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Citrus Mint Salad & A Cookbook Giveaway!

Where Women Celebrate Cookbook

Thank you everyone for your get well wishes. It was a slow cooking/blogging week. Perfect opportunity to tell you about a project I was thrilled to be part of earlier last year. Along with some pretty awesome authors, photographers, bloggers, crafters, I was asked by the magazine Where Women Cook, to be part of their book project, "Where Women Cook: Celebrate!". The book is a collection of women’s stories on how they celebrate and gather the people they love around them.

The instant I read the first lines of the project, I knew I wanted to tell the story of how my grandmother used to celebrate. Above all the traits I inherited from her, this is by far the strongest one. The project was easy: tell with pictures and a few recipes your favorite way to celebrate, how you gather the people you love ad create lasting memories.

Tthe theme I chose to feature and photograph was the same one my grandmother would pick for family gathering: a Berber Couscous with merguez sausages, stewed veggies, chicken and mutton. Plenty of couscous and harissa to go around too. Both my grandparents were in Morocco for a extensive period of time, ten years apart, both my parents were born there, ten years apart. Moroccan cuisine is very much part of my family coding. It’s celebration food for us.

Where Women Celebrate Cookbook

My friend John at Lana Restaurant provided all the bistro bowls, silverware and napkins I needed. We set out a pretty table with flowers in mason jars and lots of natural twine.

Where Women Celebrate Cookbook

We strung some lights across the trees and all over the yard.

Where Women Celebrate Cookbook

The girls got busy making pretty flower arrangements while I was finishing cooking and John was grilling. The other guys in the group got busy with quality control and opening wine bottles.

Where Women Celebrate Cookbook

We sat down by the water and cheered, laughed, ate well, raised our glasses and polished off many servings of couscous. My grandmother would have been proud of us!

Saffron Honey Ice Cream

We took a break, played some silly games and found some room for Honey Saffron Ice Cream and Cardamon Shortbread Cookies.

Where Women Celebrate Cookbook

Fanny and Patrick from Bin 152 provided much of the wines and we lingered at the dinner table and watched the sun set over the water. We talked for hours and I completely forgot to serve a family favorite palate cleanser, a Citrus Mint Salad.

Citrus Mint Salad

So here it is. The one recipe that never made it into the cookbook, my grandmother’s super easy refreshing Citrus Mint Salad (check at the end of the post).

For the Berber Couscous and the Honey Saffron Ice Cream & Cardamom Cookies recipes, I encourage you to check out the book, "Where Woman Cook: Celebrate!". You will also be able to discover some of the amazing women who participated in the project such as Ree of Pioneer Woman, Angie of Bakerella, and Molly of Orangette.

You could also…enter a giveaway to win a copy of the book, right?! Well, here it is! I am indeed giving away one copy of "Where Women Cook: Celebrate!". All you have to do to enter is leave a comment to this post, between Friday March 30th and Monday April 2nd, midnight Eastern Standard time when a winner will be picked at random. And yes, I will ship overseas.
Just a few guidelines: no anonymous comments, one comment per person and prize must be claimed within 48 hours or another winner will be chosen.

Citrus And Mint Salad:

Serves 4

1 pink grapefruit
1 white grapefruit
1 large orange
1/4 cup fresh mint, chopped
3 tablespoons honey

Supreme the pink and white grapefruit as well as the orange. (here are great instructions on how to supreme citrus)
Place the fruit segments with the mint and honey in a non reactive bowl and let sit at room temperature for 20 to 30 minutes. Refrigerate until ready to serve. Divide among bowls or ramekins, adding some of the natural juices over the fruit.

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Madie March 30, 2012 um 11:24 pm

I'd love to win a copy of the book and gift it to my mom this Mother's Day! πŸ™‚

amy beth marantino March 30, 2012 um 11:25 pm

i would love to win this book.

Jen March 30, 2012 um 11:39 pm

I Love grapefruit- i have just never had a white grapefruit. Sounds very refreshing. Beautiful pictures!

LadyWild March 30, 2012 um 11:52 pm

What a lovely party and even more lovely food!

Emma Slipp March 30, 2012 um 11:53 pm

Sounds like a beautiful book! Can't wait to get it and read it!!

terri March 30, 2012 um 11:55 pm

I love middle eastern food–thanks for sharing your family's memories (and the recipe).

Michelle Stiles March 31, 2012 um 12:07 am

Oh my. Great story. Looks like a great round up i would love to read.

moni.zuza March 31, 2012 um 12:09 am

Sounds like a fun book to cook with. πŸ™‚

Mary March 31, 2012 um 12:16 am

Looks like an amazing project!

Amy March 31, 2012 um 12:19 am

Sounds like an awesome cookbook to have. I'm sure I'll have lots of fun cooking along with each recipe. πŸ™‚ Have a great weekend.

DeniseMarie March 31, 2012 um 12:27 am

I am putting this book on my wish list! Yum!

Jacqui March 31, 2012 um 12:56 am

Beautiful, I can't wait for warmer nights to eat outside again! And such a wonderful idea for a book!

G.Caffeinated March 31, 2012 um 1:02 am

This sounds like a beautiful book and a perfect Mother's Day gift. I love how you incorporated your heritage into your entry.

Andrew and Mel March 31, 2012 um 1:28 am

Your photography is stunning, thank you for being such an inspiration.

sam March 31, 2012 um 1:32 am

This looks like a wonderful book!

