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Chai Coffee Cake And A Giveaway

Chai Coffee Cake

It won’t be a surprise to say that there is always cake at the ready in the house. Whether it be for B. as a late night snack after a music job, friends dropping by on a late saturday afternoon, or simply as a quick snack as we pass by the kitchen. It’s usually a variation of my grandma’s yogurt cake. Always good. Always comforting. One cake I never make enough is coffee cake. You know, the kind with the lovely strudel top that is both crunchy and soft as you bite into it. But then Nicole’s Chai Spiced Coffee Cake entered my life. Twice in one week. Three times a day, once.

I did not make it twice just for us and just because. You see, a couple of weeks ago, I received an email from a high school senior here in town, Haley, whose senior project was to recreate the Julie-Julia project but with David Lebovitz' Room For Dessert book. Haley asked if I would have a bit of time to give her some tips about running her blog chronicling the project, photography, writing, etc… I said yes. I remember when I started blogging that I was often looking up to my seniors for pointers (I still do at times) so I thought it was a great opportunity to give back to the blogging community. I am no expert but I have been at this blogging thing for a while now, eheheh.

And I love when life on the screen brings about wonderful little happenings like this!

Chai Spices

Anyway, I thought we’d have some cake and tea and get right into the nitty nifty gritty of blogging and pictures. Well, schedules got out of hands and I never got to make that Chai Coffee Cake for Haley. We did meet this week and spent a great afternoon. I hope I answered her questions, at least until next time we meet. I gave her tips on how to operate her point and shoot camera to the best of its capacity, tips on light, focus, etc…and let her play with my props. Hopefully, there will be cake next time we do this!

I love this cake on so many levels but first and foremost because it is one of the recipes that Nicole included in her newly released first cookbook, "The Baking Bites Cookbook". Nicole’s Blog, Baking Bites is one of the handful of blogs I started reading prior to starting my own. We were "blog friends from afar" until we finally met at BlogHer Food in San Francisco. Nicole is as delightful and true as she is on her blog. I am so proud that she achieved one of her lifelong dreams by writing this book.

Chai Coffee Cake

I bluntly asked her if I could feature one of her recipes and introduce some of you to her blog if you did not read it already and to her "baby", The Baking Bites Cookbook. She agreed. I bluntly added "hey! Would you be ok to give a copy to one reader?" and she said yes. So here you go: there is one free copy of this delicious book up for grabs. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post. The giveaway runs until Monday November 2nd, midnight US Eastern time and a reader will be chosen at random to receive a copy.

Given how good the Chai Coffee Cake was, I can’t wait to bake more from Nicole’s book!

Chai Coffee Cake

Chai-Spiced Crumb Coffee Cake, from The Baking Bites Cookbook with permission of Nicole Weston:

Cinnamon is the standard spice for topping a crumb coffee cake. This coffee cake keeps the crumb topping and spices it up a little more by using some of the same flavors that are found in chai, including cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and allspice. These spices really help to make the coffee cake memorable – and they also make you want to come back for a second slice.

Note: the only change I made to the recipe was to fill my baking pan with half the batter, sprinkle some of the topping and add the remaining batter and topping.

1/3 cup sugar
1/3 cup brown sugar
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon ground ginger
1/2 teaspoon ground cardamom
1/2 teaspoon ground allspice
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 1/2 cups all purpose flour
1/2 cup butter, melted and cooled slightly

1 3/4 cups all purpose flour
3/4 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/4 teaspoon salt
2/3 cup butter, room temperature
1 cup sugar
2 large eggs
1 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
2/3 cup sour cream, full or low fat

Preheat oven to 350F. Line a 9-inch square baking pan with parchment paper or lightly greased aluminum foil.

Make the Topping:
In a medium bowl, combine all topping ingredients except butter. Whisk to blend.
Gradually stir in the melted butter, using a large fork or spatula to mix. When all the butter has been incorporated and the mixture looks like wet sand, squeeze small clumps together to make large crumbs ranging in size from that of a pea to that of a grape. Set aside.

Make the Cake:
In another medium bowl, whisk together flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt.
In a large bowl, cream butter and sugar together until light. Beat in eggs, one at a time, followed by vanilla extract. With the mixer set on a low speed (or by hand), alternately add in flour and sour cream in two or three additions. When no streaks of flour remain, pour into prepared pan. Top evenly with crumb mixture.
Bake at 350F for about 45 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean.
Cool on a wire rack before slicing.
Serves 9-12

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Adela October 31, 2009 um 6:35 am

I'm a huge fan of chai flavoured cakes, and a coffee cake makes this even better.

I'll definitely be giving this a try after exams.

michelle October 31, 2009 um 6:51 am

Mmm chai and crumb cake! Must try this!

Pei-Lin October 31, 2009 um 7:02 am

Hey, Helene!! Nice job on the photography & styling here again!! I wish I can be your intern hahahaha!! Keep it up! =)

Greetings from Malaysia

Unknown October 31, 2009 um 7:07 am

I LOVE a good coffee cake. The more crumbs on top the better!

runycat October 31, 2009 um 7:11 am

Autumn always seems to inspire a frenzied bout of baking. I'll try this out this weekend.

Hanna October 31, 2009 um 7:17 am

Mm that looks good.

aidria October 31, 2009 um 7:22 am

this is my first comment ever! i've been following your blog for a long time and i just have to say i look forward to reading it every week!

anyways thanks for all the beautiful recipes and photos…the new site is great…and it's so kind of you to help other bloggers (like Haley!)

all the best

Tummywise October 31, 2009 um 7:29 am

I love chai lattes. Never tried chai-flavoured cakes though. Will be giving this a try soon. Thanks!

Dominique October 31, 2009 um 7:53 am

Rien que les photos me mettent en appΓ©tit! J'aimerais dΓ©couvrir ce livre et participer au jeu… Bon week-end.

Michelle October 31, 2009 um 8:03 am

i dun like chai, but the cake sure looks nice =)

Bianca October 31, 2009 um 8:24 am

This is a very tempting recipe that I would so like to try. And I'm kinda sort of thinking of starting my own 'Julie&Julia' sort of project but I think I'm too scared.I really don't know what to do, but i know I'd love to try…hmmmm.
Anyway, your cake looks yummy (as always) and I think I may give it a go given my boyfriend's looove for coffee AND cake πŸ˜€

Juliana October 31, 2009 um 8:42 am

Coffee cake with steusel?! The best. Great giveaway.

cpcjoyce October 31, 2009 um 9:08 am

YOu recipe is the best.. would try this soon…

Anonymous October 31, 2009 um 9:15 am

This looks beyond delicious. I'd love a chance to win the Baking Bites Cookbook!

Uli October 31, 2009 um 9:19 am

I admit I have lost track of how many times i have tried (and loved) her recipes from her blog… i keep recommending it to people left right and centre these days lol

I admit from your blog I keep trying the macarons and keep failing but hey, I am bound to manage them sooner or later, right? πŸ™‚


Anna October 31, 2009 um 9:25 am

This cake looks so nice! I cant wait to try it

mona October 31, 2009 um 9:35 am

I absolutely love your blog and have found many great recipecs here.

Please put my name in the hat for the giveaway πŸ˜€

Kiwifruit-Shiree October 31, 2009 um 9:39 am

oh yummy, this looks and sounds just so delicious! Definitely like to try this out!!

mona October 31, 2009 um 9:39 am

I absolutely love and have found many great recipes here.

Please put my name in the hat for the giveaway πŸ˜€

Cathy October 31, 2009 um 9:45 am

Yum! I love chai! I will try this soon. Looks so delicious.

Susie October 31, 2009 um 10:03 am

I've never had a chai cake but they look great.
Nice giveaway too,

Claire October 31, 2009 um 10:06 am

This is top of the list for the next baking adventure. Loving your blog and Baking Bites too. Thank you.

Ross October 31, 2009 um 10:21 am

I would like to receive this beautiful book, it seems gorgeous and full of delicious recipes!!!
In any case, congratulations Nicole, I hope you'll have a lot of success!!!

Anneke October 31, 2009 um 10:21 am

That cake looks so delicious, I'm gonna try this someday soon! And I really would love to win that book, it looks great!

GUGAW October 31, 2009 um 10:46 am

wow those pictures are amazing and making my mouth water! i'm have photography/cake making skills envy!

jocelyn teo October 31, 2009 um 11:06 am

the cake looks DELICIOUS. and kudos to the photography, as awesome as ever. πŸ™‚

and please let me win that book!! πŸ™‚

Unknown October 31, 2009 um 11:09 am

Love coffee cake and this one look scrumptious. Splitting the batter is a great idea… you can get a little surprise in the middle of the cake πŸ™‚

Anonymous October 31, 2009 um 11:10 am

OOOOH! I love Chai!! I'm really excited to try this! Thanks πŸ™‚

Toby October 31, 2009 um 11:21 am

I would love a copy of her cookbook.

aandara October 31, 2009 um 11:22 am

This cake sounds really good

Hanna Γ…berg October 31, 2009 um 11:27 am

I'm gonna bake this one. absolutely.

