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Cherry, Rose and Coconut Ice Cream

Rose, Cherry And Coconut Ice Cream

Before I start waxing poetic about this delicious Cherry, Rose and Coconut Ice Cream, it is high time I announced the winner of Michel Roux’s Pastry picked at random by my better half: congratulations Sadiya! If my memories serves me right from an email baking question last year, the book is going all the way to Bahrain!

I meant to post this much earlier than today but it has been a very strange week, complete with a computer virus in the middle of it. I think my funky little computer is back up and running correctly. With no one at McAfee, Gateway, Microsoft, Comcast able to help us out unless we forked $100, we blindly relied on internet forums to find the solution. If you are going to go into your computer without really knowing what you are doing, I strongly suggest having this Cherry, Rose and Coconut Ice Cream nearby. Made everything less stressful. Fun even. In a geeky sort of way.

The end of the intructions to our problem read "Now restart your computer. The problem should be fixed". Suspended to this line as if we were flipping the last page of a murder mystery book, we starred at the screen with our spoons up the air, ice cream lingering on our tongues. Barely breathing. Finally a huge sigh of relief came over us and we released that one bite down our bellies. "Sweet!" was uttered by both and I know we meant a lot more by it than just getting the computer running again.

Cherry-Rose and Coconut Ice Cream

Life with a scoop of this ice cream becomes smooth and comforting. The scent of dried rose buds infusing coconut milk and cherries is intoxicating and invigorating all at once.

The other day at the store, I was fiddling with the bulk teas, dried chamomille flowers and dried rose buds to make my own concoction when I realized that rose and cherries were quite lovely together. How did my thought process get to associate those together with cream, coconut milk and ice cream, I do not know. Actually I partially do: having several containers with "un fond de ", or a wee bit of something left over (and a strong dislike for waste).

I am not a great fan of rose essence or rose water which I find give me slight headaches, unless toned down by surrounding flavors. But I had a handfull of cherries and coconut milk left from a couple of previous desserts and set out to make a simple ice cream with all three ingredients.

I love custard base ice creams, but I find myself drawn to the most simple flavors of milk and cream when dealing with delicate flavors such as rose, herbs and spices as I find the scents come forth better, clearer.

Cherry-Rose and Coconut Ice Cream

Such a simple process and such wonderful results! I cooked the cherries with a little sugar, water and a few dried rose buds then let them sit to infuse for about an hour before removing the rose buds. In the meantime I prepared the ice cream base by heating up some coconut milk, whole milk and heavy cream and sugar. After an overnight stay in the fridge, I processed the ice cream and added the cherries and some of their syrup towards the end. I couldn’t help but dig into the soft ice cream at this point and felt all happy at the prospect of how delicious it would be after another to hours in the freezer. Homemade ice cream can’t be rushed but the results are so rewarding that you forget about the process as you scoop.

Cherry-Rose and Coconut Ice Cream

One year ago: A Citrus Sugar High Friday Round Up.
Two years ago: Lemon Macarons

Cherry, Rose and Coconut Ice Cream:

Makes a little less than a quart.

Notes: don’t just go use any dried rose for this! Make sure to get food grade, organic and non treated rose petals or rose buds. Most can be food at health food store in the bulk spices and tea section and are quite cheap. I got about 1 cup for $1.50.

For the rose infused cherries:
1 cups (145gr) pitted and halved cherries
1/4cup (60ml) water
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1/2 cup (100gr) sugar
6-8 food gradedried rose buds (more or less depending on your own liking)

For the ice cream:
1 cups (250ml) heavy cream
1 cup (250ml) whole milk
1 cup (250ml) whole coconut milk
1 cup (200gr) granulated sugar

Prepare the cherries:
Place all the ingredients in a heavy saucepan and bring to a simmer over medium heat. Turn the heat off and let steep one hour (longer for an even intense rose flavor). Remove the rose buds and refrigerate until ready to use.

