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Relaunch and change in ownership

This is just a quick hello from the new owners of Tartelette. As regular visitors will have noticed, the site has recently undergone a relaunch.

This is in relation to a change of operator. We would like to thank Helene Dujardin for her many great recipes and blog posts over the past 17 years. Helene can still be reached via Instagram as well as her website.

Speaking of "we", we are 4pub GmbH, an online publishing company based in Cologne, Germany. You can see our office in the main image above. In Germany, we run a number of editorial websites on topics such as health and fitness (gesundfit), education and personal development (, and information and entertainment (

We have recently started to internationalize our business. In the English-speaking world, we currently operate The Digital Reader, a website about strengthening relationships, and the food blog Domestic Fits.

Aside from the change in ownership, everything here remains the same. You’ll still find the best recipes for every occasion, as well as information from the world of beverages. Stay tuned for more.

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