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Fresh Cheese & Raspberries Semifreddo Popsicles

Faisselle Ice Cream and Raspberry Popsicles

Every Monday I look forward to Saturday. The attraction of the weekend is a tad lost on us given our schedules, but from April through December, Saturday mornings are set aside for the farmers market. Rain or shine, we are making our rounds as soon as the market opens up. It gets pretty busy around 9.30am but by then we have already stopped by the patisserie and are on our way home.

I’ve got my market route down pat and beside spreading my budget to as many farmers as I can, after a while you can tell who specializes in what. I know where to get round zucchinis for my petits farcis, peas for my salads, deep purple Spring onions and potatoes, peaches, etc…Last stops are always the same, meat guy, pasta dude, milk and egg ladies. For half of what I would spend at the grocery store, I have everything we need for the week and sometimes more.

Faisselle & Raspberries

Yes, I am obviousy in love with our market but I also relish in that one hour of walking around with B. and just be. To get to know the people who are behind the food that gets on our plate, their passions beside food, their hopes, their families. I know my family’s health is in good hands with them.

One Saturday morning that we were operating on very little sleep, we went our separate ways for a minute and both got milk. I thought for a second about bringing some back but was actually quite happy to have the perfect excuse to make yogurt and fresh cheese. Specifically my dad’s favorite, faisselle.

Faisselle Ice Cream & Raspberry Popsicles

For me, "faisselle" is synonymous with vacations, my father, and our chalet in the Alps. Best memories a child could have. Lots of cousins have taken their first steps there, got rid of their training wheels, had their first kiss, their first sleepover under the stars, built their first fort. Many rocks and stones thrown in the Durance river behind, many of us took our first gliders trip or learned how to ski there.

About twice a week, we would walk across the air field where the cows were enjoying their pasture at the end of the runway to get milk and faisselle. An epic scene for sure! Once back at the chalet, my dad would boil the milk and spread the resulting top cream on fresh bread. That was a ritual and a treat. The faisselle was neatly parked until dinner time and dessert.

Faisselle Ice Cream & Raspberry Popsicles

As a kid I was not too fond of it unless there was enough honey mixed with it. As years went on and my palate evolved, I longed for it again and after a few attempts, I finally got successful results in making it at home. With the extra goat milk from the market, I made a big batch of faisselle and turned some into Fresh Cheese and Raspberries Semifreddo Popsicles.

A few raspberries mulled with honey dropped at the bottom of a shot glass and topped with faisselle ice cream and there you have the perfect mix of tangy, creamy and refreshing. They disappeared in no time with our friends this weekend. That little bit of work brought this dessert to another level of good. Trust me. If the task of making faisselle seems too great, replace with equal amount of Greek yogurt, the taste will be very close.

Faisselle Ice Cream & Raspberry Popsicles

One more thing before I leave you with the recipe:

I am going to be holding a panel on food photography at Evo 10 in Utah June 24th-26th and I was given the opportunity to give away a 2 day pass* to the conference – Yes! TWO DAYS! . It’s pretty darn huge given all the great topics this conference will cover. I am honored to be among such amazing speakers. I can’t wait to be there!

Evo 10

So if you want to attend or know someone who needs, wants, would love to be there: leave a comment on this post between today and Thursday June 3rd at midnight (US eastern time) when a lucky winner will be drawn at random.

* Giveaway includes full access pass to all panels, workshops, activities as seen on the agenda page but does not include travel to and from, food or lodging.

Fresh Cheese and Raspberries Semifreddo Popsicles:

Makes enough for 8-10 small treats

Note: if you wish to venture (and I hope you do) into making your own fresh faisselle for this, you need to start the day before for the best taste. If you want to skip that part, you can use a good tangy Greek yogurt the day you prepare these.

For the (fresh cheese) faisselle:
1 quart whole milk ( 4 cups – 946ml)(I like to use raw when I can but that is up to your own preference) (goat or cow)
1/2 cup heavy cream (118ml)
1/4 cup dry milk powder (60 gr)
8 drops liquid rennet

In a heavy saucepan, combine the milk, heavy cream and milk powder and bring the mixture to 120F over medium heat. Let cool to room temperature and add the rennet. Stir once with a wooden spoon, transfer to a clean bowl (porcelain, glass or plastic), cover with a clean kitchen towel and let sit undisturbed for 2 to 4 hours. Place in the refrigerator and let sit overnight to develop more taste. Drain and used as desired the next day.

