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  • Snickerdoodle Lemon Ice Cream Sandwiches – Asheville Part III

    More on the CSA Cook-Off I mentioned in my last post: Diane and Todd of White On Rice Couple posted a wonderfully illustrated account of the experience. I just laughed my little derriere off all over again reading it! I am going to be put to the task of interactive baking and cooking again starting […]

  • Asheville Trip To Foodtopia – Part II

    Day two of our trip in Asheville had us move around a bit less but was just as intense, keeping us on our toes until bedtime. Or was it until we all rolled, stumbled, fell, crashed on our beds?! Ha! Yes, we can blame it on all the tasty wines, succulent dishes, intense Iron Chef […]

  • Asheville Trip To Foodtopia Part 1

    Update: check Todd and Diane’s Part 1 here. Amazing! One of the first things I did when I got back from Asheville, NC was to email Jael and Dan Rattigan from The Chocolate Lounge and beg ask them to share a recipe, any recipe, from their outstanding repertoire. So happy they sent the one for […]

  • Gone Fishing!

    I had a feeling I ought to put a “Gone Fishing” sign on this page last monday and leave you to meet my beta, Elliott instead of pacing my hotel room trying to find a good internet signal. I also did not realize that our schedule of eating and meeting wonderful people here would leave […]