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Roasted Root Vegetable Soup

Roasted Root Vegetable "Pink" Soup

Growing up, root vegetables were not something my mom would cook often. Except for potatoes and carrots it was pretty much never actually. Too many turnips and rutabagas during the shortages of World War II made my mother a little reluctant to use them, even decades later. I don’t think my dad would have minded at all. He never minds anything he can eat. That’s what I like about him. He’s always game to try new things. Mom too don’t get me wrong. Even pink soup.

Golden Beets

Yes, looks like I did channel my inner Bridget Jones when I put a bunch of roasted vegetable in the blender and walked away for a minute to turn some dough. You see, after an ok venture into blitz gluten free puff pastry with Shauna in Seattle a few weeks ago, mom and I have been working on cracking our own puff pastry code. Her health condition benefits from a little less gluten too and it’s been really fun to come up with gluten free versions of her favorites. Seeing what Jeanne did, I know we’ll get there.

Roasted Root Vegetable "Pink" Soup

Here I was, giving our doughs one last turn when I heard my mom go "hmmm…sweetie. The soup is pink. Did you make it pink on purpose?" Ugh no…shoot! Wait! What did I do? Who is going to want to eat pink soup? "Oh no! Les betteraves rouges! (the red beets!) I forgot to remove the red beets!" I had roasted a mix of root vegetables for soup, pushed some red beets to the corner of the pan for a salad and instead just dumped the whole thing in the blender. Hence, the pink soup and B. calling me Bridget when he saw it.

There is always one kitchen blooper when my parent come visit. Too many things, too many languages going on at once. Too many jokes and giggles. And there you have it, one of us has a brain freeze. Or two.

Roasted Root Vegetable "Pink" Soup

But they love me, discombobulated or not, and ate the pink soup. Yes, Bill ate beets. People in Charleston surely did not feel the earth shatter from it but we did. Actually we held our breath as he looked hard at the soup in front of him. "Interesting. I don’t think I have ever had pink soup before." I told him it was a bunch of roasted root vegetables, including roasted red beets. "not pickled? not boiled? not raw?" he asked. As I shook my head negatively three times in a row, he exclaimed "Well then. It’s lovely. Just as it is. Bridget."

Roasted Root Vegetable "Pink" Soup

The soup is a mix of parsley roots, celery root, sunchokes, golden and red beets, potatoes. To add some depth, I added roasted garlic and oregano from our garden. I saved one sunchokes that I sliced thin and pan fried in a bit of olive oil until golden brown to garnish the soups with and served them with gluten free English muffins. The nex day we had leftover with freshly picked crab and gluten free puff pastry croutons (!). It was a hit with everyone which made me wish I had made a bigger batch right from the start.

P.S: My brother says "thank you" for all the birthday wishes. You really made his day!

Roasted Root Vegetable Soup:

Serves 4 to 6

6 parsley root, peeled and diced
1 medium celery root, peeled and diced
2 potatoes, peeled and dice
3 golden beets, peeled and diced
3 red beets, peeled and diced
3 garlic cloves, smashed, skin removed
1 spring oregano
6 sunchokes, peeled and diced
1/4 cup olive oil
salt and pepper

Place all the vegetables in a large bowl and drizzle with the olive oil, salt and pepper to taste and mix well. Place them all in a large roasting pan and roast at 375F – 400F until tender and golden brown. Remove from the oven, remove the oregano (discard) and let cool completely.
Once cooled, place all the vegetables in a blender and add as much as little water as you like to reach the soup consistency that you prefer (we like ours on the thick side) and puree until smooth.
To serve, reheat as needed and serve with bread, croutons, oregano leaves, etc…

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Unknown March 23, 2010 um 8:27 am

I only heard of golden beets for the first time the other day in the Ottolenghi cookbook so I'm glad to see them being used elsewhere. I am yet to find them on sale in my part of London though.