Sarah March 31, 2012 um 1:33 am

I love fruit salads, so this looks wonderful and fresh for Spring!

Jen March 31, 2012 um 1:35 am

oooo, I hope I'm chosen, I need that book in my life!

glutenfreewife March 31, 2012 um 1:47 am

beaultiful way to celebrate

becca March 31, 2012 um 1:57 am

Looks like a fantastic party! My grandmother is my biggest inspiration in the kitchen and the reason I love visiting home so much. No one can cook like her! I would love to win a copy of the cookbook, sounds wonderful! πŸ™‚

Elizabeth March 31, 2012 um 2:13 am

Looks like a fabulous party. Thanks for the recipe.

k. wong March 31, 2012 um 3:00 am

your pictures are lovely! and that cookbook sounds great πŸ™‚

Unknown March 31, 2012 um 3:20 am

Stunning book I would love to have it.

Marina@Picnic at Marina March 31, 2012 um 3:22 am

I smiled then I've read that you forgot to serve grapefruit salad: it happens to me some times too with either appetizer or a dessert. I am glad you are back and well.

Winter Redd March 31, 2012 um 3:39 am

Beautiful pictures!

Anne March 31, 2012 um 3:50 am

This sounds so lovely! I lived in Charleston about 15 years ago and reading your posts and seeing your photos bring me right back…thank you!

MerveillesbyEstelle March 31, 2012 um 4:05 am

Oh my, couscous… I miss Moroccan food so much in the US. One of my must eat food when I'm in Paris.
Thank you for the recipe πŸ™‚

Kiran @ March 31, 2012 um 4:17 am

Gorgeous gathering, foods and amazing photography — I've never had a white grapefruit before. Looks so yummy πŸ™‚

Krista March 31, 2012 um 4:22 am

The book sounds great; hope I win. As always, I enjoy your photography and blog. cheers!

Angie March 31, 2012 um 4:26 am

I love the magazine and would love to win this book!

Cindy Martin March 31, 2012 um 4:30 am

Honey Saffron Ice Cream?! Yes, Plzzzzzz! πŸ™‚

Sara March 31, 2012 um 4:33 am

That salad looks delicious!

Anonymous March 31, 2012 um 4:48 am

lovely photos, as usual

Anne Palmer March 31, 2012 um 5:01 am

Great post and great give away!

Christie March 31, 2012 um 5:16 am

Book looks great! I hope I win!

Averie @ Averie Cooks March 31, 2012 um 5:21 am

that's awesome that you were featured in the book and it sounds like a book I want to read, for the recipes AND the stories!

paulk March 31, 2012 um 5:23 am

thank you for keeping up the blog. love following you

paulk March 31, 2012 um 5:24 am

love following your blog. thanks

Tina March 31, 2012 um 5:31 am

I really like the photos πŸ™‚ and thanks for the giveaway!

Jainny March 31, 2012 um 7:36 am

The project sounds awesome! Would be thrilled to win a copy of the book! The party also looks amazing. I so want to set something like this, for a big company, tasty and fun, once it gets a bit warmer where I live πŸ™‚

Anonymous March 31, 2012 um 7:49 am

beautiful food, photos, and people. would love to sit at your table! [email protected]

Laura from Milan March 31, 2012 um 8:14 am

I simply love your work! I'm a foodie and photographer myself and you're always an inspiration!

Lea March 31, 2012 um 8:34 am

Beautiful pictures, as always…

Karolina March 31, 2012 um 9:05 am

Thanks for sharing such a lovely,relaxed party. Saffron&honey icecream…yum!

Kimberly March 31, 2012 um 9:35 am

I'd love to try the Berber Couscous dish but the wheat nature of the couscous itself is a problem for me. Is there a way to make gluten free couscous?

The pictures in the book look great. And, a citrus and mint salad is a great way, I think, to use up fresh mint from the farmers market, especially as the weather gets warmer.

Vera March 31, 2012 um 9:46 am

I don't think I'd ever won a book in a giveaway, maybe this'll be the first? Sounds like a nice happy party, that was πŸ™‚

Judi March 31, 2012 um 10:29 am

Stunning photography, lovely story and that salad, simple but elegant, I must try it. Thank you for sharing and inspiring.

Melissa March 31, 2012 um 11:11 am

Love the idea of this palette cleanser πŸ™‚

Anna March 31, 2012 um 11:17 am

Oh what a lovely way to gather for dinner.

Polly March 31, 2012 um 11:19 am

One of the most inspiring blogs I have found recently. Just love it and it certainly has influenced the cooking, especially desserts, that I do everyday sailing around in warmer climates. Thank you Helene for such wonderful recipes, pictures and stories, my taste buds are in constant overdrive…

Anna Durmus March 31, 2012 um 11:19 am

Je voudrais bien avoir ce livre! Je vous assure que je vais d'en profiter! Merci pour vos photos et votre generosite!

Eva March 31, 2012 um 11:24 am

I am really thrilled and enjoy this site. The recipes, the photos, the fun everyone has. It is a great feeling to enjoy the recipes and the company enjoying your food. Thank you for this site and the great taste. Eva

riandei March 31, 2012 um 11:25 am

Lovely…..ide like to get my hands on it

Sihi March 31, 2012 um 11:26 am

Such a simple yet elegant recipe. Love the picture too. Thanks for the giveaway. Would be so much fun to receive a copy and enjoy it.

