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French Word A Week: L’ete – Les Cerises – Les Vacances!

Summertime...And The Living Is Easy

Summer….easy living, easy going. When the casual becomes upscale and the impromptu becomes routine. I love that. Summer evenings around here are something to be savored, never rushed. In that regard, I have retained a great deal of my home country in the way friends and family gather around our dinner table. Long evenings with simple, fresh and seasonal dishes, something cold to sip on and a light summer dessert to end.

Growing up, summer desserts rarely consisted of cakes or pastries and chocolate was pretty much forgotten until the Fall. Not always but often. Instead we would always have some fruit, either raw or slightly grilled, a drizzle of lavender honey and maybe a dollop of fresh cheese. Sometimes it was ice cream. Sometimes it was sorbet. Sometimes it was just a plate of cherries and some cheese.

Coconut Cherry Ice Cream

This week French Word feature is all about l’ete (summer), les cerises (cherries) and les vacances (vacation) (lucky you!)

Taking advantage of the bounty of summer. Letting your senses get their fill of fragrant peaches, apricots, lavender, your taste buds get tickled with tart raspberries and red currant while your eyes can’t get enough of all the colors around. Red. Yellow. Green. Orange. I can easily get lost in everything that the season brings forth. Hurricanes and heat waves included.

All Cherried Up...

After a busy workday, I find myself craving simplicity. A lot. Summer is perfect for that. The South is prefect for that too. I love bumping into neighbors and settling on their or our front steps, talking for hours. Often times, I make a quick run to the house and bring back some ice cream, some cones and some bowls and we just sit there in the magic hour of the sunset and laughing life away.

I am dipping (pun intended) into the archives today to bring you a recipe I’ve made about every other month since I first posted it: Cherry Rose and Coconut Ice Cream. It’s got all my favorite in one nice scoop: coconut flavor, cherry bits, and a hint of rose. Sometimes I skip the latter but this is by far the most requested ice cream flavor I get from my friends and I am far from complaining. Hehehe!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Coconut Cherry Ice Cream

Cherry, Rose and Coconut Ice Cream:

Makes a little less than a quart.

Notes: don’t just go use any dried rose for this! Make sure to get food grade, organic and non treated rose petals or rose buds. Most can be food at health food store in the bulk spices and tea section and are quite cheap. I got about 1 cup for $1.50.

For the rose infused cherries:
1 cups (145gr) pitted and halved cherries
1/4cup (60ml) water
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1/2 cup (100gr) sugar
6-8 food gradedried rose buds (more or less depending on your own liking)

For the ice cream:
1 cups (250ml) heavy cream
1 cup (250ml) whole milk
1 cup (250ml) whole coconut milk
1 cup (200gr) granulated sugar

Prepare the cherries:
Place all the ingredients in a heavy saucepan and bring to a simmer over medium heat. Turn the heat off and let steep one hour (longer for an even intense rose flavor). Remove the rose buds and refrigerate until ready to use.

Prepare the ice cream:
In a large saucepan set over medium low heat, bring the cream, milk, coconut milk and sugar to a simmer, stirring occasionally until the sugar is dissolved. Remove from the heat and let it cool to room temperature. Refrigerate, preferably overnight.
Process the mixture into your ice cream maker according to the manufacturer’s intructions.
Once the ice cream has reached soft serve consistency, pour into a freezable container. With a spatula, swirl in the cherries and a few tablespoons of their liquid. Freeze a couple of hours.
No ice cream maker? No problem, but really it is worth the $50 investment. Pour the cream into a freeze proof container and freeze for a couple of hours. Take it out and whip it with an electric mixer or immersion blender, freeze it again, whip it again….do that four or five times. The mixture won’t be quite the same but pretty darn close.

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Jules AF July 17, 2010 um 5:10 pm

I've been eating so many cherries this summer. They are amazing this year.

Callie Grayson July 17, 2010 um 5:12 pm

oh my! all my favorite flavors mmmmm.
will have to try this recipe.

shannonblue July 17, 2010 um 5:21 pm

Oh this is perfect! I have all these cherries and I've been on an ice cream making kick. I was going to google a recipe for some sort of cherry ice cream until I saw this. Yummmm!!!

Xiaolu @ 6 Bittersweets July 17, 2010 um 6:15 pm

I've been addicted to fresh cherries since I first discovered how tasty they were (not at all like yucky maraschino ones!). Love your photos as always, Helene.

Lisa | Authentic Suburban Gourmet July 17, 2010 um 6:43 pm

I agree with you on the ease of summer nights and truly enjoying them. This ice cream looks amazing and I bet it taste wonderful!

momgateway July 18, 2010 um 6:14 am

after mango ice cream, coconut ice cream with young coconut bits is the best for me but adding cherries… that's pure bliss….

bunkycooks July 18, 2010 um 12:13 pm

I can certainly understand why this recipe would be a favorite! I wonder how it would taste with low-fat products combined with the richer ones. I did that recently with some ice cream and we really enjoyed it. I will have to try it since it looks so good!

Gen July 18, 2010 um 12:45 pm

This is stunning! The colors, the fruits, the atmosphere! I'm always…. how can I say? Ebahie!

