Starting the Day…

…like this is not too bad according to Mr. B and the neighbors. The recipe for the Cinnamon Rolls makes 2 pans so I took some to the 2 houses next door. I make these about every weekend and I always forget to take a picture before they are all gone. They are that good!

I had already posted the recipe a while back without pictures here, so no need to repeat (plus I have issues with my copy/paste right now).

On another note: as you can see, I have changed the template of my blog and I still hesitate between the 2 so I am taking votes (for the very readers that I have). Which one to keep?






8 responses to “Starting the Day…”

  1. dumoria Avatar

    Dark backgrounds make the content stick out more. I’m voting for the former one.

    By the way, I tried your banana tart yesterday. We were out of sliced almonds and cream so I used mascarpone – completely silly, I know – and it was a hit.

  2. Helene Avatar

    It’s got to be awesome with mascarpone! Makes me want to try it right now!
    Thanks for the vote.

  3. wheresmymind Avatar

    I love cinnamon rolls SO much!

  4. Jen Avatar

    yummo, i just made batch of cinnamon scrolls too! Yours looks so great. I love how there is a thick drizzling of icing on top : )

  5. MyKitchenInHalfCups Avatar

    I like the tartelette but I’m also hoping you do the ‘palets bretons‘ along with Ellie!
    Like your blog but did see the other layout.

  6. MyKitchenInHalfCups Avatar

    did not see the other layout

  7. Helene Avatar

    THanks for the feedback. I think I am going to stick with this one for a while.
    These rolls are gone and I am already ordered another batch!

  8. Helene Avatar

    Dumoria: I tried to post a comment on your site, but kept getting an error page. I will try later.

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