For the raspberries:
1 pint fresh raspberries
2 tablespoons honey

Place the berries and the honey in a non reactive bowl, break slightly with the back of a spoon or a fork and let macerate 10-15 minutes. Divide the mixture in the bottom of your cups, ramekins or glasses. Set aside.

For the ice cream:
1/2 cup + 2 tablespoons heavy cream
3 large egg yolks
2 1/2 Tablespoons (50 gr water)
1/4 cup ) honey
200 gr faisselle (drained a bit)(or Greek tangy yogurt)

In the bowl of a stand mixer equipped with the whisk attachment or hand held one with balloon whisks, beat the cream until it just holds soft peaks. Chill while you prepare the ice cream (parfait) base. Wash your bowl and whisk attachment.
In a heavy saucepan, stir together the water and honey. Bring to a boil over medium heat. Since you are not making caramel, it is ok to stir occasionally until the sugar is dissolved. Let it boil and bring the mixture to 238°F on thermometer (soft-ball stage).
In the clean bowl of your mixer, still using the whisk attachment, beat the yolks slightly to break them up. Increase the speed to medium high and slowly pour the hot syrup over the yolks. Go fast enough to prevent the eggs from scrambling but not so fast that you end up with most of the syrup on the wall of the bowl or the whisk. Continue to whip until the mass is completely cold and airy.
By hand, whisk in the drained faisselle (or yogurt) and about 1/3 of the ice cream base into the chilled whipped cream to loosen it up and make it easier to incorporate homogeneously. Fold in the remaining base.

Divide the ice cream base on top of the raspberries and freeze at least 2-4 hours or until firm.

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Chaucee June 1, 2010 um 3:03 pm

Farmer's market are just the best!
And these photos look delicious : ) Mmm.
Do you mind if I feature this post on my blog?

Sweet Harvest June 1, 2010 um 3:23 pm

Absolutely stunning!

Tracy Grant June 1, 2010 um 3:29 pm

Gorgeous! The first photo with the raspberries should win award..truly!

Shea M. June 1, 2010 um 3:36 pm

This sounds delicious – and so gorgeous and seasonal!

Maria June 1, 2010 um 3:38 pm

Those are the prettiest popsicles I have ever seen. I can't wait to see you at EVO:)

Anonymous June 1, 2010 um 3:42 pm

The boys love going with me to our farmers markets. I can't wait to try these beautiful popsicles with them. Perfect for lazy evening swinging in the hammock and looking up through the trees.

PS: EVO would be an amazing event to attend. Thanks so much for the opportunity.

Dodie June 1, 2010 um 3:42 pm

Oh my, those popsicles are perfectly summer! I go nuts for fresh cheese and fresh fruit in summer, so this is making my mouth water for sure! And, of course, I'd love to see you speak w/ other social goddesses at EVO.

Ria Mathew June 1, 2010 um 3:46 pm

I love going to Farmers Market! Waiting for it to be Thursday to attack them again 😉

The popsicles are adorable!

I would love to be a part of EVO! I hope I win, atleast this giveaway!Now that I am in US,if I win, I can take part in it too! 😀

Anonymous June 1, 2010 um 3:50 pm

That was a really easy recipe. I feel like buying ice cream now and topping it with fruits. 🙂

Kate June 1, 2010 um 3:54 pm

Another gorgeous farmer's market creation!

And to see you in action at EVO would be amazing. I'm keeping my finger's crossed 🙂

Fresh Local and Best June 1, 2010 um 4:06 pm

Those pops are simply tantalizing!