Stacey October 31, 2009 um 11:31 am

Sounds very yummy, will try it soon!

ingrid October 31, 2009 um 11:37 am

this sure sounds and looks really good! can't wait to try making it!

linda October 31, 2009 um 11:41 am

dear tartlette,
your generosity of spirit is amazing & it is obvious you are a "true" friend.
i am inspired by your photography as well as your written words.
thank you for including me in this giveaway! what fun.

kristina October 31, 2009 um 11:44 am

I adore chai so am really looking forward to trying this. And thank you so much for introducing me to Nicole, her blog, and her new book. Would love to enter the giveaway. K x

Deb October 31, 2009 um 11:50 am

Have made many coffee cakes but never a Chai flavoured one. Can't wait…and neither can my husband!

maybelle's mom October 31, 2009 um 11:57 am

I love everything with those flavors. And, as to mentoring, in my real job I have 2-4 interns every semester. I love doing it. I think it is great that you had a shadow and helped her.

LadyWild October 31, 2009 um 12:11 pm

Wow. Looks awesome

Quinn October 31, 2009 um 12:13 pm

I love chai tea but not chai latte. I even make my own chai tea panna cotta. And this one certainly looks too good to be missed out!

Nicole is good, I know that. She gave me the most amazing cheesecake crust ever. Not your usual graham biscuits base but a shortbread base!

I'm indeed very impressed!

Jessica October 31, 2009 um 12:14 pm

I would lvoe to win this book! This recipe here just looks incredible.

Amicus Cupcake October 31, 2009 um 12:20 pm

Wow, that sounds great. perfect for along side a cup of coffee (or hot chocolate!)

Ciao Chow Linda October 31, 2009 um 12:22 pm

I've never had chai, but this cake looks like something I'd like to bite into.

Unknown October 31, 2009 um 12:35 pm

I love chai so this cake would be great. Thanks for sharing the recipe! Fingers crossed!

Rebecca October 31, 2009 um 12:36 pm

Looks delicious! Thanks for the chance to win.

Daniela October 31, 2009 um 12:42 pm

This looks delicious, will definetely give it a try

Anonymous October 31, 2009 um 12:54 pm

Can I assume you're using an SLR for those gorgeous shots? The little milk jar in the first photo is adorable. And of course I must make this recipe!



Marian October 31, 2009 um 12:57 pm

‘‘ENhorabuena por tus exquisiteces ..‘‘

son maravillosas tus platos y tus presentaciones ..besos y te sigo

Elizabeth October 31, 2009 um 1:01 pm

i love chai and i love coffee cake, so this looks like a winning combination!

Sean October 31, 2009 um 1:14 pm

This looks amazing! Definitely going to have to try this for the upcoming holiday season.

Branwen October 31, 2009 um 1:25 pm

I love Nicole's site too and would love to have her cookbook!

Kristie October 31, 2009 um 1:28 pm

I adore this blog! Your descriptions and pictures inspire me to bake beyond chocolate chip cookies!

Jennifer Bedford October 31, 2009 um 1:36 pm

So many bloggers are having their dreams come true these days. How wonderful!

Unknown October 31, 2009 um 1:38 pm

I have been on a serious Chai addiction for the last month. You really make want to try this one! Love your pictures and styling Helen.

Unknown October 31, 2009 um 1:41 pm

That cake looks delicious. so delicious, in fact, that I think I'll make it tomorrow. (coffee cake is a sunday cake for me). πŸ™‚
great blog. i really enjoy it.


Kate at Serendipity October 31, 2009 um 1:42 pm

Oh, man, this looks so good. I love all those chai spices!

You know, Monday's my birthday…

Kristin October 31, 2009 um 1:53 pm

Cardamom & ginger? This will make my family happy!

Cherry Blossoms October 31, 2009 um 1:55 pm

My husband favorite dessert is coffee cake…I will definitely be making this one for him!

CherryBlossomsDesign at hotmail

Anonymous October 31, 2009 um 2:03 pm

It's like you read my mind! I've been dreaming of Chai flavours for the past two days, and this is really going to hit the spot. I'm definetly going to make this today!

SouthernPeach October 31, 2009 um 2:05 pm

Looks Yummy!

What makes it Chai?

I don't see Chai listed…(but I have never baked with it either).

πŸ™‚ Thanks…

Anonymous October 31, 2009 um 2:07 pm

I can't wait to try it. Chai was my one caffeine luxury during both of my pregnancies because the flavour just picked me up. And it sounds perfect for fall. Thanks to Nicole for sharing.

BTW… your photos are always amazing!

Cara R

Engineer Baker October 31, 2009 um 2:12 pm

Ah, so that's what you were brewing up πŸ˜‰ I love coffeecakes – we always have one for breakfast at Christmas, and it's quite the production. So now, coffeecake reminds me of Christmas, which is definitely not a bad thing!

Unknown October 31, 2009 um 2:13 pm

I was looking for a cake to bake this weekend that the weather is finally a bit colder here in Nicosia (Cyprus) and I have found it!

I love your blog!

TeaLady October 31, 2009 um 2:16 pm

Chai is my absolute favorite flavor for tea, cuppys, cakes. This is on my to bake list.

Looks delicious.

[email protected] October 31, 2009 um 2:17 pm

oh, that really sounds and looks delicious! I'll probably try baking this soon.

Brandi October 31, 2009 um 2:18 pm

I haven't had a good coffee cake in some time. This looks fantastically delicious. I'm adding the ingredients I don't have to my shopping list.

Looks like I have a lot of baking to do this weekend…

Jelli October 31, 2009 um 2:19 pm

Mmm! I really love coffee cake and this twist sounds scrumptious. Thanks for sharing!

stephanie October 31, 2009 um 2:19 pm

I've wanted to try so many of the coffee cakes Nicole has on her blog, and now there's one more!

Kara October 31, 2009 um 2:20 pm

Oh dear. I LOVE Chai lattes so I see this in my future. And if other recipes are like this in in Nicole's book, looks like one to add to my list!

Lindsay Gage Natale October 31, 2009 um 2:33 pm

Ooooh – this looks so tasty! I am a huge fan of Chai tea, so I will be trying this recipe for sure. Can't go wrong! Thanks for sharing it.

NecessaryForce October 31, 2009 um 2:38 pm

I love coffee cake, and this one looks absolutely delicious. Ginger, cinnamon, and allspice? Count me in.
Lovely pictures, as always.

Ani October 31, 2009 um 2:43 pm

What a great Idea! Chai Coffee cake! I'm SO tring this! I love Chai and I love Coffee cake!! I'll have to make some chai tea with the same spaces too… mmmm….
I wanted the book before, now i *really* want it! <3

Laura October 31, 2009 um 2:48 pm

Lovely cake! I love the flavor combination.

I need to get to Nicole's blog more often, it is really fun.

Maddie October 31, 2009 um 2:48 pm

Yum! This looks delicious. I love my chai-tea lattes, but I have never tried chai flavored baked goods! I love this blog- your pictures are always beautiful.

Laura Joyce October 31, 2009 um 2:52 pm

I am charge of Thanksgiving morning breakfast for my boyfriend's family and this is so going to be it!

And that cookbook sounds fantastic!

Melissa Zhang October 31, 2009 um 2:55 pm

Yum, coffee cake!

Anonymous October 31, 2009 um 2:56 pm

Chai and coffee cake! Two of my favourite things… this could be (yet another) dangerous recipe! πŸ™‚

elle October 31, 2009 um 3:01 pm

Mmmm I love coffee cake! And I love Baking Bites! I think it's so cool of you to help Haley out. I look forward to reading her blog now as well.

Foodie October 31, 2009 um 3:03 pm

Looks delicious! One can never have too many recipe books to draw inspiration from πŸ™‚

Anonymous October 31, 2009 um 3:04 pm

Baking Bites rocks! Thank you for sharing this coffee cake recipe…

LeeYong from Jersey

Mireya October 31, 2009 um 3:10 pm

Yum, yum! Thanks for the giveaway!!

Helene October 31, 2009 um 3:12 pm

squirrelbread: nope, only the last pictures was done with film and my husband played with the chemicals during processing so this is why it looks the way it does.

southernpeach: chai means tea in Indian. What makes it different is the combination of all the spices as opposed to "regular" tea.

Susan @ SGCC October 31, 2009 um 3:14 pm

I can never resist a good coffee cake either. This one looks like a great one to start the day with! Thanks for letting us know about Nicole's book. I'll have to check it out!

Andra October 31, 2009 um 3:14 pm

The chai coffee cake sounds aromatic and wonderful-a nice change for my family who sometimes wearies of my fall fondness for all things pumpkin.

Melissa October 31, 2009 um 3:17 pm

Oh, yum! Congratulations, Nicole!

Unknown October 31, 2009 um 3:21 pm

Ahhh, a chai coffe cake sounds scrumptious and perfect for Fall! πŸ™‚

Rachel October 31, 2009 um 3:45 pm

That looks and sounds ridiculously delicious.

Abbey Thompson October 31, 2009 um 3:47 pm

Oh wow, this looks delicious!

Valeree October 31, 2009 um 3:55 pm

That sounds so incredibly yummy!! Thanks for the recipe!!

Donna October 31, 2009 um 4:06 pm

What a wonderful recipe. I will have to check out that book.

