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Pistachio And Strawberry Mousse Mille Feuilles And A Giveaway

Pistachio Strawberry Mille Feuilles

I just laughed and giggled at all the comments about the Pistachio Creme Brulee Macarons from last week and your thinking that I can take Pierre Herme any day. Clearly an interesting idea but sadly one that will never take place because the man is king in the pastry department. I did get an email from Pierre Herme though, well ok, more precisely from La Maison Pierre Herme. And it was not personal at all. But I loved it all the same. It actually inspired me to make these Mille Feuilles filled with mascarpone, pistachio and strawberry mousses.

I like staying close to home by subscribing to French cooking magazine, watch French news feeds anytime I can, and also by receiving PH’s monthly newsletter in my inbox. An attractive list of all the seasonal goodies coming up in his shops. And there it was, the whole PH House of Pastry, tempting with more amazing tastes and textures than before. I read it carefully and sighed at their current signature flavor: all PH’s creations in pistachio and strawberry. The "Montebello" line was attractive and indeed perfectly seasonal, even for an expat like me, three thousand miles away from home.

Pistachio Strawberry Mille Feuilles

In my last post, I mentionned how a client needed an anniversary dessert with cherries and how I was not completely satisfied with their flavor yet. I care about my craft too much to keep silent if something is not 100% up to par. With a head filled of PH' Montebello desserts and a nose intoxicated with the fragrance of strawberry, I settled on creating something along those lines (no recipes come with the newsletter). A mascarpone – pistachio mousse sharing space in between two sheets of "rough" puff pastry with a mascarpone – strawberry mousse

I do receive a lot of cookbooks for preview and in March I received Pastry by Michel Roux. With little time on my hands, I figured his "rough" puff pastry recipe would be perfect to try for this dessert. As much as I love the process of traditional puff pastry, I was positively surprised at the results I got with this one. Flaky, tender, fast. Precisely what I need now that the heat is back. For the mousses, I made a simple mascarpone base and used half with finely ground pistachios and half with pureed strawberries, some whipped cream and that was it. Rich, light, flavorful all at once.

Pistachio Strawberry Mille Feuilles

If you ever want to master all sorts of pastry doughs, this is the book to get. Clear instructions with plenty of pictures along the way and a myriad of examples and recipes both sweet and savory to go along. His "rough" puff pastry yielded such great results that I decided to give away one of the two copies I have.

To win a copy of Michel Roux’s Pastry (and who does not want a free book, especially on this fine Memorial Day weekend?), all you have to do is leave a comment between today, Sunday May 24th and Tuesday May 26th at midnight. The winner will be chosen at random by my better half. No anonymous comments please, just sign Zorro if you must.

Pistachio Strawberry Mille Feuilles

Two years ago: Gateau Saint Honore – Daring Bakers

Pistachio and Stawberry Mousse Mille Feuilles:
Makes 4

For the rough puff pastry, adapted from Michel Roux.
2 1/4 cups (300gr) all purpose flour
1 1/4 cup (300gr) unsalted butter, cold and cut into 1/4-inch cubes
1/2 teaspoon (3gr) salt
1/2 cup (125ml) ice-cold water

Place the flour in a large bowl and make a well in the center. Add the butter and salt right in the well and work them together with the flour, using your fingertips, gradually drawing in more flour into the center. When the butter pieces have reached pea sized pieces and the mixture appears grainy, gradually add the ice water and mix until it is all incorporated. Do not overwork the dough. Roll it into a ball, cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate 20 to 30 minutes.
On a lightly flour work area, roll the dough to an 8×4-inch rectangle. Fold it into three and give it a quarter turn. Roll it into another 8×4-inch rectangle again and fold it in three again. These are the first 2 turns. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate again for 30 minutes.
Give the chilled dough 2 more turns, rolling and folding as previously described. The pastry is ready then. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for 30 minutes.
When ready to use, roll the dough to a 1/8- inch (3 mm) thick rectangle and cut out eight 4×2 pieces. Place them on a parchment paper lined baking sheet. Dock the dough with a fork to let the steam out while baking so your rectangles will be evenly puffed. Bake at 350F until golden brown. (if they puff too much, cover with a sheet of parchment paper and place a small baking sheet on top). Let cool completely before filling with the mousses

For the pistachio and strawberry mousse:
8 oz (240gr) mascarpone cheese, at room temperature
1/2 cup (100gr) sugar
1/4 cup (30gr) finely ground raw pistachios
1/2 cup pureed fresh strawberries
1 1/2 cups (375ml) heavy cream, kept cold, divided

In a large bowl, whisk together the mascarpone and sugar until completely smooth. Take half the mixture and place it in another large bowl. Add the pistachios to one of them and mix until incorporated. Add the pureed strawberries to the other mascarpone mixture. In a mixer, whip the heavy cream to stiff peaks. Fold half into the pistachio mascarpone mix and the other half with the strawberry one. The pistachio mousse is probably stifff enough to be used right away but you might have to refrigerate the strawberry one until the mascarpone hardens a bit otherwise it might be too soft to pipe easily. Divide the mixture into piping bags fitted with medium plain tips (I use Ateco pastry tips) (or do the pistachio mousse first, wash your bag and tip and then do the strawberry one). Pipe dots of mousse onto half the puff pastry sheets, alternating the pistachio and strawberry. Top with another sheet of puff pastry and refrigerate at least 30 minutes.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend…No barbecue for us but brunch with friends this year.

During Breakfast

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Valarmathi Sanjeev May 24, 2009 um 4:01 pm

First time here. You have wonderful blog. Pictures are taken so beautiful. Nice blog.

The Factician May 24, 2009 um 4:07 pm

This comment has been removed by the author.

Unknown May 24, 2009 um 4:09 pm

But how can I not enter? 😉 Plus, I trust what you have to tell me and take your advice – baking, books, and academic – to heart. =)

Erica May 24, 2009 um 4:12 pm

What a cool book! Thanks for the giveaway. 🙂

Deeba PAB May 24, 2009 um 4:12 pm

Caught your post as you twittered Helen…must be my lucky day.Hopefully I’m gonna get luckier…he he. Even if I don’t, am thrilled you posted this rough puff pastry coz it looks darned good to me, as does the magic you created within! WOW…excellent stuff helen. Have a good Memorial Day weekend!!

cindy* May 24, 2009 um 4:12 pm

i love the pastel colors of the mousses. very pretty! i am putting this book on my list, you know, just in case 🙂

Manggy May 24, 2009 um 4:13 pm

Ooh, I’ve coveted that book since I saw it on the shelves. (Michel Roux is still alive right?) I was just so amazed how magically each pastry came together– and when he got to the phyllo part, I was practically dumbfounded. His recipe looks perfect for millefeuilles– you don’t even need them to rise that much!
Another thing I covet? These millefeuilles, of course. Any chance you are mailing them too? Ha ha 🙂

Ivy May 24, 2009 um 4:16 pm

These are amazing as always of course and I would love to win a cooking book. 🙂

Have a lovely weekend!

tara May 24, 2009 um 4:17 pm

Gorgeous combination of some of my favourite flavours. Must try the pastry, it looks like a beautiful rustic texture.

(psst. And please enter me in the giveaway!)

Unknown May 24, 2009 um 4:18 pm

Mille feuilles were some of my favorite pastries I enjoyed while abroad in France. These look to die for, so perfect you don’t even want to bite into one! Happy holiday weekend!

Poires au Chocolat May 24, 2009 um 4:18 pm

Can I enter from the UK or is asking for international postage a bit cheeky?!

Beautiful post anyway 🙂

Stacy May 24, 2009 um 4:19 pm

Wow, what a great book to win! Thank you!

Deeba PAB May 24, 2009 um 4:19 pm

Oooops sorry, I had to add that I’m THRILLED the Mille Feuilles are eggless. I love it!!

Basht May 24, 2009 um 4:19 pm

those are so beautiful! Will have to try them soon

Unknown May 24, 2009 um 4:22 pm

This looks great 🙂
As I always say, I loovvee your pictures. You can totally make a sub-blog for photography. I’d be your first subscriber.

Lucy Vaserfirer May 24, 2009 um 4:22 pm

I haven’t eaten breakfast yet, and this really got my belly growling. With stuff like this, I think I would rather have your book. But Pastry is on my wish list too.

Anonymous May 24, 2009 um 4:24 pm

Been following this blog for a long time but never before commented. How could I not want to enter? 😀

Beautiful but also delicious desserts!