Vagabonde June 1, 2010 um 4:07 pm

Bonjour Tartelette. Une amie m’a donné l’adresse de ton blog. La dernière recette me donne l’eau à la bouche mais malheureusement mon mari et moi doivent faire attention à notre cholestérol. Ici (dans la région d’Atlanta) on a pas un grand marché, mais à Atlanta, à l’est il y a Your DeKalb Farmers Market. C’est énorme et les produits viennent de partout. J’essaie d’y aller au moins une fois par mois car ils ont les vins et fromages français beaucoup moins chers (j’ai acheté du St Paulin à $7 la livre il y a 15 jours.). Je reviendrai regarder toutes tes recettes.

ioh June 1, 2010 um 4:15 pm

looks amazing as usual, what a tasty combination!

Amy June 1, 2010 um 4:15 pm

These look amazing! I can't wait to try this recipe.

Helene June 1, 2010 um 4:21 pm

Nadege: David is not only a favorite but a daily stop and reference. That list has not been updated in a very very long time and some of these blogs don't even exist anymore. One more thing to update when I get the chance!

Vagabonde: I have hereditary cholesterol and by eating wholesome, organic foods, no processed and packaged items and eating small portions of my favorites (like with these popsicles, and eercising regularly, I was able to reduce it by 45 points in one year. Quality over quantity, right?!

erin scott June 1, 2010 um 4:23 pm

Those look absolutely delectable! Love the tangy, sweet, creamy, fresh combination of flavors.

Steph June 1, 2010 um 4:23 pm

My husband would love to attend! What a wonderful opportunity!

Anonymous June 1, 2010 um 4:36 pm

these fit in so well on a hot summery day!

Caryn Oxford June 1, 2010 um 4:41 pm

Deliciously perfect for a hot summer day! Beautiful photography….

Keli June 1, 2010 um 5:03 pm

I would absolutely love to attend the EVO 10 even though I know the contest winner is selected at random. I've been working on my blog,, for almost a year now, and I think this conference would help me make it something more.

~*~lilshuga2001~*~ June 1, 2010 um 5:03 pm


Thanks for the chance!

Unknown June 1, 2010 um 5:04 pm

These look amazing – the pictures are stunning! Wow.
I love the greek yogurt for a healthier twist too!

Would love to go to EVO!

Jeanne June 1, 2010 um 5:14 pm

Amazing! We set aside one day a week to go to the farmers' market too (in our case it's Tuesdays). Here's to more delicious summer eating!
Jeanne @JollyTomato

Anonymous June 1, 2010 um 5:14 pm

What a fantastic idea! Love raspberries and love how you presented it…the photos are just gorgeous!!


Melissa June 1, 2010 um 5:14 pm

I need a pass to Evo like I need to make this recipe!! I'm crossing my fingers!

Jenna June 1, 2010 um 5:22 pm

Ooooh, I want to meet you at EVO!! Great distraction/info for my wedding planning….

Katie @ goodLife {eats} June 1, 2010 um 5:26 pm

I would love to win this! Evo is something I really want to attend. I love how unique this conference is and the awesome line up. And of course would live the chance to take a class with you!

Beautiful photos. It has been so hot here lately so I'll definitely be giving the recipe a try.

Helene June 1, 2010 um 5:48 pm

The Design Dish: please refer to my copyrights page for photos and permissions.

Jules AF June 1, 2010 um 5:54 pm

I love these. I also love how you go to a Farmer's Market every Saturday. That's my new goal.

Kristen – Dine & Dish June 1, 2010 um 5:54 pm

I would love the opportunity to win a pass. Thanks, Helene 🙂

Unknown June 1, 2010 um 5:59 pm

How wonderful. I always love your presentation. Have a nice day. Michael

this free bird June 1, 2010 um 6:28 pm

oh yes PLEASE! These look soooo good!! Everyone seems to be posting about food today and I'm STARVING!

these are a must!

Daniela Dineva June 1, 2010 um 6:35 pm

Hi Tartalette,
the ice creams looks amazing! Your story as a child sound so truly and authentic. Thank you for the icy proposal. The pictures ate the best!

Anonymous June 1, 2010 um 6:41 pm

These look lovely, a refreshing treat on a hot day. It was a lovely story too about you and your father and your holiday.

Jennifer June 1, 2010 um 6:44 pm

I am dreaming of attending Evo and a class with you would make it even more awesome!!