Barbara @ VinoLuciStyle July 18, 2010 um 12:58 pm

Now I fear I made the wrong choice at the market yesterday because I have raspberries and strawberries but passed on the cherries!

This looks divine and the perfect antidote to a southern summer; nothing beats that sticky heat quite like homemade ice cream!

Anahí July 18, 2010 um 2:43 pm

Your blog is great allways…

Louise @ Kitchen Fiddler July 18, 2010 um 3:06 pm

This looks absolutely divine! I love desserts infused with rose, and I'm sure that the combination of cherries and coconut pushes it over the top. I can't wait to make this. I have been quietly following Tartelette for a while, continually inspired by your stunning photos and delightful stories and recipes. Thank you for sharing your talents with all of us!

Linda Vandermeer McCubbin July 18, 2010 um 6:19 pm

OMG this sound so amazing and delicious and the pictures are wonderful as always.

Soma July 18, 2010 um 7:48 pm

O how I love the sensational combination of flavors here!

Simply Life July 18, 2010 um 8:06 pm

wow, that looks amazing!

Amanda of Lamb's Ears! July 19, 2010 um 12:53 am

Oh, what beautiful photo's and a great recipe!
I wonder if adding some rosewater would enhance it a bit?

heather July 19, 2010 um 2:21 am

Cherry, rose & coconut ice cream, that might just be my version of heaven! Someday I hope to try that! It's not summer where I am, but it's so nice to taste it vicariously/imaginarily through your blog!

[email protected] July 19, 2010 um 2:58 am

Your writing & photography always takes us far away to a happy land filled with color and joy. I can only imagine you giggling with your neighbors & enjoying that gorgeous ice cream. Hope you had a wonderful weekend too 🙂 xo

[email protected] July 19, 2010 um 2:58 am

Your writing & photography always takes us far away to a happy land filled with color and joy. I can only imagine you giggling with your neighbors & enjoying that gorgeous ice cream. Hope you had a wonderful weekend too 🙂 xo

Corey July 19, 2010 um 9:25 am

I never would have thought to mix coconut with cherries in an ice cream. I know what will be coming out of my ice creak maker the next time I fire it up!

Steve July 19, 2010 um 11:18 am

Another great reason to keep the ice cream freezer out and available. Beautiful. Merci.

Georgia | The Comfort of Cooking July 19, 2010 um 4:08 pm

My mother in law and I both go ga-ga for summer cherries. Yours look like the epitome of freshness, and these are beautiful recipes to compliment them. Just lovely!

Rocky Mountain Woman July 19, 2010 um 9:40 pm

The photos just blow me away. Cherries are hands down my all time favorite in the summer…except for peaches, well, and maybe tomatoes, of course fresh corn…well, you get the picture.

Cristina July 20, 2010 um 9:48 am

I love fresh cherries, and your beautiful photos make me want to go and buy some right now!!!

Cookin' Canuck July 20, 2010 um 1:15 pm

What a beautiful recipe – coconut milk, cherries, roses – just lovely. Your photos are inspiring.

Mikey F. July 20, 2010 um 8:37 pm

Cherrys are my favourite thing of the summer!


Paula July 20, 2010 um 9:26 pm

OMG I must try this recipe!

Shine July 21, 2010 um 2:02 am


I was on Etsy today and gleefully spotted your feature of "Fresh Picks". It reminded me of when you are shopping in a store and you suddenly run across a friend that you weren't expecting to see and it stuns you momentarily.

The feature was sylistically stunning. I just sat and appreciated your pictures for a bit. (I am partial to the zucchini). I also loved the apron you brought attention to. If only they would let you style the whole world!

Sweet Pea Chef July 21, 2010 um 6:00 am

Looks and sounds absolutely fabulous. Thanks for the post and the beautiful pics!

Tracy July 21, 2010 um 2:37 pm

Thanks for the tip on how to make ice cream without an ice cream maker. I will have to try. This recipe is just…Summer in so many way.

Honey July 23, 2010 um 12:01 am

Holy cripes, this is so gorgeous! Love your work Helene!

BriBriMX July 24, 2010 um 10:20 pm

envoyant les figues, j'ai une super recette de sirop, délicieuse sur des fromages blancs, sur un petisuisse, si cela t'intéresse…
je parcours ton blog que j'ai découvert hier, je suis fan de ses belles photos…
sont trop belles ses pailles aussi !

Alyssa July 26, 2010 um 1:43 pm

For convenience sake I omitted the rose buds, but this ice cream was AMAZING!! Thank you so much for the wonderful recipe!

Coco Cake Land July 29, 2010 um 9:11 pm

Ack!! That looks absolutely incredible. Love the flavour combinations. Thanks for sharing and gorgeous photos…!

vanessa joie July 31, 2010 um 2:53 am

Helen that ice cream looks delicious!

When I was in France I ate the sweetest cherries, peaches and strawberries. I swear they tasted better. 🙂

yanne febri September 17, 2010 um 11:23 am

I love roses and cherries. Perfect combination:)

Unknown February 27, 2014 um 1:15 pm

Where do you obtain your rose buds? Just curious.

Helene February 28, 2014 um 2:52 pm

Ellen: generally at a health food store like Whole Foods, Earthfare or The Fresh Market.

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