Engineer Baker May 24, 2009 um 4:24 pm

Wow, that just sounds delicious and looks absolutely gorgeous! I can’t wait for fresh strawberries around here so I can try it. And who doesn’t want more pastry books? 😛

kayce. May 24, 2009 um 4:25 pm

as always, the pastries are gorgeous… i especially love the color composition of your dishes. and a free book, esp a cookbook, ESP a pastry book?!? i’m in. :))

onesilentwinter May 24, 2009 um 4:26 pm

helen, mille feuille reminds me of my grandmother and aunt so much, what i would do to be siiting with them and the table sharing your recipe… so much. your pictures are pictures are beauliful!

The Bon May 24, 2009 um 4:31 pm

These look so delicious!

Diletta May 24, 2009 um 4:32 pm

This Millefoglie is wonderful!!! I love pistachios and strawberries!!! Now in England strawberries are at their best!!!
Thank you!!
Un big smile,

Maria May 24, 2009 um 4:33 pm

Lovely post. Your photos just make me happy. Great giveaway too, thanks!

Deb Mele May 24, 2009 um 4:34 pm

Your photos are amazing and although I’d never tackle this dessert myself, I admire your expert skill!


jana May 24, 2009 um 4:35 pm

oh i would love that book!! and the recipe looks great!

Anonymous May 24, 2009 um 4:37 pm

Those are just too pretty to eat! Ok…maybe not, but you know what I mean!
I’m all about free books – well books in general, but free books are indeed lovely, too!

Anonymous May 24, 2009 um 4:37 pm

i do not have a sweet tooth myself but are drawn to pastries, none the less. next to steak, they are the most beautiful of all foods. i really enjoy your site (especially the photoggraphy). i was referred by userealbutter. thanks!

Anne May 24, 2009 um 4:38 pm

That is just beautiful! And – I hope I win!

Jess May 24, 2009 um 4:44 pm

Count me in – I mean, I’m drooling over today’s photos already… and I’ve been reading the blog daily for ages!

kate May 24, 2009 um 4:47 pm

Oh yum! Your photos are gorgeous.

Rachel May 24, 2009 um 4:52 pm

the dessert looks so delicate….berries and pistachios…perfect.

N2 May 24, 2009 um 4:53 pm

Beautiful Mille Feuilles! I love that the filling(s) is so varied and made up of thick dollops.

Laura May 24, 2009 um 4:55 pm

I love mille feuilles, and the mousse looks so yummy.


LilyAnette May 24, 2009 um 5:01 pm

Hello Helen. I love all your recipes and would like to thank you for the many tips you offered on Macaron makings. I am an ardent fan of beautiful baked goods and prefer to make everything from scratch if I had the time. This mille feuille is beautiful and I love the way the mousse complemented the whole pattern of it!

have a good weekend.

bridget {bake at 350} May 24, 2009 um 5:18 pm

That is beautiful…and YES, count me in for the giveaway! 😉 Thanks!

Paris Pastry May 24, 2009 um 5:19 pm

Pick me! Pick me!

Melissa May 24, 2009 um 5:23 pm

Your pastries are always beautiful, and look like they would be even more delicious! Plus, your food photography is gorgeous as well!

Sade May 24, 2009 um 5:25 pm

I’m always amazed at the pictures you take and how much care you put in your baking.

Please enter me to win the cookbook!

Lisa C, Los Angeles May 24, 2009 um 5:27 pm

I would love to make mille feuilles for father’s day, my dad loves them! Thanks for the quick pastry recipe and the give away.

Char May 24, 2009 um 5:28 pm

coming here is like a breath of fresh air and the aroma of walking into a pastry shop. yum.

Laura May 24, 2009 um 5:29 pm

Beautiful looking pastry, very pretty!

Cheri May 24, 2009 um 5:32 pm

These look so good! I have been wondering forever how to make a fruit mousse without gelatin. I am going to have to try this soon. And, I am excited to try this quick version of puff pasty. I have yet to master the traditional one. 🙂

Aga May 24, 2009 um 5:34 pm

Helen, outstanding, as always.
I do want to master all sorts of pastry doughs!! So I belive that book should be on my list too.

Julia May 24, 2009 um 5:41 pm

I love cookbooks! And I adore your blog. The photos are gorgeous and the recipes are yummy. I’ve tried quite a few and have even more printed out that I want to try!

Michael May 24, 2009 um 5:45 pm

The pastry in the picture looks great! May have to try this recipe soon.

Marc May 24, 2009 um 5:46 pm

Seems like a Mille Feuilles is the perfect treat for this rough pastry. Great result!

Stella May 24, 2009 um 5:46 pm

Wow, this book looks excellent. I can’t wait to check it out and also try this rough pastry recipe!

Claire May 24, 2009 um 5:52 pm

Everything looks lovely, as usual! 🙂

karin May 24, 2009 um 5:53 pm

i’d love a book! 🙂

Cherry Blossoms May 24, 2009 um 5:55 pm

I love your blog! Its one of my favorites on my blog roll! Thank you for all the amazing recipes {and photos!} You constantly make my mouth water!

CherryBlossomsDesign at hotmail dot com

Toil and Trouble May 24, 2009 um 5:56 pm

lucky me to have found a small bakery in my neighborhood that creates lovely macarons. my efforts keep failing(i think it may have something to do with my gas oven????). i love your beautiful pictures and whimsical tales.cheers!!!

Stephanie May 24, 2009 um 5:58 pm

You pictures are lovely, and your pastry looks divine! Thanks so much for the generous giveaway.

Mireya May 24, 2009 um 6:04 pm

Love your blog!! Thanks for the giveaway!

Celine May 24, 2009 um 6:06 pm

Comme c’est beau! Magnifique, les couleurs, le feuillete… wow quel talent!
Bon cela ne doit pas etre facile a manger on doit s’en mettre plein les doigts mais c’est meilleur comme cela… meme si dommage de tout detruire c’est tellement beau.
J’aime aussi ta photo du Brinch avec bouteille de lait et coquetier trop chou

Pei-Lin May 24, 2009 um 6:07 pm

Hey, I just revisited pâte feuilletée a few days ago! I was attempting the pâte feuilletée inversée, thinking of trying this method to see how it’d turn out to be. But, it just didn’t work for me at all! I’d to get out of the sticky situation (and I literally mean that) by doing it the traditional way. So as expected, there isn’t too much "wow!" to the puff! Sad …

But hey, I’m also surprised to learn that Roux’s method works like a wonder! So, thanks for offering a copy of his book for us all! And, I love all your work! Keep it up!


Julia from Imagelicious May 24, 2009 um 6:13 pm

I adore your photos!!! First time commenter, hoping to win a book 🙂

LittleHome May 24, 2009 um 6:16 pm

Mmmm, this looks (again) delicious!I love your fine work, the delicate treats and wonderful pictures. Keep it up!

Donna May 24, 2009 um 6:17 pm

I too should like to enter my name into your draw. I am a long time, although silent reader of your wonderful blog. Everything you make always looks so good, I always wish I could have a little taste.

Parisbreakfasts May 24, 2009 um 6:22 pm

I’m agog with the simple beauty of these..
Merci Helene

Hanna May 24, 2009 um 6:28 pm

that looks so yummy!

julė May 24, 2009 um 6:31 pm

i’ve bookmarked this book on amazon – sounds like quite a nice one; am now currently deciding on a Huge Cookbook Package to give myself for no particular reason – that’s how much i love myself, hee hee.

Trudi May 24, 2009 um 6:34 pm

Your site is such a delight to follow…you’ve inspired me so often as I cook for my little family! I love how simple and tasty your recipes are to follow…I’m a true groupie of your site!

Brittany May 24, 2009 um 6:39 pm

Looks soooo yummy! I might just have to overcome my fear of pastry dough!

Have a happy memorial day weekend!

Chavi May 24, 2009 um 6:43 pm

Those mousses look to die for– they are the embodiment of spring with those colors!

Lauren May 24, 2009 um 6:45 pm

Mmm!! Your desserts always look so yummy and beautiful! I will have to try some of these mousse and puffed pastry desserts at some point. They look so beautiful.

Sweet Bird May 24, 2009 um 6:50 pm

I would definitely pay money to see a bake-off between you and PH.

JenBette May 24, 2009 um 6:51 pm

I am addicted to your blog…for inspiration and technique. I love your macarons!