And your recipe is making me drool-especially when it is 85 today!

La cuisine des 3 soeurs June 1, 2010 um 6:56 pm

Demain au marché, je peux avoir du lait de chèvre, de quoi réaliser tes jolies verrines.

mistyeyed June 1, 2010 um 6:57 pm

I just love the pics! And, it sounds so easy. I'm going to have to try these for my next party!

Unknown June 1, 2010 um 6:57 pm

I'd love to go to the conference!

Sunny Hunt June 1, 2010 um 7:12 pm

Nom Nom Nom! These look so tasty! These photos make me even hungrier! I can't wait for a hot day to whip these up and serve them!

Whatever Dee-Dee wants June 1, 2010 um 7:15 pm

Those ice cream Popsicles are so pretty! I want to make some.

I'm crossing my fingers that I will win the Evo pass!

Shanna June 1, 2010 um 7:24 pm

ok, these put the homemade ice cream i made over the weekend to shame. so delish!

would LOVE to be able to attend EVO.

Veeda June 1, 2010 um 7:38 pm

raspberries and ice cream, so divine. (also, I hope I'm the lucky Evo winner!)

Leigh Anne Wilkes June 1, 2010 um 7:50 pm

These look amazing and I'd love to attend Evo! Keeping my fingers crossed

Unknown June 1, 2010 um 8:09 pm

That looks lovely. I like how you used yogurt also.

Meg June 1, 2010 um 8:34 pm

I would not be able to attend EVO…but I wanted to comment anyway just to tell you that these treats look and sound so delightful! I cannot wait to try making faisselle!

Xiaolu June 1, 2010 um 9:37 pm

These look adorable and I only wish I had shot glasses so I could make them. I've been dying to attend the conference and was so close to buying tickets before realizing I really can't afford it. It's right around my birthday, too, so I would be elated if I won a free spot. Thanks for giving one of us this opportunity!

Loralee Choate June 1, 2010 um 9:37 pm

I was just thinking to myself "THIS PERSON NEEDS TO HOLD A PANEL ON HOW TO TAKE PHOTOS OF FOOD" because…WOW.


And I'd LOVE a pass. 🙂

Sarah Kimmel June 1, 2010 um 9:43 pm

I'd love to win the EVO pass!

Leni June 1, 2010 um 9:47 pm

Hi Helen, a fellow Helen here 🙂

Just wanted to say that your writing style is beautiful – the imagery you create when recounting your childhood is as vivid for me as the wonderful photos you capture. Your Makes me long for Europe, even though I grew up in Tasmania, Australia.

P.S. I'm in New Zealand, so please don't put me in the draw!

Ryley @ That's My Family! June 1, 2010 um 9:47 pm

OH.. I want to go to Evo SOOOO badly and I just cant afford it. 🙁

(p.s. if anyone else wins that is already going and wants to GRACIOUSLY donate this pass to me, I would be FOREVER in debited..)

and also.. can I have a popsicle?? 🙂

Stacie Brown June 1, 2010 um 9:52 pm

The popsicles look delicious, and the pictures of them are awesome! Thank you for the chance to win an EVO pass.

Andrea Hatfield June 1, 2010 um 9:54 pm

I wish we had a farmer's market close by. I would love to hear you speak at EVO. Thanks for the amazing recipe!

Victoria ObSEUSSed June 1, 2010 um 10:07 pm

Love your site! Would love to attend Evo. I live in UT and can get there I just need a pass for the conference.

Unknown June 1, 2010 um 10:38 pm

these looks super cute

Amy June 1, 2010 um 10:43 pm

wow- your pictures are beautiful. I would love to learn from you at EVO. And I'm now dying to make those Popsicle. yum and beautiful.

Unknown June 1, 2010 um 10:52 pm

Love to go just like everyone else in your comment page. These reasons make me a little special and are not as odvious. It is on my birthday and The Caynons Resort can be seen from my home…Doesn't that sound like fate?

skneecap June 2, 2010 um 12:32 am

Your photos have inspired me to eat, bake and live better than before. My compatriots at work however are having a tough time dieting since I discovered your blog. But they certainly are enjoying work a little more.
I have a dear friend who would love to go to EVO, benefit from the experience so this one is for her!