Prepare the ice cream:
In a large saucepan set over medium low heat, bring the cream, milk, coconut milk and sugar to a simmer, stirring occasionally until the sugar is dissolved. Remove from the heat and let it cool to room temperature. Refrigerate, preferably overnight.
Process the mixture into your ice cream maker according to the manufacturer’s intructions.
Once the ice cream has reached soft serve consistency, pour into a freezable container. With a spatula, swirl in the cherries and a few tablespoons of their liquid. Freeze a couple of hours.
No ice cream maker? No problem! Pour the cream into a freeze proof container and freeze for a couple of hours. Take it out and whip it with an electric mixer or immersion blender, freeze it again, whip it again….do that four or five times. The mixture won’t be quite the same but pretty darn close.

Note: I receive quite a few email regarding the milk bottles I used for props and I am happy to share my sources:
– You can find the one pictured here at Farmhouse Wares, impeccably ran by the lovely Betsy.
– The small milk bottles featured here and there are from WallMart and labelled as "bud vases", but you know I can’t get stuck by labels so they went to be used for milk and cream instead.
– The bottle with the closing cap featured here once contained wonderful Vermont Maple Syrup sent to me by the ever so creative Deb from Bonbon Oiseau.

Lastly, the cute fabrics used here are from another budding creative mind: Michelle from Cicada Studio.

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Anonymous May 31, 2009 um 5:18 pm

congatulations to sadiya and thank you for this nice give away idea take care!

Risa May 31, 2009 um 5:26 pm

This ice cream sounds delicious and your photos are beautiful!

Maninas May 31, 2009 um 5:35 pm

Hi, can any roses be used to make dried rose petals? thanks!

cindy* May 31, 2009 um 5:55 pm

congrats to sadiya!

the ice cream sounds amazing helen and so pretty too! sorry to hear about the computer troubles, that always makes me a complete stress case, it is a good thing that you and b. had this ice cream around!

Eléonora May 31, 2009 um 6:09 pm

A beautiful ice and flowers of happiness … what about others, admire and eat eyes .. Bonjour de France

Manggy May 31, 2009 um 6:16 pm

I’m not sure how I would ever have been able to concentrate on fixing a computer with a cherry dessert by my side! (kind of-not-of-note: cherries are among my top 5 of fruits 🙂 But I think I still can, I’m a big geek that way 😛 I’m glad your pc is back running… Now avoid those shady internet sites! Kidding! 🙂

Unknown May 31, 2009 um 6:40 pm

I love those swirly things you put your cones in. So magical looking 🙂

MyKitchenInHalfCups May 31, 2009 um 7:27 pm

Sweet!! Always sweet here.
You paint a great picture of spoon in hand and holding your breaths … how many times … computers are so wonderful except when they’re not.
Cherry and rose … this ice cream would make most anything more bearable.

pigpigscorner May 31, 2009 um 7:27 pm

What an interesting combination! I’m trying to imagine all these lovely flavours together…yum!

ann ju May 31, 2009 um 7:52 pm

that’s look delicieux. see you soon

Helene May 31, 2009 um 8:04 pm

Maninas: No. Make sure to get food grade rose, that is not treated with chemicals.

Avanika: Got those at Target last year. They sure are playful!

marion May 31, 2009 um 8:05 pm

coconut and cherries … I can’t wait to try this ! Totally convinced !

Maria May 31, 2009 um 8:17 pm

I want to grab that cone and take a lick! It looks so good! Great for summer!

Jen Yu May 31, 2009 um 8:21 pm

You are awesome and this combo of flavors sounds amazing. The only ice cream I ever made that wasn’t custard was sour cream based and I did not like it one bit. But a non-custard version… if you say it’s good, I trust you 🙂

Snooky doodle May 31, 2009 um 8:27 pm

oh this looks so so so good ! cherries and coconut are my favourites. too good!

kiss my spatula May 31, 2009 um 10:34 pm

i would give anything to reach into my screen and pick up that gorgeous looking ice cream cone.

Callie Grayson May 31, 2009 um 10:39 pm

mmmmmm is all i can say!!!!!
oh, and glad your computer is up and running!!!

