Sunflower Bulgarian Bread: WTSIM Easter Basket

Do you ever get stuck on one picture and its recipe while reading your favorite blogs and you go back to it many many times? The minute I saw this bread, I hit the “add to favorite’ button, and stared at it several times a day while reading emails or researching items on the computer. The recipe comes originally from Zapbook and has already traveled the French blogosphere quite a bit during this past month. I have been fond of Petite Lolie’s blog from the day I stumbled upon it. There is something aboout her site…it is beautiful, that’s what it is. Full of life, warmth, knowledge, know hows ans how tos…It’s fresh and abundant in lip smacking recipes.

Although the exact source of the bread is unknown, the recipe delivers a sunflower looking like brioche. I followed Petite Lolie recommendation and added a bit more sugar. I don’t think I kneaded the dough quite enough as the the texture of the dough was not as soft as my previous brioche. Always room for improvement. The actual shaping of each roll may seem time consuming but it took me about 15-20 minutes and the end result (look wise) is well worth it.

Sunflower Bulgarian Bread, adapted from Zapbook and Petite Lolie:

200 gr. milk
1/4 cup sugar
1 tsp. salt
2 eggs
500 gr. flour
2 tsp. dry yeast
50 gr. melted butter
extra melted butter for shaping the rolls

Put the yeast in a non reactive bowl. Heat the milk to lukewarm, and pour it over the yeast. Stir with a fork or spoon to make sure it dissolves properly. Add 2 Tb. sugar and slat and let the yeast proof for 10 minutes.
In a stand mixer fitted with the dough hook attachment, combine the flour, eggs, remaining sugar, melted butter. Turn the mixer on slow and slowly pour in the yeast mixture. Let the dough come together and continue the kneading either by hand or with the mixture for a good 5-8 minutes.
Put the dough into an oiled bowl and let rise for 1 hour or until doubled in size.

Shaping of the bread:
Once the dough has risen, divide it into 16 equal portions. Roll each portion out into a circle or oval. Take one piece, brush with melted butter, stack another piece on it, brush with melted butter again and repeat with 2 other portions. You are actually making 4 stacks of 4 portions each. Roll each stack tightly. Cut each into 4 triangular pieces. Position the rolls in a 10 inch round pan, with pointy ends facing toward the center.
Let rise for another 45 minutes. Preheat the oven to 375. Once the dough has risen, brush with an egg wash (egg beaten with some milk) and bake for 30 minutes.

End result…one could argue that brioche is brioche and this is yet another recipe. But come on, look at those plump folds! Every nation has its version of the basic brioche dough and I like exploring other cultures through bread baking. I am looking forward to making this one again, probably for the only reason that it looks gorgeous, tastes great, behaves well, and made my morning brighter! Yep, I am not complicated…making bread fuels my fire! I am wondering if such a bread exists in Bulgaria so I am on the lookout for a source, let me know if you have one.

One thing for sure: I am definetely putting this in my Easter Basket to be delivered to The Passionate Cook as part of this month’s Waiter There’s Something In My…(and because my dear mother in law is organizing brunch next sunday, as a pre-Easter menu testing).





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  1. MyKitchenInHalfCups Avatar

    That is totally terrific!!!
    I know it’s crazy but I really love shaping breads! This is beautiful. Another reason I’m really sorry I don’t know French.

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    It’s so pretty, Helene. Almost too pretty to eat!

  3. Anuhea Avatar

    That bread is just beautiful, I’m afraid I would mess it up though. Also, I loved your red velvet pics, but was sad that you didn’t use chocolate in your recipe.

  4. Anonymous Avatar

    Wow, it looks just great!

  5. thepassionatecook Avatar

    this looks stunning! i made a similar “bouquet” of pastries with my mum earlier this year… certainly a great, great contribution to our event – thanks for participating!

  6. Warda Avatar

    What a beautiful bread! I wouldn’t be able to eat it though,I would be sad to mess it up. Just having it on my table would be enough for me.

  7. Anonymous Avatar

    ooh…I totally want to make this. Now I’ll have to add this to my favorites. What a nice take on the brioche!

  8. Anonymous Avatar

    This bread looks wonderful! Very nice recipe.

  9. Alanna Kellogg Avatar
    Alanna Kellogg

    The layers are just so very pretty!

  10. Cheryl Avatar

    How beautiful. This really gives me the feel of Easter. Anybody would love to get that in their basket.

  11. Anonymous Avatar

    Looks so elegant! Petite Lolie’s blog looks amazing too…I wish it was in english…or I could speak french!

  12. Freya Avatar

    These look stunning! I would love to receive some of these for easter!

  13. Anonymous Avatar

    Beautiful bread, I love how you cut and shaped the bread, a very interesting visual design, too good to eat!

  14. Anonymous Avatar

    Que ce pain a l’air delicieux ! J’en ai l’eau a la bouche rien que d’y penser!

  15. Patricia Scarpin Avatar
    Patricia Scarpin

    Helene, what a beautifully shaped bread!
    You have magic hands, I can tell! 🙂

  16. Almost Vegetarian Avatar
    Almost Vegetarian

    What an absolutely gorgeous bread. And with an incredibly easy recipe. If it tastes anywhere near as good as it looks, I’m in bread heaven. Cheers!

  17. Anonymous Avatar

    That looks absolutely stunning! It does look a little complicated to make, but definetely will try it one afternoon, wish me luck, Helene :)!

  18. Elle Avatar

    What a unique way to shape the dough. It really looks pretty. Another recipe to add to the ‘must make’ list. Great photo, too.

  19. Lis Avatar

    Absolutely gorgeous!! I am just amazed at how pretty that is! ‘kay it’s official.. when I grow up, I wanna be like you. =)


  20. Alicia Avatar

    So pretty! I will have to try this one soon. It looks perfect to take out on the patio for a breakfast. =)

  21. Anonymous Avatar

    Waou !!! I’s very beautiful, i loved that

  22. Peabody Avatar

    Oh how I wish my French was better. I would really love to be able to read that site…not just random words on it.

  23. Peabody Avatar

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  24. Anonymous Avatar

    Hi Helene! Wow – that bread is absolutely gorgeous! I must try this sometime!

  25. Helene Avatar

    Thanks everyone for all your comments. I wish I could have time to respond individually but this week has been very hectic.
    I appreciate all your comments, they are always so touching and make this adventure worth while.
    Thank you!

  26. Pille Avatar

    I’ve bookmarked the recipe as well, and am really looking forward to trying this popular bread. It definitely looks really attractive on your photo!!

  27. Andrew Avatar

    how interesting. Is it really Bulgarian?

    I’m hosting the next round of WTSIM and this would fit right in with the next theme… but I am sure you will find something again hugely original.

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