Liz Rueven March 31, 2012 um 11:32 am

Would love to read and see these talented ladies' perspectives all in one place! Thanks for the giveaway.

Maria Isabella March 31, 2012 um 11:34 am

What beautiful memories. What a beautiful meal. Thanks for sharing!

Vicki Bensinger March 31, 2012 um 11:52 am

I enjoy reading the issues of Where Women Cook and each time think to myself, "how can I get in that book as a guest" so I'm happy someone I know made it in there. I'd love to win this book especially knowing the works of many bloggers in it.

Your dinner sounded delicious and as always the photos and story of how you selected the menu are heartwarming.

One of these days I"ll be lucky enough to be traveling through a city that you're doing a photography class. In the meantime I will practice using the skills from your book.

Congrats on being in The book, "Where Women Cook: Celebrate!

Unknown March 31, 2012 um 11:54 am

what a beautiful dinner! love citrus-mint salad!

Unknown March 31, 2012 um 12:02 pm

Your photos are amazing. Thank you for the inspiration!

Pia March 31, 2012 um 12:02 pm

Good morning! I would absolutely love to get my hands on some more great recipes. Your post is gorgeous, as always and I can't wait to keep reading.

Much love and happy cooking!

Claudia March 31, 2012 um 12:06 pm


being from so far away, I will not enter the competiotion πŸ˜‰ but only want to congratulate you for the good quality time you support with friends and family! That is more worth than anything!

Hugs from Romania,

Uschi March 31, 2012 um 12:06 pm

Been in Marakech, so I would like to taste the Berber Couscous .sounds womderful

Debbie March 31, 2012 um 12:14 pm

My family and I spent a week in Marrakech this month…and a week is too short to enjoy the glorious Moroccan foods. I would love to have this book so I could recreate a memorable meal for us to enjoy this summer with family and friends. We hope to return soon to learn more about Morocco, it's people and mostly it's food.

KAt March 31, 2012 um 12:21 pm

The book sounds lovely and def going to make that citrus mint salad looks gorg

Roxanne March 31, 2012 um 12:27 pm

I love the photos and would love to win a book. Thanks

Rachel Willen March 31, 2012 um 12:28 pm

What a lovely occasion, setting and sentiment! The post made me think of my mother….

Joan March 31, 2012 um 12:28 pm

This sounds like a beautiful and useful book. Please enter me to win and thank you. Lovely photos on your blog.

Penny March 31, 2012 um 12:34 pm

Beautiful food, table setting and friends. Who could ask for more. Would love to win. Thank you.

Baking in the Attic March 31, 2012 um 12:36 pm

What a great book! Thanks for the giveaway!

Margaret March 31, 2012 um 12:39 pm

This sounds like a fabulous book-very inspiring. Thanks!

Danja March 31, 2012 um 12:40 pm

What a lovely idea for the book. Thank you for having a giveaway. I will make the citrus salad this weekend. It looks really tasty.

Anonymous March 31, 2012 um 12:42 pm

As a bored vegetarian 10 Christmases ago, I turned to my husband and then young daughters and said, "Let's do something different for the holiday!". I chose Moroccan cuisine and was surprised when we all loved the cous cous, sweet potato, almond and date tagine, and fava bean hummus on wilted greens. Even the picky one loved it.

Molly Pisula March 31, 2012 um 12:44 pm

What a great party! I love the decorations too. Not fussy, but so beautiful!

Elodie March 31, 2012 um 12:53 pm

I would really like to win this book, it seems very good!!!

Jacqui March 31, 2012 um 12:54 pm

Thanks for a great giveaway! πŸ™‚

BakingTray March 31, 2012 um 12:54 pm

keep up the blogging and loving the photos! great giveaway πŸ™‚

CarreyB March 31, 2012 um 12:58 pm

The photographs are beautiful! Looks like your contribution to the book is lovely – and tasty! Thank you for the giveaway!

Veronica for Muy Bueno Cookbook March 31, 2012 um 12:58 pm

Beautiful salad and the colors are perfect. I've never heard of a white grapefruit but I've cut into one for sure…thank you for sharing this simple salad! Look forward to looking for the book at bookstores.

Tiff March 31, 2012 um 1:01 pm

Thank so much for the lovely give away! I love, love, loooove citrus fruits, so I would be a very happy camper I would win ^^

Also thanks for the Citrus And Mint Salad recipe! It looks so yummy and I will definitely make it a lot this summer πŸ™‚

Sophie March 31, 2012 um 1:07 pm

Wow this sounds like such a fantastic cookbook, thanks for this post! As always I love reading your blog.
email: sophieangeline[at]

Brahdelt March 31, 2012 um 1:09 pm

Do you ship overseas? If so, I's like to win the book! *^v^*

Gourmenderies March 31, 2012 um 1:10 pm

Ooh! How interesant!
I be interested to read this book.
Thank you for the giveaway!

baker in disguise March 31, 2012 um 1:16 pm

What a book it would be!! if this post is anything to go by!! while the honey-saffron ice-cream sounds like something worth giving a shot… can I just say I'm really enamoured by those little lights you strung across…

Nisa-mom March 31, 2012 um 1:19 pm

your pictures always stunning, we don't need story. the pictures tell it self πŸ™‚

Thank you for the giveaway ..wish i can win one of them

FLOR de Maria March 31, 2012 um 1:21 pm

Good friends and food –really, what else is there? Every thing looked beautiful. I would love to win the cookbook.

Robin March 31, 2012 um 1:29 pm

what a great giveaway! Love it!