Jo June 1, 2009 um 12:31 am

Just by the sound of the title, I already know that this ice-cream will be delicious. I love the presentation and the pictures. The colours really do come across on the screen!

anna June 1, 2009 um 12:55 am

That looks so good! I love all of those flavors! And my local health food store's bulk section (just bought some angelica and juniper berries there today!)

Sunshinemom June 1, 2009 um 1:04 am

I have some cherries sitting in the fridge and was thinking of making ice creams with tender coconut pieces in it. You just seemed to have read my mind:). Lovely pics as always! The last picture has been removed/shifted I think.

Sweet as Coco June 1, 2009 um 1:50 am

This looks fantastic!

Elyse June 1, 2009 um 1:56 am

this ice cream looks fantastic!! What a great way to de-stress when computer problems are going on!

Helene June 1, 2009 um 2:32 am

Sunshinemom: I can see it on IE 8. It might be a simple issue of clearing your cache or simply restarting your computer.

Eléonora June 1, 2009 um 4:38 am

Merci beaucoup Tartelette de ton gentil commentaire…et hop me voilà en français…toujours en émerveillement sur tes belles recettes…J’ai pu parcourir une partie de ton blog depuis le début…extraordinaire et j’adore. Tu es d’où de France ????? Moi, je suis sur Strasbourg….zou, c’est lundi de Pentecôte et je te souhaite une belle journée…à bientôt avec plaisir

Cakelaw June 1, 2009 um 4:42 am

What gorgeous icecream – just like a Cherry Ripe in a cone.

Unknown June 1, 2009 um 5:55 am

Gosh Helene,
Thank you so much…I typed out such a long comment and it got lost in cyberspace. I can’t believe I actually won something for the first time in my life..Can’t wait to try out recipes from the book 🙂

Kitchen M June 1, 2009 um 5:55 am

Reading this post makes me want to buy an ice cream maker…
Thanks for sharing the source of your tools. 🙂

morgana June 1, 2009 um 6:54 am

Mmmmmm. It’s time to get my "gelatti" machine out and to put it into the freezer. Just "in case". 😉

Thank you for such a great recipe and for the beautiful photos.

Cannelle Et Vanille June 1, 2009 um 10:57 am

so glad that computer trouble is over with and what a better way to celebrate with a delicious cone of custardy ice cream!

Nirmala June 1, 2009 um 11:52 am

Lovely combo Helen. I lie anything with coconut milk and flvaoring it with rose buds are exotic! I once made a kulphi icecream with fresh rose petals and they turned out to be lovely. Hence I could imagine the flavours here! Lovely show as usual 🙂

Danger Kitten June 1, 2009 um 12:23 pm

Your photos are beautiful! Where did you learn how to take pictures?

Miss Kate June 1, 2009 um 12:46 pm

What a lovely idea for rose buds! I wonder if fresh rose petals would work as well in this recipe. There are some rose bushes wildly in bloom on a bike path near my home (public property, right?)

Also, I enjoy your "a year ago" link on the bottom of your posts. My blog is not yet a year old, but once I reach my anniversary in October, I think I’ll use that trick.

Thank you for the recipe and the inspiration. 🙂

Silvia A. June 1, 2009 um 12:54 pm

it tastes so delicate and delicious, we have to try it!!

Helene June 1, 2009 um 1:14 pm

MissKate: better make sure they are not treated with pesticide!

Kelly-Jane June 1, 2009 um 3:00 pm

Ooh, that sounds so good and a little exotic at the same time.

bridget {bake at 350} June 1, 2009 um 3:29 pm

I would NEVER have thought of that combination on my own. It looks wonderful!

Susan @ SGCC June 1, 2009 um 4:04 pm

What a marvelous combination for ice cream! It looks so beautiful and luscious – I can almost taste it! As always, your photos are sublime!

Where did you find those adorable cone holders? I love them!

El June 1, 2009 um 6:01 pm

I’ve been looking for a ice cream recipe. This looks wonderful – thank you!

veron June 1, 2009 um 6:11 pm

so sorry about your computer problems..I hate it when mine acts up. this looks stunning and delicious! BTW, Pierre Herme who loves rose essence says that most of them give him a headache too except the one by sevarome.

