going on my christmas list for sure!

  446. Elizabeth Avatar

    WOW! I would have never thought to put potatoes on pizza! As much as my crew likes pizza (and all the ingredients listed here)I am excited to put it all together and make it for them.
    Would love to try more of the Pioneer Woman's recipes too!
    Have been hearing so much about her! Thanks to all for offering a great give-away like this!

  447. A daydreamer in an overachiever's world. Avatar
    A daydreamer in an overachiever's world.

    There's not a single ingredient in that pizza that I don't love! I'll be making this one for sure…

  448. Heather (The Momshell Diet) Avatar
    Heather (The Momshell Diet)

    What an exciting giveaway! I love potato pizza. My favourite version is whole spelt flour crust topped with steamed, sliced potatoes, a little rosemary oil and a smattering of sea salt. Simple but delicious.

  449. Jessica Avatar

    This looks amazing! Mmm maybe add some fresh basil and spinach…

  450. Liz Avatar

    Yum! I was thinking I wanted pizza, and I have some leeks that I need to use up too! Perfect 🙂

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    Liz Johnston

    That does look tasty and very pretty too! thanks. for the chance to win.

  453. Megan Avatar

    I've got leeks galore from my CSA box and I've been trying to find out what to do with them. This will be perfect! Yum!

  454. Leanne Avatar

    All I can think of to say is YUM!! (O:

  455. Di Avatar

    Mmm. I'm going to have to try this one. I've never met a potato I didn't like, and I love leeks as well. But I wouldn't have thought to put them on pizza. Cool. I'm going to have to take a look at the cookbook, too.

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    What a great pizza recipe and I'm drooling already. Also I had just wanted to order Ree's book through Amazon last week. Looks as if I'll hold back on it for a while .. keeping my fingers (plus toes) crossed.

  459. Anonymous Avatar

    First the chocolate sheet cake on Bakerella and now the pizza! The Pioneer Woman Cookbook sounds wonderful! Thanks for the chance to win one for the holidays!


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    I'd love a copy!

  461. Janice Avatar

    We love potatoes but have never had them on pizza. I can't wait to try this recipe…I am feeling hungry again just looking at the photos!

  462. Dani H Avatar
    Dani H

    When I saw the title of this post, my first thought was "but that's starch on starch" so I had to laugh to myself when you described your conversations with your father. It looks soooo good that I think I'll have to try it very soon. I would absolutely LOVE a copy of Ree's cookbook. I am more excited about the prospect of a cookbook from you! Thanks for a chance at the giveaway. Have a great trip.

  463. Unknown Avatar

    Ree's blog is always fun, but so is yours!

  464. Bombay Foodie Avatar
    Bombay Foodie

    The pizza looks great. I would love to win a book filled with such lovely recipes.

  465. Anonymous Avatar

    Oh that pizza looks so good!!! It's midnight and now because of this post I'm craving pizza big time… however i don't think the local pizza place have anything remote that good!!

  466. EllensCreativePassage Avatar

    I just love Ree and her blog! That pizza looks scrumptious!! Must try that recipe soon.

  467. Unknown Avatar

    Your photos have me salivating. I love your blog!

  468. mara Avatar

    Looks so good, love the dark tones in the photos too.

  469. doughmesstic Avatar

    Hi Helen! Hope you are having a great time in Asheville. (as I feel sure you are!)
    So, I just wanted to say that this post may have converted me. You may recall our tweets…about other bloggers…and now? Well, I can see that I may just have to put this one particualr issue aside. Such a warm post – so kind – and so, well, YOU!
    As for potatoes on pizza, i have been doing that for YEARS. We had them on a pizza in DC over 15 years ago, and it's possibly my favorite topping now. Have you tried putting cooked rotini pasta on a pizza? Equally good.
    Have fun gingerbreading!! – Susan aka DoughMessTic

  470. Triss Avatar

    Actually I found your blog through the Pioneer Women site. Great job, to the both of you.

    Stop. It. Your pictures are making me hungry 😉 🙂

  471. Randi Avatar

    that pizza looks AMAZING. i keep thinking – must make pizza at home, and then chickening out for some reason. with my new kitchen aid mixer, maybe i can get up the courage. 🙂

  472. Angela Avatar

    two of my favourite blogs linked by a great give-away. I'm in. Thanks girls.

  473. Mary J Avatar
    Mary J

    Wow! That looks so good. I need to make that pizza for dinner tomorrow night!

