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Raspberry Pistachio Frangipane Tarts With Meyer Lemon Chantilly

Raspberry Pistachio Frangipane Tarts With Meyer Lemon Chantilly

If it weren’t for a bit of a chill early morning (pre-sun rising), you’d be hard pressed to feel like it is still winter here. It seems like it all happened in the past couple of days. No more need for a coat, no more fires. Piping bowls of soup are not preciously close to the body and used as hand warmers anymore. The skies are changing color. That wintry filter in front of the sun is slowly disappearing each day.

Even produce at the store is losing its marbles. It’s a bit of a mess during this seasonal transition. There’s everything everywhere. Usually it starts bugging me by late February except this year. I needed this off season produce frenzy to work on Carrie’s book as I was covering four seasons, breakfast items, main meals and desserts. I hate to admit it but for once, the fact that I could find plump and gorgeous tomatoes from California in the middle of February was making me jump for joy instead if mumbling "not the season yet damn it".


My seasonal cook preference to find the berries stands completely void of raspberries this time of year was quickly meant with slight panick when I needed a bunch for a few recipes (had to be fresh). Good thing there was lots of other things to work on but you can bet that when the shelves filled up again, so did my cart! I had a couple of pints left over and decided to make these Raspberry Pistachio Frangipane Tarts With Meyer Lemon Chantilly.

I thought I was commiting another seasonal faux pas when I loaded my basket with (incredibly cheap) Meyer lemons for an article but Sam, my produce guy, told me their season could extend as late as April. I raised an eyebrow and said "that’s awesome. If you are in California. Since they’re not indigenous to our parts so really, we should take it to the streets and strike!" to which he replied "You’re so French. Striking!". We were both joking but deep down not so much.

Raspberry Pistachio Frangipane Tarts With Meyer Lemon Chantilly

To sum it up, don’t do what I did for these tarts unless raspberries are in season where you are. They were good but I felt like I was holding a box of diamonds at $6 a pint. Trust me, even though the photo gig is over, I am still making the last pint last to the last berry. They’re good, don’t get me wrong but I *know* they will be way better in a couple of months.

On the other hand trust me when I say that the combination of shortbread dough, topped with pistachio frangipane and fresh raspberries was pretty darn good on its own. Believe me again when I add that the Meyer lemon chantilly will wrap this whole thing in the best bite of tangy whipped cloud that will make you giggle in all the right places.

Raspberry Pistachio Frangipane Tarts With Meyer Lemon Chantilly

Raspberry Pistachio Frangipane Tarts With Meyer Lemon Chantilly:
Serves 8

– I used eight 3-inch mousse rings to bake mine but you can fit the whole thing into an 8 or 9-inch pie plate. The tart filling will probably need extra baking time (add 10-12 minutes) at the same temperature.

– I used a combination of basic gluten free flours but you can substitute all purpose or whole wheat flour in the same quantity.

– As you can imagine, when I was preparing the dishes for Carrie’s book I had to use the exact same ingredients she does in her recipes. There were only two I was not much familiar with, one of which was "organic whole cane sugar", an unrefined and unbleached sugar with nice molasses undertones (and much healthier). It’s not organic cane sugar, nor organic brown sugar and you will find it with the names rapadura or sucanat sometimes. I love molasses so I have fallen completely in love with it. It doesn’t go with every dessert but it worked really well in the shorbread dough. Of course, feel free to substitute regular granulated sugar or a strong brown sugar like demerara or dark muscovado.

– The other one was coconut oil. I knew of it, I knew some about it but I never used it in my cooking. I do now everyday (while keeping using butter, olive oil, avocado oil, etc…) A little goes a long way but make sure to get the best kind: unrefined, extra virgin cold pressed. It is more expensive than most store bough coconut oil but a little goes a long way. It does smell like coconut but not as strongly (if at all) when cooked or baked.

