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Work Work Work – No Play…

At Work

I’m here! I’m here!

Sorry guys I have not been around long enough to update this page in the last few days. I am held hostage by work – a week long magazine photo shoot. Prepping, cooking, styling, shooting….which is made sweeter only by the fact that these recipes are really tasty (it’s always a gamble to decipher someone’s else recipe development) and I have Taylor to help me out.

Work Polaroid

I am hoping to be able to post about the delicious crumbles we have been eating by tomorrow.

Thanks for email and asking if everything was alright. You guys are awesome…

A Day At The Office

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notyet100 July 21, 2010 um 2:05 pm

tk ur time nd come bck soon…

Unknown July 21, 2010 um 2:44 pm

Good to hear from you Helen! Are those shrimp tacos you are "playing" with? Hmm…..

Patricia Scarpin July 21, 2010 um 5:25 pm

It's so delightful to see you in action, sweetie! Hang in there and know we're sending you happy thoughts. 🙂

Kelly-Jane July 21, 2010 um 6:27 pm

I hope you are having fun!

Have the custard and blueberry sauce in the fridge ready to turn into (your) ice cream Can't wait to try it!

G. July 21, 2010 um 8:03 pm

love seeing the behind the scenes! you look so cute, helene!

Kouka July 21, 2010 um 8:49 pm

C'est très sympa de nous montrer comment tu travailles, merci de partager ça avec nous!!

Punctuation Mark July 21, 2010 um 10:19 pm

congrats on your images because they are gorgeous!

Cookin' Canuck July 22, 2010 um 1:18 pm

It's a good thing to be so busy – you are a woman in high demand! I love the first photo, with the selection of napkins, each tried and discarded to the side.

Helene July 22, 2010 um 2:33 pm

Dara: actually they each are part of the color palette I am supposed to be using so I keep samples to my left as a way to keep the colors in mind as I set up and shoot. Less to think about – it's right there under my nose 🙂

Stephane July 22, 2010 um 3:04 pm

Ooh! So fun to see you working. Thank you for sharing the work-in-progress pictures!

MrsLittleJeans July 22, 2010 um 4:22 pm

You look beautiful working…

Nina Timm July 22, 2010 um 8:13 pm

Love to see you behind the camera, next time I look at one of your beautiful images, I can have a picture of the artist in my head!

BriBriMX July 23, 2010 um 9:24 am

L'envers du décor !!!
les photos sont magnifiques et très alléchantes !!!!

très joli blog que je met dans mes faviros !!!

kelly July 23, 2010 um 1:56 pm

From one who is no longer being "held hostage by work," just wanted to say hello! It's been a very long year. The good thing is your work is your passion. How cool is that? 🙂 Love the production shots.

The Design Dish July 24, 2010 um 12:09 am

being someone who really appreciates photography I love seeing the process!
The Design Dish

Nicole@The Dirty Oven via twitter @ovenloving July 24, 2010 um 2:44 am

Love the photo shoot.

Deeba PAB July 24, 2010 um 12:33 pm

Time to take the tripod out… nice post!

Kate July 25, 2010 um 5:18 am

Hi Helen,

I am sorry about last msg i forgot to write my name. I was asked about your Lens in fist picture. Can you tell me what type of lens were you using ? Your pictures are very nice i love them all..

Gen July 25, 2010 um 9:01 am

Hey! It's a real studio you got in here! I see by your camera that you are well equiped, pour le plaisir de nos yeux!

Helene July 25, 2010 um 1:12 pm

Kate: 24-70mm L series

Gen: Yes. My photography is my sole and only income which employs me full time. I am a registered small business.

Julianna Collett July 26, 2010 um 3:45 am

LOve seeing how you shoot!

vanessa joie July 26, 2010 um 4:11 am

I hope you got to play a little this weekend!

WendyinKK July 27, 2010 um 2:51 am

Thanks for showing us how you do photography.
I've always wondered how to solve the shadow prob and yeah,I knew about using a white board, but how, and you showed me. Thanks!!!

Ali July 27, 2010 um 2:35 pm

Hi. Can you tell us what kind of tripod you use? Thanks!

Helene July 27, 2010 um 2:37 pm

Ali: it's a 30 year old Slik tripod. Not kidding.

Mallory Elise August 5, 2010 um 1:32 am

awesome, i love this set up. i used to use those construction things too (what are they called? horses or something? dunno) but then the construction guys came and took them away! i thought they came with the house 😛

don't call this work! a wise man said that if you find the job you love then you will never have to work another day in your life 🙂

im going to be doing a recipe and food shoot for a women's running magazine here in brazil, it's slightly difficult though, there is such a huge language barrier for me. it's like living life without details. i didn't have that problem in france because i went already speaking the language…oh i wish brazil had been colonized by the french 😛

Erik August 16, 2010 um 8:15 pm

Thanks for some insight into your photo setup. Your photography is so beautiful, I would visit your blog for that alone. Unfortunately for me, the food is just as amazing. I look forward to every new post.

Yue Jiang September 3, 2010 um 3:48 pm

Nice to see the actual photography scene. I hope to read more about how you photograph your awesome pictures!!!

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