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Chilled Lemon Cucumber & Fresh Pea Soup

Chilled Cucumber & Pea Soup

BlogHer Food has been such a whirlwind that I need to think on it for a couple of days before I can post some about it (and get my derriere to post process all the shots I took). It went by fast that’s for sure which is why I am so happy I extended my stay by a couple of days and stayed with my close friend Anita and her husband and got to hang out with some more of my favorite people which I will pimp out in future post, eheh.. They are truly my home away from home.

All Squared On Pea Shoots

Like most of us attending BlogHer Food, I met Anita online when I started leaving comment on her blog everytime she posted a new cocktail. Not that I drink that much but I do love the mixology part of the cocktail, the technique and craft very closely related to food. We exchanged emails, we sent cards then little gifts. We just clicked. And they got two adorable pups…all about that! It was nice to spend a couple of days relaxing and exploring San Francisco aside from the conference. So hard to get any time off these day.

Lemon Cucumbers

Chris and Tami, my roommates at the conference hotel, joked that we have to meet on the other side of the country to catch up when we only live a few hours from each other. And catch up we did. It was pretty much Comedy Central from the moment we’d get up until bedtime when we’d literally crash on our pillows. Love those two. Gracious definitely comes to mind when I think about them. They are gracious of their time, advice, energy, faults and strength. Tami sees the world with a brutal honesty I admire and seek while Chris is one of the most nurturing woman I know.

Chilled Cucumber & Pea Soup

I’ll go back more on BlogHer Food in a later post but there were moment that made me want to get all these people on a plane and ship them back with me to Charleston. They would love it here, they would love my friends her and they would love them back. I know that. In those moments I start thinking of the gatherings we would have around our dinner table and the belly laughs that would soon follow. I begin picking the menu in my head according to what I think I’d find at the market. Right now, we would undeniably start dinner with this Lemon Cucumber and Pea Soup I made the other day.


It’s not Fall here quite yet so we are still enjoying tons of salads, cold soups, light entrees. After making gazpacho and Vichyssoise a lot this summer, I took opportunity of another trip to the market and loaded up on tiny lemon cucumbers for a cold soup. They owe their name to their shape rather than their taste but they are distinctively mellower than regular cucumbers. The ones I have been getting also seem to have more flesh to seed ratio but feel free to use what you have available.

Fresh Local Peas

This soup is nothing but easy to make, easy to eat and easy to crave some more. It makes a refreshing starter a great little chaser during a long multi course meal.

I almost forgot to announce the winner of the Scharffen-Berger giveaway…..! And the box full of chocolate goodies goes to: Emily from Five And Spice! Congratulations! Please get in touch with me (mytartelette @ gmail . com) so we can get this box shipped out to you!

Chilled Cucumber & Pea Soup

Lemon Cucumber and Fresh Pea Soup:

Serves 4 as an appetizer

Notes: we like to top ours with some pomegranate seeds for a bit of a crunch and a little tartness to a mellow soup but you could skip this step entirely or use polenta croutons, toasted nuts, pumpkin seeds, root chips, etc…
If you can find pea shoots, they make a lovely topping but a few leaves of arugula would work also to add to the soup.

1 cup fresh peas, shelled(can use frozen of needed but not canned)
4 lemon cucumebers or one regular cucumber
water of vegetable stock
salt and pepper
pomegranate seeds and pea shoots optional but very tasty…

In a large pot of boiling water, blanch the fresh peas until fork tender, about 8 minutes. Drain and immediately dump the peas in a bowl of ice cold water to cool and stop the cooking process. Once they are cold, drain completely.
In the meantime, peel and seed the cucumbers. Seeding is not mandatory but I would definitely do it if I were to use regular cucumbers from the store.
Place the peas and cucumbers in a food processor and start pureeing them. Depending on the amount of water originally in the cucumbers, you might need to add water or vegetable stock to reach the consistency you desire, anywhere from a few tablespoons to 1/3 cup. Salt and pepper to taste.
Keep refrigerated until ready to eat.

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Jessica @ How Sweet October 13, 2010 um 3:27 pm

I love chilled soup, and even though it is Fall here, it is still in the 70s and 80s! I love the pom garnish too. Very excited for them to be in season!

Paula October 13, 2010 um 3:45 pm

beautiful and so delicious!

have a nice time!

Dana October 13, 2010 um 5:07 pm

How fresh and refreshing that soup would be. I love love love fresh peas in soups!

Anita (Married… with dinner) October 13, 2010 um 6:15 pm

We are so happy to be your home in San Francisco — let us know when you are coming back (and bringing B.)!


