Traveling Eggs Meme

Traveling Egg
About a month ago, I started a funny email exchange with Hannah of Bittersweet. I left a comment on her blog after seeing the cutest box of eggs…Eh? Allright, Tartelette has gone off the deep end…now she gets all excited “looking” at eggs. Hear me out: Hannah makes the most precious crochet items (seriously girl, set up shop already!!), and once my eyes settled on these I started to covet them (familiar Lis?!). I even entertained the idea of learning how to crochet so I could duplicate them, or bribe my mom to teach me or make them for me. A few days later I received an email from Hannah, offering to make another carton for me for a bargain or a swap. I think they are priceless, but we agreed on swaping the eggs for a few jars of homemade preserves.
I was so excited to get Hanah’s packagage! The eggs look so much cuter in person than through the monitor. Such talent…and they are funny….but there started my “problem”.

Once I had the box in my hands, I was not sure where to display it. The kitchen? It would get dirty. The window sill? Not enough of a showcase. The dining room or living room? Neither are really a good spot but the eggs would be a good conversation piece or ice breaker, and yet they were still out of place. I was holding the box in my hands thinking: “Now what?” I was getting ready to go visit Lisa in Ohio and thought they would make a nice present. But then, same thing would happen again: she’ll admire them, look at them and then say “Now what?” That’s when the solution to the whole thing came to my mind: these eggs need to see the world, they have the traveling bug! Lisa and I did not have our stuff together yet to send them off on their merry little way, so they came back to South Carolina with me…and now they are off to greener pasture!

So here is how the Traveling Egg Meme works:
One day, you might be the lucky recipient of a half dozen hand crocheted eggs, made by Hannah of Bittersweet. The eggs have the traveling bug and need to see the world. To help them on their mission, here are the directives you must follow:

1/ When you unpack them, enjoy them or a few days. Sign your name or your blog name on the carton (anywhere). If by the time the eggs reach you, the carton is full of names, sign on a small card and put it inside the box.
2/ Take a picture of the eggs with you or something representing your blog, city or state, and write a short post including that picture and a link back to Hannah’s and Tartelette’s blogs.
3/ Send them to somebody with a food related blog, but do not reveal their identity. Include the enclosed card with a permalink to this post in case more info are necessary. If you do not know an address, ask around, beg, plea or lie! There are a lot of packages being exchanged between us these days so I have no fear the eggs will find a temporary home!
4/ If for any reason you do not wish to participate, email Tartelette (marinette1ATcomcastDOTnet) to send them back to her so she can set them off somewhere again.

Traveling Egg






32 responses to “Traveling Eggs Meme”

  1. MyKitchenInHalfCups Avatar

    Oh my goodness Eggs from the Tartelette & Bittersweet traveling around the world! What a fantastic idea. I can’t wait to see where in the world the eggs will turn up. Fabulous . . .

  2. Karen Baking Soda Avatar
    Karen Baking Soda

    Incredible! What a great idea! I will follow the eggs and their travels. They might even have their own comic book/blog. (absolutely cute eggs btw!)

  3. Hilda Avatar

    That’s hilarious! comme le nain de jardin dans Amélie Poulain… J’espère que quelqu’un me les enverra. =)

  4. Helene Avatar

    gato azul: this is not about “deserving” the eggs, this is not a contest but a game. Send them to somebody you appreciate or like, but before you take a picture of you or something that represents you or your country. Your square eggs are fun,btw.

  5. Anonymous Avatar


  6. Nora B. Avatar
    Nora B.

    Helene, that’s a great idea! How fun!

  7. Anonymous Avatar

    Must be my ‘puritan’ upbringing that seeks ‘récompense’ ;-D … But ‘square eggs’ do represent the English faction of my country… square ‘good eggs’ ;-D The French elements are all ’round’ (as in round the bend?)

  8. Lis Avatar

    hehehe I wondered where the eggs had gone =) I think this is a marvelous idea! =)


  9. Big Boys Oven Avatar
    Big Boys Oven

    The six of them look so cute and lovely, can I adopt them all. 🙂

  10. Inne Avatar

    That’s so sweet and cute Helene! I’m sure the eggs would like to get acquainted with Brylinn’s knitted donuts 🙂

  11. Anonymous Avatar

    it’s niceee

  12. Chez Us Avatar
    Chez Us

    The Incredible, Non-Edible Egg! These are adorable! Love the traveling egg idea – similiar to the Flat Stanley story. I play that game with an adorable 6 year old I know. Whenever I travel I take Flat Stanley and he goes sight-seeing with us. Was funny to see the reactions in Paris, when we would whip Flat out of my bag and set him up on the table!

  13. Lisa Johnson Avatar
    Lisa Johnson

    These eggs are so cute! What a great idea! I can’t wait to see where they end up!

  14. Oh for the love of food! Avatar
    Oh for the love of food!

    Helen! What a beautiful,beautiful idea! It’s so generous of you to share this gift. It will be really exciting to see where this carton of eggs will pop up next!

  15. Amy Avatar

    Oo I can’t wait to follow this, the eggs are so cute!

  16. angie Avatar

    Ommammamia, sono troppo carini!!!. Ça fait totalement ‘romanchic’ :D…

  17. LizNoVeggieGirl Avatar

    this is such a great idea! Hannah has become a dear friend of mine, so I hope that the eggs come my way!! :0)

  18. Anonymous Avatar

    I might just have to start a food blog…

  19. evinrude Avatar

    Ahh! This sounds UBER FUN!

  20. Chris Avatar

    What a wonderful Meme. They are fabulous! Someone needs to create a tracking map, like the one they do for Santa on Christmas Eve! 🙂 Or like “Where’s Waldo”. 🙂

  21. Anonymous Avatar

    too funny and they look so cute…the traveling eggs. Great game Helen.

  22. Dolores Avatar

    These are absolutely adorable! And what a wonderful idea in the spirit of sharing.

    Please please PLEASE keep us posted on their travels.

  23. Anonymous Avatar

    Does Hot Chocolate count as food? I would love to participate in this MEME… I have been a fan of Hannah’s work for some time now and I also wish she would set up shop, already! How do you submit your address?

  24. Anonymous Avatar

    those eggs are too cute, and your blog is awesome! i’m looking forward to the eggy odyssey! 🙂

  25. Helene Avatar

    Debbie: Yes, hot chocolate counts as food. No need to submit your address. The receiver of the eggs must send it to somebody else. If you have someone in mind but do not know her/his address, kindly ask other bloggers and see if they have it, or employ ingenuity with getting it from the person in question. Good luck!

  26. Katie B. Avatar
    Katie B.

    I love it! Fun idea, and it gives everyone a chance to be sneaky! 🙂

  27. Hillary Avatar

    How adorable and creative! This is exactly why I love the food blogging community 🙂 I know we all do, but I hope one day I’ll receive the eggs! Hehe.

  28. Anonymous Avatar

    Ils sont adorables ! They’re so cute !! May I adopt one ? Probably not : it’s the whole Egg family or nothing I presume 😉

  29. Melissa Avatar

    What a clever idea. I can’t wait to see what adventures the eggs go on. They are too cute!

  30. lululu Avatar

    Oh, my!!!!! They can’t be sweeter!!!

  31. Jen the Bread Freak Avatar
    Jen the Bread Freak

    I love this idea! What fun it will be to see the eggs travelling!

  32. Rachelle S Avatar
    Rachelle S

    How cute are those little guys!

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