Beautiful pictures and LOL at memories of Bridget Jones blue soup.

Lilly Higgins March 23, 2010 um 8:33 am

I love roast vegetable soup, I never even thought of putting Beets in! It's a great idea and looks gorgeous. Beautiful photos aswell of course! x

Rosa's Yummy Yums March 23, 2010 um 8:34 am

A wonderfully creamy soup! A perfect combo!



Miriam March 23, 2010 um 8:40 am

Lovely post… at least the soup was not blue ;-). And I'm sure it was tasty anyway.

gfs March 23, 2010 um 8:48 am

For starters I'd like to say that I love that your husband can quote Bridget Jones Diary! And secondly your soup is edible unlike Bridget's. Which doesn't surprise me! I love throwing things together and have something 'unexpected' happen. As always your photography is devine and enjoy all those laughs and inside jokes with your family they are more precious than anything plus this soup is more special because of them!

bigjobsboard March 23, 2010 um 8:49 am

Quite new to me but it really seems worth trying. Thanks for sharing this.

Graphic Foodie March 23, 2010 um 9:24 am

I made lilac soup once by putting in left over red cabbage with the other vegetables. Tasted lovely but my partner kept referring to it as "Barney Soup" which was a little offputting!

Nina Timm March 23, 2010 um 9:44 am

Roasted vegetable soups sounds so wintery and yet your pictures are so vibrant and springlike!!! I also expected a chunky soup, to find a pureed soup is such a surprise!!

Jessica @ How Sweet March 23, 2010 um 10:37 am

The color of this soup is absolutely beautiful! Not to mention that it sounds delicious.

WendyinKK March 23, 2010 um 10:50 am

Pink soup.. yummy.
Most of the vegetables that is required are not found in Malaysia.
Too bad, I can't try it out.

Paula March 23, 2010 um 10:55 am

I like that idea!

bunkycooks March 23, 2010 um 12:18 pm

Pretty in Pink! I am sure that the combination of vegetables made for a delicious soup. I am not sure if I could get my hubby to eat something pink (even though he loves beets), so good for you!

Jolette March 23, 2010 um 12:52 pm

The colour may be unusual, but your pink soup looks delicious and matches that beautiful dark pink napkin perfectly. Lovely styling!

Anonymous March 23, 2010 um 2:32 pm

borsht beeing my favourite soup, has made me quite open to pink soups (i like mine with creme fraîche). but i've never tried golden beets, and i was wondering what they are called in french…

Lindsay Jansen March 23, 2010 um 2:59 pm

New to reading your blog, but I was compelled to post because this recipe is similar to something I've been doing all winter long. I make what I call "market soup" because all of the ingredients come from the farmer's market, so it's whatever is in season. It started with me pureeing up some leftover roasted root veg with vegetable stock. I love it because it's easy, flexible, and tasty–I think the hardest thing is making sure to get the proportions right so that one taste doesn't dominate the soup too much.

Jacquie March 23, 2010 um 3:22 pm

This soup looks so delicious. I love soup and especially ones with roasted vegetables so this will definitely be in my "try" folder.

I also absolutely love your photographs. I wish I could take pictures like you!

Pam March 23, 2010 um 3:23 pm

Wow! Your soup looks delicious! Great idea and something different!

m March 23, 2010 um 3:54 pm

Hahaha, at least it turned out good! And it's pretty. :]

I know what you mean about root vegetables–my family only eats potatos and carrots too. :] But I love radish and beets!

Johanna March 23, 2010 um 4:30 pm

Wow, that looks really yummy! Have to try it, I love root vegetables 😀 And it's pink!

[email protected] March 23, 2010 um 4:55 pm

Oh, I love beets soup. I have had a Spring/Summer cold version. Delicious!