Holli Edwards March 31, 2012 um 1:41 pm

Can't wait to see this cookbook. Always such beautiful photos.

Unknown March 31, 2012 um 1:44 pm

What a fantastic looking bunch of people and FOOD! and yes, thanks for the giveaway.

Robin (Hippo Flambe) March 31, 2012 um 1:45 pm

Lovely photos and a salad that would be perfect this time of year.

growntocook March 31, 2012 um 2:17 pm

What a beutiful idea for a book to celerate women this way!

Ginger G March 31, 2012 um 2:22 pm

… celebrating life with food and friends, how lovely!

Unknown March 31, 2012 um 2:23 pm

xoxxxxox…love to have…

aufeinwort March 31, 2012 um 2:24 pm

oh, i feel like i`ve been on holiday after looking at these pictures:)and the book sounds great, would love to read from berlin,anja xx

Cheryl W March 31, 2012 um 2:39 pm

Sounds like a wonderful celebration! Can't wait to see the book!

Anonymous March 31, 2012 um 2:42 pm

I would love to get win that book… Thanks for the good recipes! Caroline ([email protected])

Tracy Grant March 31, 2012 um 2:43 pm

I have not ever tasted any of these fabulous treats! Would love to make them πŸ™‚

Barbara March 31, 2012 um 2:44 pm

Love your blog. I am hosting a party tomorrow and i am using you simple idea of flfowers in mason jars and the wine bottles on the table. So pretty, so simple.

Monica March 31, 2012 um 2:45 pm

I would love this book…I am a mother…mother's day is coming up….perfect match!! Love your site!

Pat R March 31, 2012 um 2:46 pm

I would love a copy…this book sounds amazing! Psrrn

Devany March 31, 2012 um 2:46 pm

What a fabulous party you had! I did not even know you knew so much about Moroccan cooking! I recently made couscous from scratch for the first time and it was really an amazing departure from the dried. I am throwing my name in for this fantastic book!

EM March 31, 2012 um 2:54 pm

Thanks for the reminder that fruits can be enjoyed as a salad!

Cinnamon Sue baby and toddler March 31, 2012 um 3:03 pm

Love the sound of the book in that it celebrates food and the people behind the recipes and of course would love to see the photography. Fiona

Sandy Woodley March 31, 2012 um 3:03 pm

What a great book idea. I love to have my grandchildren help me with big family dinners.

Norma March 31, 2012 um 3:05 pm

I'd love to win this book. Sounds like there are so many interesting recipes in there I'd definitely like to try. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to win a copy!

Robin March 31, 2012 um 3:07 pm

I would love to win this cookbook and add it to my collection!

Fiona March 31, 2012 um 3:12 pm

What beautifully fresh looking food and photographs – fabulous!

Scott Morris March 31, 2012 um 3:14 pm

I think the cookbook will be the perfect gift for my wife.

I love your stuff!

Anonymous March 31, 2012 um 3:15 pm

This is such a lovely post–celebrating memories of your grandparents! And the cookies sound divine!

Anna March 31, 2012 um 3:18 pm

I, too, equate my grandmother with cooking celebrations. What an honor you have made to her!

Also, I love the photo with the flower in the the hair of the guy with the green shirt. Dinner seems like it was a great deal of fun!

Miss Lemon March 31, 2012 um 3:19 pm

The cook book looks lovely!

inbal de-paz March 31, 2012 um 3:26 pm

I hope I win, looks like a great book!

adriprints March 31, 2012 um 3:33 pm

Lovely! Glad to see you're back blogging. Thanks for doing the giveaway!

Wandering Mind March 31, 2012 um 3:37 pm

I would love a copy of the cookbook! I can't wait to try the citrus salad. Thanks!

MB March 31, 2012 um 3:39 pm

Would love to win this book. I have grapefruit on hand as well as mint so will be making this salad this weekend.

KatK March 31, 2012 um 3:41 pm

Nothing greater than a beautifully set table, good food, great wine, and friends.

Anonymous March 31, 2012 um 3:42 pm

This book sounds amazing! I would love to win a copy.

Gail March 31, 2012 um 3:43 pm

Yummmm, Grapefruit with mint. Now I know what to do with the grapefruits from my tree.

zats March 31, 2012 um 3:48 pm

This celebration reminds me of my grandmother and how full of life she was, and how much of that still lives in me even after her passing many years ago.

Madhu March 31, 2012 um 3:51 pm

Good food in a pretty setting and most precious of all good family and friends! I am thrilled to see You will ship overseas!!! πŸ™‚

Sarah March 31, 2012 um 3:53 pm

I loved the story about your grandmother and would be very happy to read the other stories shared in the cookbook!

Brigita March 31, 2012 um 3:57 pm

I'd love to win this book! :))

Heather March 31, 2012 um 4:12 pm

What a lovely idea! Those recipes sound amazing.

Kristen Hess, The Artful Gourmet March 31, 2012 um 4:17 pm

I would love to win a copy of this cookbook! Live your work, very inspirational!

Kerli March 31, 2012 um 4:20 pm

Love cookbooks! Like to take them to the country house where I don't have internet to check cooking blogs.
Waiting for summer, fresh vegetables and berries.. Here in Estonia it is just +5 degrees.

