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Workshops 2016

* February 2nd – 6th 2016: SOLD OUT

A three day food photography and cooking workshop in Charleston, SC with food stylist Tami Hardeman and Chef John Ondo. 

Details & Registration HERE.

* May 16th-20th 2016: SOLD OUT

A three day food styling, photography and cooking workshop in Charleston, SC with Chef John Ondo.

Details and registration HERE.

*September 27th – October 1st 2016:

A 3 day food styling and photography workshop in Tuscany, Italy. 

Details and registration HERE.

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Nickie April 22, 2012 um 6:11 pm

Hi Helen,
do you ever come to Phoenix?
would love to come to a workshop….

Lescotti's June 18, 2012 um 3:40 pm

I am so enamoured with the creativity and style of how you convey the essence of food through your photographs! I live about three hours south of Chicago, so if you ever have a workshop in the Chicago area I will be the first in line to participate. Thank you for being such an inspiration for me!

Unknown October 10, 2012 um 3:55 pm

I am a great fan of your work. My name is Rafaela and I am a Brasilian living in Mexico City. I would really love to participate in one of your food photography workshops, but they are always full. Would I be able to get a message for the 2013 workshops, so I may plan and book ahead ? Thanks

CB October 14, 2012 um 2:20 am

I am a fan of your wonderful work!!! Hope that you will come visit Toronto, Canada someday. I would love to participate in your workshop :)Thanks for being my inspiration 🙂

Unknown October 18, 2012 um 2:21 am

Phoenix AZ needs a workshop!

Yami November 10, 2012 um 1:47 pm

Miami needs a food photography workshop too!
It will be a dream come true.


Unknown December 15, 2012 um 1:45 am

I am a fan of your work!! I was wondering if you ever plan on coming down to Toronto! I would love to attend one of your workshops!! 😀

Unknown April 16, 2013 um 9:46 am

I am a huge fan and hope you come to sunny California soon! You are inspiring!

Unknown April 16, 2013 um 9:47 am

I am a huge fan! I hope to see you in sunny California one day! I'd love to attend one of your workshops! You are so inspiring!

Emeline B April 19, 2013 um 8:03 pm

Bonjour Hélène,

Merci pour votre excellent ouvrage Plate to Pixel, je savoure chaque page…

A quand une formation dans votre pays natal ? J'en reverais…



Sarah H79 March 26, 2014 um 6:53 am

Any chance of a UK workshop this year?

Helene April 1, 2014 um 12:40 am

Emmeline: prevue! Je n'ai qu'un certai nombre de jours de conge donc ce sera plus pour 2015 je pense.

Sarah: Not this year unfortunately. Hopefully in 2015.

A day with V April 8, 2014 um 6:53 am

Hi I'm valentina, I've just discovered you and your beautiful photos, hope you'll plan a workshop in Europe too, soon or later. I lived in Australia for two years, unfortunately I didn't know you before otherwise NZ was perfect. Wish you all the best have a good day.

Mia July 24, 2014 um 12:50 am

I am just in love with you beautiful presentation, and etherial, graceful soft presentation. It relaxes me 🙂
Please keep shooting! I would love to do one of your workshops! xo Mia

Unknown September 8, 2014 um 9:08 pm

please come to sydney!

Unknown February 22, 2015 um 8:27 am

Please come to Tampa! 😉

Sylvia Fountaine December 5, 2015 um 3:51 pm

Are you planning any beginning of 2016?

Helene December 5, 2015 um 6:39 pm

Sylvia: yes, one in February in Charleston (dates to come) and one in California probably in May.

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