Mara Dawn May 24, 2009 um 6:54 pm

love your photography and styling so much. would love to win this book!

a greener apple May 24, 2009 um 7:01 pm

That sounds like a great book; I’m absolutely going to try making puff pastry tomorrow!

Juliana May 24, 2009 um 7:16 pm

Your blog is so pretty! I’ve been looking for a recipe for a fruit mousse without gelatin. Thank you. I’d love to win the pastry book, especially since I’m trying to improve my pastry skills. If international postage isn’t a problem…

maureen ryan May 24, 2009 um 7:22 pm

i just love those little terrines you always use–in the center of that lovely breakfast spread. where are they from?

thanks for the contest, and as always, for your lovely work!

Millie May 24, 2009 um 7:26 pm

It sounds and looks delicious, as always!

Jan May 24, 2009 um 7:27 pm

YUM! need I say more! 🙂

Maybe May 24, 2009 um 7:32 pm

J’adore voir une bouteille "le bon lait" sur ta table ! Un autre moyen d’amener la France à toi… Les mousses ont l’air vraiment délicieuses, bravo pour ce beau dessert d’inspiration PH !

Sara May 24, 2009 um 7:34 pm

That looks delicious! I would love a new cookbook – one can never have too many 🙂

Kim May 24, 2009 um 7:35 pm

I’d love to be "in the running" for the book. I’m thinking of taking a pastry class someday, but have yet to find one that doesn’t totally freak me out. Maybe this book would be a good way to get my feet wet. Thanks for an awesome blog!
[email protected]

lydgatelane May 24, 2009 um 7:39 pm

How beautiful foods you creat!
I have been inspired by your blog, and I would like to thank you for sharing your recipes.

becca May 24, 2009 um 7:43 pm

Your Mille Feuilles look absolutely amazing!

Sarah May 24, 2009 um 7:45 pm

Lovely post!! I’m inspired to buy that Pastry book now – I’ve got a copy of the Roux Bros Patisserie and I love it too! (Btw, I live in Oz so don’t think I’d be eligible for a prize, hehe).

Gorgeous mille feuille!

xox Sarah

chocolatecup May 24, 2009 um 8:07 pm

thanks for recommending the book! this can go on my wish list for my birthday! i am really clueless as to getting recipe books cos somehow online recipes that are tried and tested gives me a sense of "well, she/he did it, i am sure i can" 🙂
kuddos to handmade puff pastry(i am kinda abit snobbish towards store bought ready-made ones cos i am convinced it wont taste as nice), though i have not tried my hands at that! 🙂

Carolyn May 24, 2009 um 8:08 pm

I will definitely have to get a copy of that book if I don’t win it. This recipe looks delicious. I think that you’ve given me something new to try next weekend!

Kerrin @ MyKugelhopf May 24, 2009 um 8:08 pm

Quelles photos magnifiques ! Ca donne envie de ne pas simplement faire de la patisserie moi-meme, mais aussi de prendre des photos qui donnent autant envie ! 😉

Simply beautiful photos and outstanding food styling, as always. And yet another recipe for my "to bake" file ! Merci !

tiptup May 24, 2009 um 8:11 pm

ooo, I’d love a free book. Hope you have a great weekend!

White Toast with Butter May 24, 2009 um 8:17 pm

This book is on my wish list too! When is your book out? When can we pre-order?

Kavey May 24, 2009 um 8:19 pm

As always a wonderful blog post, not only does the recipe look delicious but the photos are so beautiful – a real skill.
Yours is one of the blogs I’ve been visiting for a long time and is one I look to for inspiration now I have finally joined the food blogger ranks as a newbie!
Thanks again!

Amy May 24, 2009 um 8:38 pm

This looks absolutely delicious. The inside looks like it is lined with delicate bird’s eggs : )

Anonymous May 24, 2009 um 8:43 pm

I’m amazed by how beautiful your desserts always look.


Margaret May 24, 2009 um 8:47 pm

I discovered your blog a few days ago – it is truly an inspiration! Thank you so much!

janeannechovy May 24, 2009 um 8:49 pm

Ooh, just for the rough puff pastry I think this would be awesome.

Mélanie May 24, 2009 um 9:04 pm

Mmmm, I love the last picture, from breakfast. Makes me want to be tomorrow morning already 🙂

mary May 24, 2009 um 9:17 pm

Those look beautiful, as always, And I love that spoon in the top picture.

The book would be lovely too, of course! 🙂

JoJo May 24, 2009 um 9:17 pm

Long time lurker, first time commenter. Your blog is beautiful and the giveaway so generous. Thanks for always being an inspiration!!

Rosa's Yummy Yums May 24, 2009 um 9:34 pm

That Mille Feuilles looks fantastic! Wow, your pastry is so perfect and flaky! Terrific!

A great sounding book!



Annie R. May 24, 2009 um 9:37 pm

Miam, un livre 🙂

Anonymous May 24, 2009 um 9:37 pm

Your photography is so lovely! If only you could sample food through the internet. Sigh…

Anonymous May 24, 2009 um 9:42 pm

First time commenter! 😀
Anyway, that looks cute and delicious (:

Elysse May 24, 2009 um 9:43 pm

The puff pastry looks divine. I would try it with onion, thyme, and goat cheese tarts.

Angela May 24, 2009 um 9:44 pm

The alternating pink and green looks incredible

Fiona May 24, 2009 um 9:47 pm

Beautiful post!

Y May 24, 2009 um 9:59 pm

That is just the prettiest little dessert! I love that pastry book by Michel Roux. A friend lent me a copy and after flipping through it, I immediately went out and got myself my own copy.

Anonymous May 24, 2009 um 10:00 pm

wow, that looks so beautiful! i must say, despite the decades of baking under my belt, pastry is something that still terrifies me. maybe winning a fabulous pastry book would help? 😉

Samie May 24, 2009 um 10:02 pm

Oh dear, what a marvelous looking pastry! the colour, and the flavours… Every time I come to your blog, I am awed by what you make…

I have no doubt your macarons could take on PH anyday. ;P

The Lady Nomad May 24, 2009 um 10:22 pm

I thoroughly enjoy your site! It makes me miss France (and their wonderful pastries) terribly.

Dianna May 24, 2009 um 10:24 pm

i absolutely love your blog! the beautiful pictures put a smile on my face every time, not to mention makes my mouth salivate!

Lara May 24, 2009 um 10:48 pm

Oh, me me me me me!

I’m new to pastry in general but completely addicted to perfecting the numerous doughs and forms they take. I started with puff pastry and am pleased with my work thus far (as are my four children with sampling my trials) but I’m not sure I’ll ever be fully satisfied with my attempts. I would love to have a copy of this book, especially with a recommendation as high as yours!

Marisa May 24, 2009 um 10:55 pm

love your site and am a total cook book junkie!

thanks for the inspiration!


coriander May 24, 2009 um 10:59 pm

Another long-time lurker; first-time commenter here. I have not yet attempted traditional puff pastry, although I have used a pretty good 'mock' puff pastry recipe before (it called for plain butter instead of beurre manie and involved a few less turns, I believe). I wonder how different it is from the 'rough puff pastry' in this wonderful book.

Heather May 24, 2009 um 11:09 pm

Beautiful as usual.

Kitchen M May 24, 2009 um 11:12 pm

I have not had Mille Feuilles in so long! For someone who doesn’t have much experience in baking pastries, it’s quite intemidating… I would love to try making it one of these days but perhaps winning the book might encourages my motivation? 😉

pigpigscorner May 24, 2009 um 11:16 pm

Beautiful pictures as always =)

jules May 24, 2009 um 11:18 pm

beautiful and yummy, as usual.

Erin May 24, 2009 um 11:19 pm

I just got my Journal Du Patissier yesterday and I keep my French pastry magazines by my bed for at least two weeks because they’re such great inspiration. As a matter of fact, there are so many inspiring ideas floating through my head I can’t pin anything down for my birthday cake this year!

I can imagine feeling the crunch of the layers of mille under my fork as I get ready to bite into one of these wonderful desserts you have posted today.

Thanks for a great blog!

nole May 24, 2009 um 11:25 pm

Oh, I love cookbooks – and I don’t have nearly enough dessert recipes. This book sounds like it’s filled with delicious desserts!

carrieitly May 24, 2009 um 11:29 pm

It would be such a pleasure to add this book to my cookbook collection… thank you for the opportunity!

