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Salt Lake City, Park City, Utah and Evo 11…Pictures & Thoughts

Watermelon Slushies

Evo 11 is … staying hydrated as much as possible. Altitude. Talking. Sun. More talking. More sun. More slushies. Beware though. Two straws in your watermelon slushie means "a little boozy". Just so we are clear. And boy, the thirst-o-meter was working overtime.

Salt Lake City Workshop

(Photo ©Foodie Crush)

Salt Lake City is…arriving a couple of days early and teach an all day workshop hosted at The Market Street Grill and organized by Heidi of Foodie Crush.
Meeting people for the first time and others whose blog I have been following for years. Being able to pass on anything and everything I can think of that might help. Guiding.

Salt Lake City Workshop

(photo ©Foodie Crush)

Workshop is…taking my job seriously. My words. The impact of what we do as photographers, stylist, bloggers. Without taking myself too seriously.

Market Street Grill

Workshop is...the remarkable amount of care and dedication from everyone on staff at Market Street Grill to provide the attendees with the tools and time to have a memorable experience. And the food…gosh the food…

Salt Lake City Workshop

(Photo ©Foodie Crush)

Workshop is…It’s finding out what people wish to do and helping them reach those goals. It’s listening and practicing along with them.

Market Street Grill

Workshop is…discovering new ways to style and shoot. Always being open, aware and happily surprised. The way the chef plated this cake makes it so creative and fun to shoot and yet, I would have never thought of it. Happy discovery…!

Evo 11

Evo 11 is…Rachael and Jyl. The two powerhouses who founded Evo. Gracious of their talent. Generous of their skills. Beautiful in their friendships to others. Kind. Immensely patient. They make Evo my favorite conference to attend. Not kidding.

Evo 11

Sarah, Heather, Kami (photo©Whipper Berry.)

Evo 11 is… taking a deep breath and rooming with complete strangers and leaving with two wonderful friends. I had the chance to share a room with Sarah from season 11 of The Biggest Loser and Heather from one of my favorite blogs, Whipper Berry.
Evo 11 is …bumping into Evo 10 roomate Kami from No Biggie (far right) and to get one of her special hugs.

Evo 11

Evo 11 is… meeting up with gorgeous Helen Jane and catching up, laughing, hugging and brainstorming posts ideas, life tips and just giving her some plenty of support during her Ignite talk.

Evo 11

Evo 11 is… having the chance one more time to be inspired by super fantastic women, entrepreneurs. Makers like Alli and Barbara. I always feel recharged and refueled after a conversation with them.

Evo 11

Evo 11 is ...not only about the women ya’ll. There were men too. Married. Single. Fathers. Brothers. Husbands. And awesome…!

Evo 11

Evo 11 is …meeting rockstars. Women who can rock tattoos and purple hair. Give warm and energizing hugs. And take awesome pictures. Cecily…you’re badass. Don’t change it.

Evo 11

Evo 11 is…sitting next to someone such as Jenny who can cry as much as I can during Me Ra Koh closing keynote and smile as much as I do when hanging out with super talented photographer, web designer and dear friend Aimee.

Carina & baby

Carina And Lucinda.

Evo 11 is... when friends like Carina create magical human beings between Evo 10 and Evo 11.


Evo 11 is.. about letting your inner child let loose. Blowing bubbles and watching them fly away. It’s about letting go of your inhibitions and discovering other facets of yourself.


Evo 11…is being able to teach a food photography and styling workshop in one of the most serene and gorgeous locations I have taught. Lookout Cabin. All the way up the mountain…


That workshop was a team effort between Chef Murcko, his staff, Caitleen of The Canyons Resort and yours truly to make sure that all attendees had not only a good time but also walked away with more knowledge to share with others.


Evo 11 is … filling up your glass with….don’t expect something lyrical here. No seriously. Evo is about quenching that thirst. Mountain air…

Ok, so Evo is also about filling your metaphorical glass with inspirational ideas coming at you from all directions.


Just because I can…having lunch there was pretty darn special.


See…they do fill up glasses there. Orange Bubble Fitzer. No alcohol. None needed with the altitude…!


And just when you think awesome has reached a new level of delicious, you discover the dessert table. And my jaws dropped. And my toes curl. Vanilla Panna Cotta with Strawberries and Basil Chiffonade. Yep.

Evo 11

Evo 11 is… about letting loose. There is no distinction of any kind on a dance floor. We all look a bit weirder than we did five minutes ago. And it’s fantastic. No one cares about what blogs you read, which one you write and what’s the latest app downloaded. Unplugging and letting loose.


Dara and Kalyn.

Salt Lake City is...having a dear and long time blog friend, Kalyn, gather a few people one Sunday evening for a little potluck.
It’s about feeling as much at home as I do when I am the one gathering my buds around a glass of wine and salad.

It’s wishing we were all a tad bit closer. Geographically.


Maria and Josh from Two Peas & Their Pod.

