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A Little Weekend News Bulletin…


Let’s start with some administrative fun stuff: the winner of Carrie’s cookbook is Susie from Return To Sunday Supper a brand new blogger on the food blogging scene. Congratulations! Email me your snail mail address at mytartelette {at} gmail {dot} com and I will drop the book in the mail.

And now on to more fun things brewing….

Tart & Ice Cream

Until recently I was not sure what authors meant by "writing is a solitary process". As I am nearing the end of writing the manuscript for Foodography, I completely get it. I am never alone when I write. Bailey is snoring by my side on the couch and Tippy is somewhere sleeping in a corner dreaming he’s chasing after a squirrel. The day is often punctuated by from my mother who wants to make sure I am taking all my vitamins and my husband who often sends me notes of support. So yes, I am not lonely. But it’s just me and my thoughts.


The best place to write is really in the photo studio, filled with gorgeous and abundant natural light, my equipment, familiar props and linens, inspiration boards and favorite quotes. So far I have not experienced any writer’s block. I am way too excited and grateful to be given the chance to share information and tips with you. I have kept all the email questions you sent on natural light, artificial light, composition, workflow and started answering your most frequent problems that way.

Pots Pie

This book is really for you and as I am writing a couple of chapters on styling and composition, I thought they would be the perfect ones to have you participate some. Have you ever struggled with styling sandwiches? Beef pot pies maybe? How about handling ice cream for a beauty shot? Is it plating table sets that causes grief?

I am all ears! There’s plenty of time and pages left in those chapters for me to include one of your most dreaded things to style and shoot. Yes! Go ahead and tell me what type of food you would like me to tackle! I will tabulate all the answers and pick one at random to cook, style and shoot. The person’s whose suggestion is picked will receive a free copy of Foodography as soon as it is released in May!

Don’t be shy…!


Finally I want to live you with this book teaser video that my dear friend Taylor from Taylor Takes A Taste, shot last week when he came to visit. He came to help me take shots of us taking shots, light set ups, etc..before driving us both to the Food Blog South conference that took place in Birmingham last weekend (you can read his recap here). He took his visit as an opportunity to practice even more his already excellent video skills. Thanks Taylor!

Have a great weekend!