-Zorro 😉

LisaB May 24, 2009 um 11:40 pm

I have really been enjoying your strawberry posts. I’ll need to check if raw pistachios are available locally.

Anna May 24, 2009 um 11:51 pm

very few things in life are not improved by the addition of nuts! and to add strawberries verges on sublime! although I have never been great with pastry, I am going to give this a shot. all the best.

Cannelle Et Vanille May 25, 2009 um 12:08 am

how did i miss this post. this looks absolutely delicious! that is one of my next books to read. fabulous.

Unknown May 25, 2009 um 12:11 am

Rough puff pastry? Eee, it rhymes! I can’t wait to try it! The old skool method is just so time-consuming.

Denise May 25, 2009 um 12:14 am

you’re very talented! Beautiful entry as always. Have a great weekend!

VAgardengirl May 25, 2009 um 12:27 am

As always, beautiful! I just can’t resist visiting your site…pure lusciousness.

Monique May 25, 2009 um 12:27 am

I’ve got my hand up for that, when you’re on a good thing, it must be great to share that around, from both your fab photo’s of your beautiful creations, to the inspiration and key methods to the pastry craft :), nice.

Amanda May 25, 2009 um 12:36 am

I love that milk bottle from Farmhousewares! Glad I found their website through yours.

Unknown May 25, 2009 um 12:41 am

Those look delicious!

sydney85 May 25, 2009 um 1:07 am

What a lovely pastry book! Just in time for summer parties coming up. Hope I win.

rose May 25, 2009 um 1:15 am

Hi, I discovered your site this weekend, and whoa nelly…I love it!! Love the photos and colors. Most of all love the creativity and heart…your recipes sing out with joy! I am a major baker, and I love being engaged and challenged by someone else’s creations. Many thanks for sharing your food and photos. Rose

amateurinthekitchen May 25, 2009 um 1:22 am

Beautiful pictures!!!

Sil BsAs May 25, 2009 um 1:24 am

I’m just speechless… your photos improve day after day..lovely!

Emma May 25, 2009 um 1:39 am

I made your mille feuilles with raspberries and lemon cream the other day. I may just have to use the left over puff pastry I made to try these out too, they look amazing!

Ciao Chow Linda May 25, 2009 um 1:41 am

Your recipes are inspired and your photos truly stunning. brava to you.

Farmerlady2 May 25, 2009 um 1:41 am

The photos are very nice! Thanks for the giveaway.

Yolanda May 25, 2009 um 1:51 am

I love your blog; I find the pictures so inspiring! Thanks for sharing your recipes with us.

Sara Spock May 25, 2009 um 1:53 am

I love your blog. It reminds me of wandering around pastry shops in Paris. Thank you for sharing your lovely creations and gorgeous photos!

Sunshine May 25, 2009 um 1:54 am

What a fantastic recipe! I can’t wait to try it out for myself. Would the rough puff pastry work well on baklava? Maybe I’ll give that a go too.

rene kane May 25, 2009 um 1:58 am

How can I resist? Put my name in the hat, and fill it up with some of these wonderful pastries! Oh, yes the book too if I’m so lucky to be chosen. Photos, recipes, prose, humor… divine!

Kendall May 25, 2009 um 2:08 am


Still one of my favorite food blogs.

Looks delicious!

amna May 25, 2009 um 2:09 am

I have been scouting around for some baking/pastry classes but can’t afford one at the moment. A book would be great 🙂

Jennifer Caleshu May 25, 2009 um 2:09 am

Would love the book – these are gorgeous!

hemmafru May 25, 2009 um 2:14 am

I am an avid pastry maker, love your blog, and I have a four year old daughter named Helen who has been nicknamed 'Tippy' and/or "Tipsy' be her older sisters. Perhaps you and I are separated twins?

Gale Reeves May 25, 2009 um 2:15 am

My cookbook library NEEDS another book. I am a huge admirer of your blog and photography. You are such an inspiration. Thanks for all the time you devote to this blog.

estella May 25, 2009 um 2:17 am

Wow…this looks so wonderful!

kristy May 25, 2009 um 2:38 am

wow! so beautifully simple, but amazing to look at. i bet it tastes delicious. i am totally scared by pastry making… but i might try this one!

Crystal May 25, 2009 um 2:43 am

A regular visitor but not so regular a commenter 🙂 Your beautiful creations and perspective brighten my days often — thank you!

Vanille May 25, 2009 um 2:53 am

Oh, perfect flaky pastry !…
And lovely atmosphere in your brunch picture…

Mercè May 25, 2009 um 2:59 am

Helen, your creation looks delicious!! The photos as always, magnifiques!
Thanks for this great giveaway!

The Kitchenette May 25, 2009 um 3:03 am

Nothing like a giveaway to bring out the lurkers!

I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, love your blog. The photos are fabulous, I’ve been taking notes.

kelli May 25, 2009 um 3:12 am

hey!!! awesome blog!! everything you make always looks so yummy. i would like to attend pastry school one day and your blog is very inspiring.

Abby May 25, 2009 um 3:12 am

Gorgeous as always! Your house/kitchen/etc. has the prettiest, softest light I’ve ever seen.

And I love the color of pistachioed sweets. Green is my favorite color!

Jean M. May 25, 2009 um 3:22 am

What a beautiful dessert! I would love to make it some day. I went fruit crazy this weekend and among other things I did get some strawberries. I hope I win!

Phoo-D May 25, 2009 um 3:40 am

This book sounds like it is just what I need! I find your blog to be inspiring and can only dream of creating such beautiful desserts one day. I’m always in awe of your photos and recipes. Simply amazing!

Anita May 25, 2009 um 3:42 am

I would love to check out this book, it sounds great. Does it include any "light" recipes? Just kidding, sort of…

fritz May 25, 2009 um 3:44 am

I can has a cookbook plz?

Lex May 25, 2009 um 4:01 am

love the blog. i am currently working on recipe procurement for my husbands sweet tooth. love the site.

Marina May 25, 2009 um 4:15 am

This is my first time posting… anywhere! I love this blog and head here more often then epicurious and saveur these days.
Thank you so much for your inspirational art.

raych May 25, 2009 um 4:23 am

I must have this book. If there were anything MORE emphatic than allcaps and italics, I would write this entire comment in it.

Carissa May 25, 2009 um 4:36 am

I wish it was strawberry season here. Sigh. I’ll have to wait a month or make do with those flavorless shipped in strawberries. Oh well just feeling sorry for myself. Beautiful pics anyway, love the spoon!

Guppymomma May 25, 2009 um 4:40 am

I’ve always wanted to try making puff pastry, that looks lovely!

Ellemay May 25, 2009 um 4:41 am

I’m assuming you’re happy to ship overseas?

SaraLe May 25, 2009 um 4:41 am

Mille Feuilles, It’s remind me my childhood cause we used to eat this dessert then…And I love to bake.Lovely blog.

Unknown May 25, 2009 um 4:47 am

What a wonderful book to win! Thank you for this giveaway!

SaraLe May 25, 2009 um 4:48 am

Mille Feuilles remind me of my childhood cause we used to have this dessert then.And I love to bake.What a lovely blog.

beach houses May 25, 2009 um 5:04 am

no wonder you got a lot of comment from your readers.. Your blog is really fantastic

Esme May 25, 2009 um 5:04 am

I would love to win this book and am desperate for it-pastry is where I need to improve in the kitchen.

thanks for the giveaway.

Bryan May 25, 2009 um 5:06 am

i’ve never made just a rough puff before, but i’ve seen more and more documentation (flickr, blogs, whatever) that shows that it’s just as good– or seems better– than a full-on puff dough (mine are tender but a tad on the greasy side).
very interesting.
nice flakey layers!

T May 25, 2009 um 5:10 am

Yummy! I love the flavors of strawberries and pistachios, especially together. This mille feuille looks so beautiful!

J May 25, 2009 um 5:12 am

what a coincidence – i just borrowed "Patisserie" – the old book by the brothers. Certainly Pastry would be in my reading list too 🙂

fhmclaughlin May 25, 2009 um 5:24 am

perfect finish for tomorrow dinner – thanks!

Shy May 25, 2009 um 5:49 am

Hi Helen,

beautiful, so summer-ry and air-ry and light and pretty and pastel.

I am curious about the rough pastry now and have to give it a go. thats one dough I have never tried out.