Susan from Food Blogga June 1, 2009 um 6:15 pm

What a brilliant combination, Helen. Leave it to you to come up with it! 🙂

Helene June 1, 2009 um 7:00 pm

E-Kitten: I am self taught. Just my camera and a couple of books.

Hayley June 1, 2009 um 7:05 pm

I love the addition of coconut milk. This sounds really delicious. Thanks for sharing Helen!

Lucy June 1, 2009 um 8:33 pm

WOW! Thats all I can say! Although I could probably manage a "BEAUTIFUL!" and "gorgeous, delicious, all my favourite flavours" too. And many "Mmmmm….." noises. WOW though! Yummy 😉

Alexandra June 1, 2009 um 9:30 pm

I love the combination…it sounds sexy and exotic! I got news for you, angels grace your mind with such creative divinity!

Patricia Scarpin June 1, 2009 um 9:42 pm

you always mix the most wonderful flavors together, Helen! This is just superb!

Kate @ Savour Fare June 1, 2009 um 10:01 pm

This looks amazing! I love rose in ice cream — it’s fairly common to find it in the Persian ice cream around here – but pairing it with coconut is a wonderful extra dimension.

Helene June 1, 2009 um 10:36 pm

Susan: I got them at Target last year. They are pretty cool but can’t hold much weight (they are originally for shaved ice).

Thank you everyone. It was great fun shooting all these!

Engineer Baker June 1, 2009 um 11:57 pm

How gorgeous! While I'm not a big fan of rose (headaches) and coconut (strands of chewy, too-sweet things), your description almost makes me want to try. Luckily, I have some honey-peach ice cream base just waiting to be churned – it'll have to do 🙂

Mallory Elise June 2, 2009 um 12:32 am

ahhhhkk!!! Helen c'est trop trop trop beau!!!

le deuxieme photographe est le photo de la nuit pour moi! merci!

Pattern Patisserie June 2, 2009 um 4:11 am

What an intriguing and inspired combination of flavours…I would have thought rose and cherry definitely but adding in coconut…I can’t taste it in my mind SO I am going to have to make it and see…..commiserations on the computer problems, I am always sure I am going to wipe out everything when I make my feeble attempts to self diagnose what on earth is up with my poor overworked laptop…brava for being brave enough to fix it yourselves. Off to the kitchen…a bientot!

Mrs.French June 2, 2009 um 4:40 am

I so wish there were a way that you cold send me a batch of this…sounds so lovely I can barely stand it…I have missed all you yumminess. You may be stuck with me…xo t

Cakebrain June 2, 2009 um 6:46 am

yum! this is right up my alley because I love coconut flavour but not dessicated coconut! It’s a gorgeous combination of flavours and you’re a genius!

Cookie baker Lynn June 2, 2009 um 2:23 pm

Beautiful photos and a wonderful flavor combination. Yet another winner for Tartlette!

freeteyme June 2, 2009 um 3:40 pm

This is sinful! No use resisting temptation so I will indulge! Thanks for sharing the recipe! great blog btw =)

The Short (dis)Order Cook June 2, 2009 um 5:20 pm

What a great ice cream. I made a rose flavored ice cream a couple of years ago, but I used rose essence and the flavor really didn’t come through the way I wanted it to. I should find some dried petals (I hope I can find a store that carries them) and try this.

The cherries and coconut don’t hurt it either. I love both of those thing.

test it comm June 2, 2009 um 8:40 pm

I really like the sound of the coconut and cherry combo in an ice cream!

Deelish Dish June 2, 2009 um 9:57 pm

That combination does look intoxicating and invigorating, to be sure. So lovely and perfect I wouldn’t want to ruin it, save for the fact that it melts 🙂 I need to make some ice cream soon.

PheMom June 2, 2009 um 10:16 pm

This just all looks so amazing and beautiful!

