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  • Chocolate Wontons And Tonka Bean Ice Cream

    If I were to wait for the proper weather to bake certain desserts, I’d never get to turn the oven on or fry some donuts and the ice cream machine would be churning year round. Take Halloween day, it was near 90F pretty much all day long and yet I wanted to bake some fun […]

  • A Daring Bakers’ Flourless Chocolate Cake….Oh The Possibilities!

    I can’t believe today is the last day of February! This month has flown by! Tomorrow, my parents will be here. March will be filled with more deadlines, assignments and anticipation of things to come. End of the month? Well, that must mean another Daring Bakers’ challenge. Yes indeed! A Flourless Chocolate Cake to be […]

  • Profiteroles With Chartreuse Ice Cream & A Book Giveaway

    (For the book giveaway, scroll down to the end of this post) I am really excited to introduce you to Anita from Married With Dinner as my guest blogger this weekend. When I first started blogging, there weren’t as many blogs to get lost into captivated by delicious recipes and lovely photos. One lucky day […]

  • Blackberry Apple Galettes And Burnt Sugar Ice Cream

    Yesterday I woke up to the sound of my husband’s trombone and although he rarely rehearses at home it did not strike me as unusual. It felt nice actually. Deep, resonant notes, slightly muted as they came through the floor and walls. I immediately recognized the melody of “our” song, “Can’t give you anything but […]