Have a nice day!


Unknown May 25, 2009 um 5:54 am

pistachios and strawberries… not only delicious but also a great color combination!

[email protected]

Cakebrain May 25, 2009 um 6:05 am

Such a gorgeous dessert! I love the colours and textures! yum!

Kathy Diaz May 25, 2009 um 6:32 am

Lovely pictures! I gotta try your mascarpone mousse recipe. So easy and so versatile. I think I will be using this mousse recipe of yours a lot this summer.

mrspao May 25, 2009 um 6:39 am

Sounds like a wonderful book. I really enjoy reading your blog.

Unknown May 25, 2009 um 6:47 am

Avid reader and cookbook junkie checking in… Gah – these look INCREDIBLE!

Chelsi Mangiabene May 25, 2009 um 7:10 am

that pastry appears mind-blowingly fluffy for a quick puff recipe! Impressive indeed!

Unknown May 25, 2009 um 7:26 am

Hi Helene,
We ordered mille fuilles the other day from 'the' french patisserie in town and the mille fuilles tasted like graham crackers… Thanks for sharing this recipe but I have a question: Whats a quarter turn.

Take care 🙂

Unknown May 25, 2009 um 7:38 am

My husband and I are going to France this summer and we are stopping in Paris for a day. We will be sure to check out Herme’s pastries. What’s the best?

Caroline May 25, 2009 um 7:56 am

Long-time reader, first-time to comment — your giveaway hooked me in! 🙂
I haven’t tried making mille feuilles, they seem so daunting. But reading through the recipe, you made it look so easy. Now I’m excited to give this a try. It also helps that your photos are so lovely. I only hope that my end result would be as beautiful as yours. Enjoy the rest of your holiday.

chern May 25, 2009 um 9:17 am

mmmmmm wowww everything on your blog is so gorgeously droolworthy!

would love to be eligible for the cookbook but i’m in the UK, so if that counts me out it’s okay.

nikcreate May 25, 2009 um 9:19 am

strawberries are my favorite berries maybe because that’s the only kind of berries that I can get here locally.

It’s such a pity that strawberry season is over.

Hope I could win the book =D

Ria Mathew May 25, 2009 um 9:38 am

Helen!! You are incredible! 🙂 It’s sooo mouthwatering! *drool* And the giveaway is a very nice thing from your side for your readers! Very thoughtful!! 🙂

Bombay Foodie May 25, 2009 um 10:09 am

I can’t make pastry to save my life, so I desperately, desperately need this book.

That worked? No? Okay – How about I am your biggest fan, and I think you outrank Pierre Hermes in the macaron department…by a large margin at that 🙂

TartaS EncantadaS May 25, 2009 um 10:51 am

Hola, soy seguidora de tu blog, ¡es fantástico¡ espectacular¡, pero si me permites hacerte una sugerencia. por favor pon un traductor en tu blog para que me sea mas facil seguirlo, ya que mi inglés es bastante escaso. Muchas gracias y felicidades por tus recetas son todas estupendas.

Cait May 25, 2009 um 11:25 am

Mm, the cream looks so good! I’d love to try the puff pastry recipe!

K471 May 25, 2009 um 11:33 am

Wow a book!! Ehehe

I´m from Madeira Island… and my english it´s not very weel…

My french to.

So, i love your blog. It´s nice to see all your pictures. All they seems fresh and new.

Congratulations for the passion! You do it very well!

Sorry my english…

Be happy!

Peggy Rice May 25, 2009 um 11:57 am

I am an expat from Texas living in Paris! I love your blog, it helps me learn how to cook some of the great things that I see and taste here. I made my first tart thanks to you and shared it with my 86 year old neighbor and she loved it! By the way, cherries are not just perfect here yet either, but they are getting close. Strawberries are perfect! I live very near rue St. Charles and I am lucky enough to have market days Tuesday and Friday!!!

Marisunnychan May 25, 2009 um 12:04 pm

I am dashing to the fruit store to grab some strawberries to try this recipe of yours!!! I am keeping my fingers crossed to see how they turn out and to win the book!!!
Thanks for the giveaway and for this wonderful blog of yours!

A Gift Wrapped Life May 25, 2009 um 12:05 pm

Thank you for the comments and hope you found some ideas to help you wrap up your delicious macarons. When you do, I would love to see it. You have a gorgeous blog!

Anonymous May 25, 2009 um 12:19 pm

LeeYong from NJ – Excellent!!! Thank you for offering a pastry book giveaway… wondeful! P.S. You have beautiful blog!

Amicus Cupcake May 25, 2009 um 12:33 pm

Like everything I see here, I’m envious of you for being able to make it, and people who know you for getting to eat it.

Anonymous May 25, 2009 um 12:41 pm

Those pastries look so light it seems like they could float away!

I love reading your blog, btw. 😀

Jenny May 25, 2009 um 12:42 pm

So pretty….
Just so you know, I will be looking to you for inspiration when it comes to flavors for a plethora of cheesecakes I will be making next month. I’m sure you will provide me with lots of ideas!

Rachel May 25, 2009 um 12:49 pm

Those look fantastic!

Rossana May 25, 2009 um 12:51 pm

Hi! I’m an italian young girl who always follow your wonderful blog!! Congratulations for this!(j’amerais bien gagner^^, mais en tout cas je te fais encore mes compliments!!!)

Jane May 25, 2009 um 1:20 pm

Now that would be a wonderful book to add to the collection.


Avory May 25, 2009 um 1:29 pm

Yum yum, I’d love to enter! 🙂

Mumsy May 25, 2009 um 1:41 pm

I would love to win a book you recommend!

Everything you make sounds so marvelous…

raquel May 25, 2009 um 1:47 pm

definitely food porn! just looking at your photos make me want to make all your recipes! 🙂

Marie Chantal May 25, 2009 um 1:50 pm

Merci pour la merveilleuse recette!

angela@spinachtiger May 25, 2009 um 2:06 pm

You have a way of making desserts look good for you. Light, just enough to taste sweetness and freshness.

jen May 25, 2009 um 2:07 pm

So beautiful and delicious looking-almost too pretty to eat- no, that’s crazy talk!

Anonymous May 25, 2009 um 2:23 pm

this pate feuilletee looks great !

Bridget May 25, 2009 um 2:33 pm

I look forward to your new posts each time they show up in my blog list. Beautiful work.

Caanan May 25, 2009 um 2:50 pm

I really enjoy your blog. I wish I had the guts to make any of it, especially the macarons.

Anonymous May 25, 2009 um 2:57 pm

Dear Helen,

My first time on your blog and it was a visual treat to be here. This recipe looks delicious, will try it out…and those pics definitely qualify for the food porn 🙂

Looking forward to more such recipes…keep up the good work.


PS adding you on twitter.

Patricia Scarpin May 25, 2009 um 3:01 pm

Oh, aren’t you the sweetest girl around? That is a book I’d love to have.
Helen, your creations are beautiful and you could go hand in hand with Mr. Hermé – and I can say that because I have tasted sweets from his store! 😀

Unknown May 25, 2009 um 3:05 pm

As always your desserts look very yummy.

mayan. May 25, 2009 um 3:11 pm

I thought for sure that by now I would be so sick of strawberries. I’ve been receiving strawberry-related treat requests for months and still have a bowl of them waiting in the refrigerator. But all your lovely strawberry posts and yummy ideas are keeping me in love with them!

Katie @ goodLife {eats} May 25, 2009 um 3:16 pm

That looks incredible!

MooCow May 25, 2009 um 3:22 pm

Beautiful, as always. Thank you for brightening my day!

Barb May 25, 2009 um 3:22 pm

Any book by Michel Roux is a smart investment, so if you don’t happen to win this wonderful gift, go to Amazon. The instructions in Finest Desserts are so clear and comprehensible, you’ll feel like you can make anything. Almost as empowering as our Helene.

Cindy Ruth May 25, 2009 um 3:38 pm

I can’t wait to try the recipe. I’m making home-made mascarpone this weekend, so it will be perfect. That dough looks so flaky. I’d love to have his book to try more. Another great recipe from you (but am I suprised-of course not!)

Bertha May 25, 2009 um 4:15 pm

your creation (and your picture) is always a perfection. Your blog is one of my must see every morning while sipping my coffee before going to work. And it always succeded in making me drool all over my screen 😀

Andrea Y. May 25, 2009 um 4:21 pm

My sister sent me a link to your blog a few months ago- I love it! Thanks for the inspiration.

