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Gluten Free Blueberry Waffles & Getting Back On The Road!

Sundays are good for waffles...

Sunday mornings are good for waffles and eggs. Any mornings really. But yesterday was so absolutely gorgeous that we had all the windows open, shorts and t-shirts on. I knew I had a mile long work to do but I just needed to put all this aside and do something familiar.

Cracking an egg. Popping a few blueberries in my mouth. Making waffles. Hearing the whisk against the mixing bowl. Smelling the scent of freshly squeezed oranges. Doing things that require time and attention, away from the work list. It’s not procrastinating but recharging my internal batteries.


We sat down on the back deck with our waffles and our hot coffee and talked. I listened actually. Writing feels like talking at times. And right then, I was out of words. We made a pact to have more Sunday mornings as cozy as this one. We usually don’t need a reminder to take a break but just thinking about our schedule from now throughout the Summer made me appreciate some chilling time even more.

Yep. Looks like I am back on the road teaching workshops here and there. And talk about awesome workshops…All are located in gorgeous venues allowing one’s creative juices to really get going!

Go Savor

In a couple of weeks I’ll be heading down to Savannah, Georgia to be part of the firstGo Savor Culinary Retreats. Since it’s so close to home, it’s the perfect opportunity to relax, share, be with good friends and meet new faces. We are also looking forward to the time away.

We decided to team up and do a workshop on artificial light during the Go Savor retreat, targeted to the bloggers who can only shoot at night or when the quantity of light outside is not enough. B. used to operate his own portrait and wedding studio for over 10 years (in a life way before us) so it came as natural as buttering my toast to ask him to team up. He’ll be doing an hands on demo on speedlights and I’ll be doing one on a studio light kit.

Since natural light is definitely more my grove, there will be another workshop that weekend. One of my favorite peeps, Tami from Running With Tweezers is also coming to Go Savor and we will be doing natural light, composition and styling the next day. We aim to please and we aim to share as much as people want to take in or leave out. We’ve attended events together, we’ve worked together but we’ve never done workshop together and I am very much looking forward to it.

Check out the Go Savor site for updates on registration and great giveways.


In April I’ll be doing a food photography workshop as part of Food Blog Forum Orlando, April 9th. I don’t have my full schedule set out for April yet, but when Jaden emailed and asked if I wanted to be part of this awesome one day event dedicated to sharing information in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Just good peeps passing on what they know and are passionate about.

Jaden is good people…When Jaden asks, you say yes. I am really glad that Julie from
The Little Kitchen persuaded her to make it happen and I am really thrilled to be able to participate and give back.

For more info on the line up and registration, follow the (hot) link here. See you there I hope!

Ace Cam Workshop Sante Fe, May 2011

Moving on to May and going a bit further out West….all the way to Sante Fe, New Mexico to teach an awesome workshop May 6th – May 9th. Luxury of time, creativity of location, great workshop topics! Oh yeah…

When Angela Ritchie emailed last year asking me if I wanted to be one of the workshop instructors, I think I read the email 5 times before answering "yes please!". I was already familiar with Angela’s workshops and how interactive, creative and completely hands on they were. Think of them as a complete retreats. I had promised myself I would do one in 2011, I had no idea I would be teaching one! I picked Sante Fe as the location because of all its earthy and colorful gorgeousness. I can’t wait!

If you want to get more info about this amazing opportunity to spend a complete weekend learning food photography, head over to the site here. I can’t wait to be there and share, practice, show and discover new things from hanging out with different people for a few days.

Hope to see you there!

Ace Cam Workshop Sante Fe, May 2011

An now on to the recipe and some darn good Blueberry Waffles…!