Kunyo March 31, 2012 um 4:20 pm

Mmm… Moroccan cuisine! I make a batch of Moroccan spiced hummus every week, without fail! Would love to try your recipe as well πŸ™‚

Allie March 31, 2012 um 4:36 pm

Wouldn't this book be the perfect mother's day gift?! (though it would likely be hard to part with.) Your dinner party sounds LOVELY.

Lauren March 31, 2012 um 4:39 pm

Wow, sound and looks like an amazing book! And your citrus and mint salad looks delicious, definitely will try it in the future.

Monica Thomas March 31, 2012 um 4:46 pm

Looks lovely. I'd be thrilled to 'win' a copy. I did NOT win the Mega Millions last night so this would be a great substitute.

Sunnie March 31, 2012 um 4:47 pm

Thanks for the giveaway, I saw this book on amazon and its in my wish list!

Pauli March 31, 2012 um 5:04 pm

Who knows maybe I'll be lucky πŸ™‚ This book looks fantastic πŸ™‚

Veronica March 31, 2012 um 5:07 pm

I am definitely going to try the citrus dish, it sounds very refreshing and right up my alley.

I have some brown rice couscous but need some advice on how to cook it best. It was not nice and fluffy following the box instructions. Any advice for making gluten free couscous better?

Josh Ely March 31, 2012 um 5:24 pm

Looks beautiful! I would love to have a copy of the cookbook!

hidden art March 31, 2012 um 5:28 pm

What a beautiful meal and evening (and cookbook). I look forward to your next post!

sandra March 31, 2012 um 5:30 pm

How wonderful that your family tradition includes Moroccan food. One of my favorite cuisines. I'd love to win this book. Thanks for offering the chance.

Anonymous March 31, 2012 um 5:31 pm

Hi Helene! I just ordered your book, Plate to Pixel on Amazon and I am anxiously awaiting delivery. I enjoy reading your blog and would love to win this cookbook.

Anonymous March 31, 2012 um 5:38 pm

I love collecting cookbooks and this would be a fabulous addition! =)
[email protected]

Π‘Ρ‚ΠΎΠΊΠ»ΠΈ March 31, 2012 um 5:51 pm

I love cookbooks, it would be great to win this one.

Julie March 31, 2012 um 5:54 pm

Your party looks fantastic! I'd love to win this cookbook and make some of the recipes with my mom!

Nanasniftynitch March 31, 2012 um 6:00 pm

Oh Helene, sounds like a wonderful memory. What is better than good food, with good friends and great times? The lasting memories of it all.
I too would love to win a copy of this book, who wouldn't? More ideas for better meals with friends and family with T&T recipes.

Also glad you are feeling a bit better.


Sommer March 31, 2012 um 6:08 pm

I can't wait to use our Texas citrus to make the citrus mint salad and would love to have a copy of the cookbook.

Ardala Evans March 31, 2012 um 6:10 pm

What a lovely party. I adore cookbooks and would love to win this one.

Sarah R March 31, 2012 um 6:21 pm

Looks like a beautiful book!

Maneesha Pradhan March 31, 2012 um 6:32 pm

Love to win a copy if this book. Your post looks so fresh and inviting. Like spring welcoming us.

Xff March 31, 2012 um 6:36 pm

This dinner looks amazing, and so does the cookbook!

Stephane March 31, 2012 um 7:10 pm

Your party looks awesome. So lucky to have that family background.

I spent holidays in Tangiers with my uncle's family and was intoxicated by the feasts served at Betty Hutton's and Malcolm Forbe's parties — my first time cooking my own Thanksgiving dinner away from home was cous cous served on thrift store Limoges, with the whole family sitting on a carpet from the Souk in Marrakesh.

Everyone fell asleep afterwards and I thought I'd poisoned them all (they were fine — ust stuffed).

Fantazjana March 31, 2012 um 7:27 pm

What a charming project!!!

Liliana Fuchs March 31, 2012 um 7:35 pm

I'd love to win this cookbook! Also, looove today's recipe. Citrus fruit is always a win.

Betsi March 31, 2012 um 7:35 pm

Good luck to me-made me think of my grandmother and all she taught me about food and cooking.

The Devil's Food Advocate March 31, 2012 um 7:36 pm

This book would be a wonderful acquisition. As always, your beautiful photos tell the story perfectly.

Sixteen Paw Productions March 31, 2012 um 7:42 pm

The food, company and setting looked divine. The photography brought it all home for me. I would love to win a copy of the book to share with my best friend.

The Ellsies March 31, 2012 um 8:01 pm

Thanks for the give away- the book looks fabulous

Melissa C. March 31, 2012 um 8:03 pm

I'd really like to win this – thanks for the chance!
[email protected]

brookeO March 31, 2012 um 8:37 pm

What a great salad. I'm always looking for new ways to use mint…and the grapefruit makes it that much better!

Silvina C. March 31, 2012 um 8:45 pm

Love your pics. They are so wonderful. I'll make your grandma's Mint citrus salad this weekend.

Carolia March 31, 2012 um 9:01 pm

Sounds amazing, as everything else in this blog!

Ilan @ March 31, 2012 um 9:04 pm

The ice cream looks heavenly πŸ™‚

Pilarh March 31, 2012 um 9:10 pm

Sounds great!

Anne March 31, 2012 um 9:30 pm

This is a beautiful salad. I will make this on Sunday.

Anonymous March 31, 2012 um 9:33 pm

such a nice giveaway, who wouldn't try, right:) love your recipes!