Anonymous October 31, 2009 um 4:09 pm

how many degrees Celsius does 350 F make?

carriegel October 31, 2009 um 4:15 pm

I am so making this cake. I love Chai!

Capree October 31, 2009 um 4:23 pm

I love Chai and I love coffee cake – what more could a girl want?? I'm looking forward to trying this recipe!! πŸ™‚

Kendall October 31, 2009 um 4:28 pm

This is definitely going to be bookmarked. Chai AND coffee cake? Yes please!

mirabelle October 31, 2009 um 4:32 pm

Perfect timing! I was just looking for something to take to a Sunday brunch.

Kaizen Fashion Project October 31, 2009 um 4:35 pm

Mmmmmm that cake looks amazingly delicious, I would love to win the cookbook!

[email protected] October 31, 2009 um 4:36 pm

I just had Chai Tea and always have it when I feel that I am about to start having a cold… I found that it helps my immune system! So, Chai coffee cake might be another cure for me! Merci!

queencake and titangirl October 31, 2009 um 4:37 pm

yum yum yum, this looks delicious! and i would love to have the book!have to spend a lot of time at home after an operation and need all teh distraction i can get:)

sarah October 31, 2009 um 4:37 pm

i can't wait to try making this. two of my favorite things combined, it really can't get much tastier!

Unknown October 31, 2009 um 4:38 pm

*gasp* I NEED!
Digging the chai. Actually sipping some now.

Lauren October 31, 2009 um 4:39 pm

A chai coffee cake? Yes please! This looks delicious =D.

Emily October 31, 2009 um 4:39 pm

THis is great! I'm going to a brunch next weekend and sure to make this recipe. Thanks!

Christie October 31, 2009 um 4:42 pm

That coffee cake looks like the perfect relaxed Sunday afternoon treat! Beautiful!

Hettar7 October 31, 2009 um 4:43 pm

I miss the Chai tea I got when I was in India. Can't really find a domestic equivalent. πŸ™ So anything that promises those flavors is welcome. And imagine my delight when looking through by backlog of blogs and I come across not only this recipe but also the Chai Butter Cookies from Ezra Pound Cake. Sweetness!

Oh, and I think it's wonderful of you to mentor a novice blogger.

Indirect Heat October 31, 2009 um 4:43 pm

That's a handsome lookin' cake, you have there…

Lisa October 31, 2009 um 4:43 pm

I was recently introduced to your blog, and I love it, even more so because I recently moved to Charleston! This cake will definitely be an addition to my recipe book-thanks!

V. October 31, 2009 um 4:48 pm

Oh my, the cake looks positively droolable. I'm a big fan of Baking Bites as well–have followed it since it's inceptions actually. Sooo…I'd be over the moon to win her book.

Unknown October 31, 2009 um 4:55 pm

I absolutely love your photography. I wish I could cook like you! [email protected]

Jessica October 31, 2009 um 5:11 pm

That looks so awesome! I need to bake this weekend so my house can smell of cinnamon…

Gretchen Noelle October 31, 2009 um 5:14 pm

Yum! I would love a baking bites cookbook – and a bite of that coffeecake!!!

Saveur October 31, 2009 um 5:20 pm

This cake looks abolutely delicious! Cant wait to try it. πŸ˜€

Bombay Foodie October 31, 2009 um 5:34 pm

I love Nicole's blog as much as I adore yours'. Can't wait for her book to get to India (or maybe I'd win this one!) πŸ™‚

NKP October 31, 2009 um 5:37 pm

So lovely of you to profile a friend and fellow blogger's new book!
The coffee cake looks delicious!

Unknown October 31, 2009 um 5:39 pm

Hey Helen! I adore ur blog! I think i've said this before but not too sure. I am floored by ur photography! This crumb cake looks excellent. Lovely shots of the spices too!

Amy A October 31, 2009 um 5:39 pm

I love the way that this coffee cake sounds! Coffee cakes are so delicious and easy to whip up and share with friends and loved ones.

kristina October 31, 2009 um 5:45 pm

coffee cake, a total favorite—always remember the simple Betty Crocker one my mom made.

Unknown October 31, 2009 um 5:50 pm

Please count me in!

Jana Tan October 31, 2009 um 5:57 pm

I am gonna bookmark this recipe! The sound of it makes me drool!


Holly M. Wendt October 31, 2009 um 5:59 pm

All things chai are wonderful, and that cake looks no different.

Trissa October 31, 2009 um 6:02 pm

Hi Helen! I think it is fantastic that you take the time to help Haley with her project – not too many people are generous with their time like yourself!

And the cake does look fantastic. I recently made a ginger/chai brulee tart too and the results were fantastic.

Deppified October 31, 2009 um 6:03 pm

I drink chai twice a day, so this will be a perfect pairing!

Abby (Nibble, Nourish, Run) October 31, 2009 um 6:06 pm

I would love a copy of that book – and that coffeecake looks delicious!

Sara October 31, 2009 um 6:09 pm

mmm chai in cake form!

Unknown October 31, 2009 um 6:11 pm

There is only one alteration I would make to the recipe: Crumb topping X4 lol.

Talia October 31, 2009 um 6:13 pm

Oh wow, I guess I've fallen behind in my Baking Bites readership; I didn't realize she had a cookbook coming!

lollie8888 October 31, 2009 um 6:25 pm

Chai in coffee cake form?!? I must buy cardamom and make asap!

h October 31, 2009 um 6:26 pm

Oh, these look delicious! …and I've been in a baking mood lately. The book would be perfect!

Unknown October 31, 2009 um 6:29 pm

I recently found your blog and I am hooked. I love reading your entries and the beautiful pics that go with them.

Janina October 31, 2009 um 6:32 pm

Ooooh – that is kinda like a one-stop coffee shop visit, since you combine the chai latte with the cake – sounds very yummy!

lauren October 31, 2009 um 6:34 pm

I love baking bites! I want to make those pumpkin cookies she just posted!

Anonymous October 31, 2009 um 6:34 pm

Thank you for giving my inspiration to become a better baker. A cook I am, but about a year ago, my cakes were eh..
I've become to LOVE baking now, and look forward to new recipes and challenges more and more. Keep inspiring those who read cooking and baking blogs.

Amy I. October 31, 2009 um 6:37 pm

Ohh I love Nicole's blog, and so glad she's written a cookbook. I'm having so much fun with new cookbooks from all of my favorite bloggers… Helen, are you next?! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity πŸ™‚

Anonymous October 31, 2009 um 6:38 pm

I am completely jealous of your photography!

What a great recipe. Another in the long list that I need to make!

kateiline October 31, 2009 um 6:42 pm

Oh my. I love chai tea, and I love cardamom as a spice, I think I would love this cake. I'd like to try more recipes from the book too!

Anonymous October 31, 2009 um 6:47 pm

Love coffee cake! This one sounds like a winner! Martha

Kate @ Savour Fare October 31, 2009 um 6:50 pm

That cake looks fantastic! I love Chai spices — especially when they pack some heat!

Faith October 31, 2009 um 6:53 pm

happy halloween, and thanks for yet another scrumptious post!

malizea October 31, 2009 um 7:11 pm

I loooveee chai what a beautiful recipe!

Giulia October 31, 2009 um 7:12 pm

Count me in. And I was just adding to my market list…so here I go, off to make a cake for the first time in ages. A good, gray, almost-rainy day for it.

Happy Hallowe'en to all!


Nirvana October 31, 2009 um 7:18 pm

I love chai… I'm sure I'll love this cake and this book!!! I hope I win πŸ™‚

Anonymous October 31, 2009 um 7:27 pm

Chai tea is my time machine. Whenever I want to get back to Vancouver and recreate rainy afternoons with Dido playing in the background I make chai tea. It works every time. Happy Halloween to all!
Thanks for this post, Helen.

Unknown October 31, 2009 um 7:29 pm

Great post! I love chai, I even make my own chai tea, maybe I could use the same spice blend for this cake… Yum!

Kate Morgan Jackson October 31, 2009 um 7:32 pm

I adore both Chai and Baking Bites! Thanks for this great recipe and the giveaway, and Happy Halloween!

Annie October 31, 2009 um 7:39 pm

Oh my goodness that looks delicious! Gotta love coffee cake.

Sakim October 31, 2009 um 7:42 pm

Oh delicious! I'll definitely have to make this soon.

Scrapamum October 31, 2009 um 7:46 pm

I can't wait to try this recipe. I love Chai Lattes so I'm sure I will love this!

Post Grad Hair Cut October 31, 2009 um 7:50 pm

Oh my I must make this! I would love that book.

Kristin October 31, 2009 um 7:51 pm

That looks delicious! I must have it!

toontz October 31, 2009 um 7:52 pm

Can't wait to try this recipe. Especially since chai is a favorite in my family (my daughters only-my husband hates chai) Maybe that means he won't eat all the cake like he usually does! We can only hope…

duchess.of.dirt October 31, 2009 um 7:54 pm

Ah, this is great. I have the habit of keeping a bag of loose chai for making where-ever there is boiling water/warm milk. Yumm.

Amber October 31, 2009 um 7:54 pm

Wow, wow, wow. I haven't made coffee cake in ages. I think it's about time I revisit that little past time. Specifically, with *this* cake. Thank you for sharing!

