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You had me at "Brioche"

That’s what B. told me "the morning after" when I asked what he wanted for breakfast: cereals, toast, waffles, brioche. (so much for those other skills…!)
I just pulled out 3 more loaves of sourdough baguettes (I added oat and wheat flours) and this morning I made 1 big brioche and 6 little ones. I plan on making another batch tomorrow and stock all that until next week. It seems like a big production but trust me, all this is not going to last long in our house!

Here is my favorite brioche recipe, adapted slightly from Bo Friberg.


For 18 individual Brioches:

For the Sponge: mix together 1 oz. fresh compressed yeast (or 0.5 dry), 1/2 cup warm milk, 2 Tb. honey and 4 oz. bread flour. cover and let rise until doubled.

For the dough:add to the sponge 2 tsp. of salt, 2oz. granulated sugar, 4 eggs. Mix in 1/2 pound cake flour and 4 to 8 oz. cake flour. Start by adding 4, and if the dough is too sticky continue to add up to 8. Incorporate 4 oz. very soft butterThe dough should not stick to the sides of the bowl and have a shiny appearance. Cover and refrigerate 5 to 6 hours, or until doubled. If you want to use it earlier, let rise at room temp. Punch the dough down and shape into individual molds. Bake at 375 degrees until hollow when tapped, about 20 minutes.

It is hard resisting having one right out of the oven with some butter (more) and honey,

I also made Ashley’s Banana Chocolate Pound Cake but it started raining bad and the light was pretty bad, so that will be for tomorrow.

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Mercotte September 14, 2006 um 4:54 am

Superbe à vrai dire !

Jen September 14, 2006 um 12:16 pm

Those are the most perfect looking brioches I have ver seen. Now that is a a skill!
Helene, why don’t you live closer to me? Whhhyyy?

Helene September 14, 2006 um 12:38 pm

JenJen: and we would grow old together, fatter and happier…!
Mercotte: merci beaucoup! Je viens te rendre visite cet aprem, j’ai besoin d’un extraordinaire gateau au chocolat!

I am trying to edit my banner but so far I only have been successful at erasing the original blogger picture! Can somebody help?

wheresmymind September 14, 2006 um 1:49 pm

Those look great, slightly naughty, but great!!

Monisha September 14, 2006 um 4:02 pm

Hi Helen –
They look adorable, isn’t B a lucky man !

Helene September 14, 2006 um 6:23 pm

Wheresmymind: exactly what we said when I put the picture up. "Big enough to fill the hand of an honest man" as we would say.

Monisha: I have to admit, I completely forgot the egg wash. They look even better with it.

Anonymous September 15, 2006 um 4:46 am

Oh those are just too cute. Too cute!!!

Anonymous September 17, 2006 um 7:31 pm

What great looking brioche. Excellent job!

dumoria September 18, 2006 um 8:29 am

Hey Helene. I have two questions… Why do some brioche recipes call for all purpose flour while others use the type for bread? I suppose that regular flour is better for less buttery recipes.

I wanted to make some levain-based bread last weekend. The levain recipe required 'seigle' flour (i don’t know the english name for it, sorry!)and I couldn’t find any. Would regular wheat do the trick and, in that case, should it be all purpose?


Anonymous September 21, 2006 um 9:31 am

They look like cute little personalities! I usually bake mine in a muffin tray, they do taste really great, but don’t look as beautiful as yours.

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