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What a Party!

The party is over bu man did we have fun! There is a ton of food leftover. We had a lot of finger foods, the 2 grills were going full blast too. Beside the cake, I added a pan of fudgy brownies and some chocolate dipped strawberries. Seems like everybody had fun. It is our second home and our first housewarming party. Not that we live like hermits or anything but Mr. B was really rpoud to be able to show off his work and craftsmanship (I am proud of him too). I love birthdays and this was the best occasion not to miss his 50th.
Overall, I am tired but happy.

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Anonymous August 1, 2006 um 3:14 pm

WOW!!! I say WHAT A PARTY… and that cake… it looks great!
Nice blog you have.

Helene August 1, 2006 um 7:30 pm

Thank you! We did have a blast indeed. I love your blog and that Plum and Coconut cake….yum!

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