Anonymous March 31, 2012 um 9:35 pm

Such a nice giveaway!

hhardcastle March 31, 2012 um 9:58 pm

I would love a copy of the book! It will make a great mother's day gift for my mamma!

Steeno March 31, 2012 um 9:59 pm

What a beautiful setting for a relaxing evening with good friends and food!

romanholiday March 31, 2012 um 10:01 pm

Thank you for sharing this lovely gathering. I dream of throwing intimate dinner parties like this one. Thank you for this giveaway, too!

Nat March 31, 2012 um 10:30 pm

As always, beautiful photos. Looks like a fun gathering and a lovely book. Thank you πŸ™‚

chroniclesofasingleton March 31, 2012 um 11:43 pm

As always your pictures are inviting. I think the cookbook that celebrates women chefs is lovely. Thanks for making it a giveaway.

Carmen M. March 31, 2012 um 11:54 pm

I am so glad you are feeling better! I love those flower arragements in mason jars strung on natural twine. Nice detail those lights across the trees. I love your photos and the recipes. The Citrus Mint Salad looks very nice, I have to try it!

Kate April 1, 2012 um 12:00 am

The citrus salad looks amazing!!

Thanks for sharing – as always!

Kathleen April 1, 2012 um 12:17 am

I love the way you celebrate and honor the simplicity and beauty of food and all that is does for our lives in the way of nourishment, comfort, and relationships.

Chelsy Ethridge April 1, 2012 um 12:23 am

I love all those gorgeous photos! My whole life is a celebration, and what better way to celebrate than with good food and good people? I can't wait to get started on some of these recipes and throw a party of my own!

Lisa April 1, 2012 um 12:25 am

I love the sound of that honey saffron ice cream.

Kim Bee April 1, 2012 um 12:49 am

Now this looks like a dinner party I'd love to attend. Everyone looks like they are so content and the food looks outstanding. It's so nice to see photos of people coming together like this around a table full of incredible food. I've had saffron ice cream before so I can attest to how subtle yet decadent it is.

sarah April 1, 2012 um 12:49 am

looks like such a nice evening. thanks for the chance at a great giveaway!

Anonymous April 1, 2012 um 1:11 am

Your gathering looked beautiful! I hope it was a ton of fun.

jan April 1, 2012 um 1:15 am

fun party! food looks amazing! April 1, 2012 um 1:16 am

Lovely table setting! The food looks yummy too! Glad you're feeling better!

Maggie April 1, 2012 um 1:29 am

thank you for the giveaway!

Julie Le Clerc April 1, 2012 um 1:32 am

Thanks for sharing this lovely story of celebration! I'd love to win this book, as it sounds very inspiring πŸ™‚

Barbara Cox April 1, 2012 um 1:44 am

Beautiful photos and family stories- see you at Squam!

Ellie April 1, 2012 um 1:50 am

Sounds like an amazing book. I love feeling a connection to women past, present and future when I cook.

Fracturedchaos April 1, 2012 um 3:12 am

This looks amazing, I need to make myself like grapefruit and this looks like a great start.

Salt Lake Sugar April 1, 2012 um 3:47 am

A beautiful book and it would make a great mom's day gift…

Leticia Cuenca April 1, 2012 um 4:19 am

Sounds like a really amazing book! Many thanks for the giveaway!

SylviaGibson April 1, 2012 um 4:25 am

The Honey Saffron Ice Cream and Cardamon Shortbread Cookies looks amazing!

Nicole April 1, 2012 um 4:37 am

I love the citrus and mint combination – another great summer one is watermelon mint salad – fresh mint from the garden!

rahel April 1, 2012 um 6:00 am

Looks like the kind of celebration I like! Out in the garden, enjoying an evening breeze after a hot day and eating couscous…

tania@mykitchenstories April 1, 2012 um 7:25 am

The pictures are lovely and the salad very simple. I am sure that the book is also great

martina April 1, 2012 um 8:58 am

Even at dusk your pictures are full of light and color! Beautiful atmosphere there, you can see how much fun and relax did you have with your guest… thanks for the opportunity by the way! Cheers Martina

Louise P April 1, 2012 um 9:22 am

I'd love to win that book!

Shelby April 1, 2012 um 10:41 am

What a most delightful evening of family, friends and entertainment, you and your blog are just SO inspiring! The giveaway looks fantastic, here's hoping! Congratulations on your success!

Alyse April 1, 2012 um 11:54 am

I would be very grateful for the chance to win this cookbook. Thank you.

Renee April 1, 2012 um 12:02 pm

Lovely photos as always! I would love to win the cookbook to add it to my collection.

Jeanne April 1, 2012 um 12:12 pm

I saw the salad photo on pinterest and it looks yummy. Your photos are beautiful. I can feel summer coming on.

Dmarie April 1, 2012 um 12:23 pm

thanks for this opportunity to win and thanks for such a beautiful post!

Hanneke April 1, 2012 um 12:25 pm

Looks amazing, would love to try the couscous, I love maroccan food

Lynette April 1, 2012 um 12:27 pm

Inspirational and lovely… As always!

Stephanie April 1, 2012 um 12:33 pm

Thanks for the giveaway! I would love to win this beautiful cookbook!

Calico Hen April 1, 2012 um 2:04 pm

I would love to win~thanks!

Anonymous April 1, 2012 um 2:19 pm

I would love to get a copy!
Hope I will πŸ™‚
Thanks anyway!

Meg S April 1, 2012 um 2:35 pm

This book sounds great!

And I love these photos – how fun!!

