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  • Strawberries & Honeydew Melon With Lemon Sugar & Mint

    Feels like Summer is officially here in the South. Don’t let the calendar fool you! I spent my birthday last week in the company of the guy I call my surrogate brother, chef John Ondo, and a group of complete strangers on the beach while doing a food photography and cooking workshop. Well, we were […]

  • Mixed Berries Galettes, A Taste Of Summer

    This mixed berries galette has all the attributes that often make me weak in the knees when I think about an uncomplicated Summer dessert. One that is not perfect, a little tart and puckerish, refreshing and vibrant with colors. One that does not require lots of heating and whisking over a hot stove when the […]

  • Rhubarb & Strawberry Crisps – Spring In A Cup!

    We have been stocking on the bounty of Spring produce left and right lately. Strawberries, peas, rhubarb, ronde de Nice, baby Vidalias, etc… The farmers market is in full swing and my mind is buzzing with photographs to take of all this beauty. It was torture however these past two weeks to cook for two […]

  • Rhubarb & Strawberry Lemonade

    Hello Summer! Yep, our Spring is already over here in South Carolina. Was nice to have it for about three weeks. But we have already moved on to going for late afternoon jumps in the ocean to wind down. It will never cease to surprise and amaze me. It never deters me from braising and […]

  • Mixed Berry & Lemon Verbena Pie

    One of the great redeeming qualities of the Spring and Summer heat in South Carolina is the abundance of berries and stone fruits. Every Saturday at the farmers market, I load up on local peaches, plums, and berries. I know berry season only has a few more weeks so I am baking, cooking, freezing blueberries, […]

  • Mixed Berries Sorbet with Vanilla Shortbread Cookies

    When I called my mother yesterday I had a burning question to ask her. As soon as we started talking, I completely forgot. I was outside on the deck and heard a plane over my head. Felt a cool breeze through the pecan tree and just sat there. It took me back to our chalet […]

  • Strawberry & White Chocolate Passion Fruit Soups With Mixed Berries Muffins

    I’m usually all about the crunch. The giving crunch of toasted almonds on top of a bowl of vanilla ice cream. The flaky crunch of a pie crust as it gives under your teeth only to reveal a soft and creamy interior. The soft crunch of a handful of walnut inside a piece of brownie. […]

  • Gluten Free Strawberry Jelly Roll Cake – Share Our Strength Contribution

    As a child, I can’t say that I ever knew hunger. I got hungry for sure. But I never knew the deep feeling of being hungry and knowing I would not be able to satisfy my growling stomach. My parents did not always have it easy and I can see there were times when budgets […]

  • Design*Sponge Feature: In The Kitchen With

    Thanks for the birthday wishes, emails, ecards and presents you sent. You made my day – week – month! It’s been a week full of work which suits me just fine since I don’t really know how to relax and take it easy. Seems like I am playing a game of “Catch me if you […]

  • French Word A Week: Fraises

    This is going to be a short and sweet French Word A Week post as Tami and I are busy working hard. In our case work is play and play is work but still. The weather is gorgeous right now in Charleston which makes me want to be outside and just walk around the city. […]