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A Buttercream Weekend – In Need Of Fruit!

Honey And Lavender Opera

Update 1: for a first account of the weekend, read John’s post here.

Update 2: Sorry for the confusion but this was not the wedding cake, I was just dipping into the archives to illustrate the buttercream.

As you can see I am using a little trip in the archives to sum up the last 5 days spent at Lisa’s for her wedding. There was a lot of buttercream indeed, a little over 6 pounds of it actually for her wedding cake. I am still at her house and won’t be back until later tonight but I will run some funny-interesting numbers for you later in the week. The food was beyond good, the people and friends I met were absolutely fantastic and even though there were quite a few nights that led to a 5am bed time, when we finally sat down this afternoon there was a huge smile on everybody’s face a couple of miles long. I have so many stories and memories that it is all a big happy blur in my head right now and as soon as I download and go through all the pictures tomorrow, I will make sure to give you an idea of what an incredible trip it was.

I thought that a little trip into Opera land with a previous Daring Bakers challenge that I loved will give you a tasty tease of more creamy pictures to come…not to mention that the legs in the picture above look nothing like mine after prepping and dancing all night long (was it the vodka or the shoes…who knows?!!). I missed B. and the pupps and now that the festivities are over, my body tired and my heart filled, I am seriously craving a little detox. I know exactly what to make on Tuesday morning to fix this: Apricot And Lavender Panna Cottas! I froze a bunch of apricots over the summer but I guess good quality preserved ones can do in a pinch.

Lavender and Apricot Panna Cotta

Why I am still awake you might ask? Overdrive…pure and simple and so happy about it at the same time!! The topper? Meeting John and R. who came from Pittsburg to be at Lisa’s party and spending 5 awesome days with Kelly who flew back to San Diego Sunday afternoon. More on all of this later…