Megan April 1, 2012 um 3:02 pm

I would love to have a copy of the book. Thanks for the inspirations Helene!

Jody April 1, 2012 um 3:06 pm

This recipe sounds lovely! I'd love a copy of this book. I'm always astounded by the talents of women, and love when they are celebrated.

Lisa April 1, 2012 um 3:06 pm

love the sharp colours & warmth of the setting πŸ™‚

Anya April 1, 2012 um 3:16 pm

Beautiful projects and wonderful (like always) images!

Maja April 1, 2012 um 3:27 pm

I just got Plate to Pixel and finished it in one day. I LOVE IT!
Today I was putting some of your advice into practice and got a cheap foam board bouncer. Thank you so much!!

venita April 1, 2012 um 3:41 pm

The dinner table looked fabulous.. it's been a while since I hosted one and am inspired to do that soon. Would love to try the cardamom cookie recipe.

Anonymous April 1, 2012 um 4:39 pm

I,d loVe to add this to my collection

[email protected]

Unknown April 1, 2012 um 6:40 pm

The salad looks so refreshing!

venita April 1, 2012 um 6:44 pm

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Tia Maria April 1, 2012 um 7:21 pm

Oh, so beautiful! I love entertaining in the garden in Spring. It would be nice to try some new recipes from the book…hope I win!

anita April 1, 2012 um 8:29 pm

What a great giveaway! I want the citrus mint salad now!The book sounds amazing!

Courtney April 1, 2012 um 8:45 pm

Lovely! Thanks for the giveaway!

Cathy Ann April 1, 2012 um 8:50 pm

I am so excited! I just found your blog and I love it and your wonderful recipes. You are now in my favorites.

Jessica April 1, 2012 um 8:57 pm

I love the outdoor meal, everything looks so delicious!

jessicarwarfield at gmail dot com

Anonymous April 1, 2012 um 9:34 pm

I would loooove to win this book. the idea is so lovely!

Patricia Scarpin April 1, 2012 um 10:01 pm

Oh,what a lovely meal! Delicious food, beautiful place… Perfect, Helen!

Brittany April 1, 2012 um 10:06 pm

Pick me!!

Adi April 1, 2012 um 10:16 pm

Thank for the giveaway! As always, your pictures are beautiful!
adiluria [at] yahoo [dot] com

Magda April 1, 2012 um 11:02 pm

Pick me, pick me πŸ™‚
Beautiful photos

Sharyn Dimmick April 1, 2012 um 11:44 pm

If your celebration featured here is an example of the celebrations in the book when I would love to receive a copy. My mint is doing rather well, so it might be time for a version of your citrus-mint salad soon.

Amanda April 1, 2012 um 11:45 pm

I'd love to wine a copy of the book!

April Levine April 2, 2012 um 12:14 am

I love the concept of sharing your family's traditions and culture with friends like you did in the photo shoot and for the cookbook. Everything looks lovely- I look forward to trying out the recipes.

Cindy J April 2, 2012 um 12:48 am

OOOH – Honey Saffron Ice Cream and Cardamom Shortbread? I'm drooling!

Photos look lovely – how could we wrangle an invite to the next event?!

Eva @ Eva Bakes April 2, 2012 um 12:57 am

I would love to win this giveaway!

Unknown April 2, 2012 um 1:13 am

Greetings all the way from Malaysia. I read all your posts and they are wonderful! You've got some great photography skills as well. Really hoping to get that book so I can try out more fabulous recipes πŸ˜›

Dahlia April 2, 2012 um 1:17 am

I love your recipes and would love to win a copy of the cookbook!

Lidia April 2, 2012 um 1:44 am

I am a new subscriber to your blog and I love it!
I would love to have a taste of your couscous.

Rhonda April 2, 2012 um 2:32 am

I recently just bought my first copy of Where Women Cook magazine. It was such a lovely find, so inspiring to me. Love your decorations and meal sounds fabulous! Even if I don't win a copy of the book, I'll surely be buying it.

permitat2420 April 2, 2012 um 2:55 am

I adore your blog and would love to learn how to create beautiful desserts just like you do! Thanks for always making me salivate with your delicious pictures. πŸ˜‰

Carolyn April 2, 2012 um 3:17 am

That one recipe sounds worth the book. Can't wait to see what else is in there!

Amy (whatimlovinglatey) April 2, 2012 um 3:27 am

Sounds like a great book. Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway!

Keli April 2, 2012 um 3:40 am

I've had this book on my wish list for quite some time. It would be even sweeter if I won it! πŸ™‚

Jayne April 2, 2012 um 3:42 am

I just know the book would be fabulous. Vibes from great cooks… always welcomed. πŸ™‚

Catharine April 2, 2012 um 3:51 am

Would love to win!

Crumbs N Crust April 2, 2012 um 4:49 am


I would love to win this lovely cookbook.

Thank you for the giveaway.


Lana Albers April 2, 2012 um 4:53 am

What an exciting project. Would love the cookbook.

Lindsay April 2, 2012 um 5:00 am

What a beautiful concept for a book! I always love hearing stories from friends about how their families celebrate.

venita April 2, 2012 um 5:28 am

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olivia April 2, 2012 um 5:38 am

Thank you for such beautiful recipes. We had a beautiful Sunday brunch, my son and his beloved Sofia searching for Rolly-Polly's in the Californian sunlight. I baked Bacon and Onion Quiche, cupcakes and Blueberry pound cake. All of which were delicious and made my kitchen smell my childhood.
A lovely gift-thank you.