Gluten Free Blueberry Waffles

Makes 6-8

1 3/4 cups warm water
1/2 cup finely ground flaxseed
1/2 cup potato flour
2 cups superfine rice flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon baking soda
pinch salt
1 3/4 cups coconut milk
2 tablespoons honey
1 cup fresh blueberries

Mix the ground flax seed with the warm water in a large bowl, and let the mixture sit for 5 minutes.
Whisk together the potato flour, rice flour, baking powder, baking soda, and salt in a medium bowl. Reserve.
Blend the coconut milk with the honey and then add to the flax seeds mixture.
Dump the dry ingredients into the wet ingredients and mix until the batter looses the bulk of its bumps. Add the blueberries and fold them in gently with a spatula
Grease both sides of the waffle iron with a little vegetable oil or butter and pour some of the batter (1/3 cup) into the center of the iron. Close the top and cook until brown or according to the manufacturer’s directions. Serve with syrup if desired.

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LizNoVeggieGirl March 1, 2011 um 9:55 am

WOW this is fabulous!!!!

lubnakarim06 March 1, 2011 um 12:45 pm

Wow…delectable….gluten free makes it more merrier…

bunkycooks March 1, 2011 um 1:21 pm

That is quite the schedule! Looking forward to meeting you next weekend in Savannah!

Michelle Stiles March 1, 2011 um 2:20 pm

I am going to look into a few of these conferences. Thanks for the round up. Funny thing is I am face to face with some burnout – I think it is just a plateau and I need to push myself past it. There are some great learning opportunities coming. Have fun teaching!

Chihiro March 1, 2011 um 2:34 pm

These waffles sound so light. I love any excuse to eat maple syrup 🙂

Becky Spencer March 1, 2011 um 3:11 pm

Looks delicious! FYI, the title says pancakes 🙂

Helene March 1, 2011 um 3:20 pm

Becky: oops! thanks for letting me know! I should not try to wrap up a post at 3am…!

Ashley March 1, 2011 um 6:14 pm

So wonderful! I love that you are so busy sharing your passion and talent. When are you coming to Seattle?!

Vimitha Durai March 1, 2011 um 6:29 pm

Those are yummy and a feast to jump on..

showfoodchef March 1, 2011 um 6:29 pm

stunning, as always! I'm SO jealous of the fortunate peeps who will be taking a workshop with you, Helene. I still remember last year's in California and your spirit, energy and talents are always so inspiring. Have a safe and chock-full-o-fun time!

Brian Samuels Photography March 1, 2011 um 6:32 pm

What an outstanding group of people your joining at the conference! Looks fantastic! So wish I could attend.

And the waffles look incredible! Makes me wish I had a waffle maker 🙂

Delicious Shots March 1, 2011 um 6:40 pm

Stunning picture! the waffles look sooo good.

susan March 1, 2011 um 6:41 pm

I need to coordinate with Jen and get you out here to L.A.! We gotta fit that into your busy schedule. P.S. I have all but potato flour(will potato starch work?).

Ashley March 1, 2011 um 7:13 pm

Do you think almond milk would work in this recipe instead of the coconut?

Unknown March 1, 2011 um 7:30 pm

I am always in awe of and grateful for your gluten free recipes because of them my gluten intolerant son doesn't have to feel left out:-)

Julia @ DimpleArts Photography March 1, 2011 um 7:34 pm

Those waffles made me drool!

Confiture de Vivre March 1, 2011 um 7:59 pm

I love your pictures. Great work! It is so challenging to make adorable pictures of food.
Greetings from Germany, Sandy

Pavithra Elangovan March 1, 2011 um 8:58 pm

Love your pictures.. the waffle looks fabulous.


Julie from March 1, 2011 um 9:05 pm

So glad and thank you, Helene! I can't wait to meet you in Savannah and have you here in Orlando for Food Blog Forum! Thank you so much!

muppy March 1, 2011 um 9:28 pm

These waffles look amazing

LoveandConfections March 1, 2011 um 11:10 pm

I am going to try my hardest to go to the Orlando workshop, since I live here. Sounds fantastic! Are you going to be around Orlando for a few days? And those waffles look delicious!