Salt Lake City isthose two. Soon to be three. They are like family to us. There are no words to describe how proud I am of them and what they accomplish.

Utah Flowers

Thank you to everyone who made the workshops in Salt Lake City and Park City possible. Thank you to everyone who came and asked questions both in SLC and during Evo. Thank you to everyone who gave me a hug, a smile, or a drink.

A special thank you Kristen for being so wonderfully and gently in my life.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I have been cooking and baking up a storm for work and home and can’t wait to share with you this week!

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Maria July 17, 2011 um 10:32 pm

I am so glad you were able to come to Utah. I really enjoyed your workshops and learned so much. Your talent, passion, and willingness to share is inspiring. It was a joy and pleasure to have you in our home. Our door is always open for you and Bill. Please come visit us again soon. We are blessed to know you. Hugs and Love! xoxo

Mr. Bill July 17, 2011 um 10:40 pm

Thanks for an outstanding presentation!

Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga July 17, 2011 um 11:13 pm

I must be having a big Hallmark kind of day b/c for some reason I am crying as I read this post…Helene, your words are just so beautiful, so genuine, the images you showed of your time there, it all is just so beautiful that I am moved to tears!

I was in Mexico City when Evo was going on. I wish to god I had been there. I would have LOVED to learn from you, be with these amazing women (and men) and have such a wonderful sense of community and love!

Gosh. Next year! And maybe one day sooner I can meet you. Maybe you'll do a cameo appearance at Food & Light. I can dream, right 🙂

And as an aside, the food there looks world class!! WOW! Super impressed!

P.s. Not sure if you made any gentle tweaks to your blog but for some reason it looks brighter, crisper, lighter…I dig it 🙂 It could be in my imagination though.

Ilke July 17, 2011 um 11:30 pm

What a great conference! Wish I was able to attend to be able to get a seat in your workshop.Hoping soon one of them!

Vivian July 17, 2011 um 11:33 pm

That pasta calls out to me.

Helene July 18, 2011 um 12:08 am

Averie: nope, no tweaking..same old Lightroom.

Melissa @ Dash of east July 18, 2011 um 12:25 am

What a beautiful, moving post about Evo 11. I have read many blog recaps about the conference, but I have especially enjoyed seeing images of Evo 11 through your camera lens.

I am putting this conference on my must-attend list for next year. And hopefully I'll be able to take a photography workshop with you before then!

Barbara Bakes July 18, 2011 um 12:41 am

Such a stunningly beautiful recap. It was great to see you again. Hope you'll be back next year.

Unknown July 18, 2011 um 2:29 am

I just cannot imagine being with so many bloggers. I have never even met one REAL blogger yet. It looks like such a dreamy experience.

Oh btw, I posted today about that berry sorbet from your blog. It was so delicious. I am requested to make it again next weekend for my daughter's friend. Thank you.

Deborah July 18, 2011 um 3:02 am

Helene, it was such an honor to meet you. Thank you so much for sharing your time and knowledge – it was truly invaluable to me. And you are such a sweet, down to earth person, and I really appreciated that. I wish I could have been at evo and been able to spend some more time with you – next time!!

Return to Sunday Supper℠ July 18, 2011 um 3:02 am

Next year, I'll be there…thanks again for inspiring me to move forward and follow my heart!

~j. July 18, 2011 um 3:39 am

What a pleasure to meet you! Your photography workshop on the mountain, and lunching with you on Saturday…all wonderful. You are lovely, I hope to see you again sooner than later!

Unknown July 18, 2011 um 6:33 am

I miss you darlin! xoxoxo

Carina July 18, 2011 um 7:56 am

Never enough time to spend with your sassy self!

alison @ Ingredients, Inc. July 18, 2011 um 12:21 pm

THanks for a great workshop, and it's always wonderful to see you. I love EVO So much, and I am so glad I was able to go for the second time as well. I loved how you captured it here. Have a great week! Keep in touch!

smiles, Sharon July 18, 2011 um 1:08 pm

I feel like I was with you all. But I am humbly from Charlotte, NC. What a glorious opportunity to share the love and passion of photography. We spent our honeymoon in Park City…my but it has changed! But loved the shot of the hillside.

Thank you for this long series of photos, everyone's faces are radiant.

Kalyn Denny July 18, 2011 um 1:11 pm

It was so fun to get to know you a little better and just hang out for a while. And yes, I wish we lived a little closer to each other. I guess that's the yin and yang of the internet isn't it?

Yvette July 18, 2011 um 3:02 pm

WOW! What a beautiful location! Would have loved to have been there. Your photos are outstanding! I just recieved “Plate to Pixel” and can’t get my nose out to it! Great info!!!

Heidi / foodiecrush July 18, 2011 um 3:12 pm

It was great having you in SLC and I had a great time helping with the photo workshop–you left us with so much of your knowledge and hands-on tutelage that your students will soon be masters. Thanks and hope to see you soon. Let's do it again! XO

Anonymous July 18, 2011 um 3:20 pm

This looks like so much fun – and utterly beautiful photos as always.