Caroline October 31, 2009 um 7:55 pm

The book sounds so cool!

Dawn in CA October 31, 2009 um 7:55 pm

This coffee cake recipe looks interesting and delicious. Thanks for posting it, and for the book giveaway. And congratulations to Nicole at Baking Bites!

Kristin October 31, 2009 um 8:03 pm

I've been seeing loads of great recipes using chai spices this autumn, but this one just jumped to the top of the list!

MaureenC October 31, 2009 um 8:13 pm

That looks absolutely delicious. I think I am going to run out and get a chai latte (it will be quicker than baking the cake)

Jing October 31, 2009 um 8:15 pm

What a cool senior project! I haven't heard of Baking Bites, and I am going over to take a look right now.

Nora October 31, 2009 um 8:52 pm

Yummy, this cake looks great!

Hippo Flambe October 31, 2009 um 8:54 pm

Haley is very lucky that you are helping her with her blog, especially the photography. Your photos are what I aspire to. That cake looks wonderful.


Pity October 31, 2009 um 9:05 pm

chai is my favorite tea flavour, and since i have learnt how to brew it myself with the spices, its even better, now, a chai cake? count me in!!!! ir really looks amazing and i can imagine the fantastic flavour, lovely photos as always, outstanding!
cheers from london

Stacy October 31, 2009 um 9:08 pm

Man, I love chai anything…

Gretch October 31, 2009 um 9:09 pm

Cake is my weakness. I'm going to try this tomorrow morning. Thanks for the excuse!

Grimmy October 31, 2009 um 9:24 pm

I would love to see her cookbook. And the chai coffee cake looks yummy.

Carolyn October 31, 2009 um 9:26 pm

I'd love another great cookbook in my life πŸ™‚

Yolanda October 31, 2009 um 9:36 pm

It's so nice that you're mentoring the next generation of bloggers!

lilmissfoodie October 31, 2009 um 9:49 pm

i absolutely *love* the starkness of the second photo against the whiteness of the page. gorgeous shot! πŸ˜€

Mary J October 31, 2009 um 9:58 pm

Oh yum! I love streusel coffeecakes! I'm going to make this tomorrow morning for breakfast!

Unknown October 31, 2009 um 10:04 pm

Would you believe I love to bake, but have never made a coffeecake? Maybe I NEED this cookbook!

Lauren October 31, 2009 um 10:06 pm

This looks so amazing! I'm definitely going to try this recipe!

The Hobbit October 31, 2009 um 10:17 pm

Bonjour ! Sa va?I'm currently on vacation from my workplace(I cook shhhh)I told everyone I wouldn't go near the kitchen but searching new recipes on the internet doesn't count does it?I'm always looking for a new book of goodies.

Unknown October 31, 2009 um 10:33 pm

This looks delicious.

Good luck to Haley on her cooking/blogging project!

Ri October 31, 2009 um 10:36 pm

This looks so good! I'll be making it very soon. I'm sure the book is fabulous!

Amy October 31, 2009 um 10:40 pm

The cake looks delicious! I love and read baking bites (the blog)! : )

Dani H October 31, 2009 um 10:40 pm

My family loves brunch and we try to always have coffee cake. Can't wait to try this one! Thanks for the chance at the giveaway.

Amanda le Panda October 31, 2009 um 10:45 pm

What a lovely sounding coffeecake!! Can't wait to make it…

Patricia October 31, 2009 um 11:01 pm

I love coffee cake in all its incarnations! Chai is synonymous with cooler weather to me — can't wait to try this recipe out!

Anonymous October 31, 2009 um 11:08 pm

This looks delicious, I love chai baked goods…

Yossi October 31, 2009 um 11:11 pm

Wow! You managed to make a simple cake looked elegant πŸ™‚

The Real Estate Talker October 31, 2009 um 11:14 pm

Your blog is so much fun to read
I check for new recipes every day

lisa @ dandysugar October 31, 2009 um 11:16 pm

The spices in chai are my favorites- this looks so delicious, I can never resist a slice of coffeecake!

Trish October 31, 2009 um 11:19 pm

fabulous! thank you!

Heather October 31, 2009 um 11:43 pm

Oh I would love this book!

KarlandBethany November 1, 2009 um 12:08 am

Wow! It looks wonderful…. !!!

Jan November 1, 2009 um 12:12 am

I'm heading to the kitchen right now… this looks delish! thanks

Lisa | Authentic Suburban Gourmet November 1, 2009 um 12:14 am

This coffee cake looks AMAZING! A must try! Love your blog!!!

Becky November 1, 2009 um 12:20 am

Your blog is great, as is hers. I would love a copy, thanks!

Tera November 1, 2009 um 12:52 am

Looks delicious! I'll have to try this… sometime soon…

Unknown November 1, 2009 um 12:54 am

oo oo! Pick me!
From another cook in Charleston…

TBC November 1, 2009 um 12:57 am

I'd love to win Nicole's cookbook! I've been following her blog for a long time now.

Thank you!

Baked Alaska November 1, 2009 um 1:22 am

The cake sounds wonderful. I'd love to have a copy.

All That's Left Are The Crumbs November 1, 2009 um 1:25 am

Seriously, I am so addicted to Chai at the moment so I cannot wait to try this recipe. Congratulations to Nicole on achieving one of her dreams and I am glad that you let us know about the book.

Jane November 1, 2009 um 1:26 am

The coffee cake and book all sound so great.

Terry November 1, 2009 um 1:33 am

Looks delicious! cant wait to make it πŸ™‚

Meryl November 1, 2009 um 1:37 am

This sounds delicious!

sharonjo November 1, 2009 um 1:44 am

I would love a taste of that coffeecake; it looks delicious!

I also read and love the Baking Bites blog; would enjoy the cookbook very much.

Tina November 1, 2009 um 1:45 am

OMG – I just love Chai. Every Chrismas I make a homemade brew of chai to have while we open our gifts. I think maybe this year I should try some chai coffee cake instead.
Just wonderful!

norajeans November 1, 2009 um 1:46 am

Heh, funny enough I think I added your blog to my Google Reader and it ended up recommending Baking Bites as another blog I might like.

adli November 1, 2009 um 1:52 am

coffee cake!! this is the rave at my house now… and a chance of winning a book? wheeee~~ hope I can get my hands on it!!

jjv2006 November 1, 2009 um 2:10 am

I love and I have tried the mocha espresso cookies fom Nicole's website.It would be awesome if I win this….

Unknown November 1, 2009 um 2:10 am

i can't wait to "dig in" to another great blog per your recommendation :o) i love how the blogging community is so supportive of one another…and we, your readers, totally benefit – from fellow bloggers & cookbook writers to kitchen treasures & accessories to local & national events!!

Unknown November 1, 2009 um 2:14 am

This coffee cake seems delicious ! My mouth is watering, just need to get some cardamon…
Thanks for sharing amazing recipes

Josie November 1, 2009 um 2:14 am

I love allspice – any baking recipe that has it goes in my to-try-pile.

Anonymous November 1, 2009 um 2:18 am

Oh I love her blog! Hope i can get a copy of the book!:D

Gemma C. Solomon November 1, 2009 um 2:25 am

The cake looks amazing – beautiful photos as always!

Anonymous November 1, 2009 um 2:33 am

Chai coffee cake sounds like a great reason to buy some cardamom. And Baking Bites is on my RSS feed.

Anonymous November 1, 2009 um 2:36 am

Looks absolutely scrumptious! I hope to win the book and I can't wait to try this out!!
-Nadia P

Rylan @ Art and Appetite November 1, 2009 um 2:38 am

Coffee cakes are like my cereal! I just love it. Hmmm, I wonder what I'll be making for breakfast tomorrow.

Guess what? hehe.

The Red Apron November 1, 2009 um 2:39 am

Wow this cake looks so good. This is a must make cake!

Rabbittrick November 1, 2009 um 2:46 am

I think I just took a bite of my computer screen….

Love chai, love cake! Never had it together, though, and this sounds great to try.

It's always wonderful to wake up to your site and see these beautiful images and great recipes!

Damaris @Kitchen Corners November 1, 2009 um 3:19 am

woah I'm number 200. It might be my lucky number

Cherish November 1, 2009 um 3:22 am

I'm a huge fan of both coffee cake and the Baking Bites blog. Hope I win!

Shoshana November 1, 2009 um 3:27 am

Anything chai counts as comfort food in my book. the cake looks delicious.

Unknown November 1, 2009 um 3:28 am

Looks yummy!!

Emily November 1, 2009 um 3:28 am

ooh, i would love another baking book. thanks for the giveaway!

Tracy November 1, 2009 um 3:40 am

What a wonderful recipe for this time of year! As a "starving student" I would love to win the cookbook so I could try more recipes like this….

Holly November 1, 2009 um 3:56 am

Congratulations Nicole! The coffee cake looks delicious.

Anna November 1, 2009 um 4:32 am

I have just recently discovered Baking Bites, and it's great to hear that she has a book out. I'd love to give her recipes a try πŸ™‚ Oh, and when is your book going to hit the market? Are you still looking for recipe testers…or recipe eaters πŸ˜€ ?

