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Guest Blogging : Bliss In The Kitchen

Yes, I am taking an extra day off but have no fear I am putting it to good use, working like mad, making plenty of ice cream and cakes (!). I am so happy and thrilled of the warm welcome you gave JenYu when she guest posted that I am thrilled to have you getting acquainted with today’s guest. A friend of mine is a painter, her business cards read "I can live without a lot of things but beauty is not one of them". That is exactly how I feel about my guest blogger today, Mrs French.

As it happens to a lot of us when we blog hop, I found Bliss, her blog, one night and could not unglue myself from the screen. I wanted to put a sticker on every thing she posted. She has a knack for finding the beautiful, the rare, the soulful, the talent. She has the talent of passing her finds on to her reader and gives, gives, gives. She is talent herself, an amazing photographer, a risk taker and a super cool mom. Look at what she compiled for us here today, beauty and soul…all around what touches us the most: the kitchen! Thank you Mrs. French!

P.S: I need to thank the readers who took the time out of their day to go an nominate Tartelette in the Chef category and the Overall category in the Food Blog Awards 2009. Thank you, I am very touched.
My name is Mrs. French and I don’t bake and rarely cook. I thought it only fair that I get that off my chest. I figure since I have been asked to guest post today that I should be completely honest. However, I do love food. I love photographs of food and am absolutely transfixed reading how it is prepared. Hence my addiction to lovely Tartelette.

I have a blog…bliss. I believe I am a specialist in lovely things (at least things I find lovely). I find things and share them with my readers, hoping they find them beautiful too. I have a folder for everything…I collect images and words throughout my days and save them like treasures on my computer. One of these collections happens to be plum full of kitchens. I may not be much of a chef, but the kitchen is, to me the most important room in the house. The heart if you will…it is where my family spends most of it’s time and where so many of our memories are created. I currently do not have a love affair with my kitchen but am quite smitten with the ones in my collection…one day I hope to feel the same about my own.

I could never compare to Helen…but I love sharing a bit of myself here today. If you like what you see please stop by and see a few more kitchens that just may coax out the inner chef in me….thank you so much…xo mrs. french



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