Anonymous July 18, 2011 um 3:47 pm

As always – great photos and a wonderful workshop in pictures!

Sandy @ RE July 18, 2011 um 4:00 pm

Thank you, Helen. Love your wit and humor, too. Enjoyed dinner and getting to know you more. Learned a lot about using a reflector to getting the right light balance, up at Lookout Cabin! Cheers!

bev July 18, 2011 um 4:08 pm

Oh I just love this! Sick that I missed the convention, but happy to see it in pictures.


JulieD July 18, 2011 um 5:01 pm

So beautiful, Helene! 😀

K Allrich July 18, 2011 um 5:55 pm

Beautiful photographs capturing the spirit of place- and people. xox

apaler1 July 18, 2011 um 6:52 pm

It looks like everyone had a wonderful time and I wish I could have the opportunity to attend Evo 11!

Aggie July 18, 2011 um 7:48 pm

Your post gave me chills Helene. Loved spending time with you at your workshop, dinner and Evo…it was all so wonderful!!! You have a beautiful spirit and passion about you, love ya girl. xo

Jennifer Thomas @PiggiesAndPaws July 18, 2011 um 8:50 pm

Beautiful!!! I love your approach to writing and your heartfelt perspective. I'm so sad that we didn't meet. For sure at EVO '12, I hope!

decocinasytacones July 19, 2011 um 6:38 am

I´m sure you all had a great time and I wish I could find a course like that here in Spain.
Thanks for sharing all the beautiful pictures, I have a lot to learn.
Love from Spain

Tamara July 19, 2011 um 3:04 pm

Hi! I just surfed over to your site from Pioneer Woman's. And, to my great surprise, your first post was about my favorite city in the entire world: Park City! I keep trying to book a summer trip (to get away from the heat and humidity of the south) but have yet to do it. One day I will get out there! My husband does photography on the side, so maybe we will have to try out EVO some time!


Becky at VintageMixer July 19, 2011 um 5:15 pm

We are so thankful that you took time out of your schedule to teach and to enjoy! I learned a lot in your workshop and hope that we can stay in touch.

claire gallam July 19, 2011 um 7:35 pm

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous photos!!

Anne @ Baking Me July 19, 2011 um 9:21 pm

I really wish I could have gone to Evo. I live in SLC, but it just didn't work out this year, I am hoping to attend next year. It looks like it was a fantastic event!

Le Heirloom Tomato July 19, 2011 um 10:07 pm

I love your photography style and hope to be able to attend one of your workshops someday soon!

Nat July 20, 2011 um 1:17 am

Helene, this looked like a fantastic workshop. But what I really want to know is when are you coming to run a workshop in Melbourne, Australia? My husband and I will be the first to sign up when you do! Thanks for your wonderful Pixel to Plate, Natalie

jane maynard July 20, 2011 um 3:53 am

this post just makes me happy. so many wonderful people. and evo looks as wonderful as ever. HAVE to make it next year. missed you oodles!!!

Marla {family fresh cooking} July 20, 2011 um 10:12 pm

Oh I had so much fun reading this post & looking at your photo re-cap. I *heart* you girl – but you should all ready know that. You are a bright light & amazing inspiration in my world.

bridget {bake at 350} July 20, 2011 um 10:31 pm

Oh wow….that looked like such fun! I was sorry I missed it before…now I'm *really* sorry!

Cookievonster Custom Cookies July 20, 2011 um 10:48 pm

I love love love your blog and I'm not just saying this, but its my absolute favourite!
Wish I could have attended your workshop too. Any chance you'll be coming my way in Canada?
Your work is so inspiring and beautiful!
Thank you.

Dmarie July 21, 2011 um 12:08 pm

thanks for sharing all that gorgeous-ness!!

Lone July 22, 2011 um 9:46 am

Great photoes. The pasta looks fantastic. Do you by any chance have the recipe.

TidyMom July 22, 2011 um 2:29 pm

great recap Helene!
I loved meeting and spending some time with you in Utah!

Thanks for signing my book too, I've be absorbing EVERY.SINGLE.WORD.

Lucia July 22, 2011 um 4:48 pm

Meeting new people and old friends. Tht's what feeds, along with food, of course 😉

Lucy Lean July 24, 2011 um 7:51 pm

Hi Helene – can't wait to meet you one day – learned yesterday via Carrie Vitt and Marla Meredith that EVO wasn't Extra Virgin Olive oil but a conference! Thanks for sharing all these great pics

Cookin' Canuck July 27, 2011 um 1:44 am

It was so good to be able to spend some time with you, share some laughs and get to know you better. How I wished we lived closer!

Sandra October 20, 2011 um 5:56 am

Just beautiful..every picture speak for itself!!

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