For the shortbread bottoms:
1 stick (115 gr) unsalted butter or coconut oil, at room temperature
1/2 cup (95gr) whole organic cane sugar (or granulated or dark brown)
1 large egg yolk
1/2 cup (80gr) brown rice flour
1/2 cup (80gr) white rice flour
1/4 cup (30gr) sorghum flour
(Or use 1 1/4 cup all purpose flour instead of the 3 mentioned above)
2 tablespoons (20 gr) tapioca starch
pinch of salt

For the pistachio frangipane:
1 stick (115 gr) unsalted butter, at room temperature
1/2 cup (95 gr) organic whole cane sugar (or granulated)
1 cup (100 gr) ground pistachios
2 eggs
1/4 cup (60ml) heavy cream

For the Meyer lemon chantilly:
1 cup (250ml) heavy cream
1 tablespoon honey
zest of one Meyer lemon

2 pints fresh raspberries

Prepare the tart shells:
In a mixer, whip together the butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Add the egg yolk and mix until incorporated. Add the flours, tapioca starch and salt and mix briefly. Dump the whole mixture onto a lightly floured board and gather the dough into a smooth ball. Flatten the dough into a disk, wrap it in plastic wrap and refrigerate for 30 minutes to an hour.
Preheat the oven to 350F and position a rack in the middle.
When the dough is nice and cold, roll it out on a lightly floured board or in between two sheets of plastic (it tears easily). You will need half the amount of dough to make the tartelettes. The other half can be kept in the fridge for up to 5 days or frozen, well wrapped for up to 3 months. Cut out eight rounds with a 3-inch pastry ring, dock with a fork and place on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and bake for 8-10 minutes. Let cool completely.

Prepare the pistachio frangipane filling:
Preheat the oven to 350F and position a rack in the middle.
Place the butter, sugar, ground pistachios, and the eggs in a large bowl and whisk until smooth (can also be done in a food processor). Add the cream but stir it in carefully instead of whisking it (you do not want to emulsify it or it will rise while baking). Refrigerate for 30 minutes. Place the 8 baked rounds of dough in eight 3-inch pastry rings, divide the cream evenly among the rings and bake 20 minutes. Let cool.

Prepare the Chantilly:
In the bowl of a stand mixer (or hand held) whip the heavy cream together with the honey and lemon zest to medium stiff peaks.

Assemble the tarts:
Pipe or spoon a generoud dollop of chantilly in the middle of each tart and place raspberries all around. Oh yeah…Eat!

Le P’tit Coin En Francais:

Pour la pate sablee:
115 gr beurre non salee, a temperature ambiante
95 gr de sucanat (ou sucre integral – voir ici) (ou un bon sucre brun)
1 jaune d’oeuf
80gr farine de riz brun
80gr farine de riz blanc
30gr farine de sorghum
(Ou utilisez 160gr de farine au lieu des trois mentionees ci dessus)
20 gr de farine de tapioca (ou maizena)
pincee de sel

Pour la frangipane pistache:
115 gr beurre non sale, mou
95 gr sucanat (ou sucre brun)
100 gr de pistaches en poudre
2 oeufs
60ml de creme liquide entiere

Pour la chantilly au citron:
250ml de creme liquide entiere
1 cuilliere a soupe de miel
zeste d’un citron Meyer ou autre

500 gr de framboises fraiches

Preparer les fonds de tartes:
Dans le bol d’un mixer, fouetter le beurre et le sucre pendant 2-4 minutes. Ajoutez le jaune d’oeuf et battre jusqu’a ce que le melange soit homogene. Ajoutez les farines, le tapioca et le sel et melanger brievement pour obtenir une pate a biscuit. Formez la pate en boule sur votre plan de travail et refrigerer 30 minutes a une heure. (la moitie suffit pour la recette mais la pate se garde bien au congelateur pendant 1-3 mois).
Prechauffer le four a 170C.
Sur votre plan de travail etalez la pate sur une epaisseur d' un demi centimetre. Decoupez 8 cercles de 5cm de diametre environ et piquez les a la fourchette.
Faites les cuire environ 8 minutes. Laissez les refroidir completement et posez les dans des cercles a tarte de 5cm de diametre et de 2 cm de haut.

