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A Sweet Affair …

I don’t do wedding photography. It’s not that I can’t. I just enjoy photographing food a lot more. Except when it comes to friends. My husband used to be a wedding photographer back in the 70s and 80s. Some of our friends are sought after portrait and wedding photographers. I am still doing food and have no desire to change. But…once in a while, close friends ask me to photograph an engagement session. Or their wedding.

Last weekend, my assistant and friend Laura got married to Alex. I love them both. I photographed their engagement session and had a total blast. As a wedding present, I offered to photograph the wedding. It was a true friendship and family affair since they asked my husband’s band to play at the reception (he’s the one with the trombone).

Their wedding was a true Southern affair. A thoughtful and reflective ceremony and a reception in a gorgeous antebellum house. A perfect mix of sophistication, handmade, European elegance and simplicity. A lovely way to embrace the town and flair of our beautiful city, Charleston.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the day. Thank you Laura for entrusting me with making your memories last a lifetime through a few (many) shots.


Getting Ready… The Anticipation…












Getting Married …

L&A _ 3

L&A _ 2


Married! …Stolen moments before the reception …








Let’s Party! …











Congratulations and Best Wishes Laura & Alex!

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Unknown May 27, 2012 um 11:06 pm

Thank you! Thank you! I cannot thank you enough for these images ๐Ÿ™‚ You captured both the event and the emotions and story behind everything. We are blessed to have you as our friend and photographer.

Averie @ Averie Cooks May 27, 2012 um 11:22 pm

well if being a food photography, book author, blogger, recipe developer or any of your other roles falls by the wayside, you're hired as a wedding photographer!

GORGEOUS and what a gift to this couple. They look beautiful and you did an amazing job!

elann May 27, 2012 um 11:41 pm

As always Helene, stunning photography – a beautiful day captured beautifully (love the purple sock shot). Congratulations to your friends (I remember smiling at their sweet and fun engagement pictures too) and three cheers for true friendship.

Alice May 28, 2012 um 12:03 am

Congrats to Laura and Alex! The pictures are all so beautiful and capture the special moments so stunningly!

sprite May 28, 2012 um 2:46 am

Oh, lovely! Thank you for sharing the day with us! And congratulations to the happy couple!

Lindsay May 28, 2012 um 3:10 am

Love these! Congratulations Laura and Alex and beautiful images to capture the day, Helene!

The Church Cook May 28, 2012 um 4:33 am

Such beautiful photos of beautiful couple! Helene, these are just so fabulous!

Anonymous May 28, 2012 um 5:18 am

Beautiful photos! Congratulations to the newlyweds!

design elements May 28, 2012 um 5:24 am

fantastic images!

Anonymous May 28, 2012 um 7:19 am

The photos looks like a fairytale. They couldn't be more estetic and what a beautiful couple!

Anna Epp May 28, 2012 um 11:58 am

Beautiful, great job capturing their amazing day!

Coffee and Crumpets May 28, 2012 um 2:37 pm

gorgeous pictures! Beautiful bride in a beautiful dress.

Carol May 28, 2012 um 3:40 pm

What a beautiful wedding, gorgeously photographed!

Doodle May 28, 2012 um 3:43 pm

A beautiful bride, and beautiful photos ~ Laura and Alex both look besotted with one another, and incredibly happy. You have captured their memories beautifully.

Eleonor Rigby May 28, 2012 um 3:45 pm

Amazing pictures! Really good work!!

Mumsy May 28, 2012 um 4:12 pm

What gorgeous pictures and a lovely wedding. I love that purple!

Congratulations to Laura and her new husband!

Dori May 28, 2012 um 5:21 pm

What lovely images you captured! Beautiful wedding, Laura! Best wishes! (Love the many shades of purple and lavender…and the socks!)

Mary May 28, 2012 um 7:05 pm

My thoughts are the same as Averie's – Helene, you could certainly go right into wedding photography without a moment's notice!
Laura & Alex look so in love – your camera made me feel like I knew them – you were able to catch their love for each other as well as their excitement for the day.

The sepia-toned shots were especially nice.

Well done!

Mary in Oregon

Laura May 28, 2012 um 7:28 pm

WOW! Looks like your photography skill goes far far far beyond just food! These are absolutely STUNNING wedding photos!

Weaving my Life May 28, 2012 um 9:27 pm

I wish I was getting married! I'd hire you any day.

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures May 28, 2012 um 11:24 pm

What a lovely present you offered your friends!!! GORGEOUS PICS & WEDDING!!!!!!!!

Angela May 29, 2012 um 2:24 am

Lovely !! Thanks for sharing with us!! You did a beautiful job.

Fragolina May 29, 2012 um 12:04 pm

beautiful pictures!.

Lauren | Seventeenth & Irving May 31, 2012 um 2:12 am

My goodness Helene – I would hire you any day as a wedding photographer. Your photos of Laura's wedding are truly gorgeous in every way. Their happiness just radiates through these pictures.

I know your true passion is food photography but should you ever tire of that, I guess we know what you'll do next!

lamb and blonde May 31, 2012 um 5:44 am

What a gorgeous wedding and gorgeous photos! Congrats and best wishes to Laura and Alex. They look so happy! How inspiring!

Tamara June 2, 2012 um 5:09 pm

Stunning photos. You are truly gifted!

angela@spinachtiger June 3, 2012 um 2:30 pm

Love the retro feel of these photos .My favorite is all shoes.Her dress is gorgeous and it's a classy event, captured perfectly.

Kiran @ June 4, 2012 um 9:21 pm

Simply ethereal and beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚

Unknown June 5, 2012 um 2:10 am

Your pictures are all beautiful and artistic! they are truely amazing. I just wonder what kind of camera you are using? thanks!

kellypea June 5, 2012 um 4:22 pm

Exceptionally beautiful, Helene — a wonderful collection of shots to enjoy with my coffee this morning!

cookingwithmarica June 9, 2012 um 2:55 pm

Beatiful pictures and atmophera! Brava!!!

Julie June 19, 2012 um 12:21 pm

Absolutely breath taking photography! And a gorgeous wedding!! Fabulous!

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