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Princess Torte

It has been ages since I made a Princess Torte, actually many moons ago for a friend’s little princess 8th birthday. Although not difficult, it is a mini production of its own, the sort of cake that I could see the Daring Bakers attempt one month.

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Macarons 101 In Desserts Magazine

Desserts Magazine #2 – Macarons 101 (click)

To say that I love Vera, the editor for the digital Desserts Magazine is a small word! She asked me a while back if I wanted to contribute a picture and recipe for their first digital magazine (The Creme Au Nutella) and we have been chatting almost daily via emails. When she asked me if I wanted to write a macarons tutorial for their second edition with step by step pictures, I immediately jumped on it given the numbers of emails and questions I kept getting from readers…and you know that nothing makes me happier than to give back the love and support you all show me day in and day out.

Voila! It’s out! A whole 8 pages (36-43) full of guidelines, tips and pictures to help you on your macaron quest! I am laughing at the way I am holding the pastry bag….ehehe but between the making and taking the pictures on timer my brain lost track!! For the article I focused on the French meringue based macarons but my French buddy Mercotte wrote a wonderful tutorial on the Italian meringue method a few weeks ago. Now, you can’t say we don’t have you covered, can you?

Macarons-Copyright©Tartelette 2008
Now, go look at that magazine and get inspired by all the wonderful recipes and pictures that favorite bloggers of mine have contributed, starting with my favorite painter Carol who did the cover and also JenJen, David, Peabody, Molly just to name a few!

I am looking forward to upcoming issues where I will be contributing a few more things and not only recipes! I am looking forward to talking shop with Vera every day as they share the same love for good food, good styling and professionalism. Great job guys!
Now, if you’ll excuse me I have got some reading to do…and I think she knows I get a giggle when I hear that "swish" sound whenever I flip the digital page!

P.S: I am passing along to Vera all your comments about zooming and Firefox and others. Thank you for the feedback!
Update: zoom feature is working!