Thanks for the inspiration(s).

Dragana June 2, 2010 um 12:49 am

We have several markets here in Houston and I love going every Saturday. Your popsicles are pretty and look delicious. Thanks for the chance to attend the conference.

Anachronistic Essentials June 2, 2010 um 2:31 am

I have a friend who'd LOVE to go. Thank you for the chance!

Rachael Hutchings June 2, 2010 um 2:33 am

This looks so delicious! Perfect for summer.

CommonDialog June 2, 2010 um 2:34 am

First of all, your photography is gorgeous. How long does it take you to set up a shot?

Secondly, I would love to go to EVO because I think food photography is what's keeping me back from being the food blogger I want to be.

nakedjen June 2, 2010 um 2:34 am

I really want to go to EVO. Crossing all body parts that perhaps this is my lucky Willy Wonky Golden Ticket.

sweetlifeinthevalley June 2, 2010 um 2:41 am

Beautiful photos! So glad to find your blog.
April~Living The Sweet Life

Salt Lake Sugar June 2, 2010 um 3:48 am

I would love to go to EVO! Thanks for the opportunity.

Bonnie June 2, 2010 um 3:52 am

I not only need to go (my blog could really use the help) but I want and LOVE to go. Thanks for the opportunity. Park City is just around the corner from me. What a great opportunity to learn from the best!

Jamie June 2, 2010 um 10:09 am

I love faisselle and get it from our market all summer long. But as ice cream? These are beautiful and look the perfect summer treat!

Kara June 2, 2010 um 2:13 pm

Great photos as always. Thanks for doing a giveaway. Evo sounds amazing.

notyet100 June 2, 2010 um 2:36 pm

i am cravin for such life,,u r lucky 😉

Anonymous June 2, 2010 um 3:36 pm

Even though it's ice cream, I can imagine it being tempting to reach into the freezer and eat one for breakfast. They're beautiful and look delicious.

Anonymous June 2, 2010 um 3:36 pm

Oh goodness, now I have to have a ice cream bar at my wedding. This is actually perfect. I won't be making it from scratch for the wedding (I have over 50 people to feed and I'm making all the food myself so short cuts are necissary), but I've been worried that I don't have something to refresh people in the heat. Love it!

Amber June 2, 2010 um 4:16 pm

That looks absolutely scrumptious! (And here's to crossing my fingers for the conference! 🙂 )

Georgia | The Comfort of Cooking June 2, 2010 um 5:23 pm

What an easy, elegant dessert. I just love these!

Adam and Joanne June 2, 2010 um 5:46 pm

Beautiful photo! Ice cream is the hardest food to take photos of because it starts to melt so quickly. I haven't had any luck with that type of shot just yet. You have inspired me to try again. Also, my wife and I are going to have to try that recipe at our next summer party 🙂

wren June 2, 2010 um 6:34 pm

Oh my goodness these popsicles pack some serious punches of nostalgia. I remember putting all kinds of silly things into those supermarket plastic popsicle molds. It was like magic!

Park City is a lovely lovely place, it's the cleanest quietest air I know, having grown up there. Have a lovely time!

Amy June 2, 2010 um 7:07 pm

I would love to go to EVO!!

Becky June 2, 2010 um 8:35 pm

Love it!!!!
I can't wait to try these and to possibly go to EVO!

redmenace June 2, 2010 um 8:37 pm

Gorgeous. Refreshing! It's hard to imagine anything better!

kamran siddiqi June 2, 2010 um 11:16 pm

I am currently swooning over how amazing this post is! The photos- EVERYTHING.

Sadly I have not seen any raspberries at our farmers market, but when I do- I am likely to buy wayy too many berries, and I'll have this on my "to make right away" list. Yes, I really have a list by that name. 🙂

Great post !:)

SPRING OF LIFE CHURCH June 3, 2010 um 12:16 am

Lovely recipe and photos!
Would love to win a giveaway and hear your topics at the conference. Never attended anything like that yat.

Thank for all you do for your readers!

