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Last Call For Mousse!

This is the last call for you to get me your entry to HHDD 11 Mousse!
I know that a lot of us have had internet connection issues (me included) so I am extending the deadline to sunday…LAST DAY….after that get ready for a round up of the most intriguing, gorgeous, mouth watering mousses I have ever seen!

The recipe for the mousse in the picture is just a variation of this one. I added grated fresh ginger and a dash of nutmeg…delicious!

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Anne April 21, 2007 um 12:08 pm

Those white chocolate mousse looks really tempting, I bet I can finish all three glasses in just one sitting down 🙂

Unknown April 22, 2007 um 7:15 pm

I was SO planning on doing HHDD, but the due date snuck up on me right in the middle of my exams! Sorry!

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