Preparez la frangipane:
Prechauffez le four a 170C.
Dans un grand bol, melangez tous les ingredients et ajoutez la creme doucement pour ne pa l’emulsionner ou la creme risquerait de gonfler au gour. Gardez la au refrigerateur 30 minutes a une heure.
Dressez la creme sur les fonds de tarte et cuire environ 20 minutes. Laissez refroidir completemet avant de garnir avec la chantilly.

Preparez la chantilly au citron:
Dans le bol d’un mixer, montez la creme en chantilly avec le miel et le zeste de citron. Garnir une poche a douille avec la chantilly et deposez des rosettes de creme au centre des tartes. Ajoutez les franboises tout autour.

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Dewi February 19, 2010 um 4:50 pm

Utterly scrumptious, and a must try recipe.

linda February 19, 2010 um 4:56 pm

hi helen,
i was particularly struck by your very beautiful & bright photography!
raspberries have not been good for me either… i look forward to sunshine without snow & lovely berries!
this recipe is one, i know, i will enjoy baking!

btw: my blog aid …recipes for haiti cookbook arrived! planning on re-creating your roasted vegetable soup!

travisJ February 19, 2010 um 4:58 pm

Holy crap those look fabulous.

Anonymous February 19, 2010 um 4:59 pm

oh yummy!

alice February 19, 2010 um 5:14 pm

Beautiful. Ever since we made Frangipane tarts for Daring Bakers my family has asked me to make more. I think this would be a great recipe to try next. Thank you Helen!

Jen Yu February 19, 2010 um 5:18 pm

Thank you for posting a final picture of the cross section because after reading the title, all I wanted was to get a peek at the frangipane 🙂 These are so pretty and cute and I'm positive they are delicious. All of your pastry creations have little hidden surprise treasures inside. Gawdddddd, to be your neighbor… xo

Alexandra February 19, 2010 um 5:19 pm

Oh Helen!
I love your observation about the waning winter filter! My son has commented on the transition of seasons as well, and he too has been on a berry kick. Yeah, I soooo understand the feeling of 'holding a box of diamonds', we went thru that a couple of days ago….i can't wait for berry season!

I love the photo of the pink flowers, such an innocent epitome of Spring

Sari @ Cook Your Dream February 19, 2010 um 5:24 pm

I'm envious of you weather! I so much wish spring was already here. Your tarts look delicious. I love the pistachio frangipane.

Jamie February 19, 2010 um 5:25 pm

looks amazing! I can't wait til berries are in season again near me… until then I will just drool over your photos : )

Mrs. Stoyko February 19, 2010 um 5:26 pm

Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful! Can you imagine if everyone could cook and bake this way? I think the whole world would be a happy place! Here's to the coming spring and the hopeful arrival of long dormant tulips in the frozen garden! (Well, at least here in Edmonton my garden is still very much frozen!)

Half Baked February 19, 2010 um 5:34 pm

I think Spring is just around the corner. *fingers crossed* After my disaster with DB'rs frangipane challenge I've been hesitant to try it again. This recipe is making me think about giving it another go. Beautiful!

Post Grad Hair Cut February 19, 2010 um 5:35 pm

Everything you make makes me want to cry, it looks so tasty!

Jelli February 19, 2010 um 5:50 pm

I use this type of sugar often when baking, as it is the only option besides white or sugar with caramel color (sadly, not brown sugar). I love the flavor, but it often leaves tiny craters or "freckles" on cookies when it bakes. It is the best sugar for coffee, too, I've found. Thanks for sharing!

Dandy February 19, 2010 um 6:16 pm

This year is the first time I've used meyer lemons and I just can't stop. After months of chocolate I have the hugest citrus craving.

Besides, I live in CA so I don't have to go on strike…do I?

