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Food Knowledge

10 Best Pop Tart Flavors & 3 Tasty Alternatives

Pop-Tarts — you either love them or loathe them. Either way, these tasty pocket-sized toaster pastry treats have had a loyal fan base since their inception in 1964. Find here the best Pop Tart flavors as well as delicious alternatives.

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14 Best McDonald’s McFlurry Flavors & 5 Alternatives

With the dawn of the McFlurry, McDonald’s introduced a sundae-style ice cream with toppings. And while the likes of Dairy Queen were already serving ice cream for a while, McDonald’s went one step further with their ingenious cup and spoon design. Here you’ll find the best flavors.

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Honey: 6 Health Benefits & 6 Varieties

Honey is a syrupy liquid, which will win you over with a whole range of health benefits. We explain to you exactly how honey works in your body – especially during pregnancy. In addition, we introduce you to the different varieties and give tips on buying.

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