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An Anniversary: The Other Half Of The Team…


No recipes today. No profound thoughts about life and/or culinaria. Tonight’s dinner consists of a big antipasti platter and a few glasses of Prosecco.

I just wanted to take a moment and formerly introduce, on our 14th anniversary, the other half of the team, my husband William, a.k.a Bill, a.k.a Junior, a.k.a Billy…

Happy Anniversary Babe!

We are both working tonight but that did not prevent us from exchanging a propos cheesy cards.
Mine read I was fearless. His read he was extraordinary. I can’t wait to live the new adventures of the next 14 years.


Thank you to my dear friend Tanya of Tanya Boggs Photography for taking a few portrait shots with us last month. The firsts since we got married! She is one super talented photographer.