Hannah February 19, 2010 um 6:17 pm

Pistachio and rasperry – two of my current food dessert loves! But I know what you mean about raspberries – even when they're in season in Australia, it'd hard to find them for less than $4 a punnet. Why my mother never planted the raspberry plants we were given when I was little, I'll never know…

Pastrychefgrl February 19, 2010 um 6:24 pm

Ooohhh these look amazing and tasty! I wish I had all these ingriedients to make this my mom would love these! Could I substitute the pistachios for another nut? I love your photography I wish I had a better camera and lighting I would take my own pics of my stuff I love the creative way you take pics of the things you use in each recipe!! Until I can I will keep awwing over yours!!

Katrina February 19, 2010 um 6:37 pm

These look amazing!! I can't wait to try them.

Karine February 19, 2010 um 6:50 pm

Wow…. looks real good. Un delice.
Will make somme soon. Merci Helene.

Alison February 19, 2010 um 7:14 pm

Wow! This looks amazing. Quick question – I had some confusion with the instructions about baking it in a 8" pie plate (rather than the individual rings). Should we bake the larger tart shell for 10-12 minutes TOTAL, or 10-12 minutes MORE than the small-tart time (which would make for a total of 18-20 minutes)?

Also, if baking it in a large plate, should we still split the dough in half?

Thanks so much! This is a beautiful blog, and I really enjoy reading it.

Alexandra February 19, 2010 um 7:50 pm

Yum yum – I will try this recipe soon; but what do you mean by "dock with a spoon?"


Unknown February 19, 2010 um 8:11 pm

I subscribe to your blog. I really enjoy your blog. Everything you make looks absolutely luscious. My mouth waters. I don't think I have ever made a single one of your recipes. I am a cook, not a baker. I will continue to follow your blog because maybe someday I will put aside the time and make one of these absolutely fabulous desserts. Keep up the inspiring work.

Helene February 19, 2010 um 8:41 pm

Linda: yeah! Thanks for the support!

Alison: add 10-12 minutes. Use 1/2 the recipe still.

Pastrychefgrl: yes, any nut will work.

Alexandra: good question…

Pastrychefgrl February 19, 2010 um 9:21 pm

Thanks I am gonna try it and now I realized I actually have some pistachios in my pantry now all I need are some of those delicious looking raspberries! Or maybe I will use some of the hazelnuts I have left over! :op

zebulon February 19, 2010 um 9:53 pm

How tempting and delicious! I can't resist that immaculate and heavenly chantilly, especially if the ever-elusive (for me the Parisian one) Meyer lemon is guest-starring in it.
Of course, what's under the chantilly is as appealing to me :)) In short, I want to devour one of your tarts…

Oh, and I love that sexy light blue drainer of yours!!

Rambling Tart February 19, 2010 um 9:57 pm

Oh, you make me smile. 🙂 These are lovely! That mound of cream in the center is absolutely dreamy! 🙂

Swathi February 19, 2010 um 10:05 pm

Looks really beautiful, I need to try this

Megan February 19, 2010 um 11:13 pm

I was so struck by how beautiful your photographs are. They're truly wonderful. This one in particular looks almost too good to eat!

♥peachkins♥ February 19, 2010 um 11:45 pm

These tarts looks so good!

A Bowl Of Mush February 20, 2010 um 12:34 am

These are stunning!
I love tarts like this 🙂

Eileen @ Passions to Pastry February 20, 2010 um 1:09 am

Your photos just get better and better, Helen. I love coming to your site and seeing what you've done.

Nads' Bakery February 20, 2010 um 5:27 am

Could you give some tips on how to take such beautiful photos?? I've been shooting for several months now but I still can't seem to get a really good grasp on it..

Helene February 20, 2010 um 6:09 am

Nad's Bakery: that is a huge question to answer without knowing what you do. Learn your manual first, learn how to read your histogram 2nd, then ISO, aperture, f-stops and last "time on tool" = practice. Take one thing and shoot it under all camera settings and white balances, f-stops, aperture that you can patiently take the time to do and take mental notes of what works for you.

Kathy February 20, 2010 um 8:17 am

Beautiful blog post! We simply adore your creations.