Letitsnow November 1, 2009 um 4:36 am

I made this cake today. It was delicious.

betty q November 1, 2009 um 4:55 am

…can't go wrong with piping hot Chai…with Chai spiced coffee cake makes it DOUBLE DEADLY!

…also, so generous of you to have this give-away!

I am a first time commenter and was introduced to your blog by a a good friend I met while blog-hopping!…and I am hooked ever since to your blog!!!

ആഷ | Asha November 1, 2009 um 5:04 am

i come here to see your photographs. i can't see the last one it says photo is currently unavailable.

The Lovely Lady Baker November 1, 2009 um 5:35 am

Thanks for sharing this recipe! I've been dreaming of a chocolate chai cake recently and this might hold me over until I can get it right. It's great you are helping a fellow young blogger! If anyone in San Francisco is looking to do the same let me know!

Bertha November 1, 2009 um 6:00 am

I'm never a fan of coffee cake, because it's usually dry. but your picture completely changed my perspective towards coffee cake now! Anyhow, I would love to win the book and get my hands of coffee cake now πŸ™‚

Danielle November 1, 2009 um 6:30 am

I LOVE CHAI!!! Chai chai chai chai chai chai chai!!

Mikey November 1, 2009 um 6:33 am

That's an interesting recipe! One that I'll be trying πŸ™‚

Yen November 1, 2009 um 6:40 am

First off, Happy Halloweenie!! πŸ™‚
Mmmm Chai coffee cake sounds absolutely delicious right now nomnomnom

kristy November 1, 2009 um 6:50 am

Looks delicious. Perfect for enjoying outside on a sunny day with hot coffee and a good book!

Jenny Tan November 1, 2009 um 7:29 am

Have never tried Chai flavored coffee cake, sounds interesting. Beautiful pics as always.

Adi November 1, 2009 um 8:11 am

Count me in for the drawing! Hope you had a great Halloween!

adiluria [at] yahoo [dot] com

Cutecandycupcakes November 1, 2009 um 8:14 am

Wow, that, as always, looks absolutely wonderful! Thanks for adding that recipe, it'll go straight on the to-bake list

Unknown November 1, 2009 um 9:21 am

i love chai and i love cake πŸ™‚
definitely give this a try, especially since its from baking bites…

Joana Galvez November 1, 2009 um 10:44 am

What happens at home is that if I bake a cake that both my daughter and I like (the other three members are not cake people :()there's nothing left by next day. I try to keep a slice or two so my daughter can have some for breakfast and packed lunch but sometimes is VERY difficult… And then obviously I put on weight and I say to myself "no more baking!!!" But I can't… It's something that I never thought I could do and the day I managed to take a nice cake out of the oven that was the day I said "this is my new passion! Congrats on your blog, I love it.

gajra November 1, 2009 um 10:44 am

hey Helen, i see ur cup runneth over but i shall try my luck anyways for the giveaway. i was really intrigued by the name of the cake and since i belong to India my ears pricked up at it- a chai cake….interesting and a crumb top too good to be tru, have to surely try this baby out. thank u for the recipe and luck to ur frnd.

Li November 1, 2009 um 11:24 am

I love chai, I love coffee, I love cake.
So, to sum up, I would ADORE a copy of that book!

Unknown November 1, 2009 um 12:43 pm

We love Chai…whenever I visit my mom in Florida, she usually has a big pitcher of it in the fridge. Always makes me feel warm and cozy inside!

Lori November 1, 2009 um 12:49 pm

I have chai every afternoon. I love it. I incorporated it into my pumpkin soup. So I am betting that I would love this Coffee Cake.

The Cutting Edge of Ordinary November 1, 2009 um 12:51 pm

My best friend would freak for this, she loves coffee cake, like I love chocolate. Looks beautiful.

The Purple Foodie November 1, 2009 um 12:57 pm

I love baking bites! The two baking/dessert books I've been looking forward to is Nicole's book and yours.. Hope I win!

Karen Baking Soda November 1, 2009 um 1:24 pm

oh yes, Nicole was one of the first I started reading, together with Farmgirl. Love her blog!

And yoghurt cakes are one of my favourites, will try this one!

Mel November 1, 2009 um 1:35 pm

Ooh, I love Nicole's blog, and she's so friendly when she answers questions on her entries.

Its so cool you're helping that girl with her project! If I lived nearby I'd totally beg you for help too, I can only get mediocre food pics at best from my point and shoot

Ida November 1, 2009 um 1:37 pm

Beautiful pictures, as always! And the cake sounds delicious.

pastry studio November 1, 2009 um 1:56 pm

You are of course an expert! How sweet of you to help Haley. She is very lucky to have your guidance.

I think bakingbites was one of the first blogs I started reading way back when. This cake looks fantastic. I can see why you keep baking it! I just made some Chai Ice Cream and it's that same rush of all these amazing spices. Beautiful photos.

thecoffeesnob November 1, 2009 um 2:03 pm

I love chai! I was resisting getting The Baking Bites cookbook because I really have way too many cookbooks as it is. But with a recipe like it, it sounds like such a fantastic book. Looks like I just have to make space for one more book!

Crystal November 1, 2009 um 2:05 pm

Congrats to Nicole, and thank you for sharing the recipe πŸ™‚

Anonymous November 1, 2009 um 2:07 pm

What a perfect fall treat! I love the photography on your blog.

Rachelle November 1, 2009 um 2:40 pm

Omigoodness! Another reason to have cake in the kitchen?! As IF I needed one. (wink) I've got quite the sweet tooth … my dentist can attest to that. Can't wait to try this. I can't have coffee or tea without a little something sweet. My lips thank you. My hips hate you.

a.k.a. @Travelblggr

Mariana November 1, 2009 um 2:50 pm

I love your website, I always turn to it for inspiration!

Michael November 1, 2009 um 3:00 pm

Looks like a great recipe. I might add some crystallized/candied ginger to the cake part just to punch up the flavor a little more.

MollyCookie November 1, 2009 um 3:04 pm

Your pictures are awesome and that cake looks great!

Sareberry November 1, 2009 um 3:25 pm

Oooh… Love Chai, love cake! can't wait to try this

lauramil November 1, 2009 um 3:35 pm

i love anything chai!! its totally delicious. I would love to make this recipe on a saturday night and then have it for breakfast sunday with maybe some…chai tea. Yummy.

Em November 1, 2009 um 3:42 pm

I've been craving coffee cake all weekend, I can't wait to make this!

Alexandra November 1, 2009 um 4:03 pm

Hello, and what a spectacular combination of chai spices and crumb cake! I'm on a crumb cake kick right now and I will certainly try this one…my son said of your photos, 'I want that, but just the crumbs, mama.' Bottom line, very enticing!

Thanks for sharing!

A Bowl Of Mush November 1, 2009 um 4:08 pm

Love the look of this gorgeous crumbly cake. I just love those chai flavors πŸ™‚

Zoey (Vegedible) November 1, 2009 um 4:09 pm

lovely and tantalizing as usual! This holiday season will see most of my loved ones receiving edibles as a result of my personal economy, and your recipes will undoubtedly be featured.

And your photos are an inspiration for my own blog, great work.

Anonymous November 1, 2009 um 4:20 pm

Cold and rainy here in Raleigh,NC. Perfect day to bake this yummy coffee cake!!

Binita November 1, 2009 um 4:41 pm

I adore your blog and check twice a day for a new post. I am going to have to try the chai coffee cake and other recipes from the Baking Bites blog!

Karolina November 1, 2009 um 4:52 pm

There are few things I love more than chai! Can't wait to try this one!

Mimi November 1, 2009 um 5:00 pm

I love coffe cake. Baking Bites is one of the blog that inspires me and I would love to win Nicole's cookbook

Unknown November 1, 2009 um 5:11 pm

This coffee cake looks amazing. I love all things chai!

Cocoa Mango November 1, 2009 um 5:12 pm

oh my, that cake looks so good! I think I might have to scrounge for supplies and make it myself πŸ™‚

LtlLori November 1, 2009 um 5:25 pm

This sounds like a fantastic recipe!

Bir Dut MasalΔ± – nUnU November 1, 2009 um 5:40 pm

very delicious

Unknown November 1, 2009 um 6:13 pm

I wish I were closer to pick your brain and be your protege!

I am super excited to try this cake, chai is one of my favorite flavors.. mmmmm!!

NYC Ann November 1, 2009 um 6:31 pm

Looks yummy! Might have to try this for Christmas if we feel like indulging a little!

Sarah J November 1, 2009 um 6:38 pm

I love you blog and i love coffee cake

lauren November 1, 2009 um 6:43 pm

Just made a cinnamon coffee cake yesterday, but this chai one sounds great- it will be my next adventure!

Molly November 1, 2009 um 8:03 pm

I have just been checking out the Baking Bites Blog for the first time and loving it! Thanks for recommending it!

Randi November 1, 2009 um 8:18 pm

Nicole is great and I would love to get the chance to try more of her recipes!

Valentina November 1, 2009 um 8:33 pm

Nicole's blog is so inspirational. I am glad to know that there is a book out there. You are just one of those lovely people who are terribly talented and that find time to praise other people's work as well. I have great admiration for your work.You set a fabulous example.

Unknown November 1, 2009 um 8:35 pm

oh this looks great! definitely something my roommates will appreciate!