Nico May 25, 2009 um 4:34 pm

Hi Helen, those look terrific!!!
I would love to have that book, thanks

Rachelle S May 25, 2009 um 4:45 pm

Beautiful photos and pastry! I would love to attempt to make my own pastry sometime. =)

Lina May 25, 2009 um 4:54 pm

strawberries and pistachios what is not to love!!!Love your blog. It give me lots of inspiration.

Elyse May 25, 2009 um 4:56 pm

Wow! This recipe looks incredible, and the pictures have my mouth watering. Those mousses sound out of this world. Talk about a wonderfully decadent treat! And what a wonderful and generous giveaway you’re having!

Heather May 25, 2009 um 4:59 pm

Thank you for this yummy dessert.Helen, I wanted to ask you if you can do a step by step pictures for a dessert like the chocolate mango and coconut cream cake you posted on April 16.I wanted to try to make that dessert very much but I feel that the instruction for layering isn’t clear enough for me.

anna May 25, 2009 um 5:04 pm

Those are gorgeous! I’m bookmarking this and will have to try the rough puff pastry – I have no problem making regular puff pastry but it’ll be nice to have a quicker version on hand for when all the gorgeous stone fruits are in season.

Dewi May 25, 2009 um 5:15 pm

Would absolutely thrill if I could win this book!

janice May 25, 2009 um 5:18 pm

The quick puff pastry looks great. Can’t wait to try it. Your photos are always gorgeous. Thank you for sharing your wonderful pastries and stories with us. You are an inspiration to get into the kitchen NOW and start baking.

Karynefoodaddict May 25, 2009 um 5:21 pm

Juste magnifique!!!

French Accent May 25, 2009 um 5:43 pm

Beautiful pictures, as usual! The pastel-colored mousse looks lovely!

Deborah May 25, 2009 um 5:48 pm

These are absolutely gorgeous! I love the colors!

Anonymous May 25, 2009 um 6:11 pm

just sitting here taking it all in…perfection is hard to take in through a comp screen.

Snooky doodle May 25, 2009 um 6:20 pm

oh this looks so good . Delicious! Your deserts are always so beautiful.

Laurel May 25, 2009 um 6:22 pm

That looks amazing! I’d love to win a copy of the book.

eatme_delicious May 25, 2009 um 6:28 pm

What a gorgeous pastry! I’d love to win this cookbook.

Alexandra May 25, 2009 um 6:43 pm

Divine! So very inspiring! My son saw the photos and exclaimed, 'Easter eggs, mama! I want some' I am very willing to try, but in the mean time, do you make house calls? 😉 hee hee

Anonymous May 25, 2009 um 7:09 pm

Thank you so much for all of your wonderful recipes. I’ve been reading your blog for a while and and this past weekend I made your Chocolate Mango coconut cream cake to take to friends for dinner. Everyone loved it. Looked impressive and tasted great. I’m definitely going to make your Pistachio And Strawberry Mousse Mille Feuilles, perhaps next weekend. Thanks again.

mirabelle May 25, 2009 um 7:17 pm

thanks for all the great recipes – if that was not enough – now a giveaway! i have been trying all year to branch out with my cooking/baking so this would be a help in the baking department. merci!

Karen May 25, 2009 um 7:26 pm

This looks delicious! I am making your lemon thyme strawberry shortcake for Memorial Day festivities. The book looks fabulous!

Dajda May 25, 2009 um 7:30 pm

Hello, I’ve just found your blog through Cannelle et Vanille. I like baking a lot but I’ve never ever tried pistachio and strawberries together – it looks really interesting!

How To Eat A Cupcake May 25, 2009 um 7:37 pm

Wow I can only dream of being able to make puff pastry that looks so perfect! 😀

Eléonora May 25, 2009 um 8:06 pm

There was a desire, admiring your beauty and say that life is beautiful … bravissimo

Simones Kitchen May 25, 2009 um 8:15 pm

O my goodness… 198 comments before me… ?! Comment madness..:)) It must be your give-away I’m guessing. The mille feuilles look absolutely amazing! I love mascarpone in lots of different dishes but you always manage to make it look so elegant and beautiful.. Love it!

SPRING OF LIFE CHURCH May 25, 2009 um 8:21 pm

Helen (and your better half)
Would love to receive a copy of a boook.

Love your blog and everything that you do for your readers and fans

Adi May 25, 2009 um 8:33 pm

I would loooove to win the cookbook.

Thanks for being so generous!!!


bakelette May 25, 2009 um 8:42 pm

I’d kill for half your talent. These are beautiful and inspire me to want to do more in my kitchen 🙂

terri May 25, 2009 um 8:54 pm

gorgeous post!

thanks for doing the giveaway!

Maccaveggieblog May 25, 2009 um 8:56 pm

Hi Helen,
Everything you make looks so fabulous, it’s a pleasure for the eyes to visit your blog:)) Bye Sabrina

Anonymous May 25, 2009 um 9:06 pm

Your photos just bring your fabulous desserts to life. Thank you for sharing your incredible works of art.
[email protected]

Anonymous May 25, 2009 um 9:12 pm

That is the prefect spring dessert! So light and colourful, I wish I had some here to eat!

janet May 25, 2009 um 9:20 pm

I would love to do just one creation that would be as beautiful as yours. Maybe with a new book…who knows, maybe I could. You are inspirational.

Katie May 25, 2009 um 9:20 pm

Your blog is an inspiration.

Briana May 25, 2009 um 9:39 pm

This reminds me of a carton of eggs – I imagine it would be a little heartbreaking to take the first bite and ruin the beautiful shapes and textures of this dessert!

lauriel May 25, 2009 um 9:47 pm

Your dessert looks exactly like spring – delicate, plump with promise, blushing pastel hues, and I’m sure, full of amazing flavor. Love it, and your photography techniques!

Andreia May 25, 2009 um 9:53 pm

hmm… looks delicious… can I have one…? 😉

Jenny Tan May 25, 2009 um 10:34 pm

Ooohhhh…Yummy!!! Looks so good as always. It’s been a crazy month, and I’m itching to make something from your blog…not sure if I’d have the opportunity to so before my trip back to Malaysia with the kids for almost 8 weeks! 🙂 Hope u had a great Memorial day weekend too! 🙂

Unknown May 25, 2009 um 10:52 pm

First Time commenter, what a great giveaway! And an absolutely heavenly looking pastry. Have a great Memorial Day!

Sophia May 25, 2009 um 11:04 pm

I hope I win! Link to my blog is above 🙂

Unknown May 26, 2009 um 12:02 am

I wish I was a mouse in your walls so I could come nibble on all these sweet treats that are so very beautiful!

lauraelih May 26, 2009 um 12:16 am

I’ve been reading the blog for a while, but haven’t left a comment before; I love all of your beautiful, creative recipes! I’ll admit, sometimes I skip down to the photos just to stare at the desserts, and then go back and read the recipes later.

Eunice Chen May 26, 2009 um 12:17 am

The dessert looks so pretty! With this kind of endorsement, how can I not want to enter?

Unknown May 26, 2009 um 12:21 am

You always have the most beautiful pictures in your posts, just looking at them makes me crave whatever you’ve whipped up (pun intended?) recently. 🙂

Sarah May 26, 2009 um 12:26 am

Your posts are always an inspiration to try beautiful, challenging out-of-my-comfort-zone foods. Thank you!

EBJ May 26, 2009 um 12:38 am

These look amazing!! I’ll have to try.

Rosanne May 26, 2009 um 12:41 am

Oh, these look amazing as do all your creations! Thanks for sharing!

Radka May 26, 2009 um 12:43 am

I have been following your blog and I just love your creations. I finally got the courage to leave a comment. If you have not heard it, your creations and photos of them are marvelous! Your post with mango panna cottas inspired me to make them, since it has been a mango season. I am very lucky to have access to fresh mangos. I wish I could send you some mango pure.

Loren May 26, 2009 um 12:43 am

Found your blog last week and read through nearly the whole history! Enjoyed it so much that I tried two of your recipes this weekend– The blackberry apple galettes were delicious! Would love to learn more through your generous giveaway!

steph- whisk/spoon May 26, 2009 um 1:05 am

who wants a free box? ummm…i do! especially if it can help me to make desserts as beautiful as this! hope you had a great holiday weekend!