Aldara February 20, 2010 um 10:23 am

This looks so yummy! No good raspberries for Germany for some months to come, though. We still have snow lying around (well, sheets of ice, really). At least the sun is shining today!
Ah, I love pink tulips. They're my favorite flower. Your photographs are always so beautiful! <3

jillian February 20, 2010 um 1:20 pm

Your photos make me feel like it is truly almost spring- I think we have awhile to go in NY.
These look so delicious!

colorchic February 20, 2010 um 3:45 pm

I have 6 little meyer lemons left on my tree that I brought in for the winter. I've been hoarding them, but I might have to give in to try this recipe. Looks delicious!

Minie February 20, 2010 um 4:29 pm

Découverte de ton blog que je trouve superbe, j'aime tes recettes et tes photos. Beaucoup de fraîcheur et de saveur, je me permets de mettre des photos sur mon blog avec un lien vers toi. Donne moi ton accord, d'avance je te remercie. A bientôt.

Sunshinemom February 20, 2010 um 4:40 pm

I like the ingredients that have gone into the tart base. A must try recipe! Bookmarked:). Gorgeous pictures as always!

[email protected] February 20, 2010 um 6:48 pm

I could do with Berry season on the East Coast these days… Wanted to make something really similar the other day but could not get myself to purchase the raspberries. Will have to wait a little bit..
Your pictures are, comme toujours, beautiful and gives us a glimpse of what Spring could be like soon.

Anonymous February 20, 2010 um 6:50 pm

You know something's good when it makes you giggle and blush! Looks wonderful, although I have to admit I am jealous over the emergence of Spring….

Erika from The Pastry Chef At Home February 20, 2010 um 8:52 pm

I wish winter was backing down around my parts (nyc) There's still grey/black slushy snow and ice hanging around on the streets making it all look ever so miserable! But I have lovely photos (especially the one of the flowers!) like yours to brighten my day.

As for the sugars….I am always surprised at the variety of sugar there is on the market. I learn about a new one all the time!

Georgia.Pellegrini February 20, 2010 um 9:03 pm

it needs to be spring RIGHT NOW!!! The flavors and colors are beautiful!

nath February 21, 2010 um 6:43 am

que de merveilles sur ton blog bravo et merci

Laura February 21, 2010 um 11:09 am

Congratulations for your blog! Your recipes (and photos!) are awesome!! I really love them!!

nandini February 21, 2010 um 11:50 am

beautiful pics… love to visit your space for the photo's and cant get enough of it!!. Also the tips on photography to nad's bakery is useful for beginners like me..

my little expat kitchen February 21, 2010 um 6:22 pm

Your photographs are breathtaking! Tarts are my favorite dessert at the moment.

Maya February 21, 2010 um 6:31 pm

Ooh! Looks amazing! Can't wait for raspberry season to try these 🙂

wine of the month club February 21, 2010 um 9:32 pm

Beautiful images. They make me hungry even though I just finished lunch.

Simones Kitchen February 21, 2010 um 9:53 pm

I wish that I could say that spring is slowly starting here too, but it seems to soon to jump for joy yet. Winter is long and hard this year! And yes, raspberries will be better in a few months time, but still these gorgeous desserts make me wish for spring even more!

Beth February 22, 2010 um 12:12 am

I agree with what Linda said. What a great use of light in your photography, especially the contrast of the vibrant berries and blue patterned napkin against the various hues of white. Love it!

Mini Baker February 22, 2010 um 12:30 am

just found your blog! And I'm so glad I did, can't wait to browse around! 🙂
-Mini Baker
ps. your tartlets are absolutely GORGEOUS!!!

Deana Sidney February 22, 2010 um 12:40 am

Such perfect fruit… and the photo feels like spring… which those of us in the NE really would love right now. Lovely!

Jennifer February 22, 2010 um 1:11 am

What lovely spring inspiration! As always your photos and writing are beautiful!!!

EZSweets February 22, 2010 um 3:53 am

these look so pretty and delicious! thnx for the delicious info!

Helen in CA February 22, 2010 um 4:53 am

Helen – I'm confused. How would I bake the frangipane section?

Since you said to cut the base after it's been baked.

Many thanks!