Monkeyshines in the Kitchen November 1, 2009 um 8:40 pm

This loooks fantastic. I also love coffee cake, but don't make it nearly often enough. The chai spice is just the incentive I need to get in teh kitchen right now.

and even though I've instated a moratorium on cookbooks, this one looks too good to pass up!

Unknown November 1, 2009 um 8:46 pm

Perfect for a perfect fall day!

sandhya November 1, 2009 um 8:58 pm

Delicious coffee cake…will surely try this..

Madam Chow November 1, 2009 um 9:04 pm

I fell in love with chai on a visit to India – and now in a cake, no less!

Anonymous November 1, 2009 um 9:08 pm

Wow! This sounds delicious!! πŸ™‚

Amy November 1, 2009 um 9:09 pm

Wow this looks delicious!

Cameron November 1, 2009 um 9:35 pm

This makes me want to bust out my mixer, despite the plethora of sweet things in our kitchen this week!

Unknown November 1, 2009 um 9:59 pm

My two favourite things= Chai and cake!

πŸ™‚ You made me happy!!

Jessica November 1, 2009 um 10:09 pm

I approve of making anything taste like chai! Nice pictures πŸ˜€

Jessica November 1, 2009 um 10:13 pm

These look delicious AND easy. Perfect combination!

irene November 1, 2009 um 10:40 pm

yum thank you, looks great!
ohpheebz (at)

Ellemay November 1, 2009 um 10:54 pm

mm that looks tasty.

Unknown November 1, 2009 um 11:18 pm

This cake looks wonderful. I've seen several posts on her book and they all look lovely.

ikkinlala November 1, 2009 um 11:24 pm

This looks delicious!

Intisar November 1, 2009 um 11:36 pm

Cool, I am a longtime reader of Baking Bites blog, she has a ton of fabulous recipes. Thanks for a chance at winning a copy of her book!

White Toast with Butter November 1, 2009 um 11:52 pm

Yummy crumb cake.

Kara November 2, 2009 um 12:29 am

Can't wait to try this! And add a new baking blog to my list! Thank you!

jennifer November 2, 2009 um 12:51 am

I β™₯ chai. I β™₯ Baking Bites. πŸ™‚

Rebecca D. Martin November 2, 2009 um 1:10 am

Oooo . . . I'm definitely bookmarking this to make in the next week or two.

Alix November 2, 2009 um 1:41 am

yummy coffee cake….love the idea for the senior project. I want to do that!

Blithe November 2, 2009 um 1:43 am

mmm…I love chai and I love cake! This looks/sounds delicious!

GreenScreen November 2, 2009 um 1:44 am

I love both chai and coffee cake, so I can't wait to make this!

Sarah*Paulhus November 2, 2009 um 2:15 am

Looks amazing and i love your blog!

PinkDevora November 2, 2009 um 2:40 am

Thanks! This recipe looks fantastic.

Gale Reeves November 2, 2009 um 3:06 am

Great pictures; they make me want to bake. thanks for the book give away

Andrea [bella eats] November 2, 2009 um 4:12 am

Mmmmm…I love chai, and coffee cake, so this seems like a recipe I will enjoy!

Thank you for introducing me to, and congratulations to Nicole!

And, as always, your photos are just lovely Helen!

Stephanie C. November 2, 2009 um 4:28 am

The book and this recipe both sound great!

Esme November 2, 2009 um 4:57 am

I would love to win this lovely cookbook-I can already taste the recipes I would bake.

chocolateandcroissants at yahoo dot com


Beka November 2, 2009 um 5:01 am

Ca fait des mois que je me rΓ©gale Γ  lire ces post, recettes & histoires, et Γ  admirer ces magnifiques photos… sooo inspiring! J'en profite donc pour dire MERCI pour tant de gΓ©nΓ©rositΓ©!

Marina November 2, 2009 um 5:05 am

Yum! Just made a cinnamon coffee cake last week, but am an even bigger fan of cardamon, and with all that sour cream… you can't go wrong!

Unknown November 2, 2009 um 5:25 am

This week I NEEDED a new coffee cake recipe for a trip to the coast w/ friends . This sounds perfect! YUMMMMMMM

celia November 2, 2009 um 5:27 am

Ooh, I love chai. I love coffee cake! How could this miss? Can't wait to try it!

Unknown November 2, 2009 um 5:35 am

That chai coffe cake is definitely next on my list. I also starting reading Baking Bites( and this blog as well!) long before I decided to start my own blog.

Space Station Mir November 2, 2009 um 5:41 am

I love Baking Bites and through her site, I was introduced to yours and several other baking blogs. Thank you for giving us this opportunity!

LAmonkeygirl November 2, 2009 um 5:44 am

Baking Bites is one of my favorite food blogs. Sign me up!

Cyndi November 2, 2009 um 6:19 am

Thanks so much for introducing me to another great blog! I'm going to try the Chai Coffee Cake, since it's getting cold here in North Carolina and nothing makes a cold day warmer than yummy chai!

Jean Badgley November 2, 2009 um 6:20 am

I can't wait to try this…your photography is gorgeous!

Anonymous November 2, 2009 um 6:53 am

Just found your blog — love the recipes and the great photos! Thanks for the chance to win a copy of Nichole's book.

Vi Vian November 2, 2009 um 7:15 am

I understand what it means to have your dream come true. Especially when you are full with passion on baking. Similarly, I left my profession and opening up a cafΓ© soon in Spain serving food primarily from childhood (Asian). So, I truly understand what it means for her. Congratulations to Baking Bites and good luck to her venture.

I have been a silent reader on your blog for a while but very productive behind screen. Your apple tarts and panna cottas are my family's favourite!

Nekkutyttoe November 2, 2009 um 7:31 am

I took a look at the recipe, and immediately thought "Christmas!" Those are exactly the spices that grandmother uses in her gingerbread biscuits. The recipe originally comes from her mother, who apparently was a very strict lady, but always kept jars of biscuits and other goodies hidden in her cupboards at the farm, even during the first world war.

Anonymous November 2, 2009 um 7:52 am

Mm, I'm always a fan of coffee cake. πŸ™‚

macky November 2, 2009 um 10:36 am

hmmmmm…chai coffeecake sounds like a very delicious idea…this one is going into the long list of things to try out.

p.s. and i love how you styled the photos.

Claudia November 2, 2009 um 10:48 am

I really love chai and I'm definitely making this in the next few days πŸ˜€
If it's ok to enter the giveaway from overseas (Italy) I would love to πŸ™‚

Abbie November 2, 2009 um 11:52 am

This coffeecake looks so good!

Yan November 2, 2009 um 11:54 am

Chai is all the craze Down Under! this would be the perfect cake to bring to any gathering πŸ™‚
thanks! i love reading your blog!!

Elodie November 2, 2009 um 12:25 pm

I love coffee cakes and I will definitively try this one!

Jenny November 2, 2009 um 12:37 pm

Mmm that sounds so delicious, I'll have to try that! I love chai and chai lattes (and cake :)) so this one seems right up my alley!

Josie November 2, 2009 um 1:16 pm

So cross that my oven's broken at the moment so I can't bake this! Looks delicious.

Unknown November 2, 2009 um 1:20 pm

A new dessert everyday? That sounds like a fantastic idea! This coffecake looks fantastic too!

Unknown November 2, 2009 um 1:35 pm

The coffee cake and book both sound wonderful.Anything flavoured with coffee is yum.:)

Jeannette November 2, 2009 um 1:47 pm

i love baking bites!! i hope i win this book! πŸ™‚

Cristel November 2, 2009 um 1:49 pm

Est-ce j'ai une chance de gagner le livre meme si j'habite l'autre bout du monde?? πŸ™‚
I love Chai, can't wait to try this yummy cake!

Alimentare November 2, 2009 um 2:01 pm

This looks like an amazing cake. I'm excited to try it.

Unknown November 2, 2009 um 2:10 pm

This looks lovely! My house has been far too much of a dessert desert recently. Maybe this is just the thing!

Simones Kitchen November 2, 2009 um 2:20 pm

I am certainly gonna check out Nicole's blog and the books sounds incredibly promising judging by this lovely recipe!

nithya at hungrydesi November 2, 2009 um 2:21 pm

We love coffee cake and chai – will have to try this out. Nicole's book looks lovely!

Kristen November 2, 2009 um 2:36 pm

What a great giveaway. Thanks for the post, too.

Whitney November 2, 2009 um 3:10 pm

Delicious looking coffee cake!

Raluca November 2, 2009 um 3:13 pm

I am absolutely in love with your blog and your pictures, and I try to do my best with baking, so I will give this recipe a try soon! Hope I get it right.

Lena November 2, 2009 um 3:25 pm

This sounds delicious! I'm going to have to make it for my Indian friends…they would LOVE it! And I would LOVE to win, but regardless, I'm making this tonight!

Anonymous November 2, 2009 um 3:30 pm

There should be a warning not to read this while hungry! Mmm…

Unknown November 2, 2009 um 3:39 pm

Only recently did I stumble upon your blog…and I am loving it! Keep those beautiful pictures coming. And I can't wait to make this coffee cake!