Anonymous June 3, 2010 um 12:57 am

i've just died. instantly. all from this post. that looks sooo delicious right about now!

Queen B June 3, 2010 um 2:00 am

I would love to win EVO passes for my very wonderful friend! Thank you so much for the opportunity!

Vicki June 3, 2010 um 3:55 am

Your photos always make me feel better. I never heard of faisselle
before. Sounds delicious.

Donna June 3, 2010 um 4:16 am

Love your photos and stories…sounds like a lovely childhood. Love the purple spoons! (EVO sounds like a great event too!)

Alexandra June 3, 2010 um 5:51 am

That is one damn sexy popsicle!

pigpigscorner June 3, 2010 um 9:02 am

I love the presentation! It's so pretty!

Anonymous June 3, 2010 um 12:10 pm

I'm sure it's already been said, but it bears repeating: Those are absolutely beautiful photos. Now I'm craving a frozen treat like never before!

Anonymous June 3, 2010 um 1:37 pm

amazing pictures….perfect ice cream for the summer…

windymeadow June 3, 2010 um 4:12 pm

I love your photograpy. It is beautiful. I would also really love to go to the conference.

Joudie's Mood Food June 3, 2010 um 7:43 pm

This is just so perfect. I love the layout and the style also i am sure the taste is fantastic. This will be on the menu this weekend for sure….

Gaby June 3, 2010 um 8:13 pm

Man I wish I was your neighbor so I could come over and eat all this delicious food!

The Frozen Fix June 3, 2010 um 8:13 pm

Oh man, I would love to go!! I would also love to eat these Ice Cream and Raspberry Popsicles!

Jill K June 3, 2010 um 8:28 pm

I want to go to evo! And I want to eat these.

Susan June 3, 2010 um 11:03 pm

You just know how to present food with flair–like the little curved popsicle sticks–what a cute touch

magpies June 4, 2010 um 1:27 am

What an opportunity to attend an event that you are speaking at!

waterbluff June 4, 2010 um 2:43 am

these photos are making me hungry @waterbluffy

Robyn | Add a Pinch June 4, 2010 um 2:44 am

Oh my goodness, I would LOVE to go to EVO and your class is just what I need!

All of your photography is gorgeous. Pardon me while I lick my screen!

A. Smith June 4, 2010 um 2:46 am

It would be so educating to watch you and learn some of your tips 🙂

Anonymous June 4, 2010 um 3:52 am

I love cooking. It's a huge stress reliever for me and I love it when it all comes together. I wish my photos of my plated meals looked as good as yours. I'm still working on it. I would love to go to Evo. The speakers sound great. Congrats on being selected. Hope to see you there.

Nicole June 4, 2010 um 5:37 am

Je t'admire! You seem like the nicest person with the best taste in food.

Keep up the good bloggin' 🙂

(and come visit Oregon!)


Mary June 4, 2010 um 12:35 pm

Gorgeous photos, and the faisselle sounds delicious. It sounds a lot like cuajada, which I was addicted to while living in Spain. Can't wait to try it!

p.s. don't enter me in your draw–I'm moving that weekend, and would dearly like to avoid it, but…

Melita June 4, 2010 um 1:59 pm

Visiting your blog makes my day! It's delightful reading your posts, and photography as always simply stunning!

Engineer Baker June 6, 2010 um 6:35 pm

This sounds perfect given how hot it's been! And anything that brings back so many wonderful memories has to be good.

Anonymous June 7, 2010 um 12:48 am

Thanks for sharing, these look gorgeous!

R. June 7, 2010 um 3:52 pm

These are just the cutest things ever. And ooh, I'd be the one digging down to eat all the raspberries 🙂

Beautiful blog by the way. Your photos are incredible.

Aimee @ Simple Bites June 10, 2010 um 6:17 pm

We can't get enough yogourt and berries this spring.
I'm loving this unique combination, though, Helen. So beautiful!

Meredith Rae June 22, 2010 um 10:18 am

I lived in Charleston for 10 years and just moved to Germany…I love reading your blog and remembering the many Saturday mornings I spent at the Farmer's Market! Thanks!

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