Miia April 2, 2012 um 8:05 am

I would love to win that book! πŸ™‚

Natalia April 2, 2012 um 9:05 am

This post reminded me of all the great times I have had with friends and family centered around food! I would love to win a copy of the book, so I can get some new inspiration for once my thesis has been handed in, and I can return to cooking πŸ™‚
As always your photos really capture the ambiance:)

Marisa April 2, 2012 um 9:44 am

Thank you for your blog, an inspiration for me, an Spanish girl that love to see your pictures and writings.

Anonymous April 2, 2012 um 12:00 pm

What a beautiful book!!

Holly April 2, 2012 um 12:20 pm

The dinner party looks like it was a wonderful time! Need to get the book (winning or buying) so I can get the couscous recipe. A question – My husband lived in France for a while and complains that our couscous over here (US) is no where near as light & fluffy as what we get over there (France). Is is actually different, or is there a different cooking method? Thanks for any advice!

Helene April 2, 2012 um 12:28 pm

Holly: yes, the difference comes from the fact that we steam it in France which keeps it fluffier than the boiling water – dump the couscous and let sit covered. My friends here always think I am crazy for steaming it until they eat it πŸ™‚

silarem April 2, 2012 um 12:55 pm

Sounds like a great book to have. Sharing memories through food is truly a celebration.

Melissa Marco April 2, 2012 um 1:10 pm

That ice cream looks and sounds fabulous! I'll be needing to win this book to try it I think!

Megan B April 2, 2012 um 1:11 pm

Thanks for the giveaway!

Jules April 2, 2012 um 1:21 pm

I just found your macaron recipes and I think I'm in heaven. I'd love to see what you bring to the table in the cookbook!

Anonymous April 2, 2012 um 1:49 pm

Wonderful book idea! I love hearing people's stories!

Tami V. April 2, 2012 um 1:55 pm

So completely beautiful, from the pops of color in the flowers to the lovely aroma of saffron and cardamon that float in my head as I read it; I can't wait to see the whole cookbook. Thanks!

emily380 April 2, 2012 um 2:10 pm

The setting for that meal was FANTASTIC! I love eating al fresco. And, the food sounded tasty, as well.

PaulaW April 2, 2012 um 2:23 pm

I am stealing your idea for flowers in canning jars for my family reunion party this summer. What a lovely idea for the book.

Gosai April 2, 2012 um 2:39 pm

I'd love to win your book, it's awesome just like your photos πŸ™‚ greetings from Poland!

Erica | cupcakes and coffee breaks April 2, 2012 um 3:05 pm

I really love the strung up mason jars, they're so cute and summery

Ellobie April 2, 2012 um 3:31 pm

Oooo! Cookbooks! The salad doesn't sound too shabby either. πŸ™‚

Sandie April 2, 2012 um 3:52 pm

Thanks for the giveaway! The books sounds fantastic

Trudi S. April 2, 2012 um 4:56 pm

Great pictures and delicious food!

Kepa April 2, 2012 um 5:23 pm

This sound like a perfect party, wich such a pretty setting. I would recommend trying the merguez from Fatted Calf in San Francisco, these are the best I ever had.

Rachel April 2, 2012 um 6:00 pm

This book looks wonderful! If I don't win, I certainly will have to buy a copy!

[email protected] April 2, 2012 um 6:07 pm

This is exactly the type of recipe I was looking for to make for my friends who will be visiting this weekend. So, thanks for the recipe and I'm anxious to make it!

Bree April 2, 2012 um 6:40 pm

Gorgeous pictures! I just ordered this book πŸ™‚

Rocky Mountain Woman April 2, 2012 um 7:01 pm

I love the "Where Women Cook" magazines…

The mint salad looks wonderful, just in time for spring!

Jenny @ BAKE April 2, 2012 um 7:25 pm

What a gorgeous recipe! I went to Morocco last year and loved it! I can't wait to go back!

Deborah April 2, 2012 um 8:45 pm

Would really love to win this looks full of inspration

Ashley April 2, 2012 um 8:49 pm

Love the beautiful, simple decorations. The couscous sounds amazing! Thanks for the giveaway.

KarenLana April 2, 2012 um 9:35 pm

I've never had citrus and mint together – it sounds delicious. Thank you for the lovely book giveaway!

Chris McLean April 2, 2012 um 9:45 pm

Love your inspiring blog! Would love to win the book.

bettyc April 2, 2012 um 11:57 pm

I am currently 27 weeks pregnant and if I could I would eat nothing but oranges all day long. Citrus is the only fruit I want right now! This salad looks so simple and perfect. Thanks for the chance to win the book!

Lauren April 3, 2012 um 12:12 am

This looks amazing!!! I love the idea and great recipes.

Gloria April 3, 2012 um 1:07 am

We love to celebrate with food! My kids have their special requests for each holiday. Mostly they ask for my mom's recipes, so I have started letting them prepare the dishes to make sure the legacy continues!

Joyce April 3, 2012 um 4:54 am

I would be thrilled to get picked for the amazing giveaway. πŸ™‚

dannie April 3, 2012 um 7:32 am

Food. Photography. And writing. Sigghhh. Every time I get an update from your blog, I lose a good half hour of my working day in day dreams and acute hunger pangs πŸ™‚

Gaia April 3, 2012 um 12:11 pm

love simple salads like this one!

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