SP November 2, 2009 um 3:45 pm

Coffee cake is one of my favorite treats! I'm definitely going to try this!

edina November 2, 2009 um 3:46 pm

Did I miss the giveaway entry deadline? πŸ™‚

jen November 2, 2009 um 3:47 pm

Cardamom is one of my favourite spices and am always looking for new recipes. Thanks, this one looks like a keeper.

Kristi November 2, 2009 um 3:57 pm

Glad I'm not the only one who likes to make coffee cake…even when there are no guests coming =o)

Barbara November 2, 2009 um 4:02 pm

Oh, I am sooooo making this!!

Unknown November 2, 2009 um 4:05 pm

Cake looks amazing – and so does the press pot coffee (I love my press pot). I'd love the book!

Romy November 2, 2009 um 4:06 pm

Chai coffee cake?! Count me in on both the cake AND the book!

Lindsey@pickyeatings November 2, 2009 um 4:08 pm

Yum, yum, and yum. I'm a sucker for a good coffee cake…

Kerrin @ MyKugelhopf November 2, 2009 um 4:10 pm

Love your idea of putting some crumb topping in the middle of the cake. Thanks to you and Nicole for sharing the recipe. I enjoy her blog as well, and would be thrilled to win her new cookbook.

Stephanie November 2, 2009 um 4:13 pm

How did I not know about this? Clearly, I've been away from the food blogging world for much too long.

Consider me commented.

Anonymous November 2, 2009 um 4:13 pm

Yum, that cake looks lovely. Nicole's blog is one of my regular readings as well! Hope to win the book…
Richelle from Andalucia

Zeitgeist November 2, 2009 um 4:21 pm

I have a "love, hate" relationship with Chai flavor. I love it because I love all sorts of spices combo, whether it is in dessert or in cooking. I hate it because depending on the right mixture and the right amount of spices used, the flavor can sometimes come out strange and weird tasting. Not sure if you know what I meant!

But…anything that you create, I will have to at least learn how to make!

Sabrina November 2, 2009 um 4:21 pm

This looks wonderful! I'd love to win the book.

Sweet Joy November 2, 2009 um 4:24 pm

Coffee Cake! Growing up my dad insisted on us eating a healthy breakfast, but once a week he would make something special. Coffee cake was a frequent special item. It has been a long time since I have had coffee cake and I can't wait to start with this recipe!

Kayte November 2, 2009 um 4:30 pm

This looks gorgeous, simple, and delicious. Great photos. Thanks for the opportunity to try to win Baking Bites.

Anonymous November 2, 2009 um 4:35 pm

Pick Me Pick Me! Coffee cake is one of my favorites!

emily November 2, 2009 um 4:37 pm

Mmm that cake looks divine!

Ali November 2, 2009 um 4:38 pm

Ooooo! I'd love to make this for my parents when they come to visit. My father simply loves Chai and this would go down a treat and disappear in no time at all. It would be super if I could win this book!

Sarah November 2, 2009 um 4:41 pm

Looks delicious!

Amy S. November 2, 2009 um 4:45 pm

I love a good coffee cake!

Sini November 2, 2009 um 4:49 pm

Hope I'm not late yet, would love to have that book (my bookshelf would really need one cooking book more) πŸ™‚

Dolce November 2, 2009 um 4:51 pm

The coffee cake looks really yummy… and your pics are always so crisp and nice!

Joshea November 2, 2009 um 4:53 pm

I love love love your blog and your photos!

Emily November 2, 2009 um 4:58 pm

The book and coffee cake both sound wonderful and I love the idea of always having some cake around the house!

Betsy November 2, 2009 um 4:58 pm

I can't wait to try this recipe! Thank you so much for introducing me to another great food blog!

Carol in NC November 2, 2009 um 5:00 pm

I love it that baking season is here! This one looks really great.

Sarah November 2, 2009 um 5:08 pm

That cake looks delicious! I love a good crumb topping. I've been eyeing that book, thanks for the chance to win it!

Claudia November 2, 2009 um 5:23 pm

I've been reading Baking Bites for a while now, and I think the cookbook looks absolutely amazing! Wonderful recipe!

Jayme November 2, 2009 um 5:29 pm

I can almost smell this cake through the computer screen! I bet it is incredible πŸ™‚

Unknown November 2, 2009 um 5:29 pm

I can't wait to make this. I am a big fan of coffee cake and chai tea! Thank you!

ilaria November 2, 2009 um 5:32 pm

I'd Love to try this cake, i wish the weights were in grams πŸ™‚

Anonymous November 2, 2009 um 5:33 pm

Wow – this looks fabulous! I can't wait to try it.

amanda November 2, 2009 um 5:35 pm

This sounds amazing… Very comfortingly sweet. Must make soon!

Vivian November 2, 2009 um 5:41 pm

I'd love to be able to try some recipes from Nicole's book! I hope you pick me πŸ™‚
And as always, thank you for a wonderful post

Dawn November 2, 2009 um 5:43 pm

I love chai – can't wait to try this!

Helene November 2, 2009 um 5:44 pm

Ilaria: go to to convert just about anything in cups, oz or grams and vice-versa.

mara November 2, 2009 um 5:50 pm

Oh, I love chai so much, I bet this cake is delicious.

Bel November 2, 2009 um 6:21 pm

I'm going through a hectic phase, so I cannot bake and take pictures now.I cannot wait to go back to my kitchen. In the meanwhile, your site is a moment away from all the work and hope for the future good times πŸ™‚

Penny November 2, 2009 um 6:24 pm

What a lovely coffee cake. Your intern is lucky to have you. Your photography and writing are so well done. I'm sure this cookbook is great.

lynda November 2, 2009 um 6:27 pm

this sounds wonderful! can't wait to try it!

Sara's Test Kitchen November 2, 2009 um 6:34 pm

This looks delicious! I love homemade coffee cakes, I could never get used to the store bought ones. They are so great for breakfast and dessert.

AmyRuth November 2, 2009 um 6:44 pm

Is it so twisted that I tried to leave a comment from my iphone while doing a cardio w/o? Probably, but I desperately love sweet treats!!!! Can't wait to try this recipe and If I am so lucky to win this wonderful book, I can share and eat even more…. he he along with more exercise. Right? he he plus what a great way to love on your friends but with sweet treats.


Anonymous November 2, 2009 um 6:44 pm

Mmm. I love chai and I love cake. Sounds like a winning combo!

Julie November 2, 2009 um 6:57 pm

I'm looking forward to trying this out!

Laura Feinstein November 2, 2009 um 6:58 pm

I love chai and I love cake. I will be trying this!

Livia November 2, 2009 um 7:00 pm

Fine. I confess. I do want to improve. And I have big gaping holes in my skillset right where both you and Nicole blog – baking and photography.

Well, I suppose it's as good a year as any to work on it. And coffee cakes are somewhere not too intimidating to start.

Thank you.

Unknown November 2, 2009 um 7:02 pm

hey i would love to get a freebie, maybe today i'll be lucky

Caroline November 2, 2009 um 7:17 pm

Yum I absolutely love coffee cake and that book looks incredible!

Maria B November 2, 2009 um 7:37 pm

Love the chai tea!! IΒ΄m sure IΒ΄d love this coffee cake too!!

JK November 2, 2009 um 7:50 pm

I love Baking Bites too (& chai)! πŸ˜€

mp November 2, 2009 um 8:06 pm

looks yummy! i would love to check out the baking bites cookbook!

Huskerbabe November 2, 2009 um 8:06 pm

Would love to win, it's cold and dreary today, some coffeecake might be the ticket to cheering things up! πŸ™‚

Megan November 2, 2009 um 8:09 pm

I can't wait to make this– SOON!

Rik November 2, 2009 um 8:18 pm

I would love this!

Clabby November 2, 2009 um 8:37 pm

If I wasn't experiencing morning sickness right now I'd say this sounds lovely. Unfortunately it'll be a couple of months before I can attempt this one!

Louise November 2, 2009 um 8:54 pm

I need to bake this soon. I saw the recipe on Baking Bites and have been thinking about baking it ever since.

I love your blog, both the recipes as well as the beautiful and mouth watering photos.

Angela November 2, 2009 um 8:57 pm

All of your stuff looks amazing!

sandra s November 2, 2009 um 8:57 pm

mmm looks delicious! i want some!

JuLo November 2, 2009 um 9:05 pm

Oh you had me at chai! Those look amazing!

Nico November 2, 2009 um 9:11 pm

The cake looks really good, I bet it tasted very good as well.

Risa November 2, 2009 um 9:16 pm

I've been a big fan of fan her site for quite some time so winning a book would be a real treat

Sylvia November 2, 2009 um 9:26 pm

I love finding new recipes – Baking Bites is now on my Google Reader so I can always see the updates!

witchstone November 2, 2009 um 9:47 pm

I'm not a fan of Chai but I might try this with a combination of other spices ^_^

Jessica November 2, 2009 um 10:02 pm

I love her site. Great recipes. Your coffee cake came out perfectly!

Beck November 2, 2009 um 10:39 pm

Can anyone have too many baking recipes? I think not. New to your site. Gorgeous photos of goodness.

Unknown November 2, 2009 um 10:43 pm

I LOVE your photographs. I first came here to see recipes, but now I visit as often as I can just to see the wonderful photos! (And of course the recipes are fabulous, too!)

