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  • In The Kitchen With Lemonpi

    To say that I am thrilled to have Yuie from Lemonpi guest blog today is an understatement. I am honored that she jumped right in when I asked and look at that dessert she made for the occasion! We don’t know each other much outside our blog but I have been following hers for quite […]

  • Kitchen Tour Series

    B. and I are hanging out with Jen today and opening up the kitchen as part of her Kitchen Tour Series. We even got the pupps to stay still for a photo op! Head over to Use Real Butter if you want the lowdown on our kitchen and pantry space. Thank you Jen for having […]

  • Guest Blogging: Mele Cotte’s Ode to Macarons

    Be ready for a sweet post today! Actually, I am leaving this space to my friend Chris while I am knee deep working on the pictures for the book (selecting just one per recipe is not that easy!!). I wish I could find three words to describe Chris, but three are never enough for that. […]

  • Guest Posting: Cannelle Et Vanille’s Flickr Favorites

    Guest Posting: Cannelle Et Vanille’s Flickr Favorites

    A few of you have left comments wondering how I find the time to bake, work, blog with my parents here for a month. Beside needing only a few hours of sleep, I have great friends willing to jump in here for a visit with you. I feel blessed to be able to count today’s […]

  • Profiteroles With Chartreuse Ice Cream & A Book Giveaway

    (For the book giveaway, scroll down to the end of this post) I am really excited to introduce you to Anita from Married With Dinner as my guest blogger this weekend. When I first started blogging, there weren’t as many blogs to get lost into captivated by delicious recipes and lovely photos. One lucky day […]

  • Guest Blogging : Quaint Tea

    Guest Blogging : Quaint Tea

    I am playing hooky today… Well, not really, but I am getting pudding brains this close to deadline and I need all the extra bit of time I can find. After coming to the conclusion that sleep is highly overrated and lunch has been replaced by a cup of soup and a piece of toast […]

  • Guest Blogging : Bliss In The Kitchen

    Guest Blogging : Bliss In The Kitchen

    Yes, I am taking an extra day off but have no fear I am putting it to good use, working like mad, making plenty of ice cream and cakes (!). I am so happy and thrilled of the warm welcome you gave JenYu when she guest posted that I am thrilled to have you getting […]

  • Guest Post: Almond Blancmange

    Surprise! I am here but I am not really here…. At the beginning of the year I mentionned that there would be some new and familiar faces coming by to mend the fort while I would focus on deadlines for the cookbook. The support these people have given me is beyond any expectations whether it […]

  • Food And Photography – Guest Posting

    Seeing my desserts through a lens, becoming the “director of photography” of my own baking ( and I say that in the lightest way possible, wink!)…I would have never thought I would enjoy it so much, live it so much and want to learn from professional food photographers. That’s why I have always refrained from […]