Duckie May 26, 2009 um 1:31 am

wow so many comments already.

i’m from malaysia and i have a foodblog too.

love your blog to bits. tried some of your simpler recipes too.

monika May 26, 2009 um 1:49 am

Your blog is beautiful!

Anonymous May 26, 2009 um 1:59 am

this looks so delicious! thanks for the giveaway too. 🙂

Lori May 26, 2009 um 2:08 am

It all looks wonderfully delicious. I love the strawberry "jewels" on top. I almost thought it was pomegranate. Very pretty. Your attention to detail is very inspiring.

Sarah May 26, 2009 um 2:11 am

Your blog is an inspiration! I made your birthday verrines recently and they were so gorgeous. Would love a chance to win the book!

Jen Yu May 26, 2009 um 2:23 am

How awesome is your baking, woman? Seriously! The delicate pillows of mousse are so dreamy. Your photos of your unique creations always make me forget that I am not a huge sweets fan! *tsk tsk* 😉 -zorro… I mean, Jen *snort*!

Edwina May 26, 2009 um 2:28 am

This post brings back memories of apprenticeship under the hawk eyes of a French patissier! I snuck one too many millefeuilles back in the day…

I would love to win the book so I can make my own 😉

Rex Olaviaga May 26, 2009 um 2:31 am

That is a quick way of making puff pastry. I’m so use to making the paton. Thanks for posting. I’ll have to give it a try.

Angie May 26, 2009 um 2:31 am

I love your site so much. I am an obsessed baker and am constantly inspired by your creativity and talent!!

Hannah May 26, 2009 um 2:42 am

I have been a silent follower of your blog for several months now, but the giveaway is just too enticing not to post.

Thank you for sharing another beautiful dessert!

Laura Evrard May 26, 2009 um 3:19 am

Thank you for the recipe and the give-away prize!

Laura Evrard

Alison May 26, 2009 um 3:21 am

Yum, what a delicious plan for some of those strawberries in my fridge!

Nicole K/GothamGal May 26, 2009 um 3:32 am

These look divine. Fantastic pictures!

Jayme May 26, 2009 um 3:53 am

I would love to master all sorts of pastry dough!

This dessert you made looks absolutely incredible. I’m very much craving crunchy, flaky pastry right now!

Mari May 26, 2009 um 3:56 am

Looks dee-lish! I must try this, just made a strawberry mascarpone tart with a chocolate short dough this weekend and loved it! I have more of the strawberry and mascarpone ingredients…can’t wait…YUMMM!

Jo May 26, 2009 um 4:32 am

I am blown off and I mean totally blown off! This has got to be one of the best ever, beautiful pictures and astounding presentation.

Chao May 26, 2009 um 4:55 am

ooh, pistachio and strawberry.
yum! 🙂

Bonbon Oiseau May 26, 2009 um 5:44 am

these are so beautiful helen! like little fairy beds!

Grimmy May 26, 2009 um 5:49 am

This looks very tasty!! I will have to try it very soon.

Julie May 26, 2009 um 7:28 am

I’ve always wanted to try a puff pastry dough, but have felt intimidated. Your pictures (and this book) have inspired me!

lauresophie May 26, 2009 um 7:47 am

Simply beautiful (like the whole blog)
I am starving now!

^cherie May 26, 2009 um 9:08 am


My boys and i heart pastry everything! 😀

Evelyn May 26, 2009 um 10:27 am

I can’t get enough of looking at this beautiful blog!

Kim May 26, 2009 um 10:33 am

i love pastries!! and that book sounds fabulous.

ayşe May 26, 2009 um 11:02 am

merhaba bloğunuzu yeni keşfettim harika tarifler ve resimler var.birde ayrıntılı resimler olsa çok daha güzel olucak, sevgiler.

Tina May 26, 2009 um 11:14 am

You continually inspire me! You are amazing.
I am definitely going to make this – I LOVE PISTACHIOS!!!

Anonymous May 26, 2009 um 11:16 am

These look beautiful! I love mille feuilles and the pistachio and strawberry mousse looks so delicious and smooth!

Anonymous May 26, 2009 um 11:45 am

Hello there
I forgot to give you my email, didn’t I? [email protected]


Bewitching May 26, 2009 um 11:58 am

Fantastic combination of colours again. I've tried your Berry Mousse & Lemon poppy Seed cake verrines. I'm gonna try this one too… Simply gorgeous!

yjiean May 26, 2009 um 11:59 am

Thanks for the giveaway.

Kristin May 26, 2009 um 12:08 pm

Oh that just looks delightful and well a lovely image to set my Tuesday to!

Anonymous May 26, 2009 um 12:19 pm

Thank you for the giveaway.

Rosy May 26, 2009 um 12:39 pm

Oh they’re beautiful! I’ve never attempted rough puff before but will definitely be giving it a go now. Thank you! x

san May 26, 2009 um 1:11 pm

Always love your blog. I just started to learn baking, it will be great to have a cookbook to start with,

oneordinaryday May 26, 2009 um 1:28 pm

Everything looks perfect and delicious. Your photography is stunning.

Jessica May 26, 2009 um 1:32 pm

Beautiful dessert. Love the colors of the mousses together!

Cassandra May 26, 2009 um 1:51 pm

If I were surrounded by books, they would all be cook books! This recipe looks amazing and I have to try it!

Adeline May 26, 2009 um 2:05 pm

Just got back last night from visiting my parents in Provence/Cevennes, and I’m homesick to my stomach. Those gorgeous pictures of yummy puff pastry was what I needed to help me beat the homesickness, thanks again for cheering me up with your cooking!

Oh, and I must add that your madeleine recipe has now been adopted by the whole family! 🙂

Anonymous May 26, 2009 um 2:08 pm

How yummy! i will make this for my birthday (which is coming up in 2 weeks!) so the pastry book would be a wonderful surprise. Helen, I hope that you had a great weekend. You really helped me out with meringues, i cant stop making them.

Aleta May 26, 2009 um 2:26 pm

My pastry work could use quite a bit of help!

Maja May 26, 2009 um 2:36 pm

Hello Helen,

Thanks for sharing all your baking experiences. Every morning I check to see what creative delicacy you have left for me to enjoy. If you approve of this book, I would love to own it.

Thanks agian

Cara May 26, 2009 um 2:46 pm

French pastries… be still, my beating heart.

Navita (Gupta) Hakim May 26, 2009 um 2:59 pm

WOW I must be lucky…to have read this in the nick of time. 🙂
Great click..almost crying out to be picked and devoured …yum!

Wish I win this book…aaah! 🙂

ilikewinter May 26, 2009 um 3:02 pm

Really very beautiful. I love the smooth texture paired with the flakiness of the pastry. And those colors are beautiful together!

Jeannette May 26, 2009 um 3:20 pm

your goodies just blow me away. i aspire to make beautiful and tasty desserts just as you! thanks for the giveaway!

Rachelle May 26, 2009 um 3:27 pm

I’ve been stalking your blog for a couple months now, and what better time than now to leave a comment. I love your creations and recipes… an inspiration for a budding pastry chef making a career change (from science and patent law!).

Laila.S May 26, 2009 um 3:33 pm

Yum,that looks mouth watering good.Thank you for the delicious recipes your blog is my favorite.

Victoria May 26, 2009 um 3:43 pm

Wow! Thanks for the giveaway. Yours is my favorite baking blog – so creative and beautiful.

Jackie May 26, 2009 um 4:21 pm

Everybody loves a giveaway & I'm always looking for a puff pastry recipe! We live in the boonies in Alaska, so need to make most things from scratch 🙂 Have any good recipes involving dried cherries??!

Kersten May 26, 2009 um 4:23 pm

Well, that book would certainly be aspirational for me…I would love to have it and "up my game" in pastry making with advice from the expert!

Thanks so much for all the great recipes and the chance to win this thing!

ssomerville May 26, 2009 um 4:27 pm

Love your blog! You are soo talented. Would love to win the pastry cookbook!

Jen May 26, 2009 um 4:29 pm

Oh Helen, your pastries look so beautiful as usual. Just what I need to see on a rainy day.

Kim May 26, 2009 um 4:42 pm

That looks amazing! You take such incredible pictures!

Unknown May 26, 2009 um 4:47 pm

hey helen, these look awesome!must taste heavenly!yummmmmm!
🙂 you have a beautiful blog.

good luck!

rudie2shoes May 26, 2009 um 4:55 pm

Thanks for the recipe. I must try to incorporate marscapone more often although it’s usually really pricey!