Helen in CA
who's used to very stepxstep recipes

Helene February 22, 2010 um 6:21 am

Helen in CA: not sure I understand your questions. I am quoting from the instructions:
1- "Cut out eight rounds with a 3-inch pastry ring, dock with a fork and place on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and bake for 8-10 minutes. Let cool completely."

2- "Place the 8 baked rounds of dough in eight 3-inch pastry rings, divide the cream evenly among the rings and bake 20 minutes. Let cool."

I have read and re-read and I can't locate where you said I said to cut the base after it's been baked.

ChichaJo February 22, 2010 um 7:08 am

They look so pretty and yummy! I would be tempted even if out of season!

Ivon February 22, 2010 um 11:40 am

Wow !!! Beautiful :DDDD

Lynnette February 22, 2010 um 2:39 pm

I love frangipane tarts but never thought to use pistachio. But, will definitely try it! Thanks.

Enila February 22, 2010 um 3:29 pm

Pistachio Frangipane & Raspberry, sound of heaven, yummi ! Thx U for recipe ! Your photos are beautiful ( as always !)

B & D February 22, 2010 um 3:42 pm

looks mouthwatering and delicious!! a perfect treat for this weather…love it!! 🙂

Kate at Serendipity February 22, 2010 um 4:06 pm

You know, I love molasses too. It's sort of like the anchovy of the sweet world–it makes everything deeper and more mysterious without always being in-your-face.

This looks amazing. Thanks for the names in French–it's good for me when I'm looking for the (new to me) gluten-free flours.

Did you put the crust up the side of the pastry rings or did the frangipane get crusty? I love the way the raspberries make a little compartment for the chantilly.

melopapilles February 22, 2010 um 5:49 pm

La pâte de ces tartelettes me fait saliver… les photos sont superbes !

Heleb in CA February 22, 2010 um 9:48 pm

Helen….somehow I must have skimmed the recipe too fast

Thanks for your patience, and your answer that ensured that I narrowed my focus on the instructions.

Looking forward to trying these!!!

many thanks again

Katie @ Cozydelicious February 23, 2010 um 12:00 am

I have never made frangipane and always wondered about it – I might have to give this a try this weekend! They look SO beautiful in your pictures. Of course, I'd have to find some decent-looking raspberries first.

Helene February 23, 2010 um 1:44 am

Helen in CA: that's ok. You had me worried for a second and I had to read it outloud 3 times to make sure!!
Hope you get to try them!

Kate: the base is more like a cookie and the frangipane goes right on top so no need to make it go up the sides. Make sure to wrap the bottoms and sides with foil if the rings look like they are not tight on the sheet (space in between could let the frangipane leak out).

Katrina February 23, 2010 um 7:10 am

Oh my gosh! This looks amazing, and I am absolutely inspired to make it this weekend – thank you! Luckily I live in Australia, so it's summer here 🙂 Also, thank you so much for providing the metric measurements!

Alice February 23, 2010 um 11:42 am

I really love raspberries, they're one of my favourite fruits.
Thank you for your amazing recipes, they're always inspiring!!

Johanna February 23, 2010 um 2:14 pm

It's the first time I'm visiting your blog and I'm so glad I found it! This is the ultimate food blog. Exactly what I was looking for, with lots of wonderful pictures (not those with bad light and ugly cupcakes that you can find on other blogs). This is great!

nakedbeet February 23, 2010 um 10:04 pm

Meyer lemons are everywhere I look! I bought them recently before I knew what I wanted to do with them. I love the sound of these tarts.

Anonymous February 25, 2010 um 3:17 am

As always, beautiful photos and presentation! The flavor combination sounds irresistible!

Anonymous March 13, 2010 um 1:57 am

Wow, this looks delicious. Actually, all the food on this blog looks delicious. I've enjoyed reading through it.

SWinn May 2, 2012 um 6:17 pm

These look delicious (making them tonight!) I haven't been able to find tapioca starch… So is it possible to substitute cornstarch? If yes, then how much, and if no do you have an suggestions? Thanks so much! keep up the amazing work!

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