  474. Mary J Avatar
    Mary J

    Wow! That looks so good. I need to make that pizza for dinner tomorrow night!

  475. Unknown Avatar

    holy warm, melty, delicious goodness! i am SO making this pizza pronto. from your brief "bio" for Ree…i think i'd like to be like her when i grow up – haha. have a great time in the gingerbread wonderland – pretty on the eyes AND the nose :o)

  476. Irene Avatar

    And I thought you only ate dessert, Helen! 😉 Gorgeous photography on this post, even more gorgeous than usual (how is that possible…). I would love a copy of Ree's book. She's an inspiration.

  477. Louise Avatar

    I have been baking sweeties all afternoon. Successful lemon bars (a tweeked bakerella recipe) and a cinnamon walnut mudcake waiting to cool enough to slice. The raspberry red velvet cupcakes are 2nd rate though, but, on on! Time for savouries and this looks perfect for Sunday night dinner. Thanks!

  478. Malia Avatar

    Oh, I got leeks and potatoes at the farmers' market today, so will pick up some goat cheese tomorrow, and make this for friends coming over. Thanks, as always!

  479. coriander Avatar

    Looks delicious! I love potato on pizza, but hadn't thought of leeks. Leave it to PW, I guess!

  480. Gretchen Noelle Avatar
    Gretchen Noelle

    Lovely photos and I enjoyed reading your post.

  481. emilyadi Avatar

    Wow, beautiful photography!

  482. The Purple Foodie Avatar
    The Purple Foodie

    I would have never thought of putting leeks and potato on a pizza. Your photos are amazing and I am off to buy some leeks in next few hours.

  483. Anonymous Avatar

    That is a very interesting pizza for sure! I have never had goat cheese so will have to try it soon.

    I do not have Ree's cookbook yet and hopefully I can win one!

  484. Alexandra Avatar


    What a cool invitation–to capture and bottle the scent in that room!

    I am enamored with the contrast of dark and light…it really brings out the rustic qualities of your pizza!

    *ps I left a comment earlier today, and as i was printing out the recipe for the dough just now, i noticed my comment wasn't published. If this is a second comment, please do not disqualify me from your drawing. It may be an oversight on my part

  485. Deborah Mele Avatar
    Deborah Mele

    I am thoroughly enjoying Ree's Tasty Kitchen site and would love a copy of her new cookbook. Was planning on buying it anyway once I returned to the US but winning a copy would be even better!

    That pizza looks amazing. We will certainly give it a try in our pizza oven!

  486. D. @ Outside Oslo Avatar
    D. @ Outside Oslo

    Your pizza photos are gorgeous. As I recently started a blog on Scandinavian food and culture, I recently discovered how tricky food photography really is. I wish my high school and college photography classes would have dealt with this very specialized form of photography!

  487. Erika from The Pastry Chef At Home Avatar
    Erika from The Pastry Chef At Home

    Lovely photos – especially the flower sprinkled dough.

    ps: those baby leeks do look a lot like scallions.

  488. Sophie J Avatar
    Sophie J

    Leeks, cheese, and bacon? Ree? I'm in!

  489. Anonymous Avatar

    Amazing! Your photos are beautiful and the pizza looks absolutely delicious! I've yet to try potatoes on a pizza.
    I'm a PW fan too and would LOVE her book! Thanks for the opportunity! 😀

  490. Christina Avatar

    Yum! I have never thought to do the leek + potato combination on pizza (I make soup all the time) and I have a bunch of leeks to use right now from our weekly produce box. Thank you so much for sharing!

  491. Vicki Avatar

    Potatoes on pizza, who knew it could look so good?

  492. Unknown Avatar

    I'm hungry now.
    If the selection is random, I suppose I have just as much chance as anyone else…there are many posts…..it would be most lovely if I did win…oh joy!

  493. Dami Avatar

    i am so hungry right now. and i love the pioneer woman!

  494. alvina Avatar

    OMG! definitely don't want to miss out on this chance! i've already missed out over at bakerella!
    i would love a copy for sure! =)

  495. Megan Gordon Avatar
    Megan Gordon

    Beautiful photos, Helen. This looks like the perfect fall meal. Thank you!

  496. Paragon2Pieces Avatar

    I would love a copy!

    Between your blog, smitten kitchen, and PW I am FINALLY learning how to cook. My mother (who hates nothing more than cooking) doesn't understand what has come over me. Thank you for the inspiration 🙂

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