Nat March 23, 2010 um 5:58 pm

The star of this soup is undoubtedly the red beet 🙂 I have never seen before a pink soup x_x and I easily imagine the reactions…
A stunning mix 🙂

oneordinaryday March 23, 2010 um 9:55 pm

What a funny post. I love all the Bridget references and that your family was game to eat your pink soup. I'm not sure mine would have been! : )

Abby March 24, 2010 um 1:33 am

Being pinkish makes it all the more springish. Lovely.

Nicole March 24, 2010 um 3:39 am

Absolutely beautiful color!

Kitchen M March 24, 2010 um 3:46 am

IT IS lovely! What a serendipitous find! Love the color this soup.

Alexandra March 24, 2010 um 4:08 am

Pink soup…hmmmm, perfect for Easter! My sister is a 'pink girl', and I think she would enjoy it (as long as she doesn't know what's in it lol!)

Enjoy your time with your mama and papa, I get my turn this weekend with my mama…Happy Spring!

Lori P March 24, 2010 um 11:33 am

What a great story. I've never had pink soup, but it looks delicious.

The Teacher Cooks March 24, 2010 um 11:58 am

Your pink soup looks lovely! It is just right for spring. Have fun with your family.

shaz March 24, 2010 um 12:32 pm

How gorgeous! And Bill ate beets, yay 🙂 Sounds like real fun times at the Tartelette kitchen.

g. March 24, 2010 um 5:22 pm

Bridget could never pull something off so eloquently as you! I'm officially a fan of pink soup. Beautiful, as always, Helen. xo.

Tracy Grant March 24, 2010 um 6:32 pm

Perfection! Your words and your gorgeous photos always blow me away. Now to try the soup :>)

A Bowl Of Mush March 24, 2010 um 8:36 pm

Pink soup?! I'm sold!!

Sounds absolutely gorgeous, such a beautiful post 🙂

Jeanne March 25, 2010 um 1:08 am

Lovely, Helen! And so excited for your version of gluten-free puff pastry. It is very fun, isn't it? And I love the fact that we are thinking about this at the same time. More gluten-free puff pastry for everyone is what I say! Also, thanks for the link!

Kristine March 25, 2010 um 9:26 am

Such amazing pictures …. both food and pictures are very appetizing .. yummi;)
Compliments from here

Jen March 26, 2010 um 2:33 am

the prettiest soup I've ever seen!

Jan (Family BItes) March 26, 2010 um 1:55 pm

The pink soup is absolutely perfect for early spring and Easter!

Y March 27, 2010 um 1:26 pm

I love it and I've never made pink soup before either! What a fabulous idea 🙂

2 Stews March 27, 2010 um 2:41 pm

I think your pink soup is stunning! My mom used to make pickled beets and I couldn't even be polite and gag them down. It took me a while to try them and now I am fascinated with them. The color is just so beautiful.

Thanks for this charming post.


Coquine March 28, 2010 um 3:07 am

I think it's great that your husband knows the lines to Bridget Jones's Diary!

Also, I think that including the beets just made for a more beautiful soup to photograph. That first picture is absolutely amazing! The colors are just wow!

The Short (dis)Order Cook March 29, 2010 um 3:51 pm

Ha ha, pink soup! This reminds me of a roasted veggie soup that contained beets. It ended up bright red! People kept asking me where the pasta was. I found that after eating it a couple of days in a row, it had some interesting ummm…after effects.

marla {family fresh cooking} March 29, 2010 um 4:18 pm

Lovely pink soup! Wonder if my kids would find it extra special with that color…need to try. Really like the extra touch with the thinly fried slices of Sunchokes. Beautiful post!!

Anonymous March 29, 2010 um 4:58 pm

I'm in love with your photography and food styling 🙂 The soup sounds absolutely delicious … just perfect for lunch 🙂

Coloribus March 30, 2010 um 1:16 pm

Great soup and great presentation

jenniferhoiyin April 1, 2010 um 3:52 am

i was thinking just today that i wanted a good root vegetable soup recipe, then i saw this. thank you

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