Anonymous March 2, 2011 um 12:45 am

These look delicious, I just love your photography and I'm SO excited for when your book comes out in May!

vanessa joie March 2, 2011 um 3:45 am

come back to LA! xo

The InTolerant Chef ™ March 2, 2011 um 6:11 am

Wow, never thought I'd find egg free waffles, What a great recipe!

oneordinaryday March 3, 2011 um 1:34 pm

The workshops sound great – wishing I could attend!! I also wouldn't mind a big plate of these waffles right now. 🙂

Sneh | Cook Republic March 4, 2011 um 12:28 am

Gorgeous waffles! Are these the traditional ones or Belgian? I only ask because I have been mulling over which one to buy and if these are traditional, they look thick enough for great toppings.


Linda – Nutrition to Invigorate Mind, Body & Spirit March 4, 2011 um 6:31 am

Wish I could be in Orlando for the forum!!

Helene March 4, 2011 um 7:29 am

Ashley: yes coconut milk would work great!

Sneh: to me traditional waffles are Belgian waffles so I am not sure what other ones you are referring to. Since they do not contain any gluten or egg, it might be hard to equate them to anything.

snippets of thyme March 4, 2011 um 1:27 pm

I am overwhelmed with the news of all of these events that you will be attending. I am relatively new to blogging and I don't understand the passion I have for this endeavor. I want to be one of you!!

I just discovered your site. I wanted to let you know how proud I am that I succeeded making the elusive MACARON cookie. I published today's article and photos on my weekend's manic attempt to produce these.

However, I am side tracked by the events for bloggers to attend on lighting. This would be perfect for me. I'm just small potatoes right now so I'll have to watch from afar and get up to speed on all of these happenings. But, it is just so exciting to imagine getting together with other bloggers who share the same passions. Thank you for your time reading this.

Gen March 4, 2011 um 8:43 pm

Ah les vrais petits plaisir de la vie! C'est ce que l'on ressent quand on voit cette photo délicieuse!

kitchentinker March 10, 2011 um 6:43 pm

I love waffles for breakfast and snacks and so with my grandkids…love to try this recipe..i'm sure we will all enjoy it.

Denise March 15, 2011 um 8:11 pm


As a long time reader of your blog, I was excited to find out that you would be sharing/teaching at the Food Blog Forum in Orlando!Your photos are amazing, and your blog is a mini-getaway for this "tired mama." I'm also glad that Julie managed to persuade Jaden to get this conference up and running…I knew she'd have one in Florida eventually, but was thrilled when this 1 day conference was announced!! I will be there…driving up from South Florida. Can't wait!!

On a food note ~ I had never heard of a macaron (shudder) before Summer 2009 when I started up Creative Kitchen. It seems they were everywhere on food blogs. I kept thinking…do they mean "macaroons?" No…they most certainly do not. And how in the world did I miss these in Paris?Finally for the first time a few weeks ago…I spied & sampled my first one (lemon!!) and it was DIVINE!!! Wow….what had I been missing? So now another challenge ahead…to learn to make them. It's on my list! A long list 🙂

Thanks for sharing of yourself with other bloggers. I'm new to photography & photographing food (my pics improved SO much just turning off the flash & getting them in natural light!!!), and I just know your session will be very enlightening!

Denise @ Creative Kitchen

Danielle March 21, 2011 um 12:15 am

I made these for sunday brunch yesterday adn they were delicious! I added about half a cup extra of rice flour and made them into pancakes! definitely making these bad boys again!!

candidacase May 29, 2011 um 5:02 am

Love your blog!!

Just one question… For the coconut milk – unsweetened, or regular or vanilla?

Thank you! 🙂

Helene May 29, 2011 um 12:59 pm

candidacase: from the can, unsweetened. Thanks!

catering Fort Lauderdale November 10, 2011 um 9:32 am

A combination of colors, aroma and tastes – hmmmm simply delicous! A nice way to start your day as you enjoy every bite, eating with the rest of the family. Starting the day with pancakes or waffles may be a common thing to most of us but when you add blueberries or another kind of syrup to stir things up – this is truly exciting!

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