Anonymous June 2, 2009 um 10:19 pm

My mouth is watering as I sit here and look at all of your lovely photos, Helen. You are so talented! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

NKP June 3, 2009 um 4:42 am

What a great flavour combination, you are so creative!
I love your cute little cone stands.

diva June 3, 2009 um 10:29 am

oh, anything rose i love. this definitely tantalizes my tastebuds and the photographs are spot on as usual. gorgeous! wish i could have some of that whilst i'm out baking in the sun in the back garden 🙂

Julia @ Mélanger June 3, 2009 um 11:28 am

URGH! I hate computer viruses. Had one last year and had to get it 'professionally' fixed. I tried to trawl through forums but it wouldn't let me search for key terms. EEK! But this ice-cream would have certainly made it much easier. I love ice-cream. I don't make enough. I have two KitchenAid ice-cream attachments so I should really be churning this out daily! 😉

ladyironchef June 3, 2009 um 11:51 am

the ice cream cone holder looks very special! 🙂

Darius T. Williams June 3, 2009 um 11:54 am

FANTASTIC flavor combos here – simply fantastic!

Cristian Borod June 3, 2009 um 3:05 pm

beautiful !!!!!!!!!! and the photos…! Excelent!

Laurie June 3, 2009 um 5:30 pm

Cherry and Coconut.. what a wonderful marriage of flavors, and in ice cream no less. Delicious!

Cupcakes In Heels June 5, 2009 um 4:08 am

this looks delish!! i'd never thought of cherry and coconut! yum!

Lori June 7, 2009 um 12:48 pm

I love coconut milk in ice cream. The combination of flavors sound delcious.

Unknown June 7, 2009 um 2:28 pm

Beautiful photos! I'm going to try this recipe this afternoon. Any serving suggestions with this ice cream at dinner? Would you suggest a simple butter cookie as an accompaniment?
Thanks for the inspiration…

RadhaS June 9, 2009 um 7:20 pm

Made this ice cream over the weekend – the coconut was more intense than I had expected and the rose more subtle. What a delight.

Y June 10, 2009 um 1:55 pm

Sorry to hear about the virus! Ice-cream makes everything better again though, doesn't it! 🙂

Sprouted Kitchen June 13, 2009 um 9:18 pm

This ice cream looks amazing. I am ready to start using my maker, and this is a lovely combo! Glad to have found your blog ~

Suzi July 20, 2009 um 2:50 am

This sounds like a wonderful recipe! I love all three flavors. I was just wondering – I've used other recipes to make ice cream bars before. Do you think this recipe would work in popsicle molds?

Michele August 13, 2009 um 11:21 pm

Hi! I wanted to make this so badly after finding it but I couldn't find food-grade dried rose buds anywhere convenient so I looked for just rose water–thinking I could substitute it for the water in the recipe–couldn't find that either. But I already had orange flower water at home so I tried it, and the finished product is AMAZING. I imagine the rose flavor would probably be better but, orange flower water totally works in a pinch. Thanks for the great inspiration!

Kelly-Jane July 19, 2010 um 8:23 am

How gorgeous, going to make this one this summer before the cherries are finished 🙂

Jenny July 23, 2010 um 4:08 pm

Well, more than a year after the original post, and I have made your delicious ice cream. I didn't want to go to a separate store for the rose buds, especially since I had rose water on hand. I substituted 1/2 teaspoon rose water for the buds, and the balance seemed just right to me–mostly the flavor of cherries with just a floral hint in the middle.

I love the simplicity of the ice cream base. Mine, however, ended up somewhat icy. Is that just the trade-off for highlighting the flavor of cream (and the delicate rosy cherries)? Or is there something I can do to combat the iciness?

Callie Grayson July 27, 2010 um 1:48 am

Would you mind if I did a post about you next week? This ice cream looks fabulous and I would like to write a post and link back to you blog.

please email me and let me know, thanks!!

[email protected]

dhl.k18 August 5, 2010 um 10:53 am

Hi, I read about this recipe and just love it. Then your recipe inspires me to make it myself…I got a lot of home made cherries jams as gift from family in Toulouse. We have freshly grated coconut available here in Vietnam…So I have everything to make the icecream…I couldnt bring the rose flavour to cherries…and because the 1st milk of the coconut was so thick, I just did not use the milk. It came out fabulous and the combination is perfect!!! Thanks for your wonderful recipe

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