Unknown November 2, 2009 um 11:12 pm

I don't know if my comment posted
πŸ™ but I love her site and I LOVE your site πŸ™‚ lol

Laura B. November 2, 2009 um 11:15 pm

Sounds amazing! Can't wait to try it!

Gina November 2, 2009 um 11:16 pm

I received some cardamom for my birthday and have been searching for great ways to use it. I love cake (all kinds) so I'll definitely be making this! Can't wait!!! Thank you for the wonderful recipe!

Annie November 2, 2009 um 11:26 pm

yum… i can't wait to try this recipe.

terri November 2, 2009 um 11:43 pm

i love the taste of chai, but i can't usually drink it, because the caffeine makes me jumpy. this sounds like the perfect recipe!

Unknown November 3, 2009 um 12:05 am

I love your blog! You always post such delicious recipes. I get so excited to try each new recipe you post. And now coffee cake? Yum!

Nutmeg Nanny November 3, 2009 um 12:21 am

Your so nice to help out a new blogger. Also this cake looks awesome…delicious πŸ™‚

FoodieMommy November 3, 2009 um 12:27 am

A great cookbook? From a fabulous website? With recipes like this I am definitely hoping for a chance to win. Thanks!

Unknown November 3, 2009 um 12:40 am

the marriage of my favorite winter drink and cake!!

Unknown November 3, 2009 um 12:54 am

Ooh chai spices make everything better.

Sandalola November 3, 2009 um 1:16 am

Thanks for the offer! I like chai tea. I never thought of adding it to coffee cake. Great idea!

Osakaben November 3, 2009 um 2:02 am

Somehow it's more acceptable to come home from a tough day of work and have a slice of "Chai Coffee cake", perhaps on heirloom china, than it is to just eat left over birthday cake straight from the fridge. Thanks for another avenue of baking fun to explore, as well as another acceptable excuse for eating extra cake.

Susan November 3, 2009 um 2:09 am

Mmm,nummy nummy! I wish I had some now as I furiously work in lab πŸ™‚ Lovely pictures, as always.

Unknown November 3, 2009 um 2:18 am

Please choose me!

Deligirl November 3, 2009 um 2:42 am

Coffee cake is a morning must. I can't wait to try this recipe.

I would love a copy of Baking Bites!

Wendy November 3, 2009 um 3:09 am

I'd love a copy of her cookbook!!!
and coffeecake too? Wow!

Nicole K/GothamGal November 3, 2009 um 3:20 am

Yay for Nicoles of the world getting published (of course, I could be biased).
Thanks for the opportunity! And for inspiring some creativity time in the kitchen!
Nicole K

JaBLes Mommy November 3, 2009 um 3:25 am

Looks delicious! And thanks for the chance at the giveaway!

[email protected]

muglinka November 3, 2009 um 3:28 am

just bookmarked the maple coconut blondies recipe from baking bites. yummmmm.

Reni November 3, 2009 um 3:46 am

Coffee cakes ! Ooohhh.. you make me drool here in front of my computer.. Gorgeous pics too !

Unknown November 3, 2009 um 3:49 am

Mmmmmm…looks and sounds SO good!

christina marie the wcm November 3, 2009 um 4:18 am

So excited about the new cookbook. I've been dying to get my hands on a copy!

Anna November 3, 2009 um 5:02 am

Oh my god am I really two minutes late?! NOOO! Please count me in anyway? Pretty please?

tom November 3, 2009 um 6:25 am

sounds delicious! on my list of recipes to try!

Anushruti November 3, 2009 um 7:54 am

Its great that Baking Bites is out with a book. The cake looks awesome!

Karolina November 3, 2009 um 12:33 pm

I want to try food blogging myself..but kind of want it but I'm affraid at the same time…I suppose it's the same with everyone..or not? Your blog is definatately tasty πŸ™‚

shaz November 3, 2009 um 2:40 pm

The cake looks like a winner, and hopefully I'll be one too (like the segue?).
That senior is very lucky to have you as her mentor!

sprite November 3, 2009 um 5:14 pm

I love coffee cake and this sounds like a delicious alternative to my normal recipe.

paula November 3, 2009 um 6:36 pm

I love how this blog world can bring people together. As for yours, it makes me want to be a brilliant cook.

Annie November 3, 2009 um 7:19 pm

Like I said on twitter, I think the project you're doing with the high school student is wonderful! And as a big fan of David Lebovitz's writing and recipes, I think I'd choose his work for a project too if I were her! That is of course, if I can tear myself away from your blog here. Lovely photos & recipes– I actually came here today to look up the taffy covered apple recipe as I have an abundance of tiny, adorable apples on hand.

Shira November 3, 2009 um 7:21 pm

Ooh!!! I hope I win. And thanks for the recipe!

Lorian November 3, 2009 um 9:24 pm

I love chai and I love cake-can't wait to try chai cake!!

Marie + January November 3, 2009 um 9:27 pm


Oceanside Creations November 3, 2009 um 9:55 pm

This coffee cake sounds amazing and I love your blog. Thanks for the giveaway and all the great recipes you share with us.
[email protected]

Erica November 4, 2009 um 5:43 am

What a fantastic coffee cake and give away!!

Oh! You Cook! November 4, 2009 um 5:10 pm

I love chai! I imagine that it would be lovely in a cake.

Becs November 5, 2009 um 12:47 am

Sounds delish! Fingers crossed!

Adriana November 6, 2009 um 7:04 pm

Wow, looks scrumptious! Can't wait to try it out.

Margo November 6, 2009 um 10:11 pm


Diana C. November 8, 2009 um 1:08 am

it looks superb, as does everything else on your blog. mmm, coffee cake…

momgateway November 8, 2009 um 4:45 am

Can't wait to try the chai coffee cake!

Tashie November 8, 2009 um 5:57 am

When I look at your blog I think that must be what baking in heaven looks like! Everything is so clean and neat, you seem to have lots of beautiful plates and utensils for styling… I'm so jealous! And you never seem to have baking disasters!

Perhaps you could take a picture of your kitchen and show us… How big is your kitchen, if you don't mind me asking?

Anonymous November 8, 2009 um 7:31 am

I baked this chai coffee cake today >> it's wonderful!!! Moist, but light, and utterly delicious. I used full-fat greek yogurt instead of sour cream and it worked (just thought I'd mention in case anybody has greek yogurt sitting around and wants to use it up)…

PS. The idea of adding the hidden layer of topping inside the cake is a very nice touch. Thanks!

Peggy November 8, 2009 um 8:01 am

I think I can smell the Chai spices right now! Oh heavenly.

EatPlayLove November 8, 2009 um 4:43 pm

I love chai spice in baking, can't wait to try this recipe thank you for sharing!

Vanessa C. November 11, 2009 um 6:22 am

I can't wait to try it!!!

Future Grown-Up November 11, 2009 um 3:48 pm

What a yummy recipe. And how cool that she's written an entire cookbook of yummy treats too.

KAREN November 12, 2009 um 2:51 am

the chai coffee cake is just right for my tea party with my parents and grandma! cups of chai latte to go along =) thanks for the recipe!

Anonymous November 26, 2009 um 1:33 pm

Does the topping really need that much flour?

1 and a half cups?

Thank you.

Helene November 26, 2009 um 4:12 pm

Anonymous: you can certainly reduce it if you feel like it but the quantities worked perfectly for us.

Naailah January 12, 2010 um 9:27 am

What is allspice? can i omit it if i cant find it?

Caroline@SippinDrinks January 15, 2010 um 8:24 pm

Yummm…makes me want to go to a coffee shop and get a tasty treat and a warm cup of chai!

Paige April 12, 2010 um 7:40 pm

I made this cake a few weeks ago and never left a comment to let you know how much I enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

skaterboiz May 7, 2010 um 2:29 am

I bake with cardamom whenever possible and make iced chai by the pitcher-need I say more?

halil May 25, 2010 um 9:36 am

i love it …

Unknown July 28, 2011 um 4:29 pm

This recipe sounds yummy! Can't wait to see the cookbook!

Barb Bamber August 7, 2011 um 10:53 pm

I am relatively new to the blogging community… I love yours because of the innovative recipes and beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing…

Meg H October 4, 2011 um 2:00 am

I was so glad to find this recipe. On a trip to India I learned how to make Chai tea the Indian way, and this will be a perfect compliment to it!

Angie Canham March 1, 2012 um 10:38 pm

I just popped this coffee cake in the oven, and I am ecstatic- all I have tasted is the batter and the crumbs, and I can't wait to try the finished product! I did add cloves and nutmeg, and since I only had 1/3 cup of sour cream, I compensated with plain greek yogurt. The batter was spectacular, so I can't imagine the cake will fail to impress! Thanks so much for a fabulous recipe.

Anonymous September 23, 2012 um 2:47 pm

I just made this and it is AH-MAZING! Thank you so much for sharing! πŸ™‚

Clarisse@TheTummyTrain September 23, 2012 um 2:48 pm

I just made this and it is AH-MAZING!! Thank you for sharing! πŸ™‚

Noor March 6, 2013 um 2:33 pm

What a gorgeous blog you have. I was drawn to this recipe on pinterest. I have everything and I think I will give it a go tonight. So happy to find you.

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