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  • Tamarind Coffee Cupcakes With Cream Cheese Chocolate Frosting

    Dear Breakfast, I have tried. Really I have. I just can’t seem to get you. Or you aren’t that captivating enough to me. Not after that many years trying. I am willing to sacrifice more time getting to get you though. Really, I am. Even the little time I have left these days in the […]

  • Coffee Chicory Macarons

    The macarons: Hey Tartelette! Could you stop squeeezing us like sardines in that box? Me: You ain’t seen nothing yet fellas! Better get some cold rest before you go. The macarons: well, at least you did not forget the padding. It’s really cozy in here. Are we there yet? And off in the freezer they […]

  • A Daring Bakers’ Flourless Chocolate Cake….Oh The Possibilities!

    I can’t believe today is the last day of February! This month has flown by! Tomorrow, my parents will be here. March will be filled with more deadlines, assignments and anticipation of things to come. End of the month? Well, that must mean another Daring Bakers’ challenge. Yes indeed! A Flourless Chocolate Cake to be […]

  • Cashew Gateau With Coffee Cardamom Mousse

    Thank you all for the very nice birthday wishes for my mother, she truly appreciated the thought. Funny story about birthdays in my family and birthdays phone calls especially: my grandmother had the habit to see whom of her children would call her first to wish her a happy birthday. When I called my mom […]

  • Opera Macarons, Thoughtful Gifts And An Award

    Opera Macarons, Thoughtful Gifts And An Award

    Be prepared this is the loaded post of the weekend! Take your time reading it but there were many people I wanted to thank on this site and this is long overdue. I know I still have to answer a couple of “meme” I have been tagged for and I am saving those for next […]

  • Espresso – Chocolate Trio

    Espresso – Chocolate Trio

    …more specifically Eclairs with Dark Chocolate-Espresso Mousse, Espresso-Dark Chocolate Pots de Creme and Frozen Mascarpone-Espresso Parfait on Deep Dark Chocolate Cake. Although this was work related, this is how I spend my Saturday. I am not getting fancy on you all of a sudden but it was either this post or more puddings, creams and […]

  • Buches De Noel – Looks Like Christmas Is Finally Here!

    Buches de Noel also known as Yule Logs were the challenge given by Lisa and Ivonne, founders and co-host this month of the Daring Bakers. I think they just had the perverted idea to see us buttered, creamed and rolled in light genoise, Swiss buttercream, decorated in meringue and flavorful Marzipan. You should not that […]

  • Vietnamese Coffee Ice Cream and White Chocolate Cardamom Tartlets

    Vietnamese Coffee Ice Cream and White Chocolate Cardamom Tartlets

    I wish I could remember when I first heard about the Vietnamese coffee filters you see in the pictures. Was it in a magazine, on a food show on tv…dunno… All I know is that I thought they would be a great piece of conversation when time came to serve coffee to my guests. I […]