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  • Nutella Cupcakes With Nutella & Cream Cheese Frosting

    Today is Nutella Day. And that, folks, makes me very very happy. That means I can dig my spoon with reckless abandon in the jar of Nutella. Oh wait…I think I have had Nutella day for 2 weeks straight now. Oops.. It’s been years since I have participated to a Nutella Day, an event created […]

  • Carrot Cake Macarons With Cream Cheese Frosting Filling

    I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas surrounded by friends and family or just chilling. We loved being able to share the day with a few different groups of people, plopping from one dinner to another and a glass of Champagne to a glass of wine, surrounded by the warmth of a good fire and […]

  • Lemon Goat Cheese Cheesecakes With Blood Orange Sauce

    There aren’t many things you’ll see me do because they are cool and there are very few people I (almost always) agree with or trust (almost always) blindly. My dear B. will tell you I spend my life with an imaginary raised eyebrow and my right ear pointed up. I am not skeptical, I am […]

  • Meyer Lemon Limoncello Cupcakes

    I was sketching desserts and jotting down recipe notes the other night when I asked B. if he had any more suggestions for the box of Meyer lemons we had in the fridge. A whole box! Thanks to my dear Mary of Alpine Berry I am now host to a whole crisper full of gorgeous […]

  • Espresso – Chocolate Trio

    Espresso – Chocolate Trio

    …more specifically Eclairs with Dark Chocolate-Espresso Mousse, Espresso-Dark Chocolate Pots de Creme and Frozen Mascarpone-Espresso Parfait on Deep Dark Chocolate Cake. Although this was work related, this is how I spend my Saturday. I am not getting fancy on you all of a sudden but it was either this post or more puddings, creams and […]

  • Gingered Peanut Macarons

    Gingered Peanut Macarons

    “Hein! Des macarons aux cacahuetes..?! Ca va pas la tete Tartelette?! C’est pas des vrais comme Pierre!” “What? Peanut macarons? Did you lose your head Tartelette?! There are no the real thing like Pierre’s!” Yes well, who said that macarons had to be 100% almond based? Not the pastry shops selling pistachio ones! Necessity is […]

  • Cinnabons – A Tasty Knock Off – Priceless Friends

    Cinnabons – A Tasty Knock Off – Priceless Friends

    I will be the first one to say that one can never have too many cinnamon rolls! When a sweet somebody suggested after the September Daring Bakers‘ challenge that we make a go at a recipe for Cinnabons, guess who answered the call of more butter, yeast, dough and cream cheese…and more butter? Yes, your […]

  • White Chocolate Pots De Creme And Hibiscus Flowers

    White Chocolate Pots De Creme And Hibiscus Flowers

    Nothing much going on in the kitchen right now as my work life as taken a somewhat unexpected turn. Well, ok, I knew changes were coming, I was not sure of the timing so it’s been a pretty stressful week to say the least. I did fulfill the orders I had for cakes and other […]

  • Rhubarb Banana Cupcakes With Cream Cheese Frosting

    Rhubarb Banana Cupcakes With Cream Cheese Frosting

    Some of you are probably wondering if I am growing banana trees in my backyard…Every time I turn around there is a banana or two ready to be used. I even found a big bag of them in the freezer…We are being invaded and I have to come up with the recipes faster than I […]

  • Little Birdie Almond Apple Bar

    Little Birdie Almond Apple Bar

    When I saw Mary‘s beautiful picture and mouth watering post, I know it would not take me long to give it a try. Since my first apple bar inspired by Dorie Greenspan, I was on the look out for another one. I have yet to establish a system in my labyrinth of “to-try” recipes but […]