Kate Morgan Jackson October 13, 2010 um 6:15 pm

I love your pictures so much I don't know what to say…you are such an inspiration! These are particularly beautiful. 🙂

Soma October 13, 2010 um 6:22 pm

What a beautiful refreshing soup. The pomegranates make it even better.

Brooke@foodwoolf October 13, 2010 um 9:43 pm

I don't think your photos could be any more beautiful. My word. And you! What a lovely woman you are. Such a pleasure to finally meet you! You're a gracious artist and a beautiful person. Can't wait to spend more time with you!

Amber October 13, 2010 um 9:46 pm

Very good soup.Wonderful!

Unknown October 14, 2010 um 3:20 am

That looks great. I love the recipe.

chris October 14, 2010 um 4:24 am

Can we have this soup at Thanksgiving? 🙂

BlogHer wouldn't have been what it was had I not been rooming with you and Tami. There are no words, my friend. *Hugs*

Tara Barker October 14, 2010 um 4:35 am

Stunning photos! I especially love the pomegranate shot.

Sadly, it's too cold here for me to consider chilled soups any more. The simplicity of this one is very attractive to me, though!

Can't wait to hear and see your stories from BlogHer Food!

Ankita October 14, 2010 um 7:04 am

i haven't tasted a chilled soup in my life but this one looks delicious.

notyet100 October 14, 2010 um 9:48 am

waiting for ur blogher post,..soup looks yum.,.

Paris in Pink October 14, 2010 um 12:22 pm

This recipe looks delicious… must attempt it soon! Great blog you have here 🙂 Paris in Pink

Cookin' Canuck October 14, 2010 um 2:20 pm

What a fresh, pretty combination of flavors and textures. It was so good to see you again in SF. Your perspective on the most important things – family and friends – is always refreshing.

Cookin' Canuck October 14, 2010 um 2:20 pm

What a fresh, pretty combination of flavors and textures. It was so good to see you again in SF. Your perspective on the most important things – family and friends – is always refreshing.

fresaypimienta October 14, 2010 um 4:05 pm

Tienes un blog realemnte delicioso, que maravilla de fotografías . Un beso desde Barcelona

Gen October 14, 2010 um 7:30 pm

Hum! Que de couleurs et de douceur pour les yeux et la bouche! Il commence à faire froid en France alors les soupes sont plutôt chaudes. Mais celle ci est à garder dans les notes à tester!

PaulaMaack October 14, 2010 um 9:19 pm

So lovely. I wish I had this while recovering from oral surgeries over the last month. It would have been perfect!

used forklifts October 15, 2010 um 12:48 am

This is just great. It looks so fresh and healthy. Your pictures look amazing !!

Mónica Pinto October 15, 2010 um 8:45 am

Delicious recipe and beautiful photos, as always!
Looking forward to know more about the Blogher food, it must have been really exciting!

Até breve!

Ravenous Rowie October 15, 2010 um 10:02 pm

That sounds like such delicious soup! I am in love with your pictures! You really have talent! Keep up the good work!

Hollis October 16, 2010 um 12:13 am

Bonjour Helene,

I always adore your photography, but these photos made my heart skip a beat. So much green, what a delight!



Truly Smitten October 16, 2010 um 4:41 am

Looks super refreshing!! I love everything you make!

Jessie October 16, 2010 um 5:01 am

Lemon cucumber! I've never had anything like it before! Looks like a very interesting and refreshing eat. Good for the summer~

The InTolerant Chef ™ October 16, 2010 um 10:51 am

I love cucumbers and am posting about a cucumber sorbet soon. It's really nice and refreshing! Yumm…
Sounds like you had a lovely time away.

[email protected] October 17, 2010 um 1:50 pm

Great seeing you at BlogHer Food. Anita is a doll & I enjoyed getting to "meet" her again after Boulder.
I am looking at your GORGEOUS photos & soup recipe thinking – dang I have serious white balance issues in my pics that I need to resolve asap. Gotta figure that one out -should kind of have that down by now, huh??!! xo

Simones Kitchen October 17, 2010 um 4:36 pm

Sounds like you had a great time at blogherfood! And I am sure all of your friends would absolutely love this refreshing soup. It looks great!

Ellen Daehnick October 18, 2010 um 3:23 pm

That soup is lovely, and even better to read about along with your great BlogHer friends experience.

Hostess in Rainboots October 20, 2010 um 6:11 pm

This sounds amazing and your website is such an inspiration! Please keep the wonderful food and beautiful pictures coming!

Pattie @ Olla-Podrida October 22, 2010 um 8:52 pm

I love cucumber (still have them growing, as a matter of fact) and have had soup with just cucumbers, with the pairing of cucumber and avocado, but never with peas. Thanks for the idea and recipe. I'm going to try this.

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