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A Sweet Affair …

I don’t do wedding photography. It’s not that I can’t. I just enjoy photographing food a lot more. Except when it comes to friends. My husband used to be a wedding photographer back in the 70s and 80s. Some of our friends are sought after portrait and wedding photographers. I am still doing food and have no desire to change. But…once in a while, close friends ask me to photograph an engagement session. Or their wedding.

Last weekend, my assistant and friend Laura got married to Alex. I love them both. I photographed their engagement session and had a total blast. As a wedding present, I offered to photograph the wedding. It was a true friendship and family affair since they asked my husband’s band to play at the reception (he’s the one with the trombone).

Their wedding was a true Southern affair. A thoughtful and reflective ceremony and a reception in a gorgeous antebellum house. A perfect mix of sophistication, handmade, European elegance and simplicity. A lovely way to embrace the town and flair of our beautiful city, Charleston.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the day. Thank you Laura for entrusting me with making your memories last a lifetime through a few (many) shots.


Getting Ready… The Anticipation…












Getting Married …

L&A _ 3

L&A _ 2


Married! …Stolen moments before the reception …








Let’s Party! …











Congratulations and Best Wishes Laura & Alex!

Scenes From A Cookbook Shoot

Marmalade Cookbook Shoot

Studio wall with quick prints of the shots so far.

Friday already. We are on the last day of the shoot for "Marmalade" by Elizabeth Field for Running Press (Fall 2012) and as usual at the end of every book shoot, I am a little sad, a little tired, and a little excited to see what project I get to work on next. And reconnect with the rest of the world.

Marmalade Cookbook Shoot

Setting up one shot.

I truly enjoyed every minute of this shoot. The marmalades and the sweet and savory recipes using them. Working through each shoot with focus to get that giddy feeling inside my stomach that we had the shot.


Amanda, the graphic designer for Running Press.

Gilly - Marmalade Cookbook Recipe Prep

One of my kitchen assistants, Gilly, hard at work making Chinese Dumplings to go with a marmalade dipping sauce.

A cookbook shoot is a lot of things, little and big. Lots of minute details and large sketches. It’s a lot of fun too. It’s having the best group of kitchen assistants working through the recipes and tweaks needed. It’s collaborating in the studio space with Amanda, the graphic designer for Running Press who had flown in for the week.

Bailey & Tippy

My two office managers are worn out…

And this time it was also sneaking in a hug from my mom in between two shots. My parents are leaving Sunday but I am glad they got to be here during a book shoot. They now realize the investment it is for me, both in time and dedication. Plus, marmalades is one of their favorite subject so that shoot was really a propos!

I leave you with some snapshots from the shoot while I go rest my head on the pillow for a few hours…!

Marmalade Cookbooks Shoot

Work table.

On the Sweet Side Of Life: An Engagement Session

Today is a sweet post of a different kind: some pictures of a recent engagement session I photographed for my friend Laura and her fiance, Alex. I know I have mentioned Laura a couple of times before. She’s generous. A talented photographer. A pastry instructor. My partner in crime in the kitchen this Thanksgiving. And in May she will be a Mrs. A Madame. A newlywed.

Laura & Alex_ Engagement

Planning this session, I fell in love with Laura’s idea, given her profession, to do a chocolate chip cookies baking session as one of the set ups. A few sheet pans and many dozens of cookies later, we headed downtown Charleston for more formal pictures.

I love photographing friends. I just observe their story unfold. Their body language is relaxed. I might move a shoulder or lower a hand but that’s it. That dance with the garden arch in the background? They started it on their own. I just moved myself to a better angle. I imagined them 50 years from now, still dancing together. Just as they are today.

Hope you guys enjoy this little weekend posting diversion…

Laura & Alex_ Engagement

Laura & Alex_ Engagement

Laura & Alex_ Engagement

Laura & Alex_ Engagement

Laura & Alex_ Engagement

Laura & Alex_ Engagement

Laura&Alex _ Engagement

Laura & Alex_ Engagement

Laura & Alex_ Engagement

Laura & Alex_ Engagement

Laura & Alex_ Engagement

Laura&Alex _ Engagement