Capree May 26, 2009 um 5:02 pm

Oh, those look AMAZING! I would love to win this book as well! 😀

Beth May 26, 2009 um 5:16 pm

Your blog makes me want to try new recipes. Thank you.

DJ May 26, 2009 um 5:34 pm

Hey Helen, You should have your own TV channel called Tarts. Then all of us would proudly be called Tartelettes.. (Like Sprout/ Sproutlets). sigh. Can you tell I have a 2 year old?! Honestly, I get withdrawal symptoms if I dont see a new post every time I check.

Lori W May 26, 2009 um 5:56 pm

As always, an intriguing combination and gorgeous pictures!

adli May 26, 2009 um 6:05 pm

I hope I’m still in time!! how I wish I could win the book!! hahaha

anyway, the strawberry and pistachio mascarpone cream looked really good!! I’ll try making them soon!!

blooms May 26, 2009 um 6:13 pm

I love your blog! Thanks for the time you put into it. I have a question. Where do you get those neat little milk bottles you always photograph? I like the one you have the spread in above and in the first photo of your meyer lemon curd and chamomille vanilla mousse verrines. I love those and I can’t find them anywhere. Thanks.

Misquote May 26, 2009 um 6:22 pm

Thank you for your fantastic website. I have had a passion for macarons for a while, and your website has given me a summer project – I will learn to make them. Now, the hard part is to choose which ones I shall try first. Your flavors are inventive and elegant. Great work!

REFA May 26, 2009 um 6:57 pm


Hayley May 26, 2009 um 6:58 pm

The desserts you dream up are nothing short of spectacular. I hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day!

Unknown May 26, 2009 um 7:34 pm

i am addicted to your & jen's blogs and cookbooks…ANYthing recommended by either of you is a must, so a cookbook recommended by you is…well…a must-must have! ;o) thank you so much for such a fun offer for us adoring fans!

~ heather

Unknown May 26, 2009 um 8:03 pm

Your site is always so inspiring, and your photos are always so clean and bright! I think I might have a new girl-crush!

These look absolutely delicious.

Robyn May 26, 2009 um 8:23 pm

Oh my goodness! You’ve done it! I’m going to attempt making my own puff pastry. You make it sound so simple and I must have the pistachio cream too!

Anonymous May 26, 2009 um 8:27 pm

Absolutely beautiful picture of the breakfast table!

Susan May 26, 2009 um 8:46 pm

Love your blog! This dessert is just gorgeous! Thanks for the fun giveaway!

Rik May 26, 2009 um 10:11 pm

I would love it! Thank you!

Margo May 26, 2009 um 10:14 pm

Yum! I’d love to have some more pastry recipes – I’m just getting into desserts.

ailouron May 26, 2009 um 10:17 pm

Wonderful and beautiful post as usual! I would loooove to master more pastry skills!

Green May 26, 2009 um 10:22 pm

wow. This is wonderful recipe.
My sister love strawberry and mousse.
This would be great dish for her.

Thank you for sharing

Unknown May 26, 2009 um 10:23 pm

I just came back from Paris where I ate many delicious flaky pastries, so I am jumping from toe to toe at the possibility of having this book!!!

Jennywenny May 26, 2009 um 10:31 pm

Mmm, that looks like a fun book, count me in. What a pretty dessert too!

Melanie May 26, 2009 um 11:39 pm

I’m a fairly new pastry apprentice, I tried my first official dessert this weekend, a Triple Chocolate Mousse and it was a mess. But I’m not giving up and I think I’ll try this one this weekend.

Laura B May 26, 2009 um 11:50 pm

You could totally take PH!

Anonymous May 27, 2009 um 12:10 am

These look amazing! I’d love to learn more about baking and this book sounds wonderful. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

[email protected]

Kate @ Savour Fare May 27, 2009 um 1:22 am

I am always so in awe of how beautiful your pastries are, and not a little intimidated, but fast puff pastry? Sign me up!

Anonymous May 27, 2009 um 1:29 am

I read Michael Roux’s "Egg" and previewed "Sauces". I hope I win the "Pastry" book! I follow your blog everyday, have made most of your fabulous desserrts! I look forward to your cookbook! I am based in Paris and Atlanta and would love to visit you someday.

Stephanie C. May 27, 2009 um 1:47 am

The book sounds great! I’d love to check it out.

DJ May 27, 2009 um 2:06 am

Hi Helen, The book sounds fun! A fast way to make puff pastry?I’ll take that! 🙂

pastry studio May 27, 2009 um 2:26 am

Oh, I love mascarpone and fruit. This looks so delicate and luscious. Your work is always total perfection. Thank you, Helen!

Liz May 27, 2009 um 2:36 am

Gorgeous as always! And I would love a copy of the book. Fingers crossed!

sprite May 27, 2009 um 3:20 am

Ooh! We’re just getting to strawberry season. I’ll have to try making some macarons this weekend, maybe.

Maggie May 27, 2009 um 4:39 am

Such gorgeous colors. 🙂 Light pink and green. -drools-

The Prudent Homemaker May 27, 2009 um 5:04 am

It’s 10:01 pm here in Las Vegas; I don’t know if your cut off time is for your time zone or not.

But if I’m not too late I’d like a chance!

I love your hemstiched linens in the shot!

Nico May 28, 2009 um 1:11 pm

Hi Helen, I tried the recipe for the mille feuilles and is really good, I mean is quick, easy I’m impressed with the results, thanks for shearing. I cut the stripes before to bake them and for some reason some of them did not kept the shape, meaning they shrink a little in some parts, do you have any trick or advice to correct that?

Helene May 28, 2009 um 2:18 pm

Nico: problem is when you pre-cut is that your fingers automatically disrupt the doug, no matter how careful you are (even your knife cutting through). Couple of tricks: Freeze the dough for 20 minutes before cutting through and do not drag your knife or pastry cutter down through the dough. Apply pressure straight down with a very sharp knife. Freeze again until hard. Remove from freezer and carefully break the pieces apart. Place on baking sheet, cover with parchment paper and let thaw completely and proceed with the baking.
Hope it helps.

Nico May 28, 2009 um 4:04 pm

thanks Helen, I’ll do it that way next time, I have to make 20 individual napoleons for saturday, I’ll use this rough puff pastry.
thanks and have a safe trip to colorado, if you want to stop in houston you are welcome

Taste of Beirut May 31, 2009 um 4:43 am

Je trouve vos photos absolument parfaites! Vous avez tellement de talent! Je suis en admiration totale!

Christine May 31, 2009 um 6:09 am

Bonjour Helen!

Would love to be entered =) The mille-feuilles look delicieux!

Jaime June 6, 2009 um 5:16 pm

the colors are perfect for spring!

Paula June 8, 2009 um 10:41 am

This looks divine

Anonymous June 13, 2009 um 4:21 am

Every time I look at your recipes, I think of what it would be like to have you cater for a party I'd have, or something like that.

PATRICIA ROY June 25, 2009 um 3:29 pm

Hi, I found this blog searching for a recipe for my sister's birthday (which is today). I plan to use the strawberry mousse recipe here as part of her birthday surprise. Your blog has a lovely design. Do you mind if I add you to my blogroll? Just let me know if not.

Ms. Macaroon August 20, 2009 um 1:49 pm

these look amazing, i'm excited to try it with a cardomon flavored mousse,

Carrie July 14, 2011 um 10:07 am

Strawberries and pistachio are two of my favorites! It is delighting to see this, a combination of my favorites. This makes my taste buds tingle.

Esme March 17, 2012 um 11:34 am

I've wanted to make millefeuille for ages, and this looks like the perfect recipe. I'll possibly be using cherries and walnuts tonight to give to my mum tomorrow for Mothers Day. Thankyou so much for inspiring a budding pastry chef.

Jelli March 1, 2013 um 6:05 pm

Tried this puff pastry method last night and made cream cheese danishes for breakfast. I botched the method and absentmindedly tossed the cold water in with the butter, and it still turned out FABulous. Loved it. Thanks, Helene!

Allie | Baking A Moment November 25, 2013 um 2:20 pm

I came across this beautiful dessert at just the perfect moment. I was struggling to come up with a nice presentation for a similar recipe. Your gorgeous photos were such an inspiration to me! I linked to you in my post. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing ideas!

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