French Word A Week: Lait


I meant to post this yesterday but time got a bit away from me. All 24 hours of it. It’s Spring. Spring in Charleston is something else. Everyone is everywhere, all at once, all together, all the time. Buzz, buzz, buzz! Let’s just say that I can’t wait to get a fill of colors and good people today at the farmers’ market and grab a pain au chocolat for him and a cafe au lait, double milk, for me.

Yes, this week’s word is milk. “Lait” (click on link for pronunciation) (and if you were in France in the 1990s, remember this?)

If you ever go or have been to France you will notice that we take our morning cup of coffee with milk rather seriously. We take the entire dairy world just as seriously actually. No kidding. The first picture in this post by David Lebovitz pretty much sums it up. Plain, fruity, creamy, chunky, organic, artisan… you name it – we have it.

And I do have a slight collective penchant for milk bottles of all shapes and sizes.

When I feel my energy level dip or my brain getting more fogged up than usual, I know I need a little boost of milk. A tad more than the few drops I pour in my morning coffee. Which is why I love our farmers market, I can get fresh from the farm raw milk all throughout the summer the way we used to back home.

So…What do you do to get that extra jolt to make it through the week? Please share! Food related or not.

Have a great weekend!

*Vintage enamel cup from ebay
**ceramic milk bottle (gift) from
Alyssa Ettinger

***distressed wood handmade by yours truly





44 responses to “French Word A Week: Lait”

  1. Paula Avatar

    for me one of the best and so quick thing with milk is white hot chocolate with milk – I absolutely love it!

  2. Alessa Avatar

    Black tea with milk in the morning… when I'm tired in the afternoon, I need something fresh: a ripe, sweet tomato, a fresh, yummy strawberry, raw red bell-pepper or cucumber with a sprinkle of salt…

  3. bunkycooks Avatar

    Definitely a cappuccino in the morning…sometimes two! If it's later in the day, a cup of tea or a piece of dark chocolate helps to perk me up.

  4. Jessica @ How Sweet Avatar
    Jessica @ How Sweet

    Love how gorgeous the French words are. The only thing that really helps me get the week is a good workout, and … chocolate!

  5. Karina Avatar

    I like a good cat nap! And if I can't have that, eating healthy always makes me feel better.

  6. Tashie Avatar

    To make it through a long week, I take some time out to prepare dessert. Nothing like a beautiful dessert, doesn't have to be fancy, for a pick me up.

    And, pray tell, how does one handmake a table? Its just gorgeous – I've been noticing it through all your shots.

  7. Helene Avatar

    Natasha: for the table I simply go to Lowes and purchase planks of wood that my husband cuts to size and I distress them. There tons of DIY tutorials online for that. Some planks are then nailed together to form a table top-like plank and others are left un-nailed so I can carry them with me on photoshoot. I have made several tones and kinds: light grey-white, this one, a dark stained one, etc…

  8. Sunshinemom Avatar

    For me it is music! When I am low, in doubt, when it is Wednesday and I am wishing that the week would come to an end, all I need is good, hard rock and lots of Green Day, Jason Mraz and Glenn Campbell to boost me up:).

  9. Eléonora Avatar

    Tout est joli et le lait est tellement bon ! Bon week-end !

  10. yummy supper Avatar
    yummy supper

    I do love my coffee. In the afternoon when a siesta is appealing but impossible, I have a large rich cup of coffee – with a splash (or two) of raw heavy cream I am in heaven!

  11. Daydreamer Desserts Avatar
    Daydreamer Desserts

    I personally enjoy having an extra hot Americano, {talkin' coffee} 😉 when I feel my battery is running low… that always seems to do the trick.

  12. Lia Avatar

    Bake some macarons and see them rise beautifully in the oven.. Of course, it can totally go the other way if I get flat or cracked macarons 🙂

  13. Unknown Avatar

    Mine has to be chocolate.. anything chocolate.. I have my bit of coffee in the morning and Dr. Pepper all day.. but what helps me get through a rough day is chocolate!!

  14. Fink Avatar

    After living in Italy and being given the furrowed brow every time I asked for sugar, I am a Espresso gal for good. Although I do like to whip a little whole milk on my stove when I need a little extra something-something.

  15. Aparna Balasubramanian Avatar
    Aparna Balasubramanian

    Lait is one of the words I do in French! 🙂
    And I like it in my tea – hot, strong, milky, not too sweet with chai masala.

    Know your penchant for milk bottles. They're there in a lot of your pictures. 🙂

  16. Sarah Avatar

    I desperately miss France whenever I read your blog.

    Or maybe, whenever I desperately miss France I read your blog!

  17. Tony Avatar

    I do love good milk from a small farm, but the one thing I can't live without is roasted-almond butter. I eat it by the spoonful, usually at the end of a long day or after a good workout. It's incredibly addicting and healthy (in moderation).
    I like your milk bottles, btw 😀

  18. angela@spinachtiger Avatar

    I seriously love milk, which leads to probably my favorite food in the whole world..vanilla ice cream. I must have it every night (a little bit).

    And, yes those milk bottles are so soul satisfying.

  19. Anonymous Avatar

    "Papa, c'est quoi cette bouteille de lait!?
    Papa, c'est quoi cette bouteille de lait!?
    Papa, comment on fait les bebes?"

    hahaha..oui je m'en souviens comme si c'etait hier de cette pub. Rha lala.. c'est un sacre flashback ca dis-donc. 🙂

  20. shaz Avatar

    Oh I love that milk bottle and the whole gorgeous photo, especially the blurred strawberries. And I've often wondered about your wonderfully distressed backdrops, thanks for sharing your tips Helene.

    I need caffeine to perk up, usually coffee or chocolate or both together 🙂

  21. Sab Avatar

    Papa, comment on fait les bébés? Papa, c'est quoi cette bouteille de lait? 😉 ça remonte mais elle était chouette cette pub, on ne l'oublie pas, un peu comme "tu pousses le bouchon un peu trop loin Maurice!".

    Photo sublime comme toujours, épurée, douce, immaculée!

    Hum ça me donne envie de manger un bon yaourt aux fruits!

    A bientôt!

  22. Emily @ The Southern Belle Blogs Avatar
    Emily @ The Southern Belle Blogs

    I was able to finally visit Charleston two weekends ago (I live in North Carolina), and even though I barely got to see any of the city, I fell in love with its charm. I went down for a college formal, so most of my weekend was spent waiting around on others, but that Saturday, we did get the opportunity to go downtown and walk around (though we did get lost). I can't wait to go back when I have time to explore it's charm.

  23. baking&love Avatar

    I actually hated milk since young. Hahaha!!! I'm serious, but the odd thing is I like baking with milk very much 😀 Anyway, I really look forward to your weekly "french word" posts! It's super interesting to me except that I haven't any idea how to pronounce them! ('d been a friendly stalker of your blog for months, this is my first time commenting! :))

  24. Allison Avatar

    Orange Juice. Nothing but orange juice can both wake me up in the morning and setle me down at night before bed.

  25. Helene Avatar

    baking and love: click on the highlighted link displayed with the word in French and you are led to a pronunciation page.

  26. Truly Smitten Avatar
    Truly Smitten

    I usually pick out a good book to read on the patio while enjoying yummy pastry. This helps me "refresh" myself for the rest of the week. By the way, I love that white milk bottle! gorgeous~

  27. Unknown Avatar

    Thank-You for sharing where you get your props! It's interesting to see how your collection has come together, and where I might find something of particular interest.

    I find your pictures are always inspirational, and full of beauty. Clicking on your link I can't contain my excitement. There is a pleasant surprise awaiting me when you post something new. Without question there is always something for my eyes to feast on!

    Take care. X

  28. Unknown Avatar

    Thank-You for sharing where you get your props! It's interesting to see how your collection has come together, and where I might find something of particular interest.

    I find your pictures are always inspirational, and full of beauty. Clicking on your link I can't contain my excitement. There is a pleasant surprise awaiting me when you post something new. Without question there is always something for my eyes to feast on!

    Take care. X

  29. t__marie Avatar

    There is a dairy in okanagan BC that still sells milk in galss jars–its a beautiful thing and i buy it not only for quality (it makes the best ricotta cheese) but for the way it looks in the fridge. Makes for a great flower vase too

  30. Unknown Avatar

    I am loving all the strawberries lately! I am usually ok in the mornings, but I can't survive the afternoon without a little something chocolatey.

  31. The Teacher Cooks Avatar
    The Teacher Cooks

    I love to sit on the front porch with a good book and iced sweet tea. Love your photo!

  32. Susan Avatar

    I get a jolt when my macarons turn out perfectly!

  33. Diala C. Avatar
    Diala C.

    The best thing is to wake up to a double espresso machiato with extra milk..nothing better!

  34. Q. Avatar

    Iced black tea – unsweetened (despite my Southern upbringing in South Carolina:)
    It invigorates me like nothing else.
    I do adore lots and lots of milk in coffee, too! My boyfriend jokes that I like a little coffee with my milk:) Pretty accurate.

  35. PastryPrincess Avatar

    i grew up with unprocessed milk straight from the utter of happy cows and surprisingly i'm the only one in my family without allergies – so much for the power of milk! 😉

    i definitely need to brush up on my french, too now that i'm studying at le cordon bleu! all these pages of culinary vocabulary we've to know… i try practicing my french with our quirky (or should i say adorably crazy?!)and veeery french chefs. let me tell you it's really hard work to speak proper french with correct grammar all the while trying to perfectly turn 7-sided vegetables…! ;P

  36. FoodFitnessFreshair Avatar

    Your photos are stunning. Putting milk in glass makes it so much more appealing. I'm a sucker for green smoothies for pick-me-ups!

  37. Rhonda Avatar

    You have used two of my favorite words in any language – vanilla and milk. I love milk but as I've aged I'm afraid it doesn't like me, but when I feel bad/sad I have to have some…the so good so bad thing battling it out.

    Love your pictures, so cool and clean.

  38. David Avatar

    Can't you be "la" tartelette, (c'est jolie) or has that been grabbed, too?

  39. Lisa Avant Avatar
    Lisa Avant

    A handful of Ghirardelli 60% Dark Chocolate Chips always does the trick at 3:00pm and sometimes again at 7:00pm. Very nice, inexpensive chocolate! In the a.m.,medium roast coffee with soy milk and a bit of honey! These always make my day better.

  40. Anonymous Avatar

    tea with milk…8 times a day. it is what makes me work. and if it has been a particularily bad day, an evening of baking makes it better. Doesn't matter what I bake, as long as I get to do it. I love your blog, I love your blog, I love your blog! J'adore. Merci. -Bridgid

  41. alyssa Avatar

    hey there, thank you so much for posting such a gorgeous pic of my bottle, i really appreciate it! would you mind if i used it on my site (for credit, of course)


  42. Helene Avatar

    alyssa: absolutely! thanks!

  43. bridget {bake at 350} Avatar
    bridget {bake at 350}

    One of the things my husband LOVES to tease me about is when we were first married, we went on a trip to New Orleans. Sitting at Cafe du Monde…ordering beignets and coffee. I ordered a "cafe au LOT!" My face it red even typing it!!! I knew I had it wrong, I just couldn't work it out before ordering. 😉

  44. Ade Sri Avatar
    Ade Sri

    I drink milk with hot chocolate and mostly for muffins or